InboxDollars Review 2021: Can You Make Legit Money?

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Who doesn’t want to make money online while doing everyday things? Read through the complete InboxDollars review to find out how to earn a few extra bucks.

InboxDollars Review: How Much Money Can You Make?

When it comes to InboxDollars, there are tons of questions.

  • What is InboxDollars?
  • Is it safe and legit? How much money can you make?

All these questions are important and will be answered in our thorough InboxDollars review.

Keep reading and find out how to put some extra cash in your pocket while doing easy and fun tasks.

Making money online was never such an easy thing to do!

What is InboxDollars?

InboxDollars logo

If you’ve always wanted to know how to make extra money while doing fun and easy tasks, InboxDollars is the perfect answer.

This cashback program not only has shopping and cash offers but it also rewards you for watching TV, taking online surveys, etc.

In other words, InboxDollars is a reward club that pays out money for everyday activities.

It comes with both desktop and mobile versions, so you can use it on any occasion.

If it sounds too good to be true, don’t worry. InboxDollars is a BBB A+ rated company. Since its foundation in 2000, it has paid out over $59 million to its’ members for everyday online activities.

Thanks to expansions and mergers, the company is available in the US, the UK, and Canada.

Earn Per Activity Payment Method Min To
Cash Out
Next Steps
Up to $5 Cash & Gift Cards $30 Read Full Review

How does InboxDollars work

Market research is one of the most important tasks nowadays. Therefore, InboxDollars does exactly that.

Relatively, the company partners up with brands paying for consumer inputs.

In return, those partners will find out not only customers’ needs but also thoughts about their products.

InboxDollars partners

Some of their partners are world-known Netflix, Walmart, Target, etc.

The first step is to create an account. You can find a complete end-to-end opening process in the text below.

After creating an account and filling out your profile, earning extra money can begin.

Choose one of several options and start putting extra cash in your pocket. However, have in mind that you cannot cash out until your balance reaches $30.

The payment goes via several channels. Opt for PayPal, a mailed check, online gift cards or prepaid gift cards.

The next step is memberships.

InboxDollars has two types of membership: Non-Gold and Gold.

A non-gold member is every member before reaching the $30 threshold. After that, everyone automatically becomes a Gold member.

In that case, you’ll gain access to more earning opportunities. Moreover, you’ll also gain less time to process your payment. This time, it will be on a weekly basis.

Finally, the company will charge you a $3 processing fee for each cashout.

How to sign up for InboxDollars

Signing up for Inbox Dollars is an easy process.

Simply visit their website and look for a green sign-up box. Enter your e-mail address, choose a strong password and create an account. Simple as that!

At the same moment, you will be rewarded with a $5 sign-up bonus, which is a great push up. Is there any better welcome? InboxDollars  signup bonus

We’d like to emphasize one more time that you cannot request payment until you earn at least $30.

The next step is completing a short profile survey asking for demographic information such as age, gender, etc. In other words, you need to fill out the questionnaire and determine your eligibility.

The company rewards you with an additional 50 cents for completing the profile.

Just like in any other case of the survey site, the company uses provided information in order to offer you surveys they think are a good fit for you.

This way, you will be able to complete surveys according to your interests. It will help you avoid the boredom of filling out surveys that you’re not interested in.

Likewise, you are more likely to receive the survey you are qualified for.

Finally, each survey comes with cent or dollar information. This way, you will know the exact amount of money that you will receive after completing the survey.


InboxDollars App

The InboxDollars app is available for both Android and iPhone devices.

The app is a great tool designed to improve the usage of InboxDollars. It allows you to earn some cash on the go.

Therefore, you can search for current deals, take surveys or play games while not being on your laptop or the computer.

However, some of the InboxDollars complaints are about this application.

For example, users complain about the app closing in the middle of the survey. Likewise, not receiving customer service help is another of InboxDollars complaints.

Ways to Make Money with InboxDollars

As we mentioned at the beginning of this review of InboxDollars, there are different ways of earning extra money.

In addition to taking online surveys, you can opt for watching videos, playing games, web research, online shopping, or reading offer emails.

Let’s dig into each of them.

Take Online Surveys

Taking online surveys is the most popular way of earning extra cash. In fact, InboxDollars is probably one of the best survey sites out there.

Therefore, giving your opinion on various topics is such an easy and fun way of making a few extra bucks.

Each survey listing includes:

  • money information – it will show the dollar or cent amount you’ll earn
  • required time – estimated time to complete the survey
  • survey topic

different survey topics available on InboxDollars

Most of the surveys are paid from $0.50 to $5. In some cases, surveys can bring $10 or $20 reward. In the same way, the estimated time to complete a survey is from 3 minutes to 25 minutes.

Even though it sounds perfectly simple, there are some ‘‘side effects’’.

The whole process of taking a survey can be a little bit frustrating. For example, you can get disqualified in the middle of it.

As survey providers are looking for specific demographic groups, they disqualify those not meeting their requirements.

Watch Videos

Watch videos on InboxDollars site

Another fun way of making money online is by watching different kinds of videos.

Big brands decide to provide consumers with short snippets of their content.

These include movie trailers, new product features, cooking demonstrations, etc.

All available videos are put in several categories: Health, Food, News, Entertainment, Celebrity, and Tech.

Therefore, every time you watch a short video, you earn $0.50.

Extra tip: You can simultaneously watch a video and complete a short survey. This way, you’ll catch up on the latest gossip, share your opinion, and get double paid. Not bad, right?

Play Games

InboxDollars features a wide range of their own games. The most popular ones are Candy Jam, Monkey Bubble Shooter, and Mahjong Solitaire.

play games and make money online

Additionally, the company partnered up with GSN casinos. This way, they are providing you access to hundreds of fun GSN games.

This is when we come to the InboxDollars hack. The thing is, you actually have to spend money in order to gain cashback.

However, for each dollar you spend on those games, you will earn 18% cashback with InboxDollars.

Online Shopping

If online shopping is your thing, InboxDollars lets you earn that way, too.

This option includes using the company’s coupons, powered by

Look for the ‘Coupons’ tab and choose the category of interest. Clothes, home goods, and food are just some of the available categories you’ll find.

Some of the coupons include $1 or $2 off on things we usually use, such as trash bags of Listerine water.

different shopping deals available on InboxDollars site

Overall, it’s a cool way to get free coupons for everyday purchases while earning cashback for every coupon you redeem.

Moreover, you can get free samples and discounts from your favorite brands.

In addition, InboxDollars will send you savings tips and insider tips on finding free stuff online.

Read Emails

InboxDollars pays you to read emails, too!

It’s a quick and easy way to get paid for things you already do online.

The company will send you their best offers directly to your email address.

Usually, those are different advertisements for products.

Whether you decide to take the actual offer or not, you will be credited for confirming the received email.

Additionally, you can complete the offer for extra earning opportunities. Finally, the more active you are, the more emails they’ll send. Here is how you can get paid to read emails.

Surf the Web

Last but not least, get paid by researching the web.

Simply perform your everyday online activities using the InboxDollars search engine. In return, the company will reward you with cash.

For every four searches, InboxDollars will give you a penny.

Overall, it is a good way to earn some extra cash for those spending a lot of time online.

InboxDollars Review: Pros & Cons

After we explained the six main ways to make money online, let’s talk about the pros and cons of InboxDollars.

As there are many different reviews of InboxDollars, we decided to bring you an honest review with all the hidden hacks.

Pros of InboxDollars

Using InboxDollars has various advantages including:

  • Sign-up Bonus

Join the InboxDollars team and be rewarded with a $5 sign-up bonus. Moreover, the company will reward you with $0.50 for completing your profile account.

  • Different Ways to Make Money Online

The company provides you with different (and fun!) ways to make money online.

As previously mentioned in our InboxDollars review, some of them include playing games, watching videos or reading emails.

In the same way, InboxDollars wants to hear your opinion, so they’ll pay you to take various surveys. make money online with InboxDollars

Finally, the best thing about this variety is that you can switch from one activity to another. Likewise, you can even perform two activities simultaneously and get paid.

Do you want to read the latest product promotions while searching for groceries? Why not! With InboxDollars you can do both!

  • Easy Navigation

With InboxDollars, navigation is very simple. Each listing comes with the exact amount of money and the estimated time required for completing it.

Moreover, the categories of different surveys and activities are shown.

  • Provided Information

This advantage builds on the former one. In addition to the exact amount of money and the estimated time, each survey comes with the exact topic.

This way, you can choose up-front the one that interests you.

  • Variety of Payment

When it comes to payment, a variety of options is always a good thing to have. InboxDollars offers variety of payment

You can choose to cash out via PayPal or a mailed check.

Additionally, online gift cards and prepaid gift cards are also available.

Cons of InboxDollars

InboxDollars complaints that need to be improved include:

  • Processing Fee

The $3 processing fee can be really annoying. Especially because you’re trying to cash out your own money.

Furthermore, as you need to have at least $30 before the payment, this processing fee is like losing 10% of your earnings right from the beginning.

Finally, the minimum amount of redemption is $30, which makes it an additional disadvantage.

  • InboxDollars App

As mentioned above, it’s not cool when the app closes in the middle of the survey. Moreover, it is pesky when you cannot receive a proper answer from customer service.

Therefore, the app really needs to be improved.

  • Hourly Rate

In terms of hourly rates, you don’t make much money with InboxDollars. In other words, the time investment is not proportional to eventual earnings.

  • Spending Money

Although not the rule, some activities may require you to spend your own money to redeem the offer. A great example is GSN games where you actually have to spend money in order to gain cashback.

  • Time investment

Probably one of the biggest cons of InboxDollars. It can take too long before you find a survey you’re qualified for. The company won’t tell you in advance if you’re eligible or not.

First, you have to answer several questions, which means losing time if you’re not a good fit.

Is InboxDollars legit or a scam?

The most common question all InboxDollars reviews have to deal with is:

Is InboxDollars legit or a scam?

There are no hidden tricks. InboxDollars is not a scam but a legit way to earn a few extra bucks. They have an A rating from the Better Business Bureau and 4/5 stars on Trustpilot.

However, if you are expecting it to be a good way to gain financial freedom, you should find another way to achieve it. Here you can find the best passive income apps or useful tips on achieving financial freedom.

InboxDollars is a legit site

Is InboxDollars Worth it?

Although you’re not going to be financially independent or get rich, InboxDollars offers you to earn a little extra money. As with any similar site, it is not a good option for everyone.

Keep reading this InboxDollars review and find out who should join and who should avoid the company.

Who should use InboxDollars

InboxDollars is totally worth it if you:

  • Have a lot of free time

Taking surveys takes time. It is also a good option for students willing to kill time between classes.

  • Want to make extra money

If you want to make a few extra bucks by doing everyday online activities, this is a perfect site for you.

  • Enjoy being online

Why not be paid for things you love doing online? Whether it is playing games, watching videos or going online shopping, InboxDollars is an option.

reviews of InboxDollars


Who Should Avoid InboxDollars

InboxDollars is not an option if you:

  • Need regular income

Striving to achieve financial freedom or getting rich with InboxDollars is not possible. The earnings you’ll get here are really small. In other words, InboxDollars won’t provide you with life-changing money. It won’t make you rich or fund your children’s’ college.

If you need a serious income, the better option is to find a part-time job or think about different income options.

Therefore, keep your expectations reasonable and find other ways to achieve financial goals.

  • Aren’t Enjoying Being Online

This is what it’s all about. The whole site is oriented via online tasks, regardless if it is shopping, surveys or games.

Accordingly, making money online is not for those wanting to spend more time without a computer.

  • Too Busy

If you are too busy with your regular job or family duties, InboxDollars may not be a good option for you. Taking surveys takes time, so if you are too busy, using InboxDollars won’t pay off.

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InboxDollars logoAs in terms of any similar site, InboxDollars has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Therefore, it is not suitable for everyone.

If you have a lot of free time and want to earn a few extra bucks while doing everyday tasks, InboxDollars is the place to be.

You will get paid for watching videos, playing games, taking surveys, reading emails, online shopping or researching the web.

Those are all things we do every day. It is just a matter of the question of how much time can you set aside for these activities.

On the other hand, if you are striving to achieve financial goals and become financially independent, you should look somewhere else.

There are many other more efficient sites such as Swagbucks, Fundrise, Rakuten, etc.

However, if you decide to join the InboxDollars team, you will be greeted with the $5 sign-up bonus. Claim your bonus here and start making money online.

Just remember you need to earn a $30 threshold in order to cash out the payment.

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