Ipsos I-Say Review 2021 – Is It Worth It?

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If you’re looking to make money online by answering surveys, Ipsos i-Say is a viable choice. This Ipsos i-Say review will highlight everything you need to know.

Here at Financial Wolves, we love getting into the nitty-gritty of these free-to-use paid survey websites – they offer extra bucks, and apart from having to invest a little time and effort, you have absolutely nothing to lose. 

While most of these sites are free to use, we often tell our readers to be wary; some paid survey sites are outright scams, and others have dishonest policies that will fool you into making an unpaid effort. 

To help you in making a wise decision, we conducted a comprehensive study of the Ipsos i-Say platform and read hundreds of online reviews to get the ultimate lowdown on this market research platform.

Needless to say, we found quite a few pros and cons that potential subscribers must absolutely know before signing up. 

This Ipsos i-Say review offers comprehensive advice about how to use Ipsos, the sign-up process, its pros and cons, and its legitimacy as a paid survey app. 

What is Ipsos i-Say?

What is Ipsos iSay

Ipsos i-Say is the official survey site arm of Ipsos, one of the world’s largest market research companies with over 16,000 employees. Ipsos is a publically-traded company with a presence in over 88 countries.

In the market research industry, Ipsos is one of the big leagues. 

In US presidential elections, it’s the Reuter-Ipsos collaboration that fuels most political surveys.

Up to this day, the duo is in charge of most approval and disapproval ratings; while Ipsos conducts the polling, Reuters comes up with the methodology and questions. 

While other survey sites offer various ways of earning rewards including:

  • watching videos,
  • playing games,
  • online shopping,
  • reading emails, or
  • downloading apps

Ipsos i-Say has the unique selling point of focusing all its efforts on mastering just two activities: surveys and polls.  

How Ipsos i-Say Works

How Ipsos i-Say Works

Ipsos i-Say is a paid survey site that offers a specific number of points for every survey answered. Like most survey sites, Ipsos i-Say surveys begin with a list of qualifying questions (to ensure that you’re in the correct demographic) before moving on to the survey itself.

Ipsos i-Say Qualification

Survey takers who do not qualify for the survey after the qualifying round will be awarded a consolation prize of 5 points. After scouring online reviews, we determined survey qualification to be a recurring issue. 

To succeed in Ipsos i-Say, patience is required as it may take some time for you to successfully land on a survey you are qualified for. Qualified survey takers get to move on with the main survey which is worth more points. Each survey may give you 45 to 90 points. 

The Polls

Ipsos iSay Poll Predictor

While Ipsos i-Say’s main draw is its surveys, the platform also conducts polls. Subscribers don’t get points for participating in polls, instead, poll participants stand a chance to be a part of a long-running sweepstakes.

After answering a survey, subscribers get to play Poll Predictor – a mini-game where they must predict the percentage of people who will pick the “yes” option in a poll question answerable by “yes” or “no”. 

The mechanics of the Poll Predictor game are simple: if the percentage you guessed is close to the correct answer, you will be awarded “chances” or entries into the Ipsos i-Say sweepstakes.

We found the Poll Predictor game to have a diverse set of questions, from the mundane to the downright wacky (e.g. Do you compost religiously? What percentage of American women answered “YES”?, If a stranger knocked on your door and asked to use the toilet, would you let them? What percentage of women answered “YES”?).

Loyalty Awards

While completing surveys earns you points, Ipsos i-Say also offers bonus points to subscribers who have answered a specific number of surveys. Answering a total of five surveys earns you 25 bonus points while answering 10 surveys will earn you 50 bonus points.

If you finish 15 more (for a total of 25), you’ll be rewarded with 100 bonus points. 

These points are in addition to the points you garnered by answering the survey itself. Here’s a list of how many bonus points you’ll earn from the number of surveys you’ve completed. 

  • 5 surveys: 25 points
  • 10: 50 points
  • 25: 100 points
  • 50: 200 points
  • 75: 250 points
  • 100: 300 points
  • 125: 400 points
  • 150: 500 points
  • 200: 600 points

Number of Surveys

The number of surveys you’ll receive on a daily basis depends on your locality and demographics. We’ve heard of users who receive up to 8 to 10 surveys a day, while on some days they don’t receive a single invite. 

Upon signing up, you’ll find a list of surveys you can answer immediately. If there are no surveys listed, you’ll have to wait for email invites from Ipsos i-Say.

Email invites take you to a link with survey details that include an estimated time of how long it will take to complete the survey, the number of questions, and the type of industry. 

Points and Rewards System

Ipsos iSay Rewards

The reward system in Ipsos i-Say is pretty straightforward. For every 100 points you earn on Ipsos i-Say, you get $1. 

Once you’ve racked up your points, there are four ways to redeem your rewards on the platform. The first way is to exchange your points for gift cards from major retailers like Target, Amazon, or Starbucks. You can only do this once you’ve reached the 500 threshold.

In our experience, this is much lower than other sites. As long as you remain active on the Ipsos i-Say platform within 45 days, your points won’t expire. 

The second way of redeeming your points is through PayPal. Exchanging for hard cash requires more points (you’ll get $15 for 1530 points), and it takes around 3-4 weeks to process. You can also exchange your points for a prepaid Visa card (2000 points for $20) without nay premiums.

This takes around 4-8 weeks to get delivered via UPS. 

The third way is to donate your points to various charitable organization institutions like Nature Conservancy, Habitat for Humanity, etc. 

The last option is for risk-takers. If you’re looking to test your luck, you can spend 250 points for an entry into the prize sweepstakes. 

Referral System

Another way you can earn from Ipsos i-Say is through the platform’s referral program. Every friend you invite to the platform that answers their first survey earns you 100 points ($1).

Remember that your referral has to answer or a survey for you to actually earn points. 

How to Sign Up for Ipsos I-Say

How to Join


Before getting started, subscribers must fulfill these conditions before being eligible to enter:

  • To enter the surveys at Ipsos i-Say, you must be 18 years old
  • Subscribers must be a permanent resident of the United States, Canada, or the United Kingdom
  • Since all surveys are online-only, users must have a strong internet connection. 



Ipsos i-Say Signup

Ipsos i-Say has a straightforward registration process. Follow the steps below. 

  1. Create your profile 

Go to the Ipsos i-Say website and register as a member. You will be asked to fill in the required details including your first name, last name, permanent address, email address, and date of birth. 

  1. Verify your email

After completing your profile, you’ll be asked to confirm your email via a verification link. Log in to your email and click the link. 

  1. Answer your first survey

Your first survey in Ipsos i-Say is designed to know more about you and your demographic. The Ipsos team utilizes the information derived from this survey to send you more targeted surveys in the future. 

Ipsos I-Say Pros

Here are some of the major pros of using Ipsos I-Say. 

Targeted Surveys

Ipsos i-Say’s “Getting to Know You” survey helps the Ipsos team know your interests. This means that the surveys sent to you are those that you interested to take, unlike other paid survey sites that send you boring and irrelevant surveys. 

The Loyalty Program 

Ipsos i-Say’s brilliant loyalty program allows you to earn points the more surveys you take. If you actively participate in surveys, you’re sure to rack up more points in the long-run thereby elevating your money-making capacity. 

Low Threshold 

Among the Ipsos i-Say reviews we’ve read, the platform’s minimum cash out got the most praise. While other paid survey sites have hard to reach thresholds that make it hard to redeem anything, Ipsos i-Say low minimum redeemable amount of 500 rewards points make it easy to claim your rewards.

Ipsos I-Say Cons

Here are some of the major cons of using Ipsos I-Say. 

Long Cashout Duration 

While other survey sites allow you to cash out in just a week, Ipsos i-Say takes around three to four weeks to process cash payouts via PayPal. This can be too long a wait for some users. 

Frequency of Surveys

While some users reported receiving 8 to 10 surveys a day, we’ve come across more users who reported receiving very few surveys or none at all for days on end. Depending on your locality, this might not be a disadvantage for you. 

Earning Potential

Here at Financial Wolves, we always tell our readers who are interested in joining paid survey sites to eschew the thought that answering surveys will make them rich. No survey site will make you reach – even Ipsos i-Say.

Survey sites allow you to make a little money on the side with the time you would spend doing something unproductive. 

Qualifying For a Survey

Among all Ipsos i-Say reviews, qualifying for a survey seems to be the most common. While it’s normal to get kicked out of a survey for being unqualified, Ipsos i-Say seems to have a higher rejection rate as opposed to other survey sites like Swagbucks or InboxDollars.

For users who want to make the most of their time, this may be a big issue. Thankfully, Ipsos i-Say offers a consolation prize of 5 points for every survey rejection.

Is Ipsos I-Say Legit or a Scam? 

Managed by a globally-renowned market research company with clients in more than 100 countries, Ipsos i-Say has a sense of prestige that other survey sites don’t. When it comes to legitimacy, there’s no question about Ipsos i-Say’s longstanding track record of happy subscribers. 

As of 2020, Ipsos has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, a globally renowned business rating site that scores companies based on complaints. On Trustpilot, however, the company fared worse with only 2.9 stars out of 5.

Obviously, the company is not without complaints and interested users need to know this before signing up. 

Most of the complaints we’ve read from Trustpilot included errors on surveys, a slow and unresponsive website, and membership cancellation without warning. 

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Ipsos i-Say Review: Is It Worth It? 

If you’re looking to make money online, Ipsos i-Say is just one of the many paid survey sites on the world wide web.

There’s no doubt that if you have enough time on your hands and you’re willing to go through the effort of answering dozens of surveys for little payout, then Ipsos i-Say is a good site to use, and hundreds of Ipsos i-Say reviews say the same too.

But is it the best survey site out there? The answer to this depends on what you’re looking for. 

Sites like InboxDollars have lower survey rejection rates, while Survey Junkie offers more money per survey.

Another thing to watch out for is its painfully long reward sending duration – waiting three to four weeks for your rewards may be too much for people who want instant gratification.

If you’re looking for just one survey site to use, you may be better off seeking other alternatives but that’s not to say that Ipsos i-Say is completely worthless. 

The platform’s low threshold means you get to cash out your rewards sooner compared to other paid survey sites, and interesting surveys ensure a fun survey answering experience.

Extra features like Loyalty Awards and plenty of opportunities to join sweepstakes kept us motivated to answer more surveys knowing that our efforts will eventually be rewarded.

In hindsight, this is probably where Ipsos i-Say excels: using effective baits for its users to answer more surveys. 

We’re also loving the platform’s active customer service, so if you ever find yourself in trouble, there’s enough support to help you out. 

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