List of Untapped Niche Markets 2021: Target an Untouched Audience

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Building a website requires you to fulfill a need for a new audience looking for solutions or questions answered. Here is a list of untapped niche markets to consider on your journey to making money online.

List of Untapped Niche Markets 2020: Target an Untouched Audience

To make money online it is essential that you first identify the current untouched niche markets. With a list of new niche markets, you’ll be ready to build a niche website that will attract the consumers that are interested in your products.

Although it may be tempting to focus on what is currently selling best in online markets, keep in mind that the competition in these markets is tremendous.

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For those serious about making money online, the most sensible thing to do would be to tap into niche markets that are still relatively new and untouched.

There are several untapped niche markets for this year that can help you launch a profitable business online.

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A Niche Ideas List to Make Money from a Website

The best part about starting a niche site is there are limited barriers to entry. You can use a site like Bluehost to create a website for as little as $3.95/month.

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Let’s get into a list of niche ideas to help you make money online.

The Untapped Market for Home Security Products

There is a massive market for home security products. With home invasions on the rise as well as the many additional threats out there, more people are taking home security seriously. This provides ensure that home security will be a major market for the foreseeable future.

Although Home Security products have been around for a long time, advances in technology have made these products easier to use and more efficient than they once were.

In addition, there are a number of products that fall under the umbrella of Home Security and include everything from wireless CCV cameras that can be remotely accessed to mini canisters of pepper spray that attach to key rings.

The Home Security market is massive and there are several sub-niches that startups can focus on.

  • Products That Deter Package Theft – With so many people turning to online stores to do their shopping, package theft has become a major problem. Some of the hottest products on the market today provide that can help prevent thieves from stealing packages.
  • Non-Lethal Home Defense Weapons – Everyone would prefer to feel safe and secure but there are many people who still don’t like the idea of keeping a deadly weapon in their homes. Now there are non-lethal weapons that can help protect homeowners without the dangers associated with firearms.
  • Remote Home Monitoring Hardware – Today, people are more mobile than ever and they want products that help them keep their home secure while they are away. Remote Home Monitoring products are the perfect solution. These products allow homeowners to monitor their homes from anywhere in the world. There are also products that enable homeowners to turn lights off and on remotely, plus much more.
  • Motion Sensor Lighting – Good exterior lighting is one of the best deterrents for home invasion and burglary but with the cost of electricity on the rise, keeping exterior lights on all night isn’t an attractive option. Motion sensor lighting is the perfect solution, providing light only when it is needed.

There are many possibilities when it comes to the Home Security Niche that can provide a substantial profit.

Maternity Products

There is literally a never-ending demand for maternity products. With most mothers-to-be now participating in the workforce until late in their pregnancies, there is always a demand for products that will make life easier and pregnancy less physically taxing.

Some of the products to consider while you are searching for good niche marketing ideas in maternity products include:

  • Maternity Bands – These are products that make carrying the baby easier on a woman’s body. The further into pregnancy a woman gets, the harder it is for her body to comfortably carry the weight of the baby. Maternity bands help provide support and comfort during later pregnancy.
  • Maternity Pillows – These are large pillows that make sleeping and nursing much easier for new mothers.
  • Breast Pumps – These devices are important for nursing mothers, especially those new mothers who plan to return to work after their baby is born.
  • Skincare Products – The market is wide open when it comes to maternity skin products. Many new mothers will have skin problems that they may not have had prior to pregnancy such as stretch marks and acne problems. New mothers are interested in skin products that are safe to use and will not harm their unborn babies.
  • Maternity Clothing – Fashion doesn’t become less important during pregnancy. Women want to look their best at all stages of pregnancy. Focusing on comfort and fashion for pregnant women can be a very profitable niche.

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Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy is still one of the most profitable untapped niche markets out there. There is a large market for energy that is safe for the environment that is also less expensive than fossil fuels.

Those who can offer high-quality niche products in renewable energy stand to make a substantial profit.

Some of the products in the niche of Renewable Energy that off the potential for extensive profits include:

  • Solar as Backup – Selling solar systems can be difficult when not everyone has confidence in this as an energy source. On the other hand, if you sell solar as a backup energy source that may be useful during a blackout, the consumer is more apt to take a chance on solar power.
  • Off The Grid Solar Power – There are many consumers interested in going off the grid, especially when it comes to energy. Living in a remote location has its challenges, and one of those challenges is access to power. It is often less expensive to install solar panels than it is to hire contractors to run power to a remote location.
  • Mobile Power – Solar Power is especially useful for providing mobile power. There are solar products that can recharge your flashlights, mobile phones, and even heat water.

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Niches That Focus On Education

There is a boom happening in the niche of online education. Some of the products that can be included consist of products to help the consumer learn a new language, spiritual education, and even physics.

The sky is the limit when it comes to selling educational products.

Items that help the consumer continue their education from home can be extremely profitable. Consider selling foreign language classes or How-To Videos.

Specialize in the Survival Niche

With the frequency of natural disasters increasing and other potential hazards, the interest in survivalist products has also increased. This is one of the most profitable and underserved niches today.

Within the survival niche there are a number of sub-niches to consider, including:

  • Products for Survival Preppers – This is one of the most profitable sub-niches in the survival niche. Prepping products may include solar water heaters, two-way radios, defense gear, water purifier, etc.
  • Publish Survival How-To Manuals – How-to books are big with consumers interested in survival prepping. Publishing and selling books that focus on self-sufficiency in the aftermath of a disaster is big business.
  • Information on Homesteading – This may not seem like an important subject in modern times but the case of a natural disaster, those who have information that would help them set up in a new location will have an advantage over others. In addition, there are currently several locations within the United States where homesteading is still legal.

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Automobile Accessories

Unique automobile accessories are not as easy to find as other types of accessories. As automobiles are often the second most expensive purchase that most people make, it stands to reason that accessories for that automobile would be in high on their list as well.

We live in a time of individuality and that extends to our homes and automobiles. This is a niche that has the potential for fantastic profits.

Some of the products that are in high demand include:

  • Smart Phone Holders – One of the advantages to the age of mobile technology is the ability to take your phone with you, but to do this safely, you need a smartphone holder.
  • Wireless – Anything wireless that can be used in an automobile will be in high demand. Society is more mobile today than at any time in history. People need wireless devices that can be used while they are in transit.
  • Car Chargers – Mobile devices require charging, even when you are on the road. Car chargers are one of the most bought mobile products today.

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The Retro Niche

With advanced technology so much a part of today’s world, some people long for a simpler time and this is reflected in the rise of retro products.

Some popular retro products include:

Retro Lunchboxes – For those who send their children to school with lunch, retro lunchboxes are a nice touch.

Board Games – Now that people are beginning to see the advantage of family time, staying at home and doing things as a family is something that is in style again. Families want activities they can do together so board games are once again in high demand.

Reto Fashion – Those who lived through the 70s might be surprised to know that the fashion of that decade is back in demand. People are looking for retro fashion that includes everything from rock-n-roll T-shirts to oversized hoodies.

Drones Are Big Sellers

Drones are a hot selling product and so are the accessories that go with them. Although you can now buy drones from most retailers it isn’t always as easy to find accessories for drones.

Some trending drone accessories include:

Drone Landing Pads – These landing pads are popular among drone pilots and come in a variety of sizes and colors.

Portable Battery Chargers – Anyone who has a drone will know that the batteries tend to run low, quickly, which is why portable battery chargers are popular when it comes to drone accessories.

Drone Skins – Due to the fact that individuality is so popular in today’s culture, drone skins are also popular. These are generally easy to sell and provide a large profit margin.

The Box Subscription Niche

There is something to be said for the subscription box. It is like receiving a mystery gift each month and for the retailer, subscription boxes are a fantastic source of reoccurring income.

With so much growth in the industry, you will find a market for subscription boxes in the areas of coffee, personal care items, and even clothing.

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Everyone Loves Animals

Animals make a good niche that comes with an evergreen market. This is a sure bet niche and includes anything related to animals. Consumers love products for their pets or animal-themed gifts.

If you choose a niche that focuses on animals, you can sell anything from calendars to dog grooming kits.

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How to Research the Top Untapped Niche Markets to Start a Website

Identifying profitable niches is key to success in today’s online marketplace. There are literally hundreds of niches out there that offer potential but how do you identify which niche will be the most profitable?

There are several methods to research the best niche markets ideas and most of those methods are free, though they may be time-consuming.

Google Trends

One of the best and least expensive methods of researching the profitability of a niche is with Google Trends. Over a period of a few weeks, watch the daily trends on Google to see what people are searching for.

Google Keyword Search Tool

Once you’ve decided what type of product you want to sell, use the Google keyword tool to research how competitive that niche is. This will give you a good idea of what your success in that niche might be.


KeySearch is one of my favorite online tools to conduct keyword research. It’s a much more affordable alternative to Ahrefs and accomplishes much of the same goals.

Current Popular Niches

Today’s popular niches may hold a clue when it comes to what will become popular in the future. Piggybacking on these niches is an option.

If Retro is popular, you can refine that niche to a specific retro product such as retro furniture.

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Evergreen Niches

There are some niches that will always be profitable including holiday products, and novelties. An example would be Halloween products. Many of the products that are sold for Halloween, now sell year around.

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Ready to Start Your Niche Website?

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Conclusion on Untapped Niche Markets to Consider

If you want to make money online, it is important to decide on a profitable niche and to know your target market. Know what the market is looking for and deliver unique and high-quality products in that niche.

The highest quality opportunities come from those that have not been developed yet. Every day in our lives new niches are being developed just out of our own human nature and human trends.

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What untapped niche markets intrigue you the most? Contact me for more information. I’d love to hear from you.

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