MySoapBox Review: Is It Legit or a Scam?

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Lots of people make a side income from various tasks on the Internet, done in spare time and churned out one activity after another.

If this is the sort of thing you don’t mind doing while watching the TV news or a movie in the evening to relax, then over time it can produce a sizable bit of cash flow and savings.

The most recognizable form of these online tasks and related work tends to be in the form of filling out consumer and product surveys.

MySoapBox is one site that provides this kind of survey work, and for those who are good at it there are possibilities of earning sizable pocket change.

Processing and completing surveys is not a new concept. It’s been around for years, and the online version of survey completing has just as long a history as well.

It pays in micro-amounts, usually $0.10 to a few dollars for the big ones, and workers typically have to apply themselves consistently over time to see results that are sizable and usable financially.

However, if all that one does is watch TV at night anyways, it allows a person with a laptop or a computer to make a bit of change during those same hours as well.

MySoapBox Logo

MySoapBox operates on this concept, utilizing the help and power of hundreds of micro-workers digitally processing surveys by the hundreds every week.

The below MySoapBox review goes into detail on how the site works.

The MySoapBox Review

As mentioned earlier, MySoapBox works as a survey site. It doesn’t really function with much more than that concept, but unlike some other survey sites, the operation is a digital activity that is supported by the Interviewing Service of America Corporation, better known as ISA Corp.

About Us

These folks have been around for years, well before the Internet became commonplace, producing marketing research and data trends for companies selling services or products.

ISA has been in business since the early 1980s, but with MySoapBox it has simply adapted to the times with a basic but effective digital platform instead.

Dubbed “online panels,” these various survey packages and series of questions produced by MySoapBox gather information by the thousands of clicks which in turn gives companies a better understanding of how to sell to consumers.

ISA was also in charge of another survey site as well known as ClickIQ. Given the similar purpose of both websites, ultimately ISA chose to merge the two resources together combining the systems, their features, databases and benefits.

So why doesn’t MySoapBox and ISA just get their information from search engines or survey cards? Well, to be frank, the websites they operate work darn well.

The direct input from users provides the operates a direct channel to working, functional consumers reacting to survey information in an undiluted manner.

That kind of information is extremely valuable and can be extrapolated in a number of different ways on the business and marketing end of things.

The cost that MySoapBox pays in turn to the users is minimal in the grand scheme of things, but for the users its enough to keep them coming back and filling out more surveys.

Fundamentally, something in the form of change every night is better than nothing at all.

The information collected by MySoapBox and ISA then gets packaged and resold to companies and marketing buyers looking for quick packages of data trends and information specific to their industries and markets.

ISA functioning as a middle channel for the information collected allows monetization of the survey data again and again, repeatedly generating new income off of the same entries originally create by users.

How to Sign Up For MySoapBox

The first step to even getting started involves filling out a basic questionnaire to even get access. In short, this entry point functions as an agreement form.

MySoapBox Basic Questionnaire

If a user doesn’t answer the questions correctly, then an account is barred and a person can’t even get started.

However, once the right answers are submitted, then an initial account is generated which has to be validated via a functional email account and confirmation of a MySoapBox email.

When complete, the user has full entry into the site and, in theory, can get started working for MySoapBox.

The next step before surveys can be attempted involves completing one’s profile in the MySoapBox panel.

MySoapBox Dashboard

This involves a number of fields that need to be entered adding detail to the user account. However, not all of them have to be completed to be functional.

Some are associated with basic addressing and contacting information, while others in the MySoapBox panel are personal and get into information about the user’s personal data, including birthday data, home address, gender, demographics and similar.

MySoapBox Contact Options


With the profile section completed to at least the minimum required amounts, the user then can access the survey links themselves.

Unfortunately, for this review, no surveys were provided with the test account that was created.

MySoapBox Points Balance

This is usually a sign of a platform that has far too many users and not enough work to go around.

After all, even with company-sponsored surveys for businesses looking for data, only a limited number of users can be respondents. Once that limit is reached, survey sites like MySoapBox have to close the door and bar other users from participating.

When the user pool gets too big, this problem becomes frequent, and the site starts to become useless in practice.

Income Potential and Earning Mechanics

As the user works through surveys, successful completion of all the questions in each activity earns points.

These points in turn add up and can be banked within an internal account for users working within MySoapBox.

Once the user has earned a sufficient number of points, he or she becomes eligible to redeem those points for consumer gift cards.

MySoapBox Gift Card Rewards


Why gift cards?

Generally, this form of compensation avoids all the problems and challenges of managing bank accounts, transferring money back and forth, and similar.

Instead, once a sufficient number of points are earned, the card can be triggered automatically and paid out for the exact amount.

For the consumer and user of MySoapBox, he or she can simply choose the card for the store or online service that is the most appealing and then use it as desired.

Amazon is a common choice for many because the e-commerce platform offers so many different things to buy, but other big names are included in the gift card offerings as well.

Typical company gift cards also include Home Depot, Starbucks and Walmart.


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Is MySoapBox Legit?

There is always a risk that information and user data being provided to a private entity can be used for other purposes than just what is stated to the user.

Contractually, MySoapBox should be confined to using the data just to run its business, but who would actually enforce it?

From an aesthetic perspective, the MySoapBox panel for the user and website in general looks like a poor excuse for a professional marketing business online.

The graphics, layout and construction are shoddy, very basic HTML placements, and retro back to some of the earlier web designs from the 1990s for those that remember the same.

In terms of reputation, MySoapBox is owned by ISA, which is a known and established company.

In fact, as we mentioned earlier, it’s been in business prior to the Internet being widespread, back to 1982 to be specific.

So, so the business behind the website is not a fly-by-night operation. Even consumer protections agencies and non-profits like the Better Business Bureau evaluates Isa as an A+ business, even if the MySoapBox website isn’t specifically mentioned per se.

So, in terms of reference, background check, established function and a business history, MySoapBox checks out. That means it also fails the eligibility of being a scam per se.

On the other hand, the company’s web operation doesn’t have a stellar operation with how it pays out earnings, with more than a few users complaining that they have been blocked from their earnings, run into odd and unexplained difficulties triggering payment releases, or been barred from their account points and funds altogether.

In one case a user describes having put in a significant amount of effort to earn a higher level gift card return.

When redeemed, the user was noticed that the gift card would take up to three weeks to process and be awarded.

Then, a bit later, the user was noticed the award was invalidated and would not be paid at all.

This is a common problem appearing more and more with online survey sites where the survey data is questioned in review and the user’s points or award gets cancelled after the work has been completed.

Some sites wipe out the points earned, and others negate any compensation awards provided or promised.

Others reflect their payments of $100 to $200 in gift cards worked fine without problems, and they always felt the platform support was responsive, so the payment performance is a mixed bag.

Others have identified technical problems with various human user verification systems malfunctioning.

These are most commonly seen in Recaptcha tools that confirm the user is not a program or a bot, utilizing robotic programming to fill out surveys endlessly for programmed earning hour after hour.

The same tools have barred users from completing their steps and finalizing their earning on a survey.

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How MySoapBox Works for Income Potential

As noted at the beginning, MySoapBox is not going to make anyone rich anytime soon. The usual payouts in points and eventual gift card potential tends to be peanuts.

Again, there is no bank account or money transfer involved as typically expected in a work environment.

Instead, one earns points, and the points are then converted to the given gift card somebody wants to use.

As the gift cards add up with given stores, that in turn can become a sizable benefit. But it takes a lot of points to get to something reasonable in terms of a gift card.

Per the accessible rewards visible, it takes 1,000 points to equal a $1 equivalent in gift cards, and most of the gift cards have a minimum of $5 before being awarded.

Given that surveys run in a range of 700 to 1,500 points per question set, one could conceivably earn a gift card with a few surveys, but many take a sizable amount of time to complete.

Taking a half hour to complete a survey is common, so a basic $5 gift card could easily take two to four hours to achieve.

Additionally, the MySoapBox cashout minimum is $25, a hefty threshold to earn. The MySoapBox withdrawal then moves through a gift card of the user’s choice.

The second channel one can earn through is via a MySoapBox referral. This is a typical link and networking reward option where people convince others to join the site and add to the workforce.

MySoapBox Refer a Friend

If successful, the user gets a small reward that can pay as much as a survey (usually 25 cents per referral). Some people are far better at connecting than responding, so it’s an alternative earning option on the site.

In comparison with this MySoapBox review of how long it takes to earn something with MySoapBox versus other sites, the ISA platform is not the most lucrative by any means.

In fact, it gets a lot of reviews for being stingy and a poor reward for the amount of time one has to commit to get anything in terms of consideration.

Swagbucks, for example, also works heavily with surveys and pays out a lot faster and with lower payment levels than what MySoapBox rewards requires.

And, of course, there are plenty of cryptocurrency faucet sites that work on the same kind of survey model, paying faster and better with crypto-coins that users can eventually convert to regular U.S. dollars or other fiat currencies as desired.

So, it’s a bit surprising in this MySoapBox review why the site has as many users as it does when compared to other survey options.

Last Thoughts on the MySoapBox Panel Review

What is MySoapBox? A survey site, pure and simple. You won’t get rich with MySoapBox and it only pays for survey work, nothing else.

MySoapBox Login

If you’ve got nothing else to do with your computer, it’s a way to earn a few dollars after a whole lot of work and surveys being filled out, but there are also other online survey sites that pay a lot better and a lot faster.

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