ZenSurveys Review 2021: Is It Worth It?

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Not everyone wants to indulge in multiple micro-tasks to earn money on online reward platforms. If you want to earn some extra change by focusing on taking surveys regularly, read this ZenSurveys review to find out how. 

Popular survey sites like Swagbucks and Survey Junkie have millions of users visiting their platform to make money every day. But what factors ended up in making this possible?

The salient reason for the immense popularity of survey sites is the significant shift of brands and companies towards using consumer opinions for marketing. 

Besides that, survey sites have become more reliable and accessible than ever. Who would miss out on following this trend and generating some extra pocket money in their free time? I know I wouldn’t. 

If you’re already using a few survey sites and want to extend your reach further, I’ve rounded up another excellent option for you in this ZenSurveys review. So let’s dive in. 

ZenSurveys Review 

Let’s face it; no one becomes rich overnight by taking surveys. However, if you want to generate a steady survey income, the best way is to sign-up for several survey sites at once. 

ZenSurveys logo

This way, even if there are no surveys available for you on one site, or you reach your minimum survey cap, you can always shift to another one and continue working. 

Surveys have been around for years, and completing a survey online is not new, for there are several survey sites you can visit. Among these paying sites alongside ZenSurveys is MySoapBox and its reviews to earn a large income.

Some of the best survey apps for money include LifePoints, PrizeRebel, and InboxDollar. If you’re already a member of these platforms, you can sign up for ZenSurveys to diversify your survey income. 

I know you probably have many questions in mind before signing up for the platform. 

  • Is ZenSurveys safe? 
  • Is ZenSurveys a scam
  • Is ZenSurveys worth it? 

Luckily, my ZenSurveys review below will answer all your questions to make an informed decision about the site. 

What is ZenSurveys? 

Before we get to the details, here’s a brief introduction to ZenSurveys for those who’ve heard the name for the first time. ZenSurveys is a platform where you can take online surveys for money.

ZenSurveys review

The platform was founded in 2015, which is relatively recent compared to other survey sites from its league. However, in the short period after its advent, the site generated a commendable user base and employs hundreds of active members today. 

Unlike other survey sites that offer micro tasks like games, videos, and reviews, along with referral bonuses and sweepstakes, ZenSurveys is a dedicated survey site. 

When you’re in need of cash and don’t know where to earn money, it is a struggle. Now, you don’t need to worry because you can make quick and easy cash by taking surveys that pay instantly.

Here, you can get paid money for online surveys without any hassle. This makes it one of the best survey sites for money if you’re looking to streamline your approach. 

Although it works in more or less the same way as other survey sites, some points set ZenSurveys apart. 

What Sets ZenSurveys Apart?

Typically, survey sites are owned by or partner with well-known market research companies. These companies collect information for brands and retailers and share the revenue with the website owners. 

In turn, the website owners give some of the revenue to their users in rewards. However, that’s where ZenSurveys is different. 

ZenSurveys does not directly partner with any market research platforms. Instead, there is a ZenSurveys offer called the ‘Zen Survey Router.’ 

zensurveys intro

The website presents this offer to other popular survey sites, and if they accept, they can display their surveys on the ZenSurveys platform. 

This system results in a completely different user experienced compared to other survey sites. 

First of all, you’ll never run out of surveys to complete. You see, survey sites recommend surveys for you according to your profile details. Sometimes, a site may have no relevant surveys left for you to take. 

Since ZenSurveys sources its surveys from other sites, you can always find paid work to complete. 

Secondly, when you sign up for popular survey sites, you agree to the payment terms. However, ZenSurvey’s payment methods depend on the sites that own the surveys you take. This way, you can redeem your rewards in various modes and diversify your income. 

Most importantly, ZenSurveys has no restrictions regarding your location or age group. You can quickly complete the profile survey and start getting relevant surveys. This means you will not get screened out of surveys frequently like you would on other survey sites. 

How to Sign-Up for ZenSurveys? 

Signing up for ZenSurveys is a breeze. You don’t need to pay the site to create an account. All you have to do is provide your email address and answer some profile questions. 

Remember to be honest about the answers you provide during the profile survey. You won’t get disqualified based on your location or age, so you have nothing to lie about. 

If you answer the questions honestly, the platform will have an easier time recommending the right surveys for you. On the other hand, if you provide malicious information about your profession, ethnicity, or age, you’ll get disqualified from the surveys you take and end up wasting your time. 

That’s because the website thoroughly screens all your responses, and if any of your answers don’t match your provided profile information, you won’t be paid for the survey. 

The best part is, unlike other popular survey sites that are only available to US citizens, ZenSurveys is open for users worldwide. Whether you’re residing in the UK, US, Canada, Asia, or Africa, you can jump on the bandwagon and start earning money. 

However, if you’re expecting a sign-up bonus, you’ll be disappointed. As ZenSurveys provides its rewards based on the remuneration from the parent sites of their surveys, there’s no sign-up bonus policy. 

Nevertheless, you don’t have to pay to become a member either, so you have nothing to lose if you’re willing to give it a try. 

Pros of ZenSurveys

Now that you have read through the necessary details about the website in my ZenSurveys review, you’re probably ready to sign-up right away. Before you make your decision, I’ve listed down the benefits you’ll get on ZenSurveys to give you an honest representation at a glance. 

High Potential Earning

Although your payouts’ mode depends on the surveys’ parent site, ZenSurveys sets a $3 value on every survey you take on the site. This means, if you complete around five surveys, each 10-20 minutes long, you can earn $15 per hour. 

Ample Surveys to Take 

ZenSurveys does not deal directly with market research companies and can be a turn-off for some users. However, it sources surveys from other sites for its users. This means the site never runs out of earning opportunities. 

Worldwide Availability

You can become a ZenSurveys member from anywhere in the world. 

High-Paying Surveys 

If you keep an eye out on their website, you can grab the opportunity to take high-paying surveys. These surveys take around 30 minutes to an hour to complete and can pay anywhere from $30-$50. 

Accessible Mobile App

With ZenSurveys, you don’t necessarily have to sit in front of a desktop to earn money. You can download their mobile app to take surveys on-the-go. This lets you utilize the small pockets of time you get throughout the day to make some extra bucks. 

Cons of ZenSurveys

Although ZenSurveys is a legit survey website to make money online, it has a few downsides. Here’s a list of the things I didn’t like about ZenSurveys. 

No Transparency

When you open the ZenSurveys website, you’ll find yourself at a dead end. There’s limited information about the site’s origin, owners, and other details. Similarly, unlike other survey sites that provide useful resources and FAQ pages, ZenSurveys has none of that. 

No Reliable Ratings Available

Ratings and accreditation make websites appealing to users, especially when there’s money involved. However, ZenSurveys has no such ratings apart from positive user testimonials. 

Key Features 

After going through the pros and cons, you must’ve made the decision about joining ZenSurveys. If you’re willing to give it a try, go through this detailed section about its key features in my ZenSurveys review. 

ZenSurveys Earning Opportunities

Paid surveys are the only earning opportunities on ZenSurveys. The site does not offer micro-tasks, referral bonuses, sign-up bonuses, or any sweepstakes and competitions. 

This means the only way to maximize your income on the platform is to complete surveys regularly. The trick to getting regular, relevant surveys on the site is to fill your profile surveys with correct information. 

Similarly, keep checking the app for high-paying surveys worth $20-$50. These surveys are centered around complicated topics, so you can make good money on the site if you qualify. 

Besides that, each typical survey on ZenSurveys pays a fixed rate of $3. Additionally, because the site sources its surveys from partner sites, you’ll never run out of money-making surveys to fill out. 

If you’re looking for ways to earn and take any online opportunities, you can visit different survey sites. You can take surveys and earn with the highest paying survey sites if you don’t know which sites to visit.

ZenSurveys Payouts

I know what’s on your mind. If ZenSurveys connects with its users and market research companies through other survey sites, how does it pay its users? 

Well, it’s simple, you earn money according to the parent rewards site of your survey. Supposing you make $3 through ZenSurveys by taking a survey from another site, your payment is accumulated in the form of points. 

Later, depending on the mode of payment offered by the site, you can redeem your points for gift cards, PayPal Credit, and even cryptocurrency. 

ZenSurveys Privacy Policy

Although the ZenSurveys website lacks information compared to other survey sites, it has a comprehensive privacy policy mapped out for its users. 

zensurveys privacy

The privacy policy clearly states how the platform uses the information you provide, so you can be sure that you’re safe as a member of ZenSurveys. 

Even though the site is entirely safe to use, there are some points I came across in their privacy policy that you should know. 

Firstly, they use information like your email, address, profession, and age to recommend relevant surveys. Besides that, they may also use this information to send newsletters, advertisements, and regular website updates into your inbox. 

If you want to avoid being bombarded with unnecessary emails, you can switch the email notifications off. 

Secondly, the website also saves your computer and mobile phone IP address when you sign in to your account using any device. Through this, they can track your online activities, the pages you visit, and how much time you spend on these pages. 

While they’ll only use this information to display ads on your desktop, you should avoid joining ZenSurveys if this doesn’t sound right to you. 

Customer Support

ZenSurveys provides limited customer support. There are no live chat options, phone numbers, or FAQ pages like you would find on popular survey sites.

zs contact

Instead, the site provides a single email address on its contact page. You can reach out to the site by emailing your query to [email protected]. The page clearly states that if you have questions regarding your payments or rewards, you should address your query to the parent reward site of the surveys you took. 

Although they provide prompt responses through the email address, you can get stuck if you don’t receive your payments, and the parent reward site doesn’t entertain your concern either. 

Overall Rating

  • Ease Of Use – 4/5
  • Customer Support – 2/5
  • Features – 2/5
  • Value for Money – 4/5

Is ZenSurveys Legit?

While ZenSurveys might not be one of the best apps to do surveys online, it is still a legit platform. It has serious flaws like a lack of transparency, poor customer support, and relatively low earning options. 

On the plus side, it offers regular highly-paid surveys, is available worldwide, and takes less than minutes to sign-up. Most importantly, it’s free to join, so if you wish to give it a try, you have nothing to lose. 


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