QuickThoughts Review 2021: Is It Worth It?

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While taking surveys for cash, the money you earn can seem quite insignificant and not worth the hassle at all. However, sites like QuickThoughts let you redeem all your rewards in gift cards to save up on every shopping spree. Go through my QuickThoughts review for details. 

Let’s face it. We’re always skeptical whenever we hear about a ‘quick’ way to earn money. Most of the time, such methods always turn out to be scams, but that’s not the case with survey sites. 

While your opinions might seem insignificant to you, they’re actual gold mines for these platforms. Brands and companies use these opinions to create effective marketing strategies. 

This eventually brings huge increments in their revenue. However, attributing to the high demand for consumer information, there are numerous survey sites on the internet, all offering quick ways to earn money. 

If you’re concerned about choosing the right one for yourself from the lot, look no further. I’ve provided a hands-on insight into one of the best survey sites in my QuickThoughts review. 

QuickThoughts Review 

QuickThoughts is a popular survey app that pays you for citing your opinions and completing microtasks on the platform.

If you’ve been searching for specific insights into the QuickThoughts app, you’ve probably come across many reviews already. 

However, what makes my QuickThoughts review stand out is that I’ve provided the ultimate information you need to get started on the app. 

Quickthoughts Homepage

My first impression of the site is that it is entirely legit for people who want to save money while shopping from popular brands and stores and use their daily screen time productively.

Besides that, my Quickthoughts review includes details about, 

  • The app’s origin
  • Its basic business model 
  • Earning opportunities
  • Payment options
  • Overall accessibility 

After going through all these points, you can easily decide whether you want to go for the QuickThoughts app or not. 

So let’s dive in. 

What is QuickThoughts? 

QuickThoughts is a legit survey app created in 2013, but its origin goes back to 1977. You see, the app is created by a well-known market research company, Survey Sampling LLC.

QuickThoughts logo

The company is one of the pioneering organizations in the market research sector, making QuickThoughts a reliable option for beginners. The platform has its headquarters in the US but lets users worldwide join and earn online rewards. 

What makes QuickThoughts unique from its contemporary survey sites created by Survey Sampling LLC is that it does not offer cash rewards.

Nevertheless, you can redeem the rewards you earn in the form of gift cards from your favorite brands. 

Honestly, you won’t make a fortune by earning cash prizes from survey sites either. So, if you’re interested in earning discounts on your favorite products, rather than putting some spare change in your pocket, QuickThoughts is the app for you. 

Similarly, the platform offers lots of earning opportunities, including 

  • Short opinion polls
  • Detailed in-depth surveys
  • Mystery shopping opportunities
  • Local shopping missions
  • Product testing and reviews
  • Paid trials of new products 
  • Providing paid insights about stores and brand outlets

If you’re a beginner, wondering why a site would pay you to complete these small tasks.

What’s in it for them? Read along to find out. 

How QuickThoughts Works

If you’re thinking survey sites give out money to their users for free, you’re wrong.

As I mentioned, your opinions as an individual might not have a lot of apparent value, but if generated in bulk, these opinions are highly profitable for brands and companies. 

That’s how apps like QuickThoughts work. They formulate an easy-to-use and profitable platform to attract users who provide them with the information they need. 

After collecting the data, they then sell it to market research companies who share them with famous brands. 

Believe it or not, by voicing your opinions about your product preferences and shopping habits, you’re not only influencing the marketing strategies of well-known brands, but you’re also helping them make millions of dollars by enhancing their sales strategies. 

This means while you might feel surprised when a site like QuickThoughts pays you merely for filling out surveys, they’re actually making tenfolds of what they’re paying you by using your information. 

Unlike other sites that pay you in cash, QuickThoughts rewards are restricted to gift cards only. The company has lots of partner brands to whom they sell your survey responses. As an exchange, these brands compensate them through discounts on their products and expensive gift cards. 

So, if you’re interested in getting products for free, find out how to do that further in my QuickThoughts review.

How to Sign Up for QuickThoughts?

The sign-up process on QuickThoughts is highly accessible. First of all, it is free, and secondly, it takes less than five minutes to become a member. 

All you have to do is land on their user-friendly site and provide the necessary details. After that, the site will take you to their user dashboard, where you’ll see the ‘find surveys’ option to start working. 

When you click the option, QuickThoughts scrounges through the surveys on their site to display the most appropriate options for you. These search results are based on your profession and demographic location. 

Besides that, if you want to start earning on-the-go, you can download the QuickThoughts app from the Apple Store, Google Play, and even Kindle Fire.  


Pros of QuickThoughts

Now that you’ve been through the initial part of my QuickThoughts review, you probably know whether the app meets your needs or not.

If you’re planning to join QuickThoughts and earn rewards, here are some benefits of the platform at a glance. 

  • High availability of paid surveys 
  • No concern about disqualified from surveys as only relevant ones will be displayed to you
  • Provides valuable gift cards and vouchers
  • They have surveys from various topics, which means you won’t get bored.
  • The QuickThoughts app is popular and well-rated on all app stores.

Cons of QuickThoughts 

Furthermore, during my detailed evaluation of the QuickThoughts app, I came across some issues as well. 

While some of them are relatively minor, they might be deal-breakers for you. That’s why I’ve listed down the downsides of QuickThoughts to provide you an exact representation of the platform. 

  • No sign-up bonus
  • No cash payments
  • Daily survey cap
  • You can sign-up through the website, but you can only take surveys on its mobile app. 
  • No referral program

Key Features 

Now that you know the basic details about the platform let’s move on to the detailed part of my QuickThoughts review.

In this section, I’ve described each aspect according to my personal experience so that you can make an informed decision about the app. 

QuickThoughts Earning Opportunities

Unlike dedicated survey sites like Survey Junkie, QuickThoughts has lots of earning opportunities for you to choose from. This means you won’t get bored taking the same monotonous micro tasks every day. 

You can also increase your earnings by doing time-taking tasks whenever you’re free and leaving short tasks for busy days. Here’s a list of the options offered by QuickThoughts so you can see what you’re signing up for. 

Paid Surveys 

Paid surveys are the most profitable tasks on QuickThoughts. Right after you become a member of Quickthoughts, the site will ask you to take an unpaid survey. 

Paid Surveys 

This questionnaire takes you less than two minutes to complete. It includes basic questions about your personality, lifestyle, and professional so that the platform can figure out which surveys to recommend for you. 

The more honestly you answer the profile questionnaire, the more likely you will receive updates for highly-paid surveys. 

After that, you can click the ‘find surveys’ option on the front page and get started. Each survey takes around 5-30 minutes to complete and pays approximately $1-$3. 

The remuneration of the surveys depends on the length and the intensity of its topic. Another aspect you should know about QuickThoughts is that it partners with other survey sites to generate its surveys list. 

Although this factor means you’ll have lots of surveys to take daily, That’s not the case every time you sign-up on the app. Sometimes, the app may not have any surveys available that you qualify for. 

If you’re signing up from the US, you have better chances of getting paid surveys every day. 

Most importantly, QuickThought has a limitation on the surveys you can take every day. After you complete five surveys in a day, the site will not recommend any surveys for you until the next day. 

That’s why your daily earnings on the platform highly depend on the price of each survey you take. 

Local Missions

Another profitable paid activity on QuickThoughts is completing shopping missions in your local stores and supermarkets. 

The best part is, the site will notify you whenever there are missions available near you. This way, you can accommodate the mission in your daily commute or while running errands and earn some rewards on the way. 

quickthoughts misions

It is quite easy to find these missions if you’re signing up from the US, UK, Canada, or Europe, but QuickThoughts missions are not available in any other country besides these. 

I know what you’re thinking. What do you exactly have to do during these missions?

Well, the site might require anything from you including, 

  • Assessing the product arrangement in major stores
  • Evaluating customer service
  • Describing your experience
  • Purchasing specific items
  • Filling out in-store surveys

Most of these missions are easy and pay around $5-$10 worth of rewards. 

But remember, most Quickthoughts missions get taken as soon as they’re released. So, always keep your app notifications on and keep checking your phone to bag a mission whenever it’s available.


QuickThoughts holds regular sweepstakes worth anywhere from $100-$1000 for its users. Whenever there’s a sweepstake available, the app will notify you so you can participate and try your luck. 

While popular sites like InboxDollars and Swagbucks also offer sweepstakes, there’s something unique about the sweepstakes on QuickThoughts. Here, most sweepstakes are in a survey form. 

This means, to participate, you’ll need to fill out a short survey. After that, the platform conducts computerized balloting from all the members who attempted the survey and picks one for the prize. 

You’ll be notified about sweepstake surveys through the app notifications, so make sure you keep an eye out; you never know when you might get lucky and win it big. 

QuickThoughts Payments 

This is perhaps the most crucial part of my QuickThoughts review. The ultimate motive for anyone joining survey sites is to make money, and here’s how you can on that on QuickThoughts. 

As I mentioned, your rewards on the platform are not redeemable in cash. However, your rewards are still denoted in your local currency. 

This means you won’t have to convert the points into real money when you head over to redeem your rewards. You can easily search for a gift card that you can afford with the money you’ve earned and get a voucher code to redeem it. 

QuickThoughts will send you the link for your voucher code through email. This way, you can use the code when you shop from the respective store online and receive a discount. 

QuickThoughts Gift Cards

Another critical aspect of QuickThoughts gift cards is that it currently offers codes from Amazon and iTunes. Similarly, people using the QuickThoughts app on their Apple devices can only redeem their rewards through iTunes. 

Personally, I find this quite restrictive, but it might be a good deal for someone who has an eye on some movies, books, apps, or music they want to purchase online. 

Besides that, if you use the app from your Android device, you have the option of Amazon gift cards. This is a better deal as you can get discounts on any of the millions of products on the site. 

The minimum payout threshold on QuickThoughts is $10. That doesn’t mean you’ll have to redeem your rewards as soon as you reach the limit. 

Instead, you can check out their list of voucher codes and save up for the one you like. Similarly, you can also choose a product from iTunes or Amazon and earn enough rewards to get it for free. 

Your rewards on QuickThoughts will never expire, so you can keep collecting them for as long as you like. 

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QuickThoughts App

An attractive feature of the QuickThoughts platform is its user-friendly app. The entire interface is highly intuitive, so you can easily navigate your way around, even if you’re a beginner. 

Besides that, it has a catchy design that keeps you engaged and helps you concentrate on the task you have at hand. The best part is, the app does not slow down your phone speed or drain your battery. 

You can leave the app running in the background so that you get regular updates about surveys and missions available, without any concern about your device. 

What’s more, you can complete the tasks in the small pockets of time you have throughout the day. For example, when you’re waiting for the bus or waiting for your order at a restaurant. 

Customer Support

QuickThoughts has a good customer support system as well. If you have any queries, you can refer to their comprehensive FAQ page. 

The page has answers to common questions divided into two categories. With more than 20 questions in each category, chances are you’ll easily find the answer you need. 

Quickthoughts FAQ

However, if your query is case-sensitive or regarding a particular survey, you can reach out to them on their contact page. Here, all you have to do is provide your email and briefly describe your problem. 

Their customer service representative will reach you and solve your problem within a week. 

QuickThoughts Security

If you’re concerned about giving out your personal information on the internet, QuickThoughts’ privacy policy will clear all your doubts. Most likely, you will find their privacy policy too long and tedious to read. 

Here are some essential points you should know, so you don’t compromise your internet security. 

While they do use your profile details to suggest surveys for you and your answers to generate data for market research, that’s about it. 

The site is completely transparent about how it uses your information. You can quickly check how your data is being used on the privacy page of their website. 

Similarly, your information is recorded by the Survey Sampling LLC, and you consent to that when you sign up for QuickThoughts

But, the platform will ask for your permission to use your location details through your device. Make sure not to allow them to do that as it sounds plain shady. 

The good news is, all QuickThoughts servers exist within the US. This means you don’t need to be worried about your details going into foreign servers. 


Overall Rating 

Wrapping up my QuickThoughts review, I’ve provided a rating of the platform in the following areas. 

  • Ease of Use – 4 / 5 
  • Customer Service – 3 / 5 
  • Pricing – 4 / 5 

Is QuickThoughts Legit? 

Summarizing everything I discussed in my QuickThoughts review, the platform is definitely legit and profitable.

It is an accessible app that lets you earn rewards by taking up various tasks, including paid surveys, local missions, and sweepstakes. 

Surveys are the highest paying options on the platform, paying you around $3-$5 depending on the length and the topic. However, you won’t get your rewards in cash through PayPal

Instead, the site only offers its rewards through gift codes from Amazon and iTunes. 

In the end, it all comes down to personal needs and preferences. If you don’t mind working for a site that gives good discounts and saves some money in your free time, QuickThoughts is the ideal platform for you. 

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