SurveyTime Review 2021: Is it Legit or a Scam?

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Are you into survey sites but looking for an option that pays you instantly? If yes, Surveytime may make a perfect option. Learn more in our Surveytime review.

For anyone looking to make money online, signing up for survey sites is the best option. Let’s face it; there’s no better job than just answering questions regarding your personality and preferences.

You’re literally getting paid to put out your opinions.

Now, who’d say no to that?

Surveytime logo

However, not all survey sites are the same. Some have a plethora of surveys, while others don’t allow you to take any until you fit all their requirements. Similarly, some sites offer instant cash, while others reward you with redeemable points.

You should check out all the details and specifics of a site before you sign up to see whether it’s legit or a scam. That’s why we’ve compiled our SurveyTime review, a popular instant-play survey site, to see if it’s worth your time.

SurveyTime Review: What is SurveyTime?

SurveyTime is a relatively new survey site founded in 2018. This means it hasn’t even been a year since its advent, and it has already created a fan base for itself online.

Based in the US, the site is reputed for paying its users as soon as they complete their surveys.

SurveyTime Review

Sounds unbelievable? Well, it’s true.

At SurveyTime, you’ll get notified about any survey they have which fits your profile.

After that, when you take the survey, the site will add $1 to your account immediately, which you can redeem instantly.

This sets SurveyTime apart from its famous contemporary survey sites such as Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, and Survey Club.

Read along to check out all the details about this site.

How SurveyTime Works

Like any other survey site, SurveyTime works by conducting market research for brands and companies. Whenever you complete a survey on the site, they get some insight into your preferences, habits, and interests.

When they collect this information from hundreds of users, they help research companies get valuable data to improve their marketing strategies and consumer experience. These companies pay the site for the data they receive, and the site ultimately shares the revenue with users like you.

What sets this platform apart from other survey sites is that it notifies its members when new surveys are available. Whenever they have a survey that might interest you or has questions regarding your demographic location, you will get a notification through text or email.

Each survey takes only 10-15 minutes to complete, and you’ll receive a dollar immediately after you’re done with the job.

Besides the basics, we know there are many questions you might have regarding how SurveyTime works. Here’s some additional information to help you find your way around on the site.

How to Sign Up for SurveyTime

Signing up for SurveyTime is easy and won’t take you more than two to three minutes. You’ll have to start by providing your full name and email address.

After that, you will receive a confirmation email on your address, through which you’ll be able to verify your account.

Surveytime sign in

Here’s where things are different on SurveyTime. Upon verification, the platform itself will give you a secure password so you can sign in to your account whenever you like. Unlike other survey sites, you don’t get to choose your password here.

This might be a huge turn off for people who have a hard time memorizing passwords or consider this a personal security threat for themselves.

Another thing that you’ll have to complete before you become a member is your profile.

While most survey sites require you to fill out your profile so they can assign relevant surveys, SurveyTime is the only one that requires you to fill out your profile to complete your sign up process.

What’s shocking is that this profile questionnaire has a lot of questions, and takes about 10-15 minutes to complete. That’s a lot of time to invest in an unpaid survey about yourself. However, it helps the site connect you to relevant surveys in the future.

You’ll also notice some questions being repeated in the quiz, but that’s only to check your answers’ consistency. The trick is to be patient and answer honestly, and you’ll be able to start taking paid surveys in no time.

Can You Use SurveyTime On Your SmartPhone?

SurveyTime does not have its app, but its website is properly designed and optimized for mobile phone use. So, even though you’ll have to log in through your smartphone browser, you won’t have to zoom in and out of every caption to navigate the website.

surveytime payment

Besides that, you can access the surveys from your phone by clicking the invitation link received by email. The link will automatically redirect you to their mobile-friendly webpage.

You’ll need to keep in mind that as all surveys come from different providers, some are optimized for mobile, while others can only be viewed correctly on your desktop.

Luckily, the invitation email mentions if the survey can be taken on your phone or desktop, and if it doesn’t specify anything, you can take it on any device you like.

Do You Get Customer Support on SurveyTime?

Unfortunately, there’s no efficient or prompt customer support service on SurveyTime. In fact, if you look closely into their site, you won’t find a contact page.

All they provide is an email address that takes about two to three days to respond.

However, if you need immediate support or information, they have an FAQ page where you can find answers to your queries.

Also, you can reach them through their Facebook page.

How Does SurveyTime Pay You

Here’s where things get interesting on SurveyTime.

On this website, you don’t have to go through the hassle of picking out highly-paid surveys or getting stuck with two or three cents after wasting 10-20 minutes on a survey.

On SurveyTime, each survey is priced equally at $1. Yes, for any survey you complete on the site, you’ll immediately receive a $1 reward.

Wait, there’s more. Each survey is priced equally, but all of them are not equal in length. Meaning, if you’re lucky, you’ll earn a dollar by taking a two to five minutes survey.

But sometimes, you’ll be spending approximately 10 – 15 minutes on longer ones, and earn the same amount.

Their site states that no survey is longer than ten to twenty minutes, so you can earn about $4 per hour on SurveyTime on a minimum basis. With most survey sites, you only get about $0.5 per hour, unless you take high-paying surveys.

In this case, SurveyTime is easily the highest-paying site there is.

If you think that’s great, the best part is yet to come. There is no minimum cashout limit on SurveyTime.

As soon as you earn a dollar, you can cash your earnings out through your PayPal account. This way, you can check if the site pays or not right after you complete your first survey.

How to Make Money With SurveyTime

Just like other dedicated survey sites like Pinecone Research and LifePoints, taking surveys is the most prominent way to earn money on SurveyTime.

surveytime Surveys

They have a never-ending list of surveys that you can access in their member’s area. Initially, this was the only way you could find surveys on their site. Now, they also send email notifications for surveys that fit your personality and interests.

This way, you can access surveys both automatically and manually to complete whenever you have time at hand.

Their member’s area sports a survey scanning button.

Once you click on the button, the site will generate a list of available surveys for you. You won’t qualify for all the surveys that appear on the search result page.

If you don’t qualify for any of them, click on the scanning button again, and the site will show you more surveys.

Keep in mind that you won’t always find a list of surveys in the member’s area when scanning for it. Sometimes, there won’t be any surveys available. In this case, you can always come back a while later and check again.

Another way to access surveys is through email notifications. Usually, you will get more than one invitation every day to take the surveys and start earning.

This makes the process quite easy as you don’t have to keep checking the website again and again. However, if you don’t receive notification all day, you should check the member’s page as SurveyTime only sends out invitations for specific surveys.

After you complete the survey through email, they will direct you to their rewards page where you can see how much you’ve earned. You can immediately decide how you want to receive your money by clicking on your preferred option.

Pros of SurveyTime

Now that you have all the essential information about SurveyTime, it’s time for a showdown. Every website has its own benefits and drawbacks. Also, every user has different requirements, so a one-size-fits-all notion does not work as far as survey sites are concerned.

Similarly, SurveyTime has some pros and cons you should check out before deciding to go for it.

Let’s start with the positive aspects first.

Instant Payouts

surveytime instant payment

It doesn’t get any more ‘instant’ than this. You can cash out your earnings as soon as you complete a survey, which is seldom offered by any other survey site.

Easy Payout Option

All their payouts are processed through PayPal, which is quite accessible for most users. Besides that, if you opt for receiving payment through gift cards, you can choose from a wide range of partners. These include Amazon, Target, and Walmart.

No Minimum Cashout Limit

Even if you have nothing but a dollar in your SurveyTime account, you can cash it out through your PayPal account or receive a gift card. No waiting until you reach a defined limit!

Same Price Rate

Each survey pays equally, so you don’t have to worry about bagging high-paid surveys. What’s more, you can even earn a dollar by taking a two or five-minute survey.

Good Eligibility Scrutiny

Once you complete your profile correctly during the sign-up process, you won’t have to concern yourself with eligibility issues again. No one likes to get disqualified from a survey when they’ve reached the middle. With SurveyTime, they only show you the surveys which you qualify for.

Worldwide Availability

It doesn’t matter where you live; you can sign up for SurveyTime from anywhere in the world. Also, the website does not give any preference to the US, Uk, or Canada based users, so you get equal access to all the surveys they have if you qualify.

User-Intuitive Website

The website is well-designed, so anyone from a professional side hustler to a newbie can navigate it.

Cons of SurveyTime

Taking all the benefits into account, the disadvantages are somewhat negligible. Nevertheless, any of these points can be a major turn-off for some people, so here’s an honest list of SurveyTime cons.

No Saving Up

While it seems like an excellent option to get immediate cashouts, some people also like to accumulate earnings and save up for later use. You cannot do that on SurveyTime. Whenever you complete a survey, you have to transfer your money to PayPal or get a gift card.

No Contact Information

There is no contact information on the site where you can reach their representatives easily. You only get an email address that provides slow responses.

Automatically Generated Password

You cannot choose your password on the website. For people with privacy issues, and those who cannot memorize aline passwords, this might be a huge problem.

Final Words

Concluding our SurveyTime review, we’ll give you a definite answer to your question: Is SurveyTime legitimate or a scam?

Well, SurveyTime is a legit site that has ample opportunities to earn money by taking surveys. It has a well-designed website that’s easy to use, combined with a secure instant payout system.

Moreover, they’ll notify you automatically if there are surveys available for you. You can even choose whether you want cash or gift cards as rewards. This is perhaps all you can ask for in a survey site, which makes it quite legit.

However, there are some downsides to the platform that you should think about to see if it fits your needs. Nevertheless, it is not a scam and works well if you want to make some passive income.

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