PrizeRebel Review 2021: Is It Worth It?

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Are you wondering why PrizeRebel is one of the most popular online survey sites out there? If yes, check out the detailed PrizeRebel review to find out why. 

Honestly, when I came across the prospect of earning online with minimum effort, I was exhilarated. Who wouldn’t be? So I set out to search for the best online reward site to cash my screen time, and I have to say, I was taken aback. 

What I didn’t expect was the never-ending list of get-paid-to-sites on the internet, all of them advertising themselves as legit platforms. Unfortunately, not all of them were legit, and I ended up wasting my time on most of them. 

However, all wasn’t lost. Some of those sites actually lived up to their promises. 

That’s why I’ve compiled this PrizeRebel review, so you don’t have to go through the same turmoil as me and start making a passive income right away. 

PrizeRebel Review

PrizeRebel is one of the most popular get-paid-to sites on the internet today. In fact, you’ve probably been through other PrizeRebel reviews before mine. 

Prize Rebel

What makes my PrizeRebel review different from others is that I value your time. I know how it is to approach a platform for meaningful information and end up wasting time. 

Without further ado, here’s a list of everything you’ll find in my PrizeRebel review, so you can decide whether you want to go through all the details or not. 

I’ve compiled crucial information about, 

  • How to get started on the site
  • How it works
  • Stuff I liked and didn’t like about the platform.
  • How much money can you make with PrizeRebel?
  • My overall experience regarding PrizeRebel features and offerings

If you’re interested, let’s get started with my PrizeRebel review at once. 

What is PrizeRebel?

PrizeRebel is an online platform that displays various micro tasks and pays its members to complete them. For every job you take up on the site, you get rewarded in the form of points. 

Later, you can redeem these points in exchange for gift cards from popular brands like Amazon and iTunes or receive cash through your PayPal account. 

The platform was created in 2007 by a fellow survey-taker who was frustrated by the lack of legit survey sites available online. You can easily join if you’re 16 or older, residing in the US, UK, or Canada. 

How PrizeRebel Works?

PrizeRebel works in a pretty straightforward way. While there are various ways to earn money on PrizeRebel, taking surveys is the most profitable option. 

You see, with the increasing accessibility of first-person information, brands are trying to target the personal needs and demands of their consumers to increase their sales. 

Survey sites like PrizeRebel provide this information to brands through market research companies. This creates an entire business circle where everyone makes a profit. 

  • Brands get crucial data to enhance their strategies
  • Market research companies make big business
  • Sites like PrizeRebel generate good revenue
  • Users like you can earn money sitting at home.

It’s a complete win-win. 

However, what makes PrizeRebel stand out from the plethora of online reward sites is its ease of use, engaging paid activities, and prompt payouts. 

If the platform sounds appealing to you, go through my Prizerebel review to find out how to get started today. 

How to Sign Up For PrizeRebel

Signing up for PrizeRebel is a breeze. It’s the first thing you see on their landing page, so you can become a member and start earning in less than five minutes. 

PR signup

All you have to provide initially is your name and email address to create your account. After that, you’ll get a confirmation email to help verify your account. 

Once you access your account, you can complete your profile by providing details about your location, profession, lifestyle, and hobbies. This way, the platform will suggest relevant surveys to you automatically. 

Moreover, you will receive 10 points just for completing profile questionnaires on PrizeRebel. After that, you’ll be able to access your user dashboard. 

The dashboard will display your essential information as a PrizeRebel member, including your daily challenge target, current money-making opportunities, discount offers, and even third-party surveys. 


Pros of PrizeRebel

Before I get to the detailed part of my PrizeRebel review, I’ve listed down the positive aspects of PrizeRebel, so you know what you’re signing up for at a glance. 

  • No sign-up fee
  • Multiple money-making tasks available
  • Points can be redeemed in both cash and gift cards.
  • Prompt customer support
  • Hassle-free payments
  • Various bonus opportunities to maximize your income, including sweepstakes, daily challenges, promo codes, and contests
  • Unique level system

Cons of PrizeRebel

Along with the positive aspects, I’ve listed down the points I didn’t like about PrizeRebel to give you an honest representation. 

  • Surveys are only invite-based
  • Not available worldwide
  • The availability of earning options vary from country to country.
  • No mobile app
  • No live chat option

Key Features

Getting to the meat of the matter, I’ve described every prominent feature of PrizeRebel in this section so that you can get a clear perception of my experience on the platform. Let’s dive in. 

PrizeRebel Earning Opportunities

This is perhaps the most crucial part of my PrizeRebel review. Anyone who is signing up for an online reward site naturally wants to know all the money-making opportunities it has to offer. 

While I came across many dedicated survey sites with long, highly-paid surveys, PrizeRebel has relatively much more to offer. Here, you can actually have fun while earning money and do the stuff you usually would on your computer or phone. 

Here’s a list of tasks you can take up to make money on PrizeRebel. 

Taking Paid Surveys

This is the best way to earn money on the platform. However, to take paid surveys on PrizeRebel, you’ll have to be honest and consistent. 

Unlike other survey sites, you cannot expect to skim through questions and get paid towards the end. PrizeRebel values quality over quantity. 

The platform will only display the surveys you qualify for so that you don’t waste your time. 

Besides that, it closely monitors your responses throughout the survey. If their system detects a glitch, you can quickly get disqualified. 

You can earn around 20-50 points for every 10-minute survey on the site. One hundred points are worth a dollar on PrizeRebel. 

Watching Videos

If you’re looking for passive income, it doesn’t get any passive than this. PrizeRebel lets you download promotional videos from their sponsors and watch them in exchange for points. 

While the site only offers a few points for 30-minute long videos, you can easily play it while taking up other tasks in the background. The video will keep playing unless you start conducting another task on PrizeRebel itself. 

Playing Games

Who doesn’t play games on their smartphones in their free time? PrizeRebel is the ultimate way you can have fun while earning money by playing paid games. 

I know what you’re thinking; why would someone pay you for having fun? There are many games created to be released in the worldwide market, but they need to be tested first. 

That’s why such games are released on online reward platforms first so that users like you can test them for any errors and earn points. 

What makes PrizeRebel stand out in this matter is that it awards points just for downloading the game on your phone, even if you haven’t played it yet. Similarly, you can maximize your earnings by reaching in-game levels and targets. 

Online Shopping and Cashback

There are many popular brands and retailers affiliated with PrizeRebel. The good news is, these brands give you amazing discounts if you shop through the platform. 

You can purchase everything from your daily grocery, luxury items, and even holiday gifts through PrizeRebel and save money. 

Referral Bonuses

Once you become a member of PrizeRebel, you’ll get your own referral link. You can share this link with your friends and family, and if they sign-up, you can earn points on the platform. 

PrizeRebel Review

What makes the PrizeRebel referral program better than other online reward sites is that, along with the referral bonus, they offer a percentage of your friend’s earnings on PrizeRebel forever!

PrizeRebel Level System

Another unique feature of PrizeRebel is its level system. The platform gives conventional survey-taking a competitive edge by providing Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum statuses to its users. 

Initially, you’ll be at the bronze status when you sign up. After earning your first 1000 points on the platform, you’ll move above to the Silver status.

Similarly, the site has various thresholds to earn their statuses. 

So, what’s the catch? You see, the higher your status, the more earning opportunities you will get on PrizeRebel. For example, Bronze members will only get 15% of their referral’s earnings, but Diamond status members will get 30%. 

Similarly, higher-level accounts get faster and automated payouts, while lower status members may have to wait until their payout is processed. 

Also, if you’re a Gold or Platinum member and prefer your rewards via gift card, you’ll get a 3-4% extra discount. 

To make things easier for you, PrizeRebel continuously displays your current status and the points you need to climb higher on your user dashboard. You can map out your earnings strategy accordingly and get to work. 

PrizeRebel Payment Options

What I love about PrizeRebel is its low minimum payout threshold.

While most online reward sites don’t let you cash your rewards out until you collect at least $10-$20, you can redeem your rewards with just $2 on PrizeRebel. 

However, to get your payment in cash, you’ll have to collect at least $5 on the platform.

All cash payments are processed through PayPal, so make sure your PayPal email address and your PrizeRebel email address are the same. 

If you’re a Bronze or Silver member, it’ll take around a week to receive your payment once you request a cashout. 

prizerebel options

But, you can get your payment through a gift card even if you’ve earned only $2. Choose from the list of Amazon gift cards and get amazing discounts on your favorite products. 

PrizeRebel gift card

You can also go for a PrePaid Visa card starting at $5 and get your hands on luxury products from your favorite brands. 

Customer Support

Another attractive feature of PrizeRebel that most survey sites lack is impressive customer support. First of all, it has a comprehensive FAQ section that you can access quickly and get answers to all your basic queries. 

Secondly, if you have more specific questions or problems regarding your points or payment, you can refer to their contact page and get in touch with the team. 

Prizerebel support

Here, you can define your problem in detail and wait for an email response. Most user reviews show that the website provides prompt responses within one or two days after submitting your ticket. 

On the downside, it does not offer chat services or any other option where you can have a representative answer your queries immediately. 

PrizeRebel Resources

Earning money through online reward sites is excellent, but it won’t pay your bills. Still, if you want to streamline your online earning approach, PrizeRebel has productive resources for you. 

You can refer to their blog and get the latest updates about online reward sites, brand behaviors, newest partnerships, discount offers, and whatnot. 

This will help you stay updated about the online reward system to maximize your income and use your free time efficiently. 

Most importantly, their resource section provides user testimonials for everyone apprehensive about joining the site. 

Prize rebel testimonials

It displays all kinds of proof provided by their users regarding customer experience, payments, and reward redemption. So you can check the page out if you’re in doubt before becoming a member. 


Overall Rating

Coming towards the end of my PrizeRebel review, I’d like to provide an overall rating based on my experience regarding the following areas. 

  • Ease-of-Use – 5/5
  • Features – 4/5
  • Customer Service – 4/5
  • Value for Money – 5/5

Final Verdict

Wrapping my PrizeRebel review up, I’ll answer the ultimate question that’s bugging you all along, is PrizeRebel legit or a scam? Well, PrizeRebel is legit and not a scam. 

It has legit earning options that are open to everyone above the age of 18. 

But, the availability of work is an issue when it comes to PrizeRebel. Surveys that match your profile aren’t always available, especially if you haven’t taken any profile questionnaires. 

Take some time to provide all the information you can about yourself, and pair your survey-taking strategy up with other websites like Survey Junkie or Branded Surveys to create a meaningful income stream.

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