TranscribeMe Review 2021: Should I Sign Up?

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Looking for some extra income in your free time? Online transcription jobs can help. Here is a detailed TranscribeMe review to help you decide if this works for you.

What’s better than working from the comfort of your home with no one to boss you around? If you find that prospect appealing, you’ve probably checked out many freelance options by now, such as freelance writing and graphic designing. 

However, all these freelance options require some skill set and expertise, without which you won’t get consistent work. So, does that mean you cannot work from home if you don’t have these skills or the time to acquire them? 

That’s not the case. What if I told you there’s a platform that pays you just for typing out audio files? All you have to do is listen well and create high-quality text files to earn money. 

Excited? Check out my TranscribeMe review to find out all the details. 

TranscribeMe Review

If you’re new to the concept of transcription, it is a job that requires converting audio files to any written format the client requires. While you can quickly come across office-based transcription jobs, there are many freelance websites offering transcription gigs as well. 

TranscribeMe review

What makes these gigs immensely popular is that anyone can do it if they have a working computer and a good headphone set. 

Attributing to the popularity, many sites offer online transcription services to companies, and at the same time, employ freelancers to complete the tasks for them. 

This means, if you plan to start as a transcriptionist, you’d typically have to scrounge through a plethora of transcription websites. Luckily, I’ve picked out one of the best ones for you with all its features and details in this TranscribeMe review. 

So, is TranscribeMe legit? Read through my detailed review to find out. 

What is TranscribeMe? 

TranscribeMe is a US-based crowdsourcing company with its offices in various countries worldwide, including New Zealand, Auckland, and Singapore.

Founded back in 2011, the site aims to provide high-quality transcription services to its customers while employing freelancers like you who want to work from home. 

TranscribeMe jobs portal

It is one of the pioneering transcription sites created by Greg Feerer, a professional transcriptionist who saw the market lacking good quality services. 

Mainly, all transcriptionists have to do is listen to audios and pen them down in a word document. But it is not as simple as it looks. 

That doesn’t mean you should give up right away. My TrancribeMe review includes all the information about how the site works and how to join, so just follow the steps, and you’ll get high-paid transcription jobs in no time. 

How Does TranscribeMe Work?

TranscribeMe works using a simple freelance platform business model. 

It advertises itself as a go-to platform for clients who need high-quality transcription services. Additionally, the site also caters to translation, AI Datasets, and speech recognition services. 

This means the site is a one-stop-shop for every client who needs audio documents turned into text, regardless of the language and format. Once they land clients, they connect the projects with the freelance workers available on their platform. 

How do they do this? Simple, they have a comprehensive job board where they post all the available jobs from employers across the world. As a transcriber, you can access the job board if you’re a member on the site and start working for money. 

Now, as I mentioned before, transcribing a document with accuracy requires hard work. So, after you’re done with your job, the platform takes up the task of vetting and scrutinizing your documents to see if they’re fit for submission. 

I know what you’re thinking; many AI voice recognition systems can create text files from audio files, so why would a website employ and pay humans to do that? 

That’s where the reliability of TrancribeMe comes in. The platform is attractive to clients because they use both AI and human crowdsourcing to complete the project and submit the final document after relating both copies. 

Once your work is approved, you’ll get the money. In a nutshell, TranscribeMe does all the work of finding clients, listing down relevant projects, and finally re-checking them for accuracy. 

That’s why they’ll keep a small commission from the client’s payment and pay you a defined rate for every audio minute you transcribe. 

How to Sign Up For TranscribeMe? 

Now, if you jumped on this bandwagon thinking that transcription is easy money, you’re in for a surprise. Yes, it does not require as much skill or effort as other freelance gigs, but it requires hard work. 

You’ll come across everything from low-quality audios, lots of people talking at once, and slang language, which can get tricky to write down. So, if you’re ready for all that, here’s how you can join TranscribeMe and start working today. 

Step 1 – Fill the Form

First of all, you’ll have to fill an application form on their official website to get started as a transcriber.

transcribe me work account

The sign-up process is entirely free for beginners, and you’ll have to provide the necessary information, including your full name, location, and address. 

Step 2 – Confirm Your Email Address

Once you submit the form, you’re only one step away from creating your account on the platform. The site will send you an email to the Google account you provided in your application form. 

registration email

When you receive the email, all you have to do is click on the link provided, and it’ll automatically redirect you to your user dashboard on the platform. 

Step 3 – Watch Their Explanation Video

As a member, you’ll find two options on your TranscribeMe user dashboard. One will lead you to the training program, while the other will allow you to edit your initial profile details. 

You won’t get any work recommendations until you start their training program and receive certification. First, you can start by watching their explanation video. 

The comprehensive video includes all the details you need to know about working as a transcriber and navigating their website. Similarly, it contains a detailed tutorial about transcribing audios through the website once you’re eligible for the job. 

You can also go through the Style Guide and prepare for the exams you have to take. 

Step 4 – Take the Examination

After you’ve prepared yourself for the TranscibeMe exams, it’s time to take the entrance examination. 

The examination is mainly an unpaid transcription task that will be evaluated by the platform. 

It can take you approximately an hour or so to complete the task. Remember, take your time to ensure as much accuracy as you can. This will increase your chances of getting selected. 

After you submit your test, it will take around 10-12 days for your results to arrive. 

Step 5 – Start Transcribing

If your result contains a positive response, you can access their job lists and start working right away. 

Pros of TranscribeMe

Now that you’ve gone through the basics about TranscribeMe, I’ve included the details about the platform in this TranscibeMe review to help you out. 

However, if you’re in a hurry, here’s a list of benefits you’ll get on the website at a glance. 

Free and Easy Sign Up Process

Although the waiting game is vital for joining TranscribeMe, the initial sign-up process is relatively easy. You don’t have to make any payments, just provide the necessary details, and you’re a member. 

Still, you won’t be able to work on the platform even after becoming a member until you pass their examination. 

Available Worldwide

Unlike other freelancing websites, TranscribeMe does not restrict people from joining, regardless of their location. If you live in a country that supports payment through PayPal, you’re welcome to join. 

Remember, the work you’ll get will depend on the language you choose, so make sure to specify that while you’re signing up. 

Short Audio Files

Writing down text for long audios can be a grueling task. Especially if the audio is low-quality and requires you to replay it again and again for accuracy. 

Luckily, you won’t face this problem on TranscribeMe. The site offers only short audios around 1-2 minutes long, so beginners can quickly complete the task without any hassle. 

Growth Potential

Yes, TranscribeMe offers growth opportunities for seasoned transcribers as well. So if you join, you won’t have to be stuck as a transcriber permanently. 

If you provide consistent, high-quality work, they’ll automatically upgrade you into the quality assurance or project management department. 

Cash Payments 

TranscibeMe pays you in hard cash for your work. So you won’t have to convert any points, credits, or cryptocurrency into real money upon receiving your rewards. 


The best part is, you don’t have to specify the hours you’ll put in while working for TrancribeMe. You can work whenever you want for as long as you like without burdening yourself at all. 

Although the initial examination will take some time to complete, the work will pay off, and the paid jobs won’t take much time at all. 

Cons of TranscribeMe 

Despite the long list of advantages that come with signing up for TranscribeMe, the platform has some downsides. Check out the list below to see if they influence your final decision or not. 

Work Rejections

The worst part is that they don’t specify a reason for rejecting your work. So most of the time, you’ll feel as if your work was rejected without any reason. Moreover, customer service will not reply to your complaints either. 

Server Problems

Although there’s no apparent reason, the site tends to run slowly. That’s why you’ll frequently get reload requests while you’re completing your project. 

Employee Saturation

The number of employees on the platform is relatively higher than the regular workflow. This means you’ll have to maintain your ratings and grab the job opportunities as soon as they come. 

No Guaranteed Workflow

TranscribeMe does not guarantee the amount of work you’ll receive per day. This depends on the projects the website gets from its clients. 

So, if you’re planning to rely on transcription income, there might be days when you won’t get any work at all. 

Minimum Payout Threshold

Another aspect that concerns me about TranscribeMe is that they won’t pay you until you transcribe at least one audio hour. 

Even if you complete 15 minutes of audio a day, it will take around a week to get your first payment, considering that consistent workflow is not guaranteed. 

Key Features 

Getting into the details of my TrancribeMe review, here are some key features you should know about the platform. 

TranscribeMe Entrance Exam

The entrance exam is the most crucial part of becoming a member of TrancribeMe, and it’s probably the part you’re most apprehensive about. Don’t worry; it’s quite easy if you know the ropes. 

TranscribeMe entrance exam

All you have to do is click on the exam, and an audio file will open up in front of you. Below the file, you’ll see a clear text box where you’ll have to type in the audio you hear. 

The exam is almost two to three hours long. But, it is divided into short sections. This way, if you don’t have the time to complete the exam in one interval, you can take a break and continue later. 

Remember to save the work you’ve completed so you can easily continue where you left. 

Most importantly, you have only two attempts to pass the examination. If you fail two times in a row, you’ll be blocked out for another thirty days before you can repeat the exam. 

TranscribeMe Requirements

Although the platform requires you to complete a test before letting you complete paid projects, there are some initial requirements. 

Since most of the audios are in English, the first requirement is fluency in the language with a proper understanding of grammar and punctuation. Similarly, you should at least be a graduate of high school and have good listening skills. 

TranscribeMe Equipment

Apart from the personal requirements that make you eligible for the job, you’ll need some equipment to work for TranscribeMe as well. Hold on that doesn’t involve downloading paid software or buying high-tech recording equipment. 

transcribeme terms of service

All you need is a good quality laptop or computer to run the website on. Besides that, make sure your headphones are in working order so you can listen to the audio without any disturbance. 

If you’re considering doing transcription work as a full-time job, you should invest in high-speed internet and other helpful gadgets such as foot pedals and noise cancellation devices.

TranscribeMe Payments

Now let’s deal with the most important question, how much does TranscribeMe pay? Mainly, the site claims to pay you around $20 for every audio hour you complete. This means a little over 30 cents for every audio minute you transcribe for the platform. 

Apart from that, if you’re a transcriber from a specific profession like medicine or law, you can earn even more on the platform. 

However, considering the work inconsistency and rejection system, you’ll probably earn around $100-$250 per month on TranscribeMe. 

TranscribeMe Payment Method

As I mentioned, TranscribeMe pays around $20-$22 for every audio hour. But a single audio hour can take you anywhere from two to three hours to transcribe. 

This means if you’re a beginner, you won’t earn more than $20 on the platform. Also, you can only withdraw your payments through PayPal after you transcribe at least one audio hour on the forum. 

TranscribeMe Alternatives

Coming towards the end of my TranscribeMe review, if you’re still wondering, is TranscribeMe is legit or scam? Let me tell you, the site is entirely legit and pays well for high-quality transcription jobs. 

However, if you still don’t think the platform is for you, here are some alternatives where you can land some highly-paid transcription jobs while sitting at home. 


Flexjobs is a popular freelancing platform where you can get highly-paid jobs from home. You can sign up on the site for free and get access to a plethora of job offers available. 


However, if the entrance examinations are why you’re turning away from TranscribeMe, Flexjobs has the same problem. The website is known for thoroughly vetting its workers to ensure high quality for its clients. 

Even though the task is challenging initially, it wins customer trust and brings in more business to the website, which is ultimately good for the freelancer. 


SolidGigs is another platform where you can sign-up for free and receive weekly gig lists according to your expertise. You see, while you would have to search endlessly on the internet for relevant transcription jobs, SolidGigs will provide a list of 10-15 relevant jobs every week. 


This means you only have to pursue a few clients and save your time. Although the platform charges a small premium for the service, it is an excellent option if you plan to work from home in the long run. 


GoTranscript is a dedicated website for home-based transcriptionists, just like TranscribeMe. The sign-up process is free, but you’ll have to transcribe some test audios on this platform as well before you land a paid gig. 

GoTranscript logo

This site pays you around $0.60 for each audio minute. The best part is, unlike TranscribeMe, GoTranscript provides weekly payments every Friday through PayPal. 

This means no matter how much you work, you’ll indeed get paid every weekend. 

Final Words

Wrapping up my TranscribeMe review, you’re probably waiting for my verdict on the platform. According to me, TranscribeMe is a legit platform where you can get high-paid transcription gigs without wasting your time. 

Although it will take you some time to pass the examination and get accustomed to the job itself, it’ll get more comfortable as you get the hang of it. The best part is, you have no obligations to the platform; you can work as much as you like and earn accordingly without any external pressure. 

So, if you’re looking to make easy money online, this is as easy as it gets. Make sure to concentrate on quality before submitting your file, and you’ll be safe. Good Luck!

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