How to Make Money with Merch by Amazon

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Are you interested in online entrepreneurship but do not know where to begin? Worry not. There is a big opportunity to make money with Merch by Amazon.

Making money online is always an excellent and easy way to add some bucks to your account. But, while there are numerous ways to make this money, some options are easier, more fun, and rewarding than others. How would you like to make monecy with Merch by Amazon? 

If you’ve been searching for an easy way to grow your passive income portfolio, Merch by Amazon is an incredible option. All you need to do is research and design, then leave the hard work to Amazon. You’ll simply be making money with minimal effort or investment needed from you.

If you’ve heard of it you probably know how rewarding this can be. And, if it’s the first time you are coming across the term Merch by Amazon, also, there’s no need to worry. I have prepared this comprehensive piece, to show you what exactly it’s all about, and how you can make some good money with it.

So, let’s dive in and see how it works.

What is Merch by Amazon?


merch by amazon

Merch by Amazon is a service that allows approved sellers of apparel products to create designs and post them on Amazon. If anyone orders your merchandise, Amazon goes ahead to do the production and shipping for you. Amazon then pays a commission to the seller for every sale made.

This service mostly involves apparel products like t-shirts, sweatshirts (hoodies), and lately, throw pillows. The items are printed on demand so there is no upfront investment required from the seller.

The main responsibility of the seller is research and product design. This includes the creation of attractive images and text to be printed on the merchandise and choosing the right colors for your products. You also get to set the price.

Once your items are listed and customers start buying your products, Amazon does the production and order fulfillment.

You may be wondering how you will make money with Amazon Merch. Well, Amazon pays you a commission for every item sold. The good thing about making money with Merch by Amazon is that it demands minimal effort, and offers an ideal passive income source.

Simply focus on research with Merch Informer and the design, and Amazon does the rest. In fact, you just relax and wait for the money to start streaming in. 

What Skills Do I Need for Merch by Amazon?

amazon merch skills

Contrary to what many people believe, you do not need much to make money with Merch by Amazon. Very little prior skills or experience are required for those getting into this venture.

Much as knowledge in graphic design is important, it is not essential. If you cannot do the design work by yourself, you can outsource it to freelance designers who can do it at a small fee. With a platform like Fiverr, you have access to some of the best freelance designers, at a reasonable fee.

If you want to create your own, then you need knowledge of the use of design software such as Photoshop and Illustrator. These are things you can teach yourself just by using information from the internet.

You can also do graphic design using online tools such as Canva which makes the process of designing very simple. Canva is actually meant for novices. With such tools, you can create very sophisticated designs with limited skills.  

This being a crowded space, you need to be able to create designs that are attractive and stand out. Therefore, a bit of creativity and eye for what sells is crucial. Again, if these are not your strengths, you can outsource that as well or rely on your friends for advice.

You also need a little knowledge of keywords to be successful on Merch by Amazon. But, if you do not know how to find the right keywords, you can use keyword tools such as Merch Informer that are customized for Merch by Amazon.

Detailed step by step guide on how to use Merch Informer to maximize revenue from Merch by Amazon can be found in the article Merch Informer Review: To Make Money on Merch by Amazon

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How to Make Money with Merch by Amazon


making money with amazon merch

How can I Make Money from Merch by Amazon? Well, this isn’t hard as many would think.

However, if you’re to make money here, you need to pay close attention to the following tips. First, you need to consider the type of product you want to sell.

There are hundreds of niche product ideas to consider. T-shirts and sweatshirts (hoodies), for example, sell more quickly compared to other items like throw pillows. Therefore, these two would be the most recommendable products to focus on.

You also need to create very attractive graphics and text that will make your products stand out. Although t-shirts and hoodies can be printed on both sides, most sellers print these graphics on the front only. Printing on both sides costs more money and may eat into your commission.

To maximize your earnings, you also need to know your target audience or market as you design your merchandise. Most t-shirts are bought by people who are 35 years or younger. Therefore, your designs need to appeal to them for you to make more sales and earn money with Merch by Amazon.

The price you set for your products also matters. You should set a reasonable price that is friendly to customers. However, you should also keep an eye on the margin to make sure that the price is not too low.

Also, ensure that you do proper marketing to allow your products to reach as many people as people. This includes marketing in multiple platforms such as the use of affiliates. Using the right keywords also helps to send people to your products.

If you do this right, this can guarantee you a reliable way to make money even when asleep.

Is Merch by Amazon Worth My Time?

merch by amazon t-shirt

Being an entrepreneur on Amazon is one of the best things you can do right now. Because of Amazon’s big customer base, this is a wonderful opportunity to reach the millions of people who buy things every day. Merch by Amazon offers a way of getting your products to these potential buyers.

All this without the hassle of traditional manufacturing businesses. As earlier discussed, Amazon off-loads the bulk of the work from you. They will take care of the crucial processes such as production, logistics, and customer service. This saves you a lot of precious time, effort, and money.

With the difficult part of the business taken care of, you are free to focus on the more refined aspects of the business – product design and business development. Right now, there are thousands or possibly millions of people who are waiting to see and buy your new designs.

Entrepreneurship has never been easier. So with minimal investment, you get a chance to make money with Merch by Amazon.

Merch by Amazon Pros

  1. Amazon handles the bulk of the work. Amazon takes charge of the production, packing, and shipment of every product. This saves the seller the time, effort, and resources that would have gone into doing all that work.
  2. Zero upfront costs. Unlike other businesses that require heavy capital investment, Merch by Amazon doesn’t as most of the costs are borne by Amazon. The only cost incurred by the seller is whatever they spend on designing the products.
  3. Predictable profit margins. Amazon will pay you a commission every time a sale is made. They are very transparent about the whole process and you are assured that you will get your money every time a customer buys your product.
  4. Established customer base. The Amazon brand is widely recognized by millions of customers worldwide. Amazon offers sellers an opportunity to take advantage of that to market their products and make money with Merch by Amazon.
  5. No wasted inventory or stock. The fact that Merch by Amazon is a print-on-demand service means that you won’t have items lying around in warehouses simply because there are no buyers. This eliminates unnecessary losses and wastage.
  6. Big opportunity for growth. Because of the huge customer base, the potential for expansion is very high. There are still many people who haven’t interacted with your products. This remains a big opportunity to make money with Merch by Amazon.

Merch by Amazon Cons

merch by amazon designs

So, what drawbacks should you expect from this money-making opportunity? 

  1. Stiff competition. Because of the ease of doing business, thousands of people have signed up for Merch by Amazon. Almost all of the niches are flooded with products from different sellers making it difficult to find a unique niche.
  2. High Risk of falling afoul of copyright laws. Since the service is saturated with hundreds of thousands of similar products, it is very easy to create a product or design that infringes on existing trademarks without your knowledge. This puts your account at risk of suspension or being removed from the platform.
  3. Requires a lot of research on keywords and search engine optimization (SEO). To optimize your products and increase sales, you need to take the time to find the right keywords. Although keyword tools such as Merch Informer make such work easier, finding a low-competition keyword that attracts many buyers can be a challenge.
  4. Lengthy registration process. Because of the popularity of the service, Amazon has decided to make it an invitation-only service. The process of approval is very slow and may even take months.
  5. Lack of brand identity. Although the Amazon platform gives sellers access to a large customer base, it is owned by someone else. So as much you can make money with Merch by Amazon, you can never truly build your own clientele.

How to Get Started on Merch by Amazon

getting started with amazon merch

Unlike before, the Merch by Amazon service has become an invite-only affair. So even though anyone is allowed to sign up, there is a lengthy and elaborate vetting process. Your application may take a few weeks, to even months, before it is approved.

To sign up for the service, you need an Amazon ID. You can get this by first registering an Amazon account. You can then log into your account and request an invite into the Merch by Amazon service.

As you wait to be invited, you can take the time to research your niche and product designs. For instance, what do you want to sell?

If, for example, you choose to sell t-shirts, take the time to research more on this niche. This will help you to know the latest trends and the designs that will attract buyers, enabling you to make money with Merch by Amazon.

The process of design creation is simplified and straightforward. For t-shirts, for example, Amazon will provide you with a template. You can customize this template with your own images or text in whatever format you like.

If you need some ideas, you can go to  to get help on which designs will sell better, what is in demand, and what people are searching for.

After you are satisfied with your designs, you can set your price. Amazon will then review your product before listing it for sale to the public, where customers can order.

Merch by Amazon Commission Structure

Sellers make money with Merch by Amazon through commissions paid by Amazon for every product sold. This commission is a fraction of the original price you set for your t-shirt or any other merchandise. This is because Amazon deducts tax and the cost the company has incurred in producing and fulfilling the order.

Generally, you should expect to earn between 13 to 37 percent of the original price of the item you are selling. The more expensive your product is, the higher you could earn.

The volume of sales also determines the amount of money you can make from Merch by Amazon. You can increase your commissions by promoting all your products through the Amazon Associates program.

Amazon provides a breakdown of the amount of commission to be earned from Merch by Amazon depending on the location.

Sellers with this program are clustered into tiers. These tiers indicate the number of designs you are allowed to sell. For instance, when you are new here, you are only allowed to sell 10 different designs.

Once you have reached 10 sales, you are graduated into the next tier. Again, when you hit the sales limit for each tier, you are allowed to move up to the next one. Every subsequent tier is a bigger opportunity to make money with Merch by Amazon. If you want to start making money online, this might be the best choice you’ve ever made. 

Copyrights and Other Issues 

make money with amazon merch

Amazon takes trademark and intellectual property violations very seriously. And because of the proliferation of sellers and products, the risk of committing a violation is very high.

Once a trademark or intellectual violation is noted, it takes down that product. Your account may also be suspended or banned altogether affecting your chance to make money with Merch by Amazon.

Because of the thousands of designs that are already out there, it can be difficult for a seller or designer to know what is trademarked and what isn’t. This may lead to accidental infringement of trademarks. Unfortunately, Amazon cannot distinguish between what is accidental and what is not.

You can use  to help you sort out these copyright issues and ensure that your account remains in good standing.

You should also ensure that the designs you have submitted through the Merch by Amazon program are in line with Amazon’s content policies. There is a lot of content that is not allowed by Amazon including offensive or controversial materials. Amazon is also against content that involves soliciting for reviews or that alludes to fulfillment or delivery.


Merch Informer

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