LifePoints Review 2021: Can You Make Legit Money?

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Looking to make money online filling out surveys? Here is a good option you can try – LifePoints. However, is it legit or scam? Does it make a good option out of many available online? Let’s learn in this LifePoints review.

You’ve probably heard of survey sites that help people make some money by stating their personal preferences and opinions.

Let’s face it; we’re all a little skeptical when we hear about apps and websites paying their users to complete micro-tasks.

Even though it sounds too good to be true, some legit sites help you generate a steady income from home. Enter, LifePoints. 

LifePoints Logo

With the LifePoints App, you can cash your everyday screentime by completing surveys and other similar tasks.

What’s more, getting started on LifePoints is not as difficult as making money on Youtube or online freelance gigs

So, why do most LifePoints reviews state shady aspects of the site? 

You see, whenever there’s money involved online, there’s a lot of room for scams and deceptions. But don’t worry, we’ve bought you the correct and reliable facts about the LifePoints app in this LifePoints review. 

After we clear the mist on the subject, you can decide whether to go for the site or not.

What is LifePoints?

Believe it or not, LifePoints is owned by a company that’s been around since 1946. Yes, Lightspeed is a market research firm that looks for basic consumer needs globally and caters to the same. 

Lightspeed has its reach spread across more than 70 countries and is known as the most extensive custom research and analysis provider in the world. 

They launched LifePoints only a few months ago. Before that, it was known as the Global Test Market and was given its present name after its merger with MySurvey. 

That explains the five million users the platform brags about. It’s not the count for just one company, but two, which means it’s not much after all. 

Lifepoints Review

Besides that, LifePoints is accessible to users above 16 years of age all over the world. Along with that, there are many opportunities to win exclusive prizes, giveaways, competitions, and gift cards for LifePoints social media users. 

We know what you’re thinking, how can you start earning money and prizes through this platform? Let’s find out. 

Becoming a LifePoints Member

What we like about the LifePoints website is that it’s clutter-free and straightforward. There are no extra endorsements, or catchy taglines to get in the way of your purpose.

The intuitive setup just guides you immediately towards the sign-up process.

Simply put, you can begin generating your passive income in no time. 

Download the App

The best part about this website is that it has its own Android and iOS apps.


Unlike other survey sites that only operate through their websites, you can access LifePoints through your mobile phone. This way, you can complete surveys and tests whenever you have time, even if you’re not in front of a computer screen. 

To sign up and begin completing surveys through your mobile, you’ll need to download the app. 

Create an Account by Signing Up

Once you’ve downloaded the app, the next step is to sign up.

The signing up process is easy. All you need to do is provide your necessary details and click the button. 

Furthermore, LifePoints doesn’t charge anything for the initial sign up, so becoming a member is completely free. Moreover, the app gives you ten bonus LifePoints, just for signing up.

Usually, they’re not worth anything, but you can add them up to the points you earn and redeem the benefits. 


Start Making Legit Money

After you’ve provided all your required personal details by creating your profile on the app, you’re ready to answer surveys and earn points.

The whole process takes almost no time, but some people have faced glitches in the system as the app is relatively new. 

There’s a help button at the lower left where you can get some information if you have trouble signing up. 

LifePoints Terms

Before we talk about how to find your way through the LifePoints app, you’ll need to know the terms used on the app so that you can navigate easily. 


For completing small, daily tasks, LifePoints offers you boosters. Boosters are denoted in the form of percentages to increase your earnings. They usually appear on your app in the form of pop-ups and notifications, once you complete the small tasks. 

Most importantly, they don’t take up much time and boost your earning further. 

Earning Percentage

This is a unique aspect of LifePoints. If you’ve become an active user, LifePoints will show your earning potential in the form of a percentage on your profile. 

They generate this percentage based on how many tasks you complete, how upgraded your profile is, and how promptly you go for daily tasks. The higher your percentage, the more your chances for earning points. 


LifePoints are the points you get in exchange for the work you do on the app. You can redeem your LifePoints and get money or gift cards.

Making Legit Money With LifePoints

Now that you’re a member of LifePoints, you can go through the different money-making ways the platform provides. Here are some activities that you can go to earn money regularly. 


The most reliable and legit way to earn money on this platform is by filling out surveys. These surveys are worth the most points, so they’re worth investing your time into. 

Companies create surveys so that they can target the needs of consumers. After that, companies like LifePoints connect their users to these surveys and pay them for giving out their opinions. Questions can include your favorite brands, your shopping interests, habits, and much more. 

However, companies only need a specific number of responses to their surveys. Once that’s completed, the rest of the users who filled out the survey get screened out.

Even if you can’t access some surveys, LifePoints will add you to their sweepstakes through which you can earn some points for your time. 

Daily Challenges

When you become a regular user on the platform, you will get short surveys every day – called daily challenges. These surveys are created by monitoring your regular answers. This means you can potentially earn more through these. 

Besides that, there are other benefits to completing daily challenges as well. First of all, you can get monthly boosters for filling out the quick surveys.

Secondly, if you complete a challenge every day of the month, you’ll get bonus Lifepoints. 

Location-Based Surveys

LifePoints has an Earn-on-The-Go option that provides location-based surveys. This way, you can earn extra points depending on your current location. For that, you’ll have to turn on the Geo-Location services. 

Guess what, the app gives you 50 points just for turning it on, and you’ll get 20 points every month if you keep it on while you’re on the go.

These surveys include questions about the places you’ve visited and your traveling habits. Also, through its location tracking, the app will invite you to other money-making activities depending on where you are.


Upgrading Your Profile

LifePoints offers you points for giving out your details. The details required for the initial sign up are basic, which includes your full name and email.

After that, you get points for upgrading and adding more details to your profile. 


How Do You Get Your Money?

With LifePoints surveys, the points you get vary upon the surveys you complete. Some surveys offer more than 50 points, while some will only give you 10. The main factors that affect your earnings on this app are the times you spend filling out the surveys and how many surveys you fill out. 

Furthermore, LifePoints offers boosters as well, but those are highly unpredictable. The app shows you pop-ups when you receive a certain increase in your earnings.

This is usually at the end of the month, upon turning your Geo-Location on or upgrading your profile. 

If you spend a lot of time on the app and are identified as an active user, the app will display more options for you, eventually increasing your earnings. 

As far as payment options are concerned, you won’t find them on their website. However, they’re clearly listed on their app. There are three basic ways you can redeem your points on LifePoints. 

Earn Per Activity Payment Method Min To
Cash Out
Next Steps
$0.6 – $1 Lifepoints pays in PayPal $20 Read Full Review

Gift Cards

You can redeem your LifePoints in the form of gift cards. These include Amazon eGift Cards and mobile top-up options. You can also go for free products at Starbucks and purchase apps on Google Play. 

When it comes to gift cards, the basic rule is, for about 1000 LifePoints, you can get merchandise or services worth $10 or $15, depending on what you’re going for.

This means if you earn about 150 points every day, you’ll have points worth $15 or $16 by the end of the week. 


This is the payment option most people go for if they’re interested in earning hard cash. However, you’ll be disappointed to know that the earnings are not much when redeemed in money. 

You’ll get about $10 in exchange for 1000-1200 points. So if there’s a better deal in the gift cards section, you should go for that. 


If you’re not really interested in earning points or cash and are just completing the tasks for fun, you can donate your making to a good cause.

Let’s face it, how many times do we think of giving out $10 or $20 to a charitable organization? 

LifePoints gives you a chance to donate your earnings to UNICEF. This way, deserving individuals can get the value for the money that you’ll probably spend on a meager item. 

Now that you know all there is about the platform, how it works, and how much you can earn from it, you’re probably ready to give it a try.

But before that, you should know that every platform has its benefits and downsides. 

Here’s a clear representation of both aspects to help you make the final decision whether the app is worth your time or not. 

Make Money with Lifepoints Panel (1)


Pros of LifePoints

First of all, let’s start with the good points.

High Survey Availability

There are lots of surveys available on the app. If you want to earn hard cash, you’ll have to complete all the surveys and tasks you can, and LifePoints gives you the opportunity to do so. 

Value for Time

If you’ve never taken surveys before, we hate to break it to you, some surveys can take more than half an hour to complete. Usually, such surveys offer 10 to 20 points, that’s like practically wasting your time. With LifePoints, that’s not the case. 

You can fill most of the surveys in less than 10 minutes. Besides that, there are small, everyday tasks that take even less time to complete. 

Options to Cash Points

Some websites restrict their users to gift cards and offers only. With LifePoints, you can get gift cards, discounts, mobile top-up, and even cash in exchange for your points.

With gift cards from reputed vendors like Starbucks and Amazon, earning can become more exciting for you. 

Minimum Limitations

You can access LifePoints from anywhere in the world. This means the surveys they provide are eligible for people located anywhere around the globe.

Also, you can find surveys in your own language as well. 

Cons of LifePoints

Now for the downsides. There are always a few risks involved when you’re working online, so you should be prepared for some drawbacks with every app.

Here’s what we dug up on this one. 


Even though it’s not common, you might get disqualified from some surveys when you’re nearly at the end.

Technical Issues

Some users report issues while signing up for the app. There are complaints about accounts getting suspended after the registration was complete.

No Customer Service

If you have a problem or are stuck in a mess with the app, you have no option but to check the FAQs for a solution. Besides that, there’s no other way you can talk to an actual person when you’re facing technical issues or have a genuine query,

Point Cancellations

Users also complain that they had their points taken away for no reason. Also, some people report that their accounts were deactivated for no reason, without any chance to redeem their earnings.

LifePoints Expiration

Yes, LifePoints will expire if you don’t use them soon enough. If you’re waiting to save up the right amount so you can get a substantial amount of cash, we recommend not doing so. 

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Alternatives to LifePoints – Stack Your Rewards

LifePoints is a legit platform to generate a steady income, but it requires a lot of time and is subject to certain risks as well.

If you want to earn hard cash quickly, here are a few other options that you can use in addition to LifePoints Panel. 

Survey Junkie

survey junkie logo

This is a popular survey website that gives out more value for your time. It does have location limitations, but it’s points are worth more than LifePoints. 

Earn Per Activity Payment Method Min To
Cash Out
Next Steps
$1 – $50 PayPal & Gift Cards $10 Read Full Review


InboxDollars Logo

InboxDollars is one of the easiest ways to earn cash online. There are a ton of options as you can make money by shopping online, watching videos, playing games and so much more.

Earn Per Activity Payment Method Min To
Cash Out
Next Steps
Up to $5 Cash & Gift Cards $30 Read Full Review

Vindale Research

vindale research

This is a legit research company that lets you earn in US dollars. It’s reputable and reliable enough for you to give it a go if you’re looking for some easy cash.

Read more about the site in our Vindale Research review.


LifePoints Review – Is LifePoints Legit or a Scam?

At the end of the LifePoints review, it all comes down to the ultimate question, Is it safe or unsafe? According to us, LifePoints is not a scam.

On the contrary, it’s a reliable and legit platform that offers excellent earning options online. 

However, if you look at it in terms of profitability, you’ll need to invest a lot of time in exchange for rather small benefits. So, if your goal is to become rich by working online, LifePoints is not for you. 

But, if you enjoy taking surveys, and you don’t mind cashing the time you spend online whatever the benefits may be, you should go for LifePoints.

Remember, LifePoints does not offer to earn through anything besides surveys. 

Other sites let you play games, watch videos, and shop online in exchange for points. You can go for those as well to diversify your approach. Happy Browsing!

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