How to Make Money with WordPress in 48 Hours

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Wondering how to make money with WordPress in 48 hours? Here are tips on how to do it – sans the dubious claims.

Some bloggers don’t mind the time-consuming work of growing a website from scratch, while others – the entrepreneurial kind – just want money and want it now. If you’re one of the latter, we understand entirely.

There’s something undeniably attractive about setting up a blog with minimal effort and earning from it in just two days.

If this isn’t the first article you’ve read about this topic, you’ve probably come across experts outlining ‘easy’ ways to make money from blogging in just 48 hours. While some of them offer good advice, a majority offer ineffective shortcuts that are nearly impossible to apply in real life.

If you’re looking for the fastest way to make money from blogging, here’s the truth: it requires real, honest work. The advice we’ll give you is tried and tested, but it’s good to have realistic expectations.

While it’s possible to make money from blogging in such a short amount of time, the income you’ll earn from a nascent blog will not make you wealthy (yet).

After following this guide, you will have started a blog with good potential to generate considerable income in the future.

Ready for our 2-day blog money-making challenge? Let’s begin.

Some caveats to consider before taking on the challenge

Woman blog writing on sofa

Before we discuss how to make money with WordPress in 48 hours, we need to ground our expectations.

How fast you’ll earn depends on external factors. This article will teach you how to make a blog with good money-making potential in 48-hours. It will NOT teach you how to generate income in just two days.

We’ll refrain from making outrageous claims that you’ll take home heaps of cash right away – claims like this are ungrounded. Contrary to what other ‘experts’ say, there’s no way to get rich with blogging in just two days.

How soon you’ll get your cash depends on several factors, including how many days your account gets reviewed by an affiliate program or how fast advertising platforms like Google AdSense approve it.

How much you’ll earn depends on external factors. So how much money can you make from WordPress in two days? Our goal is to develop a money-making blog within that timespan, but how much you’ll earn depends on advertising networks, how attractive your digital product is (more about this later), and how effective your marketing is.

The hard truth is, you probably won’t earn a lot right after two days, but that’s okay. You will have developed a blog that could rake in large amounts of income in the future.

We’ll be keeping costs low. To earn from a blog developed in just two days, we need to keep our costs low. Low costs mean more money in your pocket – especially for a beginner blog that won’t earn as much.

Our advice will offer the most affordable ways to start a WordPress blog from scratch but know that you’ll be trading off a bit of quality for budget.

SEO may be an issue. Blogs that generate the most income are those that have been around for years. Yes, Google puts a premium on websites that have shown good value to visitors over time. For reference, it takes approximately three years for a page to rank first in Google and around six months/1 year for SEO to show results.

Naturally, websites that rank higher earn more.

Since you’re looking for ways to make money fast, you’ll have to ground your expectations about how much money you’ll receive.

We’ll also have to find ways of generating income without relying too much on Google rankings.

Now that we leveled your expectations, here’s how to make money with WordPress in 48 hours.

Create your blog site

Create your domain name. If you don’t have a domain name yet, select one that best suits your business.

Need help? Read our article on How to Come Up with a Blog Name.

You’ll find a variety of hosting options that offer free domain names, but we suggest Bluehost.

Choose your web host. Bluehost is our host of choice as it offers one of the most outstanding services and hosting fees. If you’re looking to make money online, you need a reliable host that’s cost-effective, particularly one that’s recommended by WordPress.

While you can start a blog for free and make money, hosting with Bluehost will cost you just $3.95 a month. You can opt for the 12-month plan for only $83.40 for bigger savings.

Sign up. Sign up on the Bluehost website and jot in your domain name. Don’t have one yet? Bluehost offers free domain names with your purchase of a hosting account.



Only $2.95/month

Bluehost is the ultimate hosting platform that will allow you to start a blog or website in a matter of minutes. You’ll get a FREE domain name when you sign up with my link It’s never been easier to build a brand.


Fill up the forms with your personal information, select your monthly term, and install WordPress on your computer.

Bluehost has made this process more accessible with the MOJO Marketplace, where you can install WordPress and other applications with just one click.

Here’s a detailed step-by-step guide on how to create a blog with Bluehost.

Create a brand

Whether you’re selling products, sharing tips, offering services, or just blogging as a hobby, your blogs need a strong personal brand that your target market can relate to.

Having your own brand is especially crucial if you’re looking to earn. Without branding, readers will have a hard time recognizing you and telling you apart from the others.

Create a logo.  While nothing beats having your logo designed by a graphic artist with actual design chops, it’s easy to create your logo with design platforms like Canva.

Canva’s Logo Maker can help you design a logo even without design experience, and it’s absolutely free.

Canva website

A forewarning: the platform offers drag-and-drop capabilities, so your creativity might be limited by the constraints of what Canva offers. Read this Canva review to determine if you think Canva Pro is worth it or not. 

Select a WordPress theme. WordPress has thousands of website templates available for use, but the right one for you depends on your website’s goals, budget, and skill level. Since we’re following a low-cost plan, we’re opting for a free WordPress theme instead.

Themes differ according to their mobile responsiveness and customization options, so it’s best to know your business from the ground up before selecting one.

WordPress themes

Select a theme that best represents your brand, paying close attention to layouts, colors, and fonts that will best attract your target market.

It’s also a good idea to select a theme that supports the most popular plugins, as you’ll certainly need them if you’re looking to add the features you want.

Thankfully, some themes already come with pre-installed plugins. eCommerce-based themes, for example, already have a built-in shopping cart and product page features.

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Sign up for an email marketing service

Email on a laptop

If you’re wondering how to make money with WordPress in 48 hours, you’ll find it challenging to achieve success without email marketing. Since we won’t be relying on SEO too much, we need to come up with a workaround.

Email marketing will allow you to reach your consumers at a rate of nearly nothing per email – this is especially attractive for small-business owners who are working on a budget.

Understand email marketing. Email marketing also allows you to segment your audience into different lists, with each list receiving a tailored email message that resonates with them.

Addressing people individually adds a personal and more convincing touch. Without the help of SEO, we can use email marketing to drive traffic to your website, and in turn, drive sales.

Looking to learn more about email marketing? This free online course teaches you the best ways to build your email list and sustain your blog success.

Sign up for Constant Contact. Since we’re working on a budget, we’ll be opting for Constant Contact’s free plan. This plan is excellent for beginners who are just growing their audience; It has all of the basics required to start email marketing.

Grow your online leads with Constant Contact

Constant Contact offers a free trial plan to get started.

If you want a long term free option, you can opt for the Mailchimp free plan which includes 10,000 sends a month and up to 2,000 contacts, with a daily email sending limit of 2,000.

The free program offers basic reporting, basic themed email templates, single email automation, and more.

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Monetize your blog

Now that our blog’s set-up, we need to look for ways to monetize it. Our monetization strategy will focus on ways to generate income the easiest and fastest way possible.

Here’s how to make money with WordPress in 2 days.

Affiliate marketing

We chose affiliate marketing as the monetization strategy of choice because it’s easy to set up. Affiliate marketing involves promoting a company’s products and services on your website.

Every visitor who purchases the product or service through your link earns you a commission. It’s a very straightforward process.

Learn about how FlexOffers works. We suggest using FlexOffers as it’s easy to navigate and hosts over 12,000 advertisers to choose from. Also, there is no minimum traffic required to join the platform, making it an excellent choice for new bloggers.

FlexOffers website

FlexOffers allows you to choose from a variety of affiliate program categories, including consumer electronics, automotive, home and garden, entertainment, travel, lifestyle and recreation, and more. Before signing up, you may want to read our FlexOffers review.

Sign up for FlexOffers. After accessing the website and completing the registration process, the platform will prompt you to indicate where you plan on displaying links and banner ads.

FlexOffers publisher application

FlexOffers will also need you to verify your phone number and the ownership of your website.

Wait to get approved. FlexOffers review process takes between 7-10 days. The platform will go over your site and notify you of your approval.

Understand the payment timeframe. Affiliate programs will differ in payment procedures: while some pay per sale, others pay per action, lead, click, or install.

You can use the search filter in your FlexOffers dashboard to determine the payout type of each advertiser.

You’ll have to earn at least $25 before being able to receive a payment from FlexOffers (several transaction fees will be skimmed off from your earnings every time you cashout).

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Display advertising

Display advertising is another way on how to make money with WordPress in 48 hours. You’ll find a variety of display ad networks, but our favorite is Google AdSense.

Google AdSense website

In line with our goal to create a money-making blog quickly, we need to make do without the time-consuming endeavor of managing advertiser relationships.

Platforms like Google AdSense gives bloggers automatic and instant access to advertisers.

Google AdSense works by displaying ads on your website that matches your content and visitors.

These ads are paid for and created by advertisers who are looking to promote their products. You can sign up for their program here.

Sell digital products

This is by far the quickest way on how to make money with WordPress in 48 hours.

Affiliate marketing and display advertising will require you to wait until your website gets approved, but if you already have a digital product to sell, then you can make money right off the bat.

Digital products come in the form of eBooks, videos, photos, music, and others.

Promote and sell your digital product on your website and through Constant Contact’s email marketing, and you can start making money quickly.

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Create and promote your blog content

Woman typing a blog on a laptop

Now that you’ve figured out ways to monetize your blog, you need to create the actual content. You can create blog content while waiting for your website to get approved by affiliate programs.

Integrate affiliate links into your blog posts, sell your digital products, or enable display advertising.

Since your blog is new, it won’t be ranking in the search pages just yet.

You’ll have to rely on other ways of promoting your blog, such as posting in social media and forums, tapping into your email list, and creating share-worthy content.

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There you have it, you’ve created a blog that can make money in just two days. Remember: posting regularly is highly advised as this helps drive traffic engagement and improve your SEO.

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