SolidGigs Review: An Easy Way to Find Freelance Jobs

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Are you looking for freelancing jobs to work from home? One of the popular options is SolidGigs. To learn more about the platform, check out my in-depth SolidGigs review.

From dealing with nasty coworkers to bearing a long, tedious commute, there are many things we hate about our 9-5 office jobs.

Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to recline on their couch and work while sipping their morning coffee? 


We know what’s on your mind. Not everyone is lucky enough to find work related to their niche and profession in the freelance field. Well, what if we prove you wrong? 

You can join freelancing sites that connect you with reliable employers and create a steady workflow for yourself from home. If that sounds appealing, you can try to find freelance jobs with SolidGigs today. Keep reading our SolidGigs review for further details. 

What is SolidGigs?

SolidGigs is a freelancing platform, similar to Fiverr and Upwork. The site is relatively new and is created by Preston Lee, a freelancer himself. As a successful blogger, Lee realized the common problems most freelancers face.

These include low access to work opportunities and a lack of exposure. 

Considering these fundamental problems, Lee created SolidGigs to make life easier for struggling freelancers worldwide. The site started on a small scale with only 50 users. 

Today, the site boasts more than 400 working members who have established their freelancing careers through SolidGigs. Along with that, they claim to make more than $50,000 in monthly revenue from their members. 

So, is SolidGigs worth it? We’ve included all the information you need about how the site works in this SolidGigs review. Read and decide for yourself. 

How SolidGigs Works?

Once you’ve decided to become a freelancer, your first step would be to search the internet for potential job opportunities. For example, if you’re a writer, you’ll type in “freelance writing jobs” in the address bar.

In response, you’ll be bombarded with millions of results, and you’ll hardly be able to tell which job is right for you. 

SolidGigs Review

In short, you’ll waste a lot of your precious time scrounging through the internet and pitching unknowingly for scam sites.

Now, imagine a filter that would cancel out all of the scam sites or the job offers that are not worth your time? 

SolidGigs does exactly that for you. It has a team of service providers who review hundreds of sites that have freelance job listings. After that, they hand-pick jobs worth your attention and list them out for you. 

They claim that out of hundreds of options, they display only one to two percent that are likely to be beneficial for you. In exchange, the site charges a monthly commission from freelancers who benefit from their services. 

Apart from that, the site partners with significant freelancers and entrepreneurs to coach newbies in the field. This means you’ll find productive business courses, tools, and resources to become successful in your venture. 

How to Sign-Up for SolidGigs?

The SolidGigs sign-up process is pretty basic. At the end of the day, the site works just like a blog with an email list, so all you have to do is enter your email address, and you’re ready to get started. 

You don’t need to pass any eligibility thresholds or qualification tests to become a member. However, the sign-up process is not free. What’s more, you won’t be getting a free trial either. Nevertheless, most users claim that the site is worth your money. 

And that’s it. Once you’re a member, all you have to do is wait for your weekly job list. During that period, you can go through their online library to check out meaningful resources to help build your freelance career

SolidGigs Weekly Gig Lists

The main attraction that sets SolidGigs apart is its weekly gig list. It saves the time you spend scrolling through job sites so that you can use it to improve your skills and complete paid projects. 

Believe it or not; the platform claims to go through all kinds of job lists, gig sites, and job boards manually. This means it shortlists the best options void of scam sites and other fluff you usually encounter online. 

Now, out of hundreds of job options listed online from your niche, you have to go through only 10 -15 potential clients. This makes your overall job hunt easy, so you can get over the initial phase of your freelancing career and get to work immediately. 

If you’re already an established freelancer, you can use this list to save time by pitching genuine and profitable clients. This way, you can grow your business faster and make a steady income for yourself. 

SolidGigs Business Courses

We love that SolidGigs has included business training courses and freelancing resources on their website as a bonus for their subscribers. This shows that they actually care about their users and mean to contribute to the freelance community’s holistic growth. 

SolidGigs Options

Once you’re a member, you immediately get access to more than 127 courses. If you’re not a person who squints at a screen and reads through lengthy articles, don’t worry. 

They have numerous tools in the form of videos, practical lessons, templates, and audio sessions that can help you sharpen your saw and use your skills effectively. 

Yes, even if you’re already a pro at what you do, these courses will benefit you. That’s because once you step into the freelance world, you’re not doing jobs anymore. You’re running your own business. 

So, even though you might know coding or web development, there’s a chance you can fail at freelancing if you don’t know how to sell yourself or can’t manage your finances. 

Additionally, their online library includes real-life interviews and anecdotes from successful entrepreneurs from the freelancing community. Referring to these resources, you can learn from others’ experiences and learn from their strategies and shortcomings. 

The best part is, their business resources are updated every month, so you’ll never be short of advice and guidance if you find yourself in a tight spot. 

SolidGigs Pricing

If you’ve been through other SolidGigs reviews online, you probably know that it’s on the expensive side. With sites like Fiverr and Upwork that only charge a percentage from your job commission, signing up for SolidGigs seems quite pointless. 

However, there’s a reason why you should consider paying for this sight. Firstly, it provides a legit weekly gig list that you seldom find on other sites. Secondly, you’ll get beneficial resources that would typically cost you hundreds of dollars on counseling sites. 

Initially, freelancers had to pay a $13 premium per month to sign-up for SolidGigs. For users who were apprehensive about the platform, the site offered a 30-day trial for $2. However, because of its sudden popularity, the site advertised a price hike on its platform. 

Now, the price is $19 per month, but freelancers who joined earlier are enjoying their services for the previous price. This strategy proved quite profitable for the platform, as users rushed to join it before the price was raised. 

If you’re thinking about joining SolidGigs, you should do it quickly, as they might introduce another price hike within a few months. 

Pros of SolidGigs

Now that you’ve been through the details about how SolidGigs works, you’re probably ready to sign-up or push the notion aside. Before you make a decision, here’s a list of the most appealing benefits you’ll get at SolidGigs to help improve your freelancing game. 

Freelancer-Owned Business

This is a crucial aspect that attributes to the platform’s reliability. The creator of SolidGigs is a blogger and a freelancer himself.

He knows the market inside out; that’s why he has put forward ways to tackle the problems most freelancers will face on their journey. 

Customized Job Lists

Unlike other freelance platforms, SolidGigs provides a tailor-made job list. All you have to worry about from there is pitching your clients effectively and doing your job with perfection. 

Resources Worth Thousands

Normally, if you’re a newbie in the freelancing world, you should consider signing up for a good business counseling site. Such sites often charge thousands of dollars for professional workshops and courses. 

By paying for SolidGigs, you’re getting access to their entire library along with their monthly updates, without any extra charges. 

Cons of SolidGigs

Let’s be honest. No online platform is entirely void of faults. This means SolidGigs has its share of drawbacks that you should check out before you make your final decision. 

High Price Level

Why pay for a relatively new freelancing site when you can sign-up on other popular options for free? Yes, the price range for SolidGigs is relatively high, so you should only join if you’re serious about becoming a freelancer

Otherwise, the membership can be quite expensive for you if you don’t pay it off through your client commissions. 

Relatively New Platform

Trust is the most important virtue for any online business. While we have yet to come across any SolidGigs reviews that undermine the platform, you should go for older and more established freelance platforms if you don’t trust this one. 

Inefficient Customer Service

One thing SolidGigs really needs to work on is their customer service. Users report that they don’t get prompt replies to any queries they forward through email. Besides that, the platform does not have a FAQ page for reference either.

Is SolidGigs Legit?

Finally, our review of SolidGigs boils down to the final question, Is SolidGigs legit? According to us, the platform appears to be reasonably legitimate and does not seem like a scam site you should stay away from. 

If you’re looking for a platform to kickstart your freelancing journey and don’t mind investing some money, it’s an excellent option for you. They post profitable job lists from genuine employers, so you’re likely to create a good workflow for yourself on the platform. 

However, you won’t find many SolidGigs reviews on popular app-rating sites, so you should consider some other options if that’s important for you. 

Similarly, if you’re already established as a freelancer in your field and have a decent monthly workflow, you should rethink whether you want to spend further by joining this site or not. In the end, it all depends on your personal needs and preferences. 

SolidGigs Alternatives

After reviewing all the information, if you’ve decided that SolidGigs is not the site for you, don’t worry. That doesn’t mean you’re on your own while looking for freelance work online.

There are plenty of freelance sites where you can find work and become successful in your profession. Here are a few options you can go for. 


Fiverr is a site that connects freelancers with employers to create a perfect gig economy marketplace. Here, you can find work for more than 200 different freelancing categories. These include graphic designing, writing, marketing, coding, and much more. 

fiverr logo

The platform lets you advertise your own gig that fits your personality. Getting the first project will take some time, but the website will continue suggesting you to potential clients if you maintain a consistent rating. is another famous gig economy marketplace where employers post their projects for freelancers to place their bids.


If a client picks your bid, you’ll get the project. keeps a small percentage of your remuneration as service charges; besides that, it’s free. 


Created from the merger of pioneering freelance platforms, Elance and ODesk, Upwork is an excellent place for new freelancers to find work.


Once you complete one or two projects, the site will give you a Job Success percentage. You’ll have to maintain an excellent percentage to land profitable clients on the platform. 

Final Words

That wraps up our SolidGigs review. Although the platform is relatively new, it provides reliable services for freelancers who’re trying to find their way around the market. What makes this site stand out amidst other freelancing platforms is that it centers its strategy entirely upon job seekers. 

While other platforms work by generating revenue from both employers and job-hunters, SolidGigs has weekly job lists and resources, especially for aspiring freelancers. This makes it a tailor-made package for people who want to work from the comfort of their homes. 

Similarly, you’ll have a hard time choosing from hundreds of clients on other freelancing sites. On the other hand, SolidGigs does the job for you and serves you with a hand-picked list of potential clients. 

Still, if you want to connect directly with your clients and create your own identity on a freelance platform, this site is not for you.

To make the final decision, you will have to devise a strategy for yourself based on your skills and budget to see which platform aids you best on your freelancing journey. 

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