Survey Club Review 2021: Can You Make Legit Money?

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Do you want a legit and easy way to make more money from home? Well, this Survey Club review might be the best answer to that desire. Go through the review and see how to get paid to take surveys.

Survey Club Review 2020: Can You Make Legit Money?

In today’s competitive business world, market research and consumer feedback is a vital factor in the success of any business. Businesses around the globe are going the extra mile to understand what customers want, and what they think about their products, so as to offer the desired products and services.

Survey sites are excellent avenues of collecting this information. Survey sites help to connect researchers and organizations with consumers who are ready to review their offerings. In return, these consumers get compensated for their time and information.

Survey Club is among the best paying survey sites in the current market, which also makes it a great source of extra income for many people. If you are looking for a well-paying survey site to supplement your regular income, then Survey Club won’t disappoint.

That’s why we have prepared this detailed Survey Club review to remove any doubt that you might have about the site.

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This will help ensure that you grow your net worth and attain financial freedom.

What is Survey Club?

survey club logo

Launched in 2005, Survey Club is a Colorado-based research recruitment platform that helps companies and other researchers compile views from their customers.

The site is typically a directory that allows members to easily find paid research opportunities, and researchers to acquire invaluable market information.

And just like other survey sites, Survey Club links those in need of information, with the necessary demographic. Companies get to collect the market data they need, while the consumer gets to earn some money.

The platform is designed to offer organizations with a pool of consumers to participate in online surveys, focus groups, private panels, taste tests etc. With its more than 16 million users globally, the platform provides the best pool to conduct market research for any company.

For people looking for legit ways to make money online, Survey Club is a great survey for that.

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How to Sign Up for Survey Club

If you are serious about making some extra cash through surveys, joining Survey Club is quite easy.  To become a member and start earning, follow these simple steps to open your Survey Club account for free:

  • Visit the Survey Club site
  • Complete the “Become a Member” form
  • Complete your profile by filling out things like gender, age, marital status, zip code, education level etc.
  • The information you provide will be used to match you with the appropriate surveys. The surveys will display under what they call “available studies page.”
  • After your free account is opened, you can now choose the survey you want to participate in and click on it
  • Follow the instructions given to complete the survey
  • After completion, Survey Club will update the balance in your “Survey Club rewards account.”


How Does Survey Club Work

Survey Club has partnered with numerous companies and organizations, to help them identify survey participants, to answer their market research questions.

Once you are a member of Survey Club, you get access to various surveys from their partners, based on the information you offered on your profile.

They will choose the surveys that best match your profile. However, to qualify for a study, you will still have to complete a pre-screening questionnaire, which is a common aspect with several survey sites, including PointClub.

The main reason for the pre-screening test is to satisfy the strict profile sets and demographic requirements required by the Survey Club partners.

When your profile matches a survey, you’ll get invites for surveys given by various Survey Club partners. Your answers will help these companies to shape their:

  • Product research
  • Organizations’ beliefs
  • Trends
  • Advertising
  • Brands etc.

These surveys will, however, vary based on the client, what they are researching about, as well as the type of information they need.

And if you are wondering where Survey Club gets its money, this is pretty straight forward. The various companies and researchers pay the platform to formulate and conduct surveys on their behalf.

Survey Club acts as a middle man between the Survey Club’s business partners and the survey participants who are looking to make money.

Once you complete a survey, the companies pay Survey Club and Survey Club pays you. In some instances, especially for in-depth studies and focus groups, you might get your payment directly from the researching company.

But no need to worry, during the initial invitation, you’ll always see whether the survey is company-paid or a regular one.  

And, you have the freedom to choose when you want to participate.

How Many Surveys Can You Participate?

The number of surveys you receive entirely depends on your profile. The information you provide when filling out your profile determines which surveys you can participate in. For example, some surveys might be quite general, targeting the general US public, while others are specific, like for parents with kids between 6 to 12 years.

Also, most pharmaceutical companies conduct their clinical trials, which can pay even up to $1000 per test, in specific regions and cities. If you don’t live in that region, then you can’t participate in the trials.

But in general, if you live in the US, you can expect several survey invites per week, or in some cases, even daily. If you want to participate in more surveys, Survey Club is the best place to be.

The platform invites you to join numerous other market research firms, which helps to increase the number of surveys you receive per day.

This means that you also have a chance to determine the number of surveys you receive. If you join more research panels, the higher are your chances of getting more invites for surveys.

Survey Club Review: Who Can Join Survey Club?

Survey Club is available for individuals living in the US, Australia, Canada, and the UK. These are excellent news for international users living in these countries as they can also participate in the surveys and make extra cash.

As for the age limit, the site is not entirely clear on the exact joining age. For instance, the FAQ section indicates the joining age for people in the given countries to be at least 13 years. However, when you look in the “Terms of Use” section, the age limit is clearly set at 16 years.

This can be a bit confusing, although to be on the safe side, it’s better to go with the higher one. It’s safer to join at the age of 16, to avoid any complications or be denied to receive some rewards.

The site clearly indicates in their terms of use section that it’s not built for use by children.

Online surveys

How to Earn and Redeem Your Rewards

The only way to earn through Survey Club is by participating in surveys and completing them. And, unlike most other paid survey sites which invite you to join panels that pay for your opinion, Survey Club will also send you paid surveys directly.

As a general rule, any direct survey that you get from Survey Club will be paid in cash.  Also, the more time the survey takes to complete, the higher the payment will be.

When it comes to the amount you earn from each survey, it will depend entirely on the company and the type of survey. Different panels offer different rewards for participation.

Also, for you to win any prizes, make any money or enter into sweepstakes, you must participate in the surveys sent to you.

The initial invitation for a survey will indicate the length of the survey, and the amount of reward you’ll receive after completion.

Some of the rewards the Survey Club offers include:

So, after you’ve earned yourself enough rewards, you can redeem them in any of the above ways. For cash requests, you do so after you accumulate at least $25 in rewards.

The site offers a perfect way to make money from home.

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Survey Club Pros and Cons

Like any other online survey site, Survey Club has its positives and negatives. To help you make that important decision of whether to join or not, look at these pros and cons:

Pros of Survey Club

Some of the advantages of joining Survey Club include:

  • Even when you fail the pre-screening test, you still get a compensation of $0.10 per survey
  • The minimum threshold of $20 is not that hard to achieve
  • It offers a higher earning potential, with some paid focus groups paying between $10 and $200. If you qualify for clinical research, you can earn around $1,000 or even more.
  • With Survey Club, you get to know the duration of the survey and the rewards before you start
  • Offer various payment methods, including PayPal, Check, and Amazon gift codes
  • Their privacy policy is detailed and helpful. The platform is quite serious with your personal data.
  • Referral commissions- if you bring someone else on board, Survey Club pays you a referral commission.
  • Excellent customer service – the platform boast of an efficient and responsive customer support team. They offer a 24/7 customer service, with their contact number present on the website.
  • Many survey opportunities due to the numerous panels, with whom the Survey Club has partnered.

Cons of Survey Club

The main downsides as per the online reviews of Survey Club include:

  • Pre-screening requirement: This might be time-consuming as you try to qualify for surveys. Some participants indicate to use an average of 15 minutes, only to find at the end that they don’t qualify for the survey.
  • You’ll mostly qualify for surveys from other panels rather than Survey Club itself. This means that you will be redirected to another site to answer the questions. Consequently, spam might become a major problem as any site you get redirected to, can get your email address.
  • Although the minimum withdraws threshold is not extreme, it can still take some time to achieve it. This is unlike in some other survey sites like Swagbucks, whose minimum threshold is just $5.
  • When it comes to payment, you will have to wait for 3-4 weeks to receive your money. This is regardless of the payment method you choose to redeem your reward.

 Is Survey Club Legit or a Scam?

Although the platform might not offer you the highest earnings for participating in online surveys, it’s certainly not a scam.

The platform was established back in 2005, which means that its been there for quite some time and people are still using it. This is one indication that many people trust the platform.

Also, its high number of users, over 16 million, indicates that people continue to join the platform year after year. Scam sites are known to exist for a short time and then disappear when people recognize them.

The other thing is that the platform requires nothing from you to become a member. Survey Club is totally free to join, unlike many scam sites.

Online reviews about the site will also show that although some are dissatisfied with the platform, it’s still a legit site.

Also, their earnings disclaimer states clearly that this might not provide a steady stream of income. This is unlike many sites that promise thousands of dollars only to realize they are total scams.

The site offers genuine information.

Conclusion on Survey Club Review

As for whether the site is legit, the answer is a straight yes. However, in terms of earnings, you’ll have to do more than just surveys as surveys won’t pay much.

If you want to increase your Survey Club earnings, participating in their focus groups, and joining clinical trials is the best idea to make some money.

I hope that this Survey Club review offers you the best answers to the questions you’ve been having. Survey Club can be an excellent source of income to supplement your regular one.

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