TopCashBack Review 2021: Is It Legit or a Scam?

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With a lot of options available today, you might find it challenging to choose between the best cashback apps. If this is the case, check out our in-depth TopCashBack review to make an informed decision.

TopCashBack Review 2020 – Is It Legit?

Nowadays, using cashback apps is synonymous with being frugal and shopping smart. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d know that cashback sites work by providing you with specific discounts and deals when you shop from their partner brands.

TopCashBack Logo

The idea is a great success. Who doesn’t like to save money every time they go out shopping? You can simply download lots of cashback apps and get rewards on all purchases from today onwards.

Well, we hate to burst your bubble, but it’s not that easy.

We believe this site is worth a try and provides great saving options to regular shoppers. Here’s our complete TopCashBack review to help you figure out whether TopCashBack is legit or not.

What is TopCashBack?

TopCashBack is a relatively old site compared to the leading cashback apps today. It was founded back in 2005 in the UK and eventually established itself in the US in 2011.

Presently, TopCashBack is one of the most popular sites in the nation, with more than 11 million global users.

It’s giving fierce competition to other established platforms in the US rebates market. Altogether, its customers save millions of dollars on their shopping trips every day.

How TopCashBack Works

Cashback sites work with a simple process. They secure partnerships with brands and retailers and offer cashback to their customers. This way, they direct shoppers towards these brands. In return, they get a commission on every purchase from them.

However, that’s where TopCashBack deviates from the norm as they do not keep any commission for themselves. Instead, their users get 100% of their commission included in their cashback amount. That’s the reason most people find the site shady.

Let’s face it; why would any platform give out money for free? It doesn’t sound like a legit business model, so they must be involved in some dirty business somewhere or the other.

But that’s not the case.

TopCashback online platform

Unlike other leading cashback sites, TopCashback does not generate income through commission on user purchases. On the contrary, the site uses affiliate links, sponsorships, and advertisements to make money. These links are labeled as ‘zero cashback links’ on their website.

Every time a user clicks on those links, they get paid. Besides that, their partners also pay them whenever TopCashBack generates huge, high-profit sales for them. This way, they can give back all their earnings to their users and get compensated by their partners.

Despite that, this compensation does not fully cover the commission amount they share with their users. That’s why you won’t find certain features on TopCashBack that you would on other sites. For example, they do not offer a signup bonus.

Furthermore, the site works with more than 4,500 stores across the US.

Through TopCashBack, you can get cashback from Walmart, eBay, Amazon, Overstock, and other popular brands. That means you can get discounts on almost all your purchases.

Excited? Here’s how to get started right away.

How to Sign Up for TopCashBack

The signup process for TopCashBack is easy and won’t take you more than two to three minutes. You can log in from their website or download their mobile app. They’ll ask you for your email and password, and you’ll become a member just like that.

TopCashBack Signup

Once the process is complete, you get full access to a list of TopCashBack retailers and their offers. You can check out these cashback rates whenever you intend to make a purchase and save money while shopping.

If you see an interesting deal, simply click ‘Get Cashback Now’ and you’ll be directed to the brand’s site. Here, you can shop online as you would normally. The app will track your activities and add your cashback amount to your in-app account.

Remember, cashback rates on TopcashBack vary for new and recurring customers. If you need an exact figure for your savings, you should check the information on their site to see whether you qualify for a certain cashback amount.

Besides that, TopCashBack offers many profitable deals to give you the optimum benefit on your purchases. Read on as we’re unleashing the real potential of this cashback site.


Deals on TopCashBack

As we mentioned, there are lots of cashback apps trending on the internet today. Just like all the other apps, you can earn by shopping through TopCashBack from their partner retailers.

TopCashBack Deals

So why use TopCashBack? The answer is right here. TopCashBack offers excellent deals and offers that you won’t find on any other platform.

TopCashBack Coupons

Besides getting cashback for the purchases you make, TopCashBack offers coupons on certain brands to earn even more.

These coupons are displayed on individual store pages so you can check them out while shopping. You can search for a store to check if there are extra cashback coupons through the TopCashBack website.

Payout Bonus

As if getting cashback on your shopping items wasn’t enough, TopCashBack lets you make money when choosing specific payout options. You can see the list of payout bonuses on the site and redeem the reward according to your payment mode.

For example, if you’re paying through an American Express card, you can avail of a 3% bonus. Similarly, if you pay through a Visa card, you can get about 5% cashback on your payment.

TopCashBack usually releases such offers around holidays, so you can save a lot on holiday shopping if you keep your eye out.

Referral Bonus

Furthermore, you can get rewards from the site by referring it to your friends and family. You can get a referral link from the site and share it with them. Whenever someone visits the website and earns their initial $10 through your link, you’ll get a $29 cashback!

Cashback Alerts

If this is your first time using a cashback app, you’re likely to forget to use it while making everyday purchases. TopCashBack has got you covered for that.

All you have to do is download the browser extension. After that, whenever you visit one of TopCashBack’s partner stores, you’ll get a notification. By using this notification, you can claim your cashback at once.

TopCashBack Features

Apart from the profitable deals on TopCashBack, the site itself is highly accessible and has lots of easy to use features.

TopCashBack Features

Here’s a list of features that make TopCashBack the right choice.

Fund Withdrawal Options

TopCashBack has not restricted its payouts to a single method. Instead, you can choose from multiple options to withdraw the funds accumulated in your in-app account.

If you want to redeem your savings in hard cash, you can withdraw them through PayPal or via ACH transfer.

Besides that, you can redeem your savings in the form of Amazon gift cards, and get discounts on your purchases. The benefit of using Amazon gift cards is, you’ll get a 2.5% bonus as well.

However, the platform is not prompt with its payouts. With each method, you will have to wait at least 14 days before the payouts are processed.

Customer Service

TopCashBack has a remarkable customer support system, as well. If you don’t receive your payout, you can claim it by filling out a form on the website.

A correspondent will then reach you and give you the details to track your payout. Additionally, the site has a help page, just in case if you have any queries.

More Than 5000 Partner Brands

With TopCashBack, you can shop from a wide range of merchants and receive cashback on your purchases. Currently, TopCashBack has one of the most extensive lists of partner merchants, including grocery stores, supermarkets, and clothing brands.

Apart from those big online brands, you can find small, local retailers registered on the cashback app as well. This way, you can diversify your shopping habits and still earn cash back on every purchase.

Now that you’ve been through all the details, including the deals and main features of TopCashBack, you must’ve decided whether to go for it or not.

If you’re not sure yet, here’s a clear representation of the benefits and drawbacks of this site.


Pros of TopCashBack

Let’s start with the good aspects first.

Unmatched Cashback Rates

With TopCashBack, you’ll get one of the best cashback rates in the rebates market. That’s because they give their users 100% of the commission coming from their retailers.

Also, their highest cashback threshold is higher than other leading cashback sites.

No Minimum Saving Restriction

TopCashBack does not require any minimum earnings before you can withdraw your cashback amount. Other platforms require minimum earnings anywhere between $10 and $50 to qualify for the withdrawal.

Here, you can withdraw the amount whenever you want without any restrictions.

Broad Retail Network

TopCashBack has lots of partner stores and brands for you to choose from. Once you start using it, you’ll probably never make another purchase without getting cashback again.

Reliable Partners

Besides that, TopCashBack offers deals from reliable stores and brands that provide prompt and timely cashbacks for its users. The list includes well-known names like Target, Amazon, Walmart, And Best Buy.


Even if you’re a beginner, you’ll find the site easy to use. The signup process is simple, and the interface is highly intuitive, so you can easily find your way around.

Lots of Earning Opportunities

With a profitable referral program, payout bonuses, and coupons, you can use many opportunities to maximize your savings.

Cons of TopCashBack

The long list of benefits does not mean that TopcashBack is an entirely perfect cashback site. Here are a few downsides of TopCashback so you can evaluate the website accordingly.

No TopCashBack SignUp Bonus

Most cashback sites offer signup bonuses to lure people into getting started on their platform. TopCashBack provides high cashback rates; therefore, they do not give their users a signup bonus.

Cashback Exclusions

Retailers offer deals on their products through cashback apps to increase the sales of specific products.

That’s why you might find higher cashback rates on certain niche items, while common items like gadgets and phones may be excluded.

Cashback Available on Online Purchases Only

It’s not possible to make every purchase online. Usually, people purchase grocery items, medicines, and basic amenities from physical stores, while other things like furniture, appliances, clothing, and gadgets are bought online.

At TopCashBack, you cannot redeem cashback on in-store purchases. That said, once you know your way around, you’ll gradually rely more on this app and purchase most of the things online.

TopCashBack Alternatives

While TopCashBack is a profitable online portal to save money while shopping, it’s possible that its deals and offers don’t align with your shopping habits.

In that case, here are some TopCashBack alternatives you can go for.


Ibotta is another popular cashback app that offers cashback when you purchase from reputed brands like Amazon, Walmart, Kroger, or Target. All in all, the US-based online platform is connected with more than 300 brands.


The app is also well-recognized and trustworthy, as it provides prompt payouts with zero issues.


FetchRewards is another popular cashback app with lots of partner grocery retailers. In fact, with more than two and a half million active users, FetchRewards is one of the most used cashback apps in the US.

Fetch Rewards Logo

You can use the app on almost all grocery stores in the US, along with drug stores and convenience stores.

The app allows you to earn points against each cash receipt, while 1000 points equal $1, which later can be used as gift cards.

Like what you hear? Read more about the app in our full Fetch Rewards review.


Just like TopCashBack, Dosh allows you to save money while shopping from various brands and retailers.

dosh logo

It works like a shopping rewards app and offers cashback when you make purchases using your debit or credit card.

Unlike some other similar apps that offer rewards with points, Dosh offers you cash.


That wraps up our TopCashBack review. Summing it all up, let’s put it this way. If you’re wondering, is TopCashBack legit? Or, whether it is safe to use, then the answer is, Yes!

It’s a reliable platform that offers terrific cashback deals and accessible features to help you save money while you shop. However, we can’t say that TopCashBack is downright the best cashback app there is.

In many aspects, this cashback site may not work for some people. It doesn’t offer any signup bonus and requires a thorough tracking process without which your purchases won’t register. Also, you can’t redeem cashback when you shop in-store.

But, if you find its high cashback rate appealing and you think its an excellent place to get started from, it’s a legit and safe site for shoppers all over the US. Happy Saving!

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