Top 10 Personal Development Blogs That Make Money

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With my interest in personal development, I’m constantly searching for the new and best tools to not only apply in my own life but also to share with everyone around me.

I have sunk more and more into the well of personal growth and self-improvement since I’ve been operating my own company, and I totally love it!

It is incredible to realize that what was previously secret from the majority of citizens and restricted to a very few people paying thousands of dollars to obtain knowledge at a weekend conference has changed for the better.

With the internet now a popular place for all and the ‘open market’ is established, information is now largely accessible for free on the internet or at least at a far more reasonable price.

Today, there are many popular personal development blogs that make money by providing sufficient information and training to their audiences.

If you’re asking yourself, why is personal development important? or what are personal development activities that are generating money for some people? keep reading!

Personal Development Blogs That Make Money

I’m proud to note that I’ve had the privilege of getting to know a number of the blog owners on this list over the past few years and sharing some wonderful encounters with them.

But not just that, through your personal growth posts, there are so many of us making an impact on this world through blogs that offer self-development knowledge.

Trust me, this goes a long way that you can imagine, and I am extremely impressed with the work of everyone!

However, building a personal development blog that makes money is not a walk in the park.

You may be confronted with questions like, “What if this blog is destined to fail? Am I wasting my time? It’s hard work to create a successful blog, and it normally takes time to see the benefits.

Not everyone has the means to see things through. But those that do will see wonderful possibilities.

Let me share a couple of the great success stories in blogging. Below are the top personal development blogs that make money.

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1. Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo is a personal development blog that makes the top of this list because it helps entrepreneurs become what they most want to be. Yes, I bet anybody would pay for such a deal.

This blog is owned by the popular entrepreneur Marie Forleo; a writer and philanthropist who is dedicated to helping people become who they desire to become in life. Evidently, this socially digital empire is a money-making machine due to the extent of its target market.

Ideally, every human being on earth would need a lesson on how to maximize their human potential.

If you did not know this, this popular self-development blog is associated with the award-winning MarieTV, which has greatly contributed to the blog’s philanthropic and money-making potential. Oprah also reaffirmed Marie Forleo as a thought maker for the next decade. 

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2. Chris Guillebeau

Chris Guillebeau


This blog qualifies as second on this list because of its extensive focus on enabling people to achieve their personal goals while at the same time help others grow.

Most importantly, the content of the blog covers the basic formations of human life; life, work, and travel. For this reason, the blog stands out as one of the most informational platforms online covering important subjects of human existence.

The owner, Chris Guillebeau, is an experienced writer and well-traveled individual who has created a hub for original thinking whose content will leave you with the undeniable conviction that you don’t have to live life per people’s expectations and work should be fun and meaningful.

The content is able to capture a great audience in the writing industry as the blog endorses the art of writing as a nice career to pursue. This makes it a qualified money-making self-development blog.

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3. Tim Ferris

Tim Ferris

Tim Ferriss was identified as one of the “Most Innovative Business People” by Fast Company and one of Fortune’s “40 under 40.”

This blog deserves mention in my list because it’s one of Inc. Magazine’s “19 Blogs You Should Bookmark Right Now,” and according to Google PageRank, Alexa traffic rating, Bing results, PostRank, and more, it was rated #1 on the Top 150 Management and Leadership Blogs chart.

Owing to the influence of The Tim Ferriss Show podcast, which is the first business/interview podcast to exceed 100 million downloads, the Observer and other media have called Tim “the Oprah of audio”. It has reached 600 million installs already.

The blog helps people to become world-class performers and provides content that advises people on how to lead a life of success.

For entrepreneurs, this is a great resource. This, coupled with the multiple books written by the blogger, is evidence that this is indeed a personal development website that makes money.

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4. Tiny Budha

Calm Woman Meditating at Work

Life can be tough sometimes, and without support, you can surely lead to depression. Sometimes, solving that issue troubling you is not all about finding a solution but developing a different attitude towards your stressors. Tiny Buddha is a personal development blog that helps people color their way to happiness.

From emotional mastery, relationships to tough times, this blog does a good job in ensuring subscribers are able to enhance their mindful practice, develop the peace of mind and create inner calm through soothing literal pieces, simple rituals, and soothing products.

Yes! I said soothing products. Ever heard of relaxing pillow sprays, calming essential oil roll-on, or even the lychee Flower Scented candles?

All these are items you can incorporate into your life to lead a happy life. Anything that creates calm and brings happiness and satisfaction is worth a mention on any list.

For this reason, Tiny Budha stands out on this list as a personal development website that makes money by providing simple wisdom for complex lives.

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5. Riskology

Know your Worth

If you’re an introvert like me or have interacted with introverts, you can attest that introverts have unique critical thinking and listening skills.

This can be seen even in simple things such as picking up that call and accepting the happy hour invite. Oh no! I would rather coil in my bed and watch a movie. Sounds familiar? Introvert alert!

Well, research and historical evidence has shown that introverts can be great leaders and successful members of society compared to extroverts. Riskology acknowledges this fact and acts on this philosophy to ensure that introverts get the support and influence they need to become great people.

The blog trains subscribers on how to master personal habits, become inspired, pursue life missions, create strong connections with others, and build a great community.

As a unique money-making yet helpful blog in this list, Riskology also offers subscribers professional development courses.

The systems course is designed to help people automate productivity, reduce stress, and improve their health and is appropriate for busy professionals as it only requires a few minutes each day to complete.

On the other hand, the Connect and Lead Course helps people to build connections, display their value, earn respect, and grow their careers as introverts.

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6. Paid To Exist

Paid To Exist

Just as the name suggests, being paid to exist is the best definition of someone who has identified their passion and uses it to gain monetary value through people or businesses that need him or her.

Evidently, you can never be bored with what you’re passionate about. However, before you worry about getting bored with your passion, it’s important to identify what you’re really passionate about. Do you want to discover your passion and make it make money for you?

Well, Paid To Exists exists for that reason. This money-making blog focuses on passion, life, and lifestyle, teaching subscribers how to wake up happy and ready to work on what they’re passionate about and how to live a lifestyle that incorporates life goals, dreams, and aspirations.

The whole method of market creation and more business advancement is effectively illustrated by Paid to Exist, and that is why this popular personal development blog so useful for entrepreneurs and stands out in this list.

Jonathan brings you the entire enchilada instead of handing bits and pieces: he starts with the development of the correct mentality and describes how to find your passion before teaching you how to connect this with ways of making a living.

When you’re on the right track, on a blog or some kind of site presence, you will start generating awareness, interact with an audience, and begin to design a deal focused on their desires.

You are able to evolve from then on and specialize in the fields that relate to both you and your people.

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7. Brendon Burchard

confident man

Brendon Burchard’s personal development blog makes it to the top of this list because this author is the world’s high-performance instructor, a three-time best-selling author in the New York Times.

Also, he is one of history’s most-watched, referenced, and followed personal development coaches. In fact, his personal development skills have been endorsed by Progress Magazine as well as The Oprah Magazine.

Forbes called him the leading high-performance mentor in the country, and Larry King named him the best motivational teacher in the world.

His blogs provide extensive instruction and resources on topics such as confidence, inspiration, effect, accomplishment, leadership, and more.

There are more than 300 million comments on Brendon’s personal growth training. His educational courses and video series have been completed by over 2,000,000 students. Amazing right?

He has built 20 breakout online courses in personal and professional growth, including the most common inspiration, trust, behaviors, leadership, and high-performance courses of all time.

Brendon was named “one of the Top 25 Most Influential Leaders in Personal Growth and Achievement” by Success Magazine was featured on the cover of Success magazine in 2017.

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8. No Meat Athlete

Diet and Weight Loss

Founded by Matt Frazier, this blog is focused on educating readers about plant-based diets that can improve their sporting abilities.

This is a top personal development blog and makes it to this list as it covers an important issue that faces individuals in the sporting industry and those who want to live a healthy life.

This personal development blog provides straightforward and adequate insights into training while avoiding meat products and guides members through their vegan journeys.

I’ve tried to incorporate vegan plans into my meals to no avail. I’m a non-retiring meat fan! But I know meat is not good for athletes. For sure, a tutorial, discipline, and support are essential to maintain a completely vegan diet.

One interesting fact about this blog is that it provides information pertaining to a no-meat diet and action steps on how to transition from an all-meat diet to a vegan diet.

Who even thought that progressive quitting of meat products is possible? Well, this popular personal development blog for sure makes money out of this valuable information.

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9. The Art of Manliness (AoM)


Founded in 2008, The Art of Manliness is a one-stop resource with actionable guidance addressing all facets of a man’s life: appearance, job, relationships, health, style, talents, and much more. AoM discusses issues from the metaphysical and intense to the realistic and enjoyable through weekly podcasts and blogs.

In delivering material that is intelligent, thoughtful, detailed, eminently valuable, and clickbait free, AoM differentiates itself from other male lifestyle media sources and qualifies as a top personal development blog that makes money.

Interestingly, this blog provides both online and offline programs through The Strenuous Life (TSL) platform. The programs help athletes to put into use the skills learned in the AoM platform. Just like scouting programs, the personal growth programs offered through TSL are structured to offer physical, mental, and spiritual growth, all of which are attributes of a successful man.

Through the F+W publishing media, this famous personal development blog has also published several books aimed at helping men, a factor that has incredibly contributed to its money-making power.

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10. Lifehack


Ever wondered what you were destined to be? or what the fullness of life means? Lifehack helps subscribers break through the barriers and sacrifices that have become common in life.

Lifehack experts believe that everyone needs to enjoy a life of value. Driven by their own North Star, on their own terms.

However, this can only be achieved through awareness. This blog has made it possible for subscribers to take life assessment analysis, which enables people to identify the missing pieces of their lives and guide them through a limitless life of fulfillment.

The platform also provides an open communication channel in which subscribers can connect with the lifehack experts who are knowledgeable, inspired, and experienced in their specific development professions.

This blog qualifies as one of the best in this list category and stands out as a great money-making platform that positively impacts society.

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