YouTube Automation: Best Tools

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What is YouTube Automation? How can I use it to earn money on YouTube? Read on to get answers to these questions and more.

Currently, YouTube holds the second position in the world’s largest search engines list, with over 1.9bn viewers. From an amateur video uploading site in 2005, the platform has tremendously grown to the current over 500 hours of video uploads per minute.  

Subsequently, YouTube has made countless billions of dollars for businesses and individual YouTubers over the years. Even better, the whole process of earning with YouTube is easy. As long as you can create videos that people love to watch, your viewership will grow, and you stand a chance to make good money.

However, for your videos to rank, it requires a lot of effort and dedication from your side. But, all this can change with YouTube Automation. With YouTube automation tools, you can achieve high traffic to your videos quickly and with less effort.

If you want to create a stable passive income fast, This YouTube Automation step-by-step guide explains just how to do that.

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What is YouTube Automation?

If it’s your first time hearing about YouTube automation, you certainly must be wondering what it is and how it works.

Well, it’s simple. It is a process that simplifies making money on YouTube by automating the actions in your channel using YouTube software.

YouTube Automation helps to ensure that your channel attracts desired traffic while on autopilot mode. With YouTube automation, you can grow your business or brand without having to put in too much effort. It helps to increase your channel’s engagement and traffic, which subsequently leads to more online revenue for you from YouTube.

But is YouTube automation legit? One would ask!

100% legit! YouTube automation is totally legit, as it employs techniques that don’t contravene the set YouTube policies. For this reason, you can use YouTube automation software without worrying about breaking any YouTube regulations.

How does YouTube Automation Work?

YouTube Automation works to help generate easy traffic to your channel without much of your input. It’s like putting your channel on autopilot mode. It allows you to automate videos upload schedules, auto likes, and comments, etc.

The YouTube automation software can do a host of tasks on your channel, including:

  • Watching videos
  • Making comments
  • Send replies
  • Send private messages
  • Subscribe to other channels
  • Download and upload videos

Through these automated actions, YouTube Automation has grown numerous channels, allowing them to attract more audience, and making their content popular. It is one of the tricks of making it big with YouTube that many pros won’t tell.

How to Make Money with YouTube Automation

make money on YouTube without making videos

If you are wondering whether YouTube Automation really works, the answer is a resounding yes! And, it will certainly help you to make more money.

YouTube Automation tools are quite effective and reliable. If you learn how to use them, you can enjoy their many benefits and get a higher ROI (return on investment). Through these tools, your channel numbers will increase (views and subscriptions), generating more income for you.

So, if your channel was not making good money for you, YouTube Automation tools will help sort that out.

However, if you don’t know how to use these tools, ensure that you learn first. This way, you do not lose your account over misuse issues. Also, to be safe, avoid videos with fake ads. Using videos that do not contain ads at all might be the best thing.

Does YouTube Permit YouTube Automation?

Yes! The platform fully supports the use of these automation tools, as long as they adhere to YouTube’s policy, rules, and restrictions.

These YouTube restrictions have seen many automation companies shut down. This is because many of them use black hat techniques to generate traffic to the channels. If you use such an automation tool, your channel will also be highly penalized.

Therefore, choose YouTube Automation tools that are legit and supported by YouTube.

How to Start YouTube Automation

If you want to automate your YouTube channel, it’s quite easy. All you need is to find the best YouTube automation tool for you and follow their instructions.

However, ensure that you know all YouTube guidelines to avoid running into problems with the platform.

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Best YouTube Automation Tools

Considering all the guidelines and policies that YouTube has put into place. Here are some of the best YouTube automation tools you can rely on.

  1. UseViral

UseViral is undoubtedly one of the best YouTube automation tools, ranking higher than almost every other tool in the market. The tool is not only safe, but it’s also fast and quite accessible.

It is the best automation tool for beginners, as it offers the necessary assistance to help kick start your YouTube Automation journey. Also, it’s user-friendly, reputable, and guarantees efficiency.

The best thing about this tool is that it follows all the guidelines set out by YouTube. This means you don’t have to worry about breaching any terms of use.

Most importantly, UseViral uses a network of influencers and popular boosters to increase your channel’s traffic. This guarantees excellent and lasting results.

  1. vidIQ


vidIQ is not your average YouTube Automation tool. It’s quite unique and more of marketing software. vidIQ consists of a group of video marketing tools that help promote videos, increasing their viewership and popularity. It also improves your content’s search engine ranking.

vidIQ can also help create content, helping increase brand engagement and online presence. The platform is YouTube supported and certified, ensuring that your channel doesn’t get into trouble with YouTube.

It is an excellent YouTube Automation tool for video creators, brands, and even agencies. And with their unique Vision Browser Extension, users can access the performance data for their uploaded content.

  1. SidesMedia

This is another YouTube Automation tool that has been in the market for a long time and has gained trust among users. The platform guarantees top-quality services and is ideal for your YouTube Automation needs.

The platform has built great client loyalty since they adhere to YouTube’s policies and guidelines and produce excellent results. It guarantees a surge in your YouTube engagement and subscribers, with minimal turnaround time.

With SidesMedia, the worry of getting blocked on YouTube is readily dealt with. All you’ll do is enjoy watching your channel grow and earn your money.

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