Mistplay Review 2021: Is It Worth It to Make Money?

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Is Mistplay a legit platform to earn some extra bucks? Let’s explore through this Mistplay review together and find out more about the app.

Mistplay Review: Is It Worth It to Make Money?

The continued advancement in technology has brought so many online money-making opportunities that were impossible in earlier years. Currently, if you want to put some extra bucks into your wallet, chances are numerous.

In this Mistplay review, we are going to explore more about how possible it is to earn money through the app.

Is it worth it? Can you quit your job and make a stable living through Mistplay? We will handle all these questions to make sure you have the full information.

Having an extra source of income, no matter how small, is what many people long for. Everyone is looking to make their lives more comfortable by adding some money to their income.

But how is Mistplay one of those great opportunities? Let’s have a broader Look it through this Mistplay review 2020.

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What is Mistplay App?

Mistplay refers to a mobile app that began in 2017, which offers its users a platform for playing video games. The platform is a loyalty program built for gamers.

Gamers earn rewards in form points that they can later redeem for prizes. The prices may include Visa Card and Steam Credit, among others.

Gamers pick games from a list provided, a chart with other players, browse for offers and get rewards for performing various tasks like downloading, testing and playing the games.

The longer you play, the more points you earn. One good thing about the platform is that it’s free.

Right from when you are downloading to the point you redeem your rewards, it costs you nothing.

The only cost you pay is the period you dedicated to playing the video game. One limitation with Mistplay is that it’s available to the smartphone users.

Also, this app is only available for Android from the Google Play Store. 




Mistplay refers to a mobile app that began in 2017, which offers its users a platform for playing video games. The platform is a loyalty program built for gamers. Gamers earn rewards in form points that they can later redeem for prizes.
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How Does Mistplay Work?

For those gamers who are looking for something more than just playing games, this is a great app. It is among the few gaming apps that you can earn money for engaging in your past time of playing games.

Therefore, if you wish to make a few extra bucks, Mistplay can be just that platform for you.

To start making some money, you need to download the Mistplay app from your Android’s app store, in a secure, free process.

However, you will have to change a few things in your phone’s settings to enable Mistplay to function correctly.

These changes include:

  • Disable your phone’s mode of power-saving
  • Allow the app to display above the other apps that are running

After you have allowed these changes to take effect, now you can earn through the app. And, without making these changes, you will not make any points through this app.

Signing up for a new account will enable you to access the Mistplay games list and start earning. To sign up, you can do so either through your Gmail or Facebook account.

After account activation, you can now browse your Mix list for available games and begin playing the video games. One thing to note, though is that, your location determines the games available for you.


When Do You Earn Through The App?

Different games have different periods of playing which can range from two to five minutes.

Also, they have different requirements that you are supposed to accomplish to receive the units.

After you complete playing a specific game or after you make an achievement, the app will let you know of the feat.

Then, you’ll be required to offer your opinion about the game or respond to various questions about your experience while playing the game.

You get a reward for offering valuable feedback to the gaming companies. The developers and the gaming companies use the app to receive insights regarding how people feel about their games.

Then, they use the opinions of the people to tweak their apps to make the apps better to suit the interests of their target audiences before they launch them to the market officially.

You get paid in units that you can redeem for different rewards after you’ve reached the minimum requirement or you’ve earned enough units to redeem.

The rewards value depends on several factors. You can make up to $50 worth of rewards per month on Mistplay.

Who Can Use the Mistplay App?

Mistplay app is developed by mobile gaming companies for people who love playing video games. They develop games and list them to see how many people will enjoy the games that they develop.

The developers get an opportunity to test their games and to gain insights into how many people react to their games. The app also helps the developers gauge how popular their games are since people respond to their survey after they finish playing.

Also, the app is suitable for people looking for ways to make money online. For people who love playing online games, they get a chance to earn some money doing what they would still enjoy doing for free.

As long as you are using a compatible mobile device, then you are eligible to make money playing games in Mistplay.

How Do You Earn The Mistplay Points?

Mistplay Review

If you are looking for an opportunity where you can make a few bucks by playing games, then Mistplay is an ideal chance for you. Here, various competitions will pay varying amounts and will need different requirements to allow you to earn points.

Some of the main requirements include achieving a certain level in the game or playing the game for a specific period. 

While you are playing your game, you’ll also be getting points, also known as units. These are only received when you are active in playing the video game. What this implies is that you won’t make it by just leaving the app on. You must play the game for you to earn the points.

Also, you should know that the points are not always constant. They can change with time and can do so at whichever time. This means that you can earn different points while playing the same video game at a different time.

As you advance in the game levels, so does your Game Experience Points (GXPs). Ideally, these points are intended to indicate your level in that Mistplay game.

One interesting fact, though, your level of GXP doesn’t necessarily depend on your gaming skills; it depends on the length of time you have played the game.

This means that the longer the gamer remains active playing, the higher their GXP will be.

Another set of points you make money while playing are the Player Experience Points (PXPs). These ones determine where you rank on the app, as well as how many GXP points you will earn.

The higher the GXP on a game is, the higher the Units and PXPs you’ll earn while playing. The more PXPs you have, the more GXP points you will make for every minute you play.

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The Meaning of Units, PXPs and GXPs

If you are still wondering what correctly these terms mean, let me try to clarify them more, to make the Mistplay review even clearer.

  • Units – these are seen as the currency of exchange within the app. They are what you trade for actual prizes.
  • GXPs- Game experience points, indicates the amount of time you have actively been playing a particular game. Higher GXPs on a specific game increase the number of units you make in that game while you play.
  • PXPs – these, on the other hand, indicate your entire experience in the game. They are the ones which mean your level in the game. Each level comes with bonus points, as well as other privileges — for example, the upgraded avatars.


How Much Money Can You Earn With Mistplay?

The amount of money that you can make on Mistplay depends on the games that you play on the app. Some people make between 20 and 200 points.

The amount of points that you make depends on the period that you spend playing and the milestones or achievements that you have attained. You get $5 for every 1,500 points you achieve.

You can also make some money through the Mistplay referral program. The program offers 50 points for every referral you make. That means that you can get $5 for 1500 points that you generate by people who join the program using your unique app affiliate code.

Once you reach 200 points with your referral program, you receive 100 points bonus.

How Do You Earn With The Mistplay App

You can earn with Mistplay by either downloading or playing the video games in the app. In order to make money with the app, you must follow the specific requirements.

  1. First, you must download the app for free from the Google app store. Then, if you are an iOS user, you must then follow the instructions given on their website.
  2. Once you download the app, then you must sign up via your Gmail or Facebook account. For registering alone, you receive 15 units.
  3. Then, if you play the recommended video games, you will earn extra points as long as you do as per the instructions.

For example, you need to play for the recommended period. Some games require that you play for around two to five minutes and others will require that you play the video games for a little longer. The longer you play the game, the more you earn.

Some instructions may not be about the minutes you play but about what you have attained in the video game. When you fulfill all the requirements, the app will notify you when you achieve or meet the required period.

After you complete playing the game, you may also have to give your opinion regarding the game you’ve played. You may be required to answer at least five queries regarding the video game and the experience you’ve had.

Once you submit the feedback, you’ll receive the units in your account. The total units that you receive depend on the video games that were there and that you choose to play.

mistplay review

How Much Can You Earn With Mistplay

Similar to other places where you can get paid to play games app, Mistplay earnings vary.

Here, three factors determine how much money you can earn. These include:

The Time Spent Playing

As said earlier, the amount of time you will actively play the game will determine how many points you receive. The longer you stay active, the higher your points will be.

Player Experience Points (PXPs)

The game’s level you are in will also affect your earnings. Here, the higher your level is in the game, the faster you will accumulate those points.

Therefore, if you want to gather the points fast, play for long periods, to reach higher game levels.


How Do You Redeem These Points?

Once you accumulate enough Mistplay points, you can easily trade them for rewards through different avenues. This is done through the Mistplay’s partner Tango card.

You may redeem the points for multiple gift cards from different retailers and online stores, or opt for in-app credits.

For every 1,500 units you have, you may redeem $5 in terms of Visa Card. For 3,000 total units, you redeem $10 in form of Steam Credit. In-app credits are used to give you access to certain particular games.

Initially, the popular stores that where you can use the redeemed gift cards were:

  • Amazon
  • GameStop
  • PlayStation
  • Xbox
  • Google Play
  • Facebook

The only major drawback with Mistplay points is that you cannot redeem them for cash. Visa cards, as well as Steam credits or Fortnite V-Bucks, are the only options available for you.

This means that, although you can use the gift cards to shop on these popular stores, Mistplay is not a source of earning actual cash. You cannot, therefore, make it a full-time job.

When placing your rewards order, make sure that you select the right currency, as well as enter the correct email address. This is because, once you request to redeem your Units, you cannot cancel the transaction in case you want to correct something.

As for the time it will take to receive your gift card, it will take only 48 hrs to reach to your email address.

But How Does Mistplay Make Money?

Some may wonder where Mistplay gets the money to pay you from, or how they make their profits. This is mainly because the site is free right from downloading the app to playing the games. You even get paid for playing those games.

Well, Mistplay is essentially a game-testing website for game developers. As you play these games and give feedback, developers can identify any glitch that needs to be rectified, as well as understand how easy or difficult the users are finding the games at different levels.

Any feedback allows video game developers to improve these games. I hope that our Mistplay review offers answers to your questions.

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Essential Things to Note About Mistplay

Before you sign up for Mistplay games, here are facts you should know:

  • Your potential for earning points varies. This can happen even within a single game
  • Mistplay games availability is region-based
  • If you try to use a VPN, you will be blocked


Conclusion on Mistplay Review: Is it Legit or a Scam?

Although Mistplay is an excellent platform to earn a few coins or spending money through the Visa cards, it is not something that can pay your significant bills. In this Mistplay review, you have seen that the longer you play these games, the more points you can earn.

But is Mistplay worth it?

To some extent, it is. You can earn points that can allow you to redeem worthy of gift cards. However, you probably shouldn’t replace it with your current side hustle.

 I believe that through this Mistplay review, you can get all the information you needed about the app.

Sign up for Misplay and start making money playing games.

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