How to Get Paid to Be An Online Friend

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You might be hunting down for some new exciting ventures to earn some passive income, and amazingly, that journey led you here. Well, or you rather found the title interestingly weird. Weird or not, you can get paid to be an online friend.

How to Get Paid to Be An Online Friend

Want To Earn Easy Money?

This is an interesting trend that is gaining popularity, and various groups of people are using it as an avenue to generate and make money online.

And, it’s undeniable that in the current age, individuals have increasingly cut out most of their social aspects with regards to the day to day activities.

An enormous chunk of the world’s population spends most of their leisure time with their eyes glued to a screen. People would either be on their smartphones, a computer or watching TV.

In another scenario, another section of people has been forced to be busybodies due to the ever-rising cost of living.

Rather than spending their time engaging in some regular social activity, they would instead work to better their living standards.

These anti-social shifts have propagated some rather odd patterns that are starting to be felt in several ways.

One of these patterns includes the lack of genuine friends whom one can talk or open up to. For this reason, people have come up with ways to satisfy the social needs that humans crave for.

Also, has presented a business opportunity where people are making money out of the activity.

Sites have been created where one can get paid to be a companion while others are practicing it as independent freelancers.

Use Personal Capital to monitor all your cash flow and income. It’s a completely free way to track everything in an automated way.

They even offer a free net worth tracker and retirement planner to ensure you are on the right path to a better financial future.

But How Does It Work?

Being a virtual friend can be an exciting venture since you get to meet and interact with a good number of people with various diversities. Unfortunately, this type of work does not sit well with introverted personalities.

It’s ideal for outgoing characters that can easily fit in with any personality as well as the environment.

Usually, when you get paid to be an online friend, most of the clients will either be introverts, individuals with busy schedules, or people who have relocated to new countries or cities.

At this point, it is essential to note that getting paid to be a virtual friend is different from online dating or any illegal activities.

It is solely a platonic friendship. However, it is upon the parties involved to decide how to define their friendship.

In general, most sites that offer these services will require you first to sign up and set up an account with them. Later on, they can administer some tests or engage you in a conversation to help gauge your personality as well as get to know you.

Setting up your profile is a very crucial step since your profile will provide a quick yet detailed summary of your abilities and personality to your potential clients.

If you got some unique talents or excellent abilities, it is advisable to list them down. Especially if you got any unique traits to your personality, they could act as bonuses when it comes to attracting clients.

People who may speak foreign languages or are knowledgeable in various fields happen to be at an advantage.

Making Money With Online Friendship

At least you have understood the general concept behind being a virtual friend as well as how to become one. Nonetheless, you might still be wondering how exactly will you make money being an online friend.

Having set up your account and spiced up your profile, you are ready to roll.

Most of these sites wire your earnings electronically either through PayPal or visa. Some companies will have a flat rate per client you interact with, while others will let you decide how much you will charge per hour.

Sites that grant you the freedom to set up your customized rates typically cut a certain percentage from your earnings as commission.

To make money being a friend online is that easy, and does not require lots of hustles. Once you have your account running, potential clients will find you based on their preferred location or country.

They can then browse through your profile, and if they think that both of you can relate, they can message you right away. In some other cases, clients will prefer calls to text messages.

Being a virtual friend is an awesome side hustle that can make you some good money.

How Much Can You Make?

The amount of money that you can make from being an online friend is dependent on several factors. These may include hourly charges, one’s availability, and the number of hours spent chatting with a client.

In addition to that, one’s interpersonal skills are also a significant determinant of the total earnings. For instance, with a minimum charge of $20/hour, one could easily make $480 a week while working for three days only.

While you get paid to be a virtual friend, you are also privileged to be your own boss without any restrictions on time or availability. This fact makes it a perfect side hustle to add some bucks to your bank account.

Understandably, the cash might not sound much, but the cash will help in paying off some bills. To learn more ways to make money socializing, you can check our article on ways to get paid to chat.

3 Ways to Make Money Being a Virtual Friend Online

Let me briefly share with you some of the various avenues that you can use to get paid to be an online friend.

Some of the following companies do pay individuals to chat with people online, while others offer a platform where one can establish themselves as an independent virtual friend.

get paid to be an online friend

1. Freelancer


Freelancer is a well-renowned marketplace for freelancers as well as clients who are looking out for someone to work on their gigs. The company offers one of the top freelance marketplaces, where one can easily offer almost any service online; this includes chatting services.

Upon signing up as a freelancer, you will be required to fill in your details and build a portfolio.

After you sign up to work as a freelancer, you get eight bids for free, but one can as well buy more. These bids allow you to place a bid on any interesting task that you think you are well equipped to handle.

You can use the categories section or search bar to refine your search, and once you identify your desired job, place a bid. The major advantage of the Freelancer platform is that it has a secure and fast payment process. It helps in avoiding scammers and wasting your precious time as a freelancer.

Freelancer pays through debit cards, PayPal, Skrill, wire transfer, or through bank deposits.

3. Fiverr


Just like Freelancer, Fiverr is another massive marketplace for freelancing services. Fiverr lets you do anything and get paid on your own terms.

Unlike many other freelancing sites, Fiverr’s model happens to be unique. The site lets freelancers set up gigs based on their preferences.

If you want to get paid to be an online friend on Fiverr, you can set up a gig after signing up. You can as well browse through other listings that are present to get a rough idea of what other freelancers are doing and how you might set up your gig.

Setting up a gig lets clients find you easily.

With regards to payments, Fiverr ensures that secured and safe payments are made. The payment system acts as an escrow service, although they always cut 20% of your earnings as their commission.

When a client makes the payment, the payment will be visible in your account after two weeks.

3. Join College Pirates As a Mentor

Another excellent way of earning as an online friend is becoming a college mentor. Through this program, you will be helping new students make friends, as you also make money.

First-year students joining colleges are always in need of someone to talk to. They need someone to guide them through the many hurdles that come with being in a new place.

Therefore, if you know you are good at mentoring and can help someone walk through that hard part of life, College Pirates is an excellent site for you.

All you need to do is be there for these students, and give them college advice about things like:

  • Campus safety and infrastructure
  • Academics
  • Exciting college events such as clubs and sport groups

As a college mentor, you will be required to offer the students comprehensive information that will guide new students towards conquering their college life.

In terms of how much you can earn, this platform offers exciting rates. You can earn as much as $80 for each consultation. Therefore, if you think you can do it, join the platform today and make good money.

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Considerations Before Making The Leap

In this field, scams are rampant. That is a hard fact that you always have to bear in mind. However, this does not negate the fact that there are legit players in the game.

Nonetheless, extra precaution is a vital necessity to protect your data, identity, and yourself.

One of the ways to protect yourself from scammers is to look for secure sites. Most scamming sites usually do not have a security tag.

To confirm whether a website is secure, check whether you can see a lock symbol at the beginning of the URL address. A secure site will keep your identity safe and grant you an extra layer of protection.

However, even a secure site does not necessarily ensure your safety.

Try doing some research on the site’s reviews from people who have worked there.

Additionally, avoid any site that asks for money upfront, no matter how sweet the deal might sound.

Conclusion On How to Get Paid to Be An Online Friend

The concept of getting paid for being a virtual friend may undoubtedly sound bizarre to some people, but it is a legitimate way to cash in some bucks.

However, while it may seem easy to get paid to be an online friend, to some it might be a nightmare.

Those with social anxiety as well as introverts may not fit in this industry.

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