PointClub Review 2021: Can You Earn Legit Cash?

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What is PointClub? Is it a legit way to make money online? Read through this PointClub review and get all the answers that you seek.

When it comes to making extra money online, survey sites can be a great source. Mostly, this is because they demand very little from you in terms of time or investment. In fact, most of them are free to join, and some even pay you a signup bonus for registering with them.

But with the high number of these survey sites online, one has to be careful lest you fall into some scams. That’s why I would recommend you read our blog on the best survey sites to ensure you get to know which sites are legit.

PointClub is one of those incredible sites that can help you attain an extra source of passive income.

For this reason, we have prepared this comprehensive PointClub review to help answer most of the pressing questions you might have about the platform.

But before you can start making even more money with PointClub, you should learn how to manage the money you earn, if you are to attain financial freedom.

An app like Personal Capital helps you to accomplish just that.

I use it for all my transactions and I can attest of the incredible financial strides it has helped me achieve.

What is PointClub?

PointClub Login

PointClub is an online survey site that pays its members for participating in online surveys.  Innovative Market Research owns and operates PointClub, just as it does iPoll.

This platform boasts of well-paid surveys that are also significantly easy to complete.

Established in 2012, PointClub has become popular over the years, as more and more people seek new ways to earn some extra cash.

And, although the platform is not an easy way to make millions, it certainly can help you add some dollars into your wallet.

The platform is available both for US residents, as well as other countries outside the US.

But, for international users, the materials represented on this site might not be available or appropriate for them.

This means that as an international user, you might lack access to certain rewards.

But if you want to get paid with surveys, that shouldn’t deter you from trying. PointClub is an excellent platform to add to your online money making options.

But how do you earn money through this platform? Well, this is how:

How PointClub Works

Just like many other survey sites, PointClub pays you for successfully completing the given surveys.  But first, you must register to become a member, which is completely free.

After joining, you should also complete your profile, which will be used to determine which surveys you qualify for.

Once you are a member, you can now see the surveys they recommend for you, depending on the information you provided on your profile.

For every survey, you will see how long it should take, as well as the points you’ll earn after completion.

One thing to note here, though, is that you must qualify for the survey for you to undertake it and get paid. Although the survey might match your profile information, it doesn’t automatically qualify you to undertake the survey.

You must answer a few screening questions before you can qualify to complete it and get paid.

If you qualify, you can simply complete it, and the earned points will add to your account balance. When you don’t qualify, you can simply start another one and try to qualify again.

How to Sign Up and Earn with PointClub

Becoming a member of the PointClub platform is easy, as it requires just a few keystrokes on your gadget. The easiest way to join is by registering either via your Google or your Facebook account on www.PointClub.com.

You can also use the traditional method, which involves using your email.

Once you are a member, 2,000 free points are instantly credited into your account. These points include 500 points for registering, 1,000 points when you confirm your email, and an extra 500 points when you complete your profile.

All these add up to 2,000 points, and every 1,000 points equal $1.

These are the main ways you can earn money with PointClub:

  • Successful Completion of Online Surveys

Although you’ll be notified, via email, when a survey that fits your profile is available, it’s best if you log in regularly into your account and check out for present opportunities.

The good thing with this platform is that you can log in at any time that best suits you and complete available surveys.

Usually, a survey will, on average, take between 5 and 30 minutes to complete. An average survey can earn you between 500 and 5000 points.

And, since 1,000 points are equal to $1, if you make 5,000 points, it means you have $5 for that single survey.

  • Daily Giveaways

Apart from the surveys, PointClub members are also eligible to earn 10,000 points daily. This is a giveaway program that can easily make you $10 in a day.

  • Rewards

You can also make some extra coins through their reward program by taking part in activities such as games, promotions, offers, and contests. Although you won’t earn much money here, any extra coin is worth it.

PointClub Review

How to Withdraw Money from PointClub

Now that you’ve earned your points, how do you get this money into your bank account or wallet? Well, this is how it works.

Once you have enough points, you can either redeem them via PayPal or through the numerous gift card options available.

If you prefer PayPal, then you must reach the minimum threshold of 25,000 points, which is equal to $25.

When it comes to gift cards, you can redeem your points either via a physical gift card or an e-gift card.

PointClub offers more than 80 gift card options for you to choose from, including Walmart, Tango, Home Depot, Visa prepaid cards, and Google Play.

All you need is a minimum threshold of 25,000 points or $25, and you are good to go.

All rewards are delivered within 72 hours after redemption, through email.

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Is PointClub Legit or a Scam?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions, and that is quite relevant, especially with the high number of scams online. Well, when it comes to PointClub, the platform is a Legit and easy way for you to make money with surveys.

PointClub is accredited by Better Business Bureau (BBB), with an A score attained on the BBB’s interview. This is one way that shows that PointClub is legit and not a scam.

Also, the numerous online customer reviews indicate that many people are using the platform and earning from it.

Therefore, if you were worried about this online survey site, you can relax and start making money.

Pros of PointClub

  • Global Opportunities

PointClub survey site offers money-making opportunities for everyone around the globe. And, although international users may not qualify for some specific rewards, there are no joining restrictions, especially based on location.

This means that you can make some money through this platform from wherever you are. That wouldn’t be possible with many other survey sites that restrict participation based on geographic location.

With PointClub, all you need is to register and provide then correct information, and then you are eligible to start the surveys.

  • Redemption through PayPal or Gift Cards

Once you’ve attained the necessary points, you can redeem them either as cash via PayPal or as a gift card. The gift cards are available for more than 80 popular retail outlets.

Whether you prefer PayPal or gift cards, your points are as good as cash as they are quite easy to convert.

  • Earn in More Ways than Just Surveys

The platform offers various options for you to make money besides surveys. These may include watching videos, participating in promotions, contests, etc. This can be very useful in increasing your earnings from the platform.

  • Free Membership

You pay nothing to become a member. In fact, you get 2,000 free points for just joining. Fill in all the details requested, and your account is credited with free points to kick start your earnings.

Also, you have an option of how you want to register. You can use your Google account, Facebook, or even your email address.

  • Earn Points Even when You’re Screened Out

The platform takes your participation quite seriously. For this reason, even when you don’t qualify to complete a survey, you earn some points for answering the screening questions.

Cons of PointClub

Despite having these many advantages, we have also found several negatives. The online PointClub reviews from users show complaints for certain areas including:

  • Limited Opportunities for International Users

For non-US residents, some opportunities offered by the platform may not be appropriate for them. This means that their money-making opportunities are limited in some areas. For example, some additionals like contests and sweepstakes only favor US residents.

  • Qualifying for a Survey

Customers sometimes view this as a restriction, particularly since your profile determines which surveys you can view. Why then do you need to qualify again when a survey has already been classified under your profile?

This is a significant setback for many.

Most customers think that this shouldn’t be the case. One should not have to take another screening test to qualify for the surveys included under their list on the member’s clubhouse.

  • Long Waiting Periods

After completing your survey, you must wait for the survey window to close before your points can reflect in your account.

This usually takes an average of four weeks, which can seem quite long for some people.

  • Minimum Threshold for Withdrawal

PointClubs minimum threshold when redeeming your points is quite high. If you are redeeming your points through PayPal, you need to have a minimum of 50,000 points in your account. On the other hand, if you opt for gift cards, you’ll need at least 25,000 points.

These figures are significantly high when compared to other platforms like Swagbucks, which requires you to have as little as 500 points for a $5 gift card.

  • Just Extra Income

Just like most survey sites, PointClub is not designed to make you rich overnight. It’s just an easy way to make a few extra coins online with minimal hassle.

Most of these sites will earn you not more than $50 per month, although there are others like Vindale Research that can earn you that $50 for a single survey.

You can not depend entirely on the money you make from survey sites. They are meant to supplement your regular income.

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Conclusion on PointClub Review

This PointClub review clearly shows that the platform is in many ways similar to other online survey sites we have around.

It is an excellent way to make money with surveys for those looking for an extra source of income.

Also, you can easily complete surveys from anywhere and at any time, which is also ideal for people searching for ways to earn from home.

In general, PointClub offers the most opportunities for US residents.

But if you live in Germany, UK, France, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, or the Netherlands, you also have a better chance than people based in other parts of the world.

All in all, I hope that this PointClub survey review provides you with answers to all the questions you had about the platform.

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