Want a New Start? Here are 7 Ways to Get Paid to Move

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Your life has reached a standstill, and it’s time for a new adventure. Before you decide to fly off the handle and move without preparation, though, it is crucial to know how to get paid to move to another state. Many individuals find that it is a wise investment to get paid to move to Colorado, learn how to get paid to move to Alaska or even get paid to move to Africa. We have tried a few of these methods ourselves, and believe they are some of the best ways to make extra money for those who are ready to transform their life for the better.

How to Get Paid to Move to Another State

If you want to get paid to move to another state, it is vital to understand a few basic steps that will streamline the process for you. You can often utilize many different government programs or tax credits that pay you to live in an area.

And it’s hard to beat that kind of incentive, right?

1. Find a State That Wants People

Find a State That Wants People

Many states pay people to move there because they just can’t get enough people there without giving out thousands of dollars. For example, Alaska pays up to $1,606 per resident who stays there for at least one year. Now, you’re probably wondering how to get paid to move to Alaska after reading that sentence. Thankfully, it is reasonably easy.

The Alaska Permanent Fund can be applied to anybody who stays in Alaska for all of a calendar year and intends to remain in Alaska indefinitely. They cannot obtain residency in another state or benefits from another state. Alaska wants you to fully commit, dang it, and they don’t want you coming there part-time just to get a cool and quick $1,600 out of their coffers!

You also cannot be convicted of a felony during your year in Alaska or be incarcerated for either a felony or a misdemeanor crime. So if you don’t mind long and cold winters, a lot of snow, and days with minimal sunlight, you may want to learn more about how to get paid to move to Alaska. There are benefits beyond the cash they pay, including beautiful scenery and no state tax!

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2. Locate a Job That Pays Your Living Expenses

Job That Pays Your Living Expenses

When you’re seeking out a new place to live in a new state, it is a great idea to find a job that will handle your living expenses. This type of payment is usually not as extensive as tax credits or other types of home incentives. However, it still helps you out by making sure that you cut down on your everyday expenses and get paid to live in an area after moving there.

For instance, you can use sites like Zip Recruiter to seek out jobs that will pay for your living expenses. Sites like these often have up to 10 million job listings at any time, spread out throughout the nation. And you can sort through your listings to find those that suit your needs. Do you want to be a dog catcher in a tropical environment with free rent? These sites help make that search much more manageable.

Jobs that may pay for your living expenses typically include on-site career options that put you in a unique position. For instance, some college assistants may qualify for free on-campus apartments or houses that keep them close to work and cut down on their expenses. Seek out this type of career on a job site to find an option that meets your needs and satisfies your house needs.

Don’t forget to seek out companies that may provide travel expense coverage between your home and the office. Getting paid mileage is a significant advantage for those who have just relocated from their home state and makes it easier for you to handle the wear and tear issues on a vehicle. Though these mileage checks may not be huge, getting paid to move in this way is a major benefit.

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3. Get Trained For a More In-Demand Job

In-Demand Job

If your current career doesn’t exactly create a high demand in most areas, you may want to get trained for a new one. There are a handful of jobs that are always in high demand, no matter where you move. For instance, healthcare workers are in particular demand because there always seems to be a shortage of doctors, nurses, and care aides who can help people with their day-to-day life.

For instance, there are a total of nearly 380,000 new job openings for registered nurses every year. And many hospitals will pay a nurse to move to their city, including handling relocation expenses and even some home payment benefits.

The exact benefits received will vary depending on the area where you move and the hospital itself – some are pretty poor and may not have that kind of extra money.

That said, some hospitals will pay for your training expenses if they need you to upgrade your skills in any way. Sometimes, these training needs can be as extensive as college courses.

Moving to a new area is often a great way to expand your potential earning skills by tapping into these free courses. However, some hospitals may even pay bonuses if you stay with them for a specific length of time, giving you an incentive to stay after your training.

If you’re more of a geek who plans on inventing the newest and fastest internet possible, tech careers are always in high demand. Get specialized training or licensing from the state where you plan to move – some companies may pay for this training and your relocation to make your career transition more comfortable to handle and even more rewarding. Winner winner, chicken dinner!

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4. Get a Remote Work Job

Remote Work Job

Remote work has become more common in the age of Covid-19 and has changed the work landscape forever. As a growing number of employers realize that they can cut out on an office and provide remote work, an increasing number of states offer incentives and tax breaks to people who move there to work a remote job.

After all – if you can work anywhere you have wireless internet, you can live just about anywhere you want and still have a great, high-paying job!

For example, Vermont is offering cash for remote workers who move to their state. This incentive – known as the Remote Worker Grant – will pay you up to $10,000 in relocation expenses.

These costs can be applied to moving your belongings, a down-payment on a new home, or even rent in a home or apartment until you are fully settled into the area before you start working remotely.

You can even use this cash to set up high-quality internet that makes your job easier or invest in a perfect computer system for your needs.

And once you’re in Vermont, you get access to many beautiful lakes, hiking trails, and much more. States like these are particularly friendly to those who have a career in tech, so it may be a great way to relax and enjoy a new state at the same time.

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5. Identify Cities That Pay You to Live There

Cities That Pay You to Live There

Like some states that provide dividends for residents who move there, many towns also provide payments and tax credits for new and constant residents.

For instance, Newton, Iowa, is one of the most friendly areas for individuals trying to settle into a new home. You can get up to $13,000 in cash, no questions asked, to build or buy a new house in their area.

This housing initiative requires that residents settle into the area for a long-term stay, including living in the area permanently. Residents must prove that they plan on staying in the area for the long-term.

Once they do, they get up to $10,000 cash to buy or build a home and a further $3,000 or more in a welcome package given out once they are finally settled into the area for good.

If you have a permanent disability, you may want to get paid to move to Colorado because this state provides a housing voucher program for those who qualify.

This initiative will help pay for you and your moving expenses, providing you with assistance as you live in the state.

For those who are eligible, it is worth researching how to get paid to move to Colorado using these unique programs.

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6. Create a Unique Tech Company

Unique Tech Company

Technology companies have become one of the most important businesses in the world. Whether you’re a computer programmer, a networking specialist, or an app designer, you are in high demand just about everywhere.

And a large number of cities and states are attempting to boost their economies by drawing in fresh tech blood from around the world – including in places like Tennessee.

If you’ve never been to Tennessee, you’re missing out on a fun, modern, and bustling state that has many great cities. Chattanooga (beyond its memorable name) has recently created a new initiative to draw in more technology workers.

Known as the Geek Move Program (haha), this initiative is designed to attract new developers who want to settle in the Chattanooga area permanently.

For instance, you will get $1,250 in relocation expenses to move to the area, making it easy to get your stuff where you want to go.

And you will also get up to $10,000 in forgivable mortgage money, making it easy for you to buy a new home.

Once you’re settled in the area, you also get a citywide gigabyte wifi network to use for free, making it easy for you to integrate into the area.

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7. Move to Another Country, If Necessary

Move to Another Country

While it is beneficial to learn how to get paid to move to another state, your life adventure may need something a bit more thrilling. Many people are deciding to move out of the country to check out new and unforgettable places.

And many areas will pay new residents to move there, particularly if they have a skill set that meets the demands of an area’s residents more fully.

For example, you can get paid to move to Africa by various countries that need more healthcare workers, tech workers, and much more. Ignore the mental image of Africa that has been built up in your head over the years via various television shows and movies.

The continent is much more modern than you probably realize, with bustling economies, large cities, and unique technological sectors.

That said, moving to an entirely new continent will be a challenge for many people. You’ll be surrounded by people who speak unique languages and face foods that may be challenging to your taste experience.

As a result, before you get paid to move to Africa, you need to take several steps that ensure you don’t end up experiencing issues with this move:

  • Get Some Cash Converted: You’re going to want several thousands of dollars of cash converted to the local currency of your new country before you move there.
  • Handle Health Insurance: You may be able to transfer your health insurance to your new country but may also have to buy traveler’s insurance or policies from their providers.
  • Practice New Languages: Learn several important phrases and basic language terms before moving to your new country in Africa.
  • Bring Entertainment: While African countries often have strong wifi, others may not. So bring DVDs, CDs, books, and other entertainment if your wireless internet is not great in your new country.
  • Practice Manual Shifting: Many African countries have mostly manual shifting cars, so practice before you end up moving to this area.

Remember – the different countries in Africa are often quite different from one another and have various customs, religions, and foods that can be staggeringly complex to understand.

Ensure that you very carefully research your new country before trying to get paid to move to Africa. Doing so will ensure that you don’t end up in some place that just isn’t right for you.

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