Postmates vs Doordash: What is Better to Work for?

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Ever wondered which delivery side-hustle is the best? We’re pitting two popular delivery gigs against one another in this comprehensive review: Postmates vs Doordash. 

What is better, Postmates or DoorDash? For customers looking to have goods delivered, Postmates and DoorDash are two of the most popular options. While both services may be used for on-demand delivery, they differ greatly on several accounts. 

Most obvious are the types of goods delivered – while DoorDash is limited to delivering meals, Postmates allows you to deliver virtually anything. Customers may seek either option depending on their needs without considerable disadvantages. 

Choosing the right platform becomes more crucial, however, on the driver side where differences are more apparent between each platform’s pay model, flexibility, and delivery process.

Drivers trying to make a buck out of side gigs must select the right platform based on their needs and expectations. 

  • How much do you make on Postmates vs DoorDash?
  • What are the requirements needed to work for each?
  • Which service is easier to use?

Our Postmates vs DoorDash driver will find out. 

What is DoorDash?

DoorDash website

DoorDash is one of the many on-demand delivery services available in the United States. Founded in 2013 and based in San Francisco, this well-known delivery service allows anyone within its operation to order food from a vast number of restaurants through the DoorDash mobile app.

As of this writing, DoorDash is available in the United States, Canada, and Australia.  

DoorDash serves around 35% of the food delivery market as of 2019 and is the most popular app-based food delivery service in the USA according to consumer analytics firm Second Measure. 

To use the service, customers only need to install the DoorDash app on their smartphones. Restaurants who are looking to make their food available for delivery are required to apply as a partner on the DoorDash website. DoorDash has over 300,000 national and local partners in Canada and the USA. 

DoorDash works differently compared to Postmates in a number of ways. Continue reading our Postmates vs DoorDash review to find out. 

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How DoorDash works for drivers

DoorDash for drivers

How do drivers complete orders for DoorDash and what requirements are needed to sign up as a delivery driver? Our DoorDash vs Postmates review outlines everything you need to know about this food delivery service. 

DoorDash driver requirements

Aspiring DoorDash drivers must be at least 18 years old with a driver’s license, car insurance, and at least one year of driving experience. All Dashers must have a clean driving record and pass a background check. 

The DoorDash app is designed for newer phones, so those with older phones may not be able to sign up. If you don’t have a car, DoorDash allows you to deliver with a truck, scooter, motorcycle, or even a bicycle. Depending on your city or state, you may be required to participate in an orientation.  

Do note that these are general requirements, and yours may vary depending on your location. Read the official Dasher Requirements for more information. 

Hourly Pay Tip % Delivery Volume Next Steps
$10-$14/hour 100% Excellent Read Review

The delivery process

Making a DoorDash delivery is pretty straightforward: a customer makes an order through the DoorDash app which is then pushed to delivery riders, or “Dashers”, who are logged into the app. 

Once a Dasher accepts the order, he must drive to the restaurant, make the order, and bring the order to the rightful customer. Directions for delivery are included in the DoorDash app. The DoorDash app has a number of key differences when compared to Postmates.  

It doesn’t have a built-in GPS.

Unlike the Postmates app, the DoorDash app doesn’t have GPS built into its app. A driver needs to know his way around the neighborhood or install an alternative GPS if they want to drive for DoorDash. 

You’ll have to schedule your shift.

DoorDash requires all its drivers to pre-schedule their shifts at least one week in advance. While a newer option called “DashNow” allows anyone to deliver during busy hours without needing to schedule. Read more about DoorDash’s DashNow feature

The DoorDash app offers more information about each delivery.

Before accepting an order, DoorDash shows you a detailed description of your assignment. This includes the amount of your guaranteed pay, the order, and where the item needs to be delivered. Postmates only shows you your order and if there are other additional offers. 

DoorDash allows you to batch orders or take multiple delivery assignments at the same time. If five people order from the same restaurant, you can take all of these orders and deliver them to the appropriate people. 

DoorDash Rating 

Unlike Postmates, DoorDash follows a rating system that’s influenced by driver actions. Dashers may be deactivated from the DoorDash platform if their rating falls below a certain number while qualifying them for incentives and special programs once they rack up high scores. 

DoorDash measures your performance through four different ratings: Customer Rating, Completion Rating, Acceptance Rate, and On-time/Early Rate. Each of these ratings are thoroughly explained here

How much can you earn with DoorDash? 

DoorDash app

When it comes to the Postmates vs DoorDash battle, how much you can earn probably matters the most. DoorDash vs Postmates pay differs as both platforms have different pay models. Here’s everything you need to know about DoorDash’s pay model. 

All DoorDash payouts begin at $6 per delivery, no matter how large the delivery is. DoorDash allows you to earn in three more ways: first is through Challenges, which allows you to earn additional pay when you complete a specific number of orders during a specified time. 

Second is through a “pay boost” which adds to your total earnings depending on miles traveled, how many orders and if the delivery is completed during peak hours. And lastly, through tips which you get to keep 100% of. 

The DoorDash Pay Model

When choosing between Postmates vs DoorDash, understanding their pay models will help you better understand which platform is right for you. The DoorDash Pay Model is more complicated than Postmates. In essence, your payout is calculated with this formula: 

Base Pay (Time, Distance, Desirability) + Promotions (Peak Pay, Challenges) + Tips (100%) = a driver’s total earnings. 

Costs you cover

Dashers pay for all of their business expenses, including gas, phone, vehicle insurance, car wear and tear, and self-employment tax. As an independent contractor, there are a few eligible deductions that you can take on your taxes which include mileage, accounting costs, tolls and parking, car insurance, phone plan.

Dashers are advised to keep track of their expenses as much as possible. 

Payout details

DoorDash pays its drivers via direct deposit, and you’ll need a bank account in order to get paid. Deposits generally take around two to three days to process with most drivers seeing money in their accounts by Wednesday evening.

Drivers who made at least 25 deliveries and have dashed for two weeks or more are eligible for Fast Pay, which allows them to cash out their earnings instantly for a service fee of $1.99. 

How much can you really earn? 

The DoorDash website advertises that Dashers can make as much as $15 – $25, but our research showed that most drivers really earn between $7 – $10 for each delivery while averaging around two to three deliveries per hour. 

Those starting out and still learning the ropes may earn closer to $9 – $10 per hour. Do note, however, that earnings widely vary depending on location and demand. Those working in metropolitan cities where people order more food naturally earn higher than those living in the suburbs. 


What is Postmates? 

Postmates website

Postmates was launched in 2011 as an on-demand delivery service that allows you to deliver anything at any time. The platform has a dense network of merchants which includes restaurants, drugstores, grocery stores, general-purpose retailers, and liquor stores.

The service is available in over 50 states and 400 cities across the United States and Mexico. Drivers looking to make extra money may sign up as a Postmates delivery rider. 

On the customer side, using Postmates as a delivery service is easy and straightforward. Once the Postmates app is installed, customers must select their preferred payment method. They are then offered access to various merchants in their city.

After locating a store or restaurant they like, they then add the items they want to order in the virtual cart where it is forwarded to Postmates drivers within the vicinity. 

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How Postmates works for drivers

Start Earning With Postmates

Looking for gig work as a Postmates driver? Our Postmates vs Doordash review will brief you about everything you need to know about Postmates as a delivery service for drivers. Here’s a rundown about Postmate’s requirements, delivery process, and potential earnings. 


The driver requirements 

To drive for Postmates, you need to pass the initial round of delivery agent application. All aspiring drivers need to be 18 years old and live in or near a Postmates market. Only U.S. citizens and permanent residents with a functional car, bike, scooter, or motorcycle will be accepted. 

Postmates drivers must have a driver’s license and valid vehicle insurance (if required).

You’ll find that most Postmates drivers already have the delivery experience, but this experience isn’t required. Read more about Postmates driver requirements. 

Hourly Pay Tip % Delivery Volume Next Steps
$9-$14/hour 100% Very Good Read Review

The delivery process

Once drivers are approved to work for Postmates, they can deliver right away. Once a customer makes an order through the Postmate app, the orders are pushed to both the merchant and the driver. Drivers must indicate their availability in the app once they’re ready to accept orders. 

When a driver accepts the delivery assignment, he’s shown details about what to order, where to pick it up, and where to deliver the goods. In most cases, the merchant receives the order before the driver does, allowing him to prepare the goods even before the driver walks in.

Requesting an itemized receipt of the order is important, as this may be important if a customer disputes the accuracy of the order. 

Goods are paid for using the Postmates debit card. Orders paid in advance are easier to handle as it allows drivers to leave without exchanging funds. The Postmates app has a number of key differences when compared to DoorDash.

It comes with a built-in GPS.

Unlike the DoorDash app, you don’t need an alternative GPS to work your way around your neighborhood and get directions for your next delivery assignment.

The Postmates app comes with a built-in map. 

Postmates Fleet Driver Safety

You don’t need to schedule with Postmates.

While DoorDash requires you to schedule shifts, Postmates allows you to deliver anytime you want, 24/7. Granted, you won’t be able to receive as much request at certain times of the day, you can still make cash during your spare time. 

Just like DoorDash, Postmates allows you to batch your orders from a single pickup location. This allows you to pick up and complete multiple drop-offs along the way. 

How much can you earn with Postmates? 

Postmates Fleet

When it comes to the battle between Postmates vs DoorDash, our research states that Postmates definitely pays more.

According to Postmates CEO Bastian Lehman, couriers who accept orders during peak hours earn a median pay of $19 an hour, but this varies widely depending on location, order size, and time of the day. 

Working in hot spots during peak hours will allow you to maximize your earnings in Postmates.

Just like DoorDash, Postmates offers a “Crushers” bonus to drivers who complete a certain number of orders within a set period of time. 

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The Postmates Pay model 

For each delivery you complete, your payment is broken down into various variables. This includes a variable amount for each completed pickup and each completed drop off, a variable amount paid per minute for the time you spend waiting for a merchant to fill an order, and an amount that covers the per-mile distance between pickup and dropoff points.

Just like DoorDash, Postmates allows you to keep 100% of your tips.

Read more about how Postmates earnings are calculated. 

Costs you cover

Just like DoorDash, you’ll have to pay your own business expenses with Postmates. This includes overhead costs like fuel, vehicle insurance, parking, toll fees, and other expenses. You’ll also have to pay your own taxes as an independent contractor. 

Payout details

Just like DoorDash, Postmates pays its couriers weekly through direct deposit with payments usually showing up each Wednesday. Drivers looking to get paid sooner may request an Instant Deposit for a service fee of just $0.50.

This is a lot cheaper than DoorDash’s $1.99 Fast Pay request. 

How much can you really earn? 

Postmates drivers reported earning around $12.40 – $37.40 an hour driving for Postmates, with an average pay of $21.06 an hour. On Glassdoor, drivers reported hourly earnings of $6 – $26 per hour with an average base pay of $11.

This is definitely higher than DoorDash’s reported earnings of $7 – $10 per delivery. 


Postmates vs DoorDash: The Verdict

Both platforms are legit side hustles with unique features that make them equally worth checking out. DoorDash offers more information about your guaranteed pay while Postmates offers more delivery flexibility without a star rating that affects its drivers.

While the amount you get paid seems to be leaning more towards Postmates, DoorDash shows its drivers estimated payouts which they can use to avoid low-pay orders.

Regardless of which platform you choose, both are great side gigs that you can employ during your spare time!

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