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What Is Art

Art has no satisfactory defination. Though I tried my best and it is my endeavour to make you understand what art is. In old days art is considered as something that is beautiful, that pleases your eyes and that represents something. Now defination of art has changed a lot. Art is a medium of expression where the individual and culture… Read More »

Lotus Painting

Just finished this painting.  I used soft pastel colors though I used these colors first time…..result is I think good. Almost after ten years again I’m playing with colors. This is the longest time that I didn’t touch brushes, colors and canvas 🙁 Image Source: Design Decor And Disha Now that I have gathered enough courage after making this painting its… Read More »

Indian Art: Gond Art (Madhya Pradesh)

Starting today a very new and interesting series of different art forms of India. I have always been fascinated by various art forms. I chose to start with Madhya Pradesh’s art form because this state is known as  ‘Heart of India’ and the fact that I hail from this very state and I truly love everything about MP. Today I… Read More »

Diwali Craft & Home Decor Inspiration- Ii

Diwali is just around the corner and you all decor enthusiast must be thinking of some nice table arrangements for this festive season.  Sometimes we get bored of using same things again and again for all the occasions. So this time I come up with the idea of using some mundane household objects for some pleasing and not so expensive… Read More »

Artwork In Progress

This is what I am upto these days……. Trying my hand on painting after ten long years!! Will be completed in a day or so!!! Super gorgeous DIY is coming this weekend and I bet you all will going to like it. stay tuned friends.

Indian Art: Dhokra Art (Eastern And Central India)

Dhokra also known as the Dokra art form is very ancient indian art form dated back to 4000-5000 yrs. The art form originated from the Bastar in Chhattisgarh(India).Name Dhokra is derived from the tribes(Dokra) who are  metal workers of tribal community in Bastar. The tribe extends from Jharkhand to West Bengal and Orissa. Image Source: Click Here Image Source:… Read More »