Remote jobs: the best way to earn money from home

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Remote jobs are great ways to earn money no matter your situation and location. If you find a high paying remote job, you might have found the holy grail of making money.

Remote jobs: the best way of earning money in any location

The work of employment is changing rapidly. More and more people are becoming so-called “digital nomads” meaning that they can work from their couch without getting out of the pajamas.

Even though 5-10 years ago it might have sounded like a dream, now pretty much everyone with the needed skill set can do that.

As the demand for remote jobs is growing, so does the supply. Hence, if you really want to find a job (or a part-time position) that will not require you to go to an office five days a week, there are plenty of ways to do so.

Firstly, it is worth clarifying that working from home offers benefits for employees, so as for employers.

Remote working saves a ton of resources.

The most important considerations for the benefits of remote jobs include:

  1. Employers and workers time,
  2. Money,
  3. Energy,
  4. Remote work reduces taxes (depending on the region),
  5. Increases productivity and satisfaction with the job,
  6. Lowers exposure to excessive stress, colds, and cases of flu that might spread in the office building, and
  7. It even helps the environment by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere.

However, there is also one point we would like to warn you about. And this is work-from-home scams that are all over the place today.

Scammers in pretty much all industries are trying their best to look as legit as possible.

But in reality, they steal your identity and money by getting access to your Social Security number or bank account number.

To avoid that, firstly, try to “trust your gut”; but also do your homework – make your own research and trace back the roots of the company that wants to employ you.

Advantages of working remotely

Want to know the pros of working remotely? Here are some things to consider as you seek out remote-based job opportunities. 

  • Work-life balance

It is worth first mentioning that this is quite a debatable advantage. The thing is that when you are not obliged to go to the office every day, you are almost like your own boss, meaning that you decide when to work and when to take a break.

The danger here is to take breaks too frequently and, generally speaking, to fail to structure your time schedule for the day in the best and most efficient way possible.

However, at the same time, it is completely up to you when to start working. You are working as much as needed to complete the daily task, and there is no strict number of hours you have to spend doing so.

That is when the control over your time becomes crucial.

You have to realize that this control is the only thing that will be invaluable when it comes to attending to the needs of your personal life and leisure time.

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  • Time savings

Let’s resort to numbers here: the average one-way commuting time to the office in the United States is about 26 minutes. Thus, to the drive there and back you have to spend almost an hour.

Moreover, according to recent studies, motorists spend 42 hours on average stuck in the traffic each year.

In this regard, remote work lessens a commute. That, in turn, benefits not only the remote workers but also the overall state of the environment around us.

Furthermore, a remote worker gets extra time to sleep in the morning, for spending it with the family and loved ones, doing exercises, looking after their health (both physical and mental).

Hence, avoiding the time usually spent in the traffic, as well as extra stress that comes from being constantly stuck in the traffic, significantly boosts workers’ well-being and mood.

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  • Positive impact on the environment

According to the “State of Telecommuting in the U.S. Employee Workforce” recent report, the population of those working from home, which was earlier estimated to be around 3.9 million employees, reduces greenhouse gas emission which is equivalent to taking 600.000 cars off the road per year.

Those who work from home at least several days a week reduce the trip volume by 7.8 billion vehicle miles, meaning that 3 million tons of greenhouse gases (GHG) are avoided; and oil savings reach $980 million. 

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  • Savings

According to Global Workplace Analytics, those who work from home (even half-time) save up to $6.500 per year. These savings are mostly coming from gas, car maintenance, parking fees, a professional wardrobe, lunches bought out, and child care.

This is money you can easily put back in your pocket and distribute for something more enjoyable and necessary.

  • Creating your office yourself

This is one of the crucial points for those who once chose to work from home. The ability to decide the location of your “office” is a huge benefit of remote work.

That comes in handy in any case – whether you want a more ergonomic chair, or you have health issues that require your attention.

Your home can become a great solution to all of those issues.

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  • Increased productivity and efficiency

According to some surveys, approximately 66% of workers are sure that they would be way more efficient working remotely than in an office.

Moreover, 52% of workers admitted that when they know they have a lot to be done and the deadlines are short, they go home to work.

That might be explained by the fact that working from home is often associated with:

  • A calm ambiance,
  • Fewer distractions (from coworkers but home distractions could be an issue),
  • Fewer pointless discussions with colleagues, 
  • Less office politics and policies,
  • Lower noise levels,
  • More comfortable settings for having official meetings (online usually), and
  • the option of choosing what to wear instead of sticking to a strict dress code.

As already mentioned earlier in this article, the ability to get a more personalized cozy working space at home can make a world of difference.

Add all of that to the lack of commute and being less exposed to infections and viruses. Plus, you get a perfectly dedicated and happy employee.

  • Better health condition

Again, working from home can positively affect your health in a number of ways.

You will have more time for workouts, you will have the ability to eat healthier as you will have your own kitchen to prepare your food, you can recover from illness or surgery while working as there is no need for you to go to a crowded office for that anymore.

Of course, a warm house with a comfortable chair is a way more health-friendly environment than the office.

Best Remote Jobs to Consider for Working from Home

Now, let’s move to the precise job positions that might allow you to earn money from home.

1. Web developer

Being a web developer has become a major trend over the last decade or so. Everyone needs a good website today – let it be a huge tech company or a beginner who wants to become a traveling blogger, for instance.

Web developers can use their skills for the public benefit and direct their efforts towards the creation of a high-quality advertisement for corporations/sole proprietors, management consulting and many other fields.

And yet, there is absolutely no need for you to drive all the way to the office and back.

Moreover, due to a boom in the use of mobile devices and e-commerce, the employment rate is expected to rise to 13% by 2028, which is much higher than usual 5% for all other spheres of employment. 

There are plenty of ways to make money coding online, but one of the better ways is services like FlexJobs or Fiverr to do it on a freelance basis where you can book clients and make money instantly. With limited to no startup costs involved. 

2. Virtual assistant

The name of this position speaks for itself. Usually, virtual assistants are responsible for administrative, technical and/or creative services for health care, legal, government, and finance businesses (of course, that is not the full list).

Virtual assistants can make great money and you can do it no matter your location. If you have a number of different skills and can be dynamic, a virtual assistant position might be an option for you. 

Check out these gig apps that will help you make money instantly as a virtual assistant.

3. Online teacher/tutor

The only thing you will need (apart from teaching skills) is the high speed of the Internet at home. Your income directly depends on the number of hours you are ready to work per week and the relevance of the class you are teaching.

Hence, we can conclude that you are the one deciding how much your income will be.

Nowadays, more and more universities are switching to online tutoring because it is more efficient (in some cases) and cheaper.

Therefore, until your skills and knowledge are valuable and needed, you should not worry about your employment.

4. Stock or Forex Trader

That is a relatively new and more time- and effort-consuming occupation. It is quite hard to become a Forex trader on your own.

However, that is why there are now many trustworthy online Forex brokers that could have helped and guided you along the way.

But there is one thing we would like to mention here – being a Forex trader might rather be a great supplement for your income, but not its complete replacement.

Later on, once you learn how to trade correctly and what Forex trading strategies to use, this might yield you a great income (overtime).

Among the keys towards successful Forex trading is dedication, finding the right currency pairs to trade with, being able to set up an efficient automated Forex trading system, and be good at decision making.

But, most importantly, without any doubt, it is being able to stay calm in a case of loss and not risk everything hoping for a good outcome.

You need to set limits for yourself (both emotional and financial) that you will have to stick to. Here are some platforms to trade on that limit commission fees:

  • Robinhood: Get a free share of stock when you sign up. You’ll be able to trade options, stocks and cryptocurrency completely free. 
  • Webull: Webull is another well-known commission-free trading app and platform. You can trade a variety of options, stocks, ETFs and mutual funds. You’ll pay no fees along the way. Read more about the platform in this Webull review.  

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5. Social media manager

It is undoubtedly important for a successful company to run an operation social media campaign. The presence of social media acts as a reputation booster.

That is why many large companies are ready to pay a lot for the person who will be able to run their Facebook and Instagram (mainly) accounts and understand the algorithms of those.

You should also keep in mind that you can become your own boss if you choose to be a social media freelancer and work for several companies/people at the same time.

Even though it will be more time-consuming and demanding, you will be able to majorly increase your income per month.

6. Content writer or editor

As traditional media is losing its points with the time, corporations need someone who will create high-quality grabbing content for them (or/and edit it).

Therefore, if you have good narrator skills and the ability to make research quickly and efficiently on any topic, you have an opportunity to become another successful content writer/creator.

Moreover, for this position, it is vital to have good time-management and planning skills as you can sometimes run out of time while spending too much time working on one piece and forgetting about others.

Drawing a bottom line here, we might summarize that it is definitely becoming way easier for young specialists knowing their field and simply having a connection to Wi-Fi to become a remote employer without sacrificing your ability to earn money.

At the same time, make sure to make time for yourself.

If you are not an experienced writer, you can start by listing a gig on FlexJobs to gain experience.

From there, move up the value chain by finding higher-paying clients and more intensive projects. 

How to find remote jobs?

If you already work independently or in the tech industry, you most probably already know that it can be tricky to find a suitable job that will allow you to work remotely and yet yield you a good income.

Even though remote working is gaining more and more popularity, there are still mot enough positions that would allow workers to do their job without leaving pajamas.

In a way, the supply does not meet the current demand.

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Tips to Find Remote Job Opportunities

In order to help you out, we’ve gathered a couple of great hacks that might help you to find this dream job.

  • Networking

Sometimes you might not even pay attention to it, but the reality is that great positions are often offered by people you know. It is just a matter of your curiosity and eagerness to contact them and suggest your candidature.

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  • Unadvertised positions

If you still haven’t heard of companies that help businesses manage hiring through an online dashboard that captures applicant information, you really should look into in right now.

That is where you need to find ways to attract potential employers.

  • Cold emails and outreach

Just try to reach out to companies that inspire you, there is a chance they are also interested in looking for someone who would be eager to work from home.

  • A new job like a new project

When applying for a new job position, you might often get lost and unmotivated. That is completely fine. But to avoid that, try to perceive this as a fun project of going from point A (being unemployed) to point B (being successfully hired).

Conclusion on Remote Jobs

Remote based jobs are a great way to tap into the online economy. There are plenty of companies that are moving to a complete remote based workforce. We all need to understand how to work in various environments.

In fact, some people actually thrive in these environments as we reduce the clutter and noise associated with offices. 

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