Survey Voices Review 2021: Is it Legit or a Scam?

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Looking for online sources to add a few more bucks to your monthly income? What about survey websites? Here is an in-depth Survey Voices review to help you decide if it is the legit source of income or just a waste of time. Keep reading.

Survey Voices Review: Is it Legit or a Scam?

How much time do you spend behind the screen these days? May it be watching YouTube videos, playing online games, or browsing through your favorite topics, all of us indulge in online activity every day in some way or another. 

Recent research shows that an average person will spend more than six hours surfing the internet every day. What if we tell you that you can use this time to earn yourself a few extra bucks? 

Survey voices review 

Besides freelance jobs and blogging, answering surveys is becoming another popular option to make money online. Believe it or not, but because of the overflow of information online, lots of companies and platforms will pay you for some factual information. 

However, finding a legit platform that’ll help you make money with surveys is difficult. If you don’t have the right guidance, you might get stuck in online scams that’ll cost you more than they’re worth. 

Here’s where Survey Voices comes in. Survey Voices is a popular website that lets you find the most beneficial survey platform so you can make money with surveys today. Read along our Survey Voices review to get all the information you need. 

An Introduction to Survey Voices 

So what exactly is Survey Voices? 

Well, if you’ve come across other Survey Voices reviews before, you probably know that this site works as a middleman between you and various survey platforms. As we mentioned, you’ll need a mediator to help you seek out the right platforms to get the ultimate value for your time. 

Unlike other marketing research companies like Swagbucks, that directly collect information from their users in exchange for money and other perks, Survey Voices connects you to the best survey sites online. 

Survey Voices surveys

In simple words, the site evaluates you according to your qualifications and directs you to the sites best suited for you. 

Survey Voices is a property of the well-known company Reward Zone LLC. Although it does advertise lots of market research and survey sites for some commission, they claim only to promote legitimate sites. 

Most importantly, Survey Voices also claims to let their users earn up to $300 within a week of signing up. That’s enough to get anyone excited, but it makes us a little skeptical about the site itself. 

So, is Survey Voices really legit or just another scam? Let’s check out the details to find out. 

How Survey Voices Works

Now that you know how to put your daily screen-time to productive use, you’ll want to know how to get started. First of all, Survey Voices requires a simple sign up process to get you started. It’s free and takes almost no time to complete. 

How Survey Voice Works

It’s all fun and games, just like you would sign up for any other site until they ask for your phone number and address on the initial level. 

We know what you’re thinking. 

You don’t usually give out that kind of information unless its for online shopping for food delivery. 

The site has no direct use for your personal details unless it gets a commission by selling it to a third party. That’s quite shady unless you’re someone who doesn’t care about their personal information getting leaked as long as you’re getting your cash. 

Once you’ve successfully signed up on Survey Voices, you’ll get a whole list of survey sites you can pursue to start earning online

Remember, each survey site has its terms and conditions, method of payments, payout schedules, and other requirements. If a platform seems attractive to you, you can always do some extra research online before you begin filling out surveys for them. 

Besides that, being a member of Survey Voices, you’ll get advertisements for lots of free stuff and gift cards. While the ads will probably make you think there’s a catch for the platform in those offers, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go for them. 

Who knows you might get lucky?

Why Do Most Survey Voices Reviews Call it a Scam? 

Survey Voices is a reasonably legit survey aggregation site, but there’s a reason for its bad reputation as well. 

You see, because of the way it’s advertised, most users take Survey Voices for an actual survey site.

While in reality, it’s a leading survey aggregator that promotes other survey sites to its users. 

That’s why, when users sign up for the platform, thinking it’ll directly lead them to surveys in exchange for money, they don’t find that on the site, and label it as a scam.

We’re not saying that the site is entirely safe from tricks and deceptions, but it’s not a complete scam either. 

Survey Voices Payment Structure

You’ll want to know how much you can earn on Survey Voices, and how to get your hands on the money. The payment structure on this platform has no rules of its own; you get paid according to the survey site you choose to join. 

Nevertheless, the site claims you can earn up to $300 in your first week. We hate to break it to you, but you won’t even get near that number during your first week. 

Here are the reasons why. 

  • First, not all survey sites offer cash payments if you complete surveys for them. Mostly, you get paid in points. 

You can later redeem these points and get valuable stuff or gift cards from the company. However, that requires a lot of points to get something substantial enough for the time you put into it. 

  • Second, you’ll be surprised to hear that even if they seem like the holy grail of home-based income, surveys do not pay that much. 

On average, you’ll only get a dollar or two to complete a single survey, many of which can be mind-boggling and a pain to fill out. 

  • Third, you’re not likely to qualify for every survey you choose. You see, some surveys require a particular age, gender, or demographic setting. 

There are qualifying surveys to help you find out if you’re fit for that specific site, but these surveys are also long and take time. Sometimes, you’ll be notified at the end of the grueling surveys that you’re not eligible, ultimately wasting your time. 

  • Fourth, the survey quotas tend to get full. This means that if the site has set a requirement for a hundred responses, and two hundred people filled the survey, only the first one hundred users will get the payment. 

All of this doesn’t mean that you cannot earn $300 a week. You just won’t be able to do it if you’re taking this up as a part-time activity to make a side income. 

In that case, you’ll probably earn a much lesser amount, if anything. 

How Will I Receive the Payment on Survey Voices

Furthermore, one thing you should know is that you won’t receive your payments directly from Survey Voices. They will simply link you to another survey company, which will pay you for your work. 

For instance, if you’re completing a survey for Swagbucks, you’ll get paid by them directly. Also, each platform has its payment thresholds and methods, so look into that before you start working. 

Now that we’ve covered everything from how to sign up for Survey Voices to how much you can earn from Survey Voices, you’re probably ready to dive right in. 

But, wait a second. 

Unlike other reviews of Survey Voices that either glorify or altogether cancel the platform, we’ve given an honest representation of all the aspects to help you make your decision.

Pros of Survey Voices

Even though this platform is not entirely legitimate, it has a few benefits that make it a good option if you’re looking to bring in some passive income

  • Sign Up is Free 

Survey Voices is an online survey aggregator. Most sites like these charge their users for the survey sites and information they provide for them. 

That’s not the case with Survey Voices. It offers its services free of charge. This means you’ll only be investing your time and effort, minimizing the overall risk of online jobs. 

  • Reputed Parent Company 

As we mentioned before, Survey Voices is owned by Reward Zone LLC. This is a well-known company that has a high BBB rating. 

The rating represents how reliable the company is, so you can be sure about your security before you sign up for their platforms and websites. 

  • Some High-Rated Companies Provide Prompt Payments 

Although we can’t say that about all the companies that Survey Voices lists out, some companies do pay their users on time.

Just make sure you check the reviews for any site you choose to work for, or else you might end up wasting your time. 

Cons of Survey Voices

After listing the positives, here are the negative aspects of the platform that you should know before you sign up. 

  • Scamming Websites  

Survey Voices does claim to put every site they advertise through strict scrutiny. However, we can’t help but doubt their selection process. 

Some of the websites they list for their users are downright deceptive and can end up wasting your time. 

  • Harassing Videos and Calls 

The platform asks for your address, email, and phone number during the sign-up process. As soon as you complete the process, you’ll be swarmed by advertisements emails and spam calls from marketing companies affiliated with the site. 

Survey Voices gets benefits from these sites; that’s why they don’t charge their users upon sign up. 

  • Demographic Restrictions 

There are some options on their lists that are not accessible for people who live outside the US. 

  • No Customer Support Services

You cannot contact the website in any way if you have any complaints or queries. Mostly, they connect their users to other sites.

That’s why they don’t want people to contact them for questions that don’t concern them. 

Is Survey Voices the Ultimate Platform for You? 

Whether Survey Voices will work for you or not, totally depends on your goals regarding your passive income. If you’re a person who spends lots of time online every day, and wouldn’t mind getting even a few bucks for that, it’s an excellent option for you. 

On the other hand, if you are serious about making money online and want to use your time conservatively, Survey Voices is not for you. 

Top Alternatives to Survey Voices

Survey Voices is a survey aggregator. If you want to earn money directly, there are many alternatives to Survey Voices that you can go for. 

Survey Junkie


survey junkie logo

Survey Junkie a popular survey site. It has a lot of survey options so you can earn a consistent income every month. 

Here are some key features of Survey Junkie.

Earn Per Activity Payment Method Min To
Cash Out
Next Steps
$1 – $50 PayPal & Gift Cards $10 Read Full Review



InboxDollars logo

This website offers lots of income options, like watching videos and playing games apart from filling out surveys.

They also pay you for the advertisement emails they send to you. 

Earn Per Activity Payment Method Min To
Cash Out
Next Steps
Up to $5 Cash & Gift Cards $30 Read Full Review



Swagbucks Logo

This platform has lots of ways to earn a steady, passive income apart from taking surveys. 

Check out these key considerations for using Swagbucks.

Earn Per Activity Payment Method Min To
Cash Out
Next Steps
$0.4 – $2 PayPal or Gift Cards $3 Read Full Review

Final Verdict – Is Survey Voices Legit or a Scam? 

Finally, it all comes down to the final verdict, is Survey Voices legit or a scam? Well, after completing our Survey Voices review, we think the decision depends entirely on your goals and preferences. 

While Survey Voices does provide some legitimate benefits and income options, it cannot be considered ideally legitimate.

That’s because it has some shady aspects like unwanted calls and messages, inconsistent payouts, and unreliable website recommendations. 

However, it does let you earn for the surveys you fill out if you choose correctly. Also, it has a minimum risk factor because it does not require any upfront payment when you sign up. 

In a nutshell, we cannot state if Survey Voices is downright legit or a scam, but a little of both. You’ll find lots of other platforms that are better or even worse than this one. 

So if you think it’s not for you, keep looking. But, if you want to give it a try, go for it. Remember to stay safe and do your research before signing up for any permanent online vocation. 

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