Turo vs Getaround: What is Better for Owners?

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Renting your car to make use of idle time is now easy, thanks to the latest apps that allow you to make money. To decide about the best option, learn more about these apps in this in-depth Turo vs Getaround comparison.

Turo vs Getaround: What is Better for Owners?

Let us ask you a question. How many hours a day do you drive your car yourself? 

Compared to that, how many hours does your car spend parked in your garage or at your office building? 

Research shows that the average car is parked 95% of the time. In other words, your vehicle is probably on the go for only six hours a week, while it stays idle for a whopping 162 hours. 

Rent your car

What if we tell you that you can cash these hours to your benefit by renting out your car through peer-to-peer car sharing? 

Peer-to-peer car sharing is a new business model that relieves you of the long lines and tedious formalities of standard rental companies. 

If you’re a car owner, you can make money renting your car quickly on your smartphone. Here’s where the Turo vs Getaround debate comes in. 

Both of these online companies break the norms by providing a smooth and more profitable alternative for traditional car renting companies. 

Our Pick

Our winner of the two is Getaround due to the availability and number of options. We love the customer service that goes with the platform as well.




Let your car earn for itself. You can make $1,000 of extra money by renting your car to others. Listing your car is completely free and Getaround will manage your listing for optimal profits.


But, choosing between the two is a tough decision. Each differs in its basic requirements, payouts, and customer services. You may have different preferences surround how you want to make money with your car. 

We’ve reviewed all the aspects of Toru and Getaround with an ultimate Turo vs Getaround showdown so you can decide for yourself. 

What is Turo?

Turo Logo

Turo is a revolutionary car-sharing marketplace. Here, people can get comfortable rental cars from local owners in the US, UK, and Canada. 

The company aims to make rental profits easy for car owners by eliminating the hassles involved with traditional car renting.

With Turo, it’s easy to sign up and begin the process. Along with that, the company ensures thorough renter scrutiny so that you know your car is in safe hands.

Here’s an overview of how Turo works for further insight. 

How Turo Works

First of all, whether you want to rent out your car or want a rental car through Turo, you’ll need to be at least 21. If you fulfill the age requirement, you can sign up on the platform using your Google or Facebook account. 

During the signing up process, the company asks for your identity verification and other essential details. After that, you can easily book a car for yourself by providing your travel and location specifications. 

As an owner, you will get a notification when the company receives a request for your car. You will get up to eight hours to respond to the information. 

Turo vs Getaround

Also, you can choose the meeting point if you don’t want the renter to reach your residence and hand your car over. This helps protect your privacy. 

Turo rents its cars out on an hourly basis. The renter will have to specify the hours he’ll need your vehicle for. Believe it or not, the owner gets to set his rate for his car. 

Most importantly, you can completely customize your owner profile. Along with setting an hourly rate for your car, you can set your mileage limits, and you can choose whether you’ll deliver your vehicle yourself, or have it collected. 

You can even mark a certain distance radius where you can deliver easily. Also, you can charge renters for delivery. 


Pros and Cons of Turo

Turo is a legit, accessible platform with a straightforward renting policy to ensure a reasonable profit rate for owners. However, there are some benefits and drawbacks to the platform that you should know before going for it. 

Pros of Turo

  • All types, from sports to luxury cars, are available
  • Easy to find local renters and owners
  • User intuitive website

Cons of Turo

  • Insurance and security is not as efficient as traditional rental companies
  • There are lots of hidden costs in the form of protection, gas, and delivery fees

What is Getaround?

Getaround app logo

Similar to Turo, Getaround is an online car-sharing company that aims to put the idle, parked cars on our streets to use. Right now, Getaround is available in numerous cities in the US. These include San Francisco, Miami, Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington DC, and many more. 

Furthermore, you can sign up for the app without any initial fees or charges. Also, it has a minimum age of 19 years for both owners and renters, with proof of driving experience. Unlike Turo, with Getaround, owners can charge renters for their car on a daily or hourly basis according to their preference. 

How Getaround Works

With Getaround, you can rent out your car on a daily or hourly basis. This is great for renters because they won’t be tied up to the daily rate if they only need the car for some errands. 

Besides that, owners can set the price range for both options and receive maximum profit for their cars. 

Once you’ve signed up for Getaround, the site will display a list of cars and their pickup locations. The sign-up process is easy and takes no time. However, all owners and renters must have a Facebook account to complete the sign-up process for identification purposes. 

The company has a strict eligibility criterion, which means your car won’t fall into the wrong hands. Attributing to their policy, the company holds a reputation for minimum drug-related accidents and violations in the past seven years. 

Unlike Turo, owners cannot customize their renting terms specifically with Getaround. Renters can only collect their cars from a pickup point, which means that the owners will have to drop their car off for the renters to collect them. 

Also, the mileage range for hourly and daily rentals is fixed, along with the basic price. So, you’ll have to rent your car out at a fixed rate. 

Pros and Cons of Getaround

Getaround is a safe and accessible way to rent your cars out if you’re looking for some reliable side hustles. Nevertheless, there are some bad aspects to the company as well that you should know before making a decision. 


Pros of Getaround

  • The cheap hourly rental system
  • Eliminates the need for keys and meeting up with the renters
  • Open for younger owners and renters

Cons of Getaround

  • Daily rental prices are expensive
  • Renters have to return the cars to the pickup point, and owners have to pick the car from there as well

What is Better? Getaround Vs. Turo

Now that you know the details along with the pros and cons of each company, it’s time for the ultimate showdown.

To make things clear, we’ve provided an evaluation of both platforms regarding some crucial aspects that you need in a peer-to-peer sharing platform. 


These services are no good for you if they don’t operate in your area. In this case, you’ll be happy to know that with Turo, you can rent your car out all over the US and even in Canada. 

With Getaround, that’s not the case. You can only access it in specific cities in the US, which means Turo is the winner in terms of availability. 

Even though Getaround is working on expanding its reach further, Turo is the option for you at the moment. 

Eligibility Requirements

Thorough renter scrutiny is essential for an owner’s peace of mind. Although it’s a pain for young renters who can’t afford a car of their own, most car-sharing platforms only allow renters aged 25 or above. However, Turo and Getaround allow renters aged 21 and 19 onwards, respectively. 

Turo requires a valid driving license and a clean criminal history and driving record. Other than that, they have no specifications for different vehicles. On the contrary, along with these requirements, Getaround only rents out specialty vehicles to renters aged 25 and above. 

Also, the company has made it mandatory for all renters to go through an instant driver record check before renting a car out. 

According to this, Getaround has amazing terms and requirements for owners and renters both. It provides an opportunity for young drivers but makes sure its not at the expense of the owners as well. 


When it comes to the rental rates, both the companies have almost identical rate charts. They have options for hourly rentals and provide daily and weekly rental options as well. 

Nevertheless, their rates do vary when you consider the additional charges. 

Firstly, Turo charges an additional mileage fee, late fee, booking fee, and an extra fee for under 25 renters. On the other hand, Getaround charges a lower booking fee, but its underage price varies with all ages under 25. 

Besides that, Getaround also charges the renters for damage, fuel, cleanliness, smoking, and violation. Both of these companies have set these charges to protect the owner’s vehicle and make sure the renters don’t go overboard with the cars. 

In both cases, the renter will only have to pay high prices if he violates or damages the vehicle in any way. If you don’t do any of that, Getaround is the better option as it charges only a 3% booking fee, as compared to the 25% charged by Turo


The main reason that peer-to-peer sharing companies are gaining popularity is that they’re easier to approach than traditional rental companies. That’s why a great way to evaluate which platform is the best is to figure out which one is easier to use. 

Firstly, let’s talk about Turo. The best feature the company offers is the doorstep delivery service. Renters can get their cars delivered wherever they want, and the owners can make a little extra cash for delivering their vehicle to the location. Getaround does not have a delivery option. 

cars available for rent

Secondly, when it comes to Getaround, it provides maximum accessibility to the owner and the renter through the Getaround Connect device and app. This device is installed in every vehicle affiliated with the company. 

Once that’s done, the owner or the renter can lock or unlock the car directly from their smartphones. This eliminates the hassle of handling keys and arranging meetings between owners and renters. 

In this case, both companies are equally easy to use as compared to traditional rental companies. They provide clear lists of the cars available and transparent pricing displays. It depends on which additional feature you need to choose between the two. 

Customer Service

If you’re an owner renting your car out to a person you met online, you’ll surely have a query once in a while. In that case, you’ll need efficient customer support to help solve your problem. 

Don’t worry, both Getaround and Turo have online live chat options on their websites where you’ll receive prompt responses to your queries. Besides that, they have contact numbers on their site as well, where you can reach a representative at any time. 


Wrapping this comparison up, it all comes down to the final verdict. Turo and Getaround both offer promising services for owners who wish to rent their cars out for some extra income

While Turo has extended its reach beyond the US and is available to owners across a wider radius, Getaround is also catching up with its range in all major cities in the US. 

In the end, the choice entirely depends on your personal preferences. As an owner, Turo provides more flexibility and a higher price range for your vehicle. 

Also, it won’t rent your car out to young renters and has a high amount of damage and late fee as well. On the other hand, Getaround will rent your car out to younger drivers and has lower booking rates. 

Both provide impeccable services, but it’s upon you to decide which aspects matter to you concerning your car. 

Make sure you know all the terms and conditions before you make a decision. Whichever you choose, it’s bound to be less grueling than mainstream can rental companies. 

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