GoTranscript Review 2021: Is it Worth It?

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Anyone with good listening skills and a decent typing speed can take up transcription jobs. However, to make things easier you’ll need a website with ample work opportunities and an ideal payment structure. I’ve reviewed one of the best transcription sites for you to join right away. 

Since the pandemic struck the global population in 2020, there has been an exponential rise in freelance opportunities. Globally, freelance job postings increased by 41% in the second quarter of last year. 

If you’re interested in working online from home, what’s stopping you? I know what’s on your mind. Freelancing means landing steady jobs to create a regular income stream for yourself, which isn’t possible unless you’re at the top of your game. 

While fields such as graphic designing and writing are pretty saturated, you can easily make a place for yourself in the transcription world with minimum experience. 

GoTranscript Review

Transcription is your basic data entry job where you will have to turn audio files into text. Once you get the hang of it, you can easily make around $50 per day. Go through my GoTranscript review for further details. 

GoTranscript Review

Believe it or not, there are millions of people out there who simply need experts to type out their audio files. These files range from meeting minutes to interviews, speeches, and even phone conversations. 

Gotranscript logo

Many sites offer to connect transcribers with potential clients to accommodate this demand, making a choice difficult for beginners. If you want to start working as a transcriber but are confused about which site to go for, don’t worry. 

I’ve covered the essential aspects, including features, rates, and guidelines, in this detailed review of GoTranscript to help you make your choice. 

Even if you’ve been through other GoTranscript reviews online, this one won’t waste your time. I have targeted and explained the information that matters to a budding transcriber, so you can start your career right away. 

What is GoTranscript? 

Founded back in 2005, GoTranscript is a famous transcription company located in the UK. The best part about this platform is that it employs and provides services to people from all around the world in more than six different languages. 

GoTranscript website

Although the website uses AI assistance to evaluate the work submitted by transcribers, it prides itself in providing high-quality manual transcribing services. This is one of the attractive factors for clients who use the platform for their tasks. 

To date, the company has transcribed more than 144 million minutes of audio into text for consumers worldwide. Apart from transcription, the platform offers other services like subtitling, captioning, and translation as well. 

How GoTranscript Works?

GoTranscript works by advertising its services to clients worldwide. After that, it employs freelancers to complete the orders placed by clients. 

The website charges a fee from the buyers for providing high-quality services. This means the transcribers get to keep the money paid by the clients. However, the payment structure on GoTranscript is based on other aspects as well, which I’ll discuss further in this GoTranscript review. 

Most importantly, GoTranscript puts each applicant through a thorough vetting process before assigning a paid task. As a beginner, you will have to take a guidelines test, followed by a test audio project, to qualify for GoTrancript jobs. 

Once you’re a member, you can choose to form the list of tasks available on your personal dashboard. Read forward to find out how to join GoTranscript and start transcribing for money. 

How to Sign-Up for GoTranscript?

The user-intuitive nature of the website and the easy sign-up process are the aspects I love about GoTranscript. Most online freelance websites are crammed with information which makes them difficult to navigate for beginners. 

GoTranscript signup

On GoTranscript, you can easily find your way around and apply for transcription jobs. When you click the ‘Apply Now’ button, the site will ask you to select one from a list of languages. 

After choosing a language according to your nature or expertise, you will be directed to the main sign-up page. Here, all you have to do is jot down your email address and create a password. 

GoTranscript language

And that’s it; you’re a member within minutes! 

However, you’ll have to go through a few steps after becoming a member before you land your first paid transcription job. I’ve mentioned all the details about GoTranscript guidelines and tests in the key features section to give you a detailed overview. 

Who is GoTrancript for?

Luckily, GoTranscript is for anyone who wants to type out audios for money. The site does not require any professional qualification or expertise to start transcribing. 

Nevertheless, there are some requirements you should meet before you can get paid work on the site. For starters, you should be of legal working age. 

Secondly, you need to have good skills in the language of your choice, which will be determined through test assignments on the platform. The plus point is, all the information needed to pass the test is posted on the guidelines page, which you can access anytime you want. 

Additionally, equipment like a high-quality headset and a foot pedal to assist while typing might come in handy. But, these gadgets are not requirements mandated by the platform. 

Besides that, you should be a good listener, have a moderate typing speed, basic computer knowledge. As far as soft skills are concerned, you’ll have to be patient and have an eye for detail to excel at this job. 

Pros of GoTranscript

Now that you have the necessary information about GoTranscript, you’ve probably figured out if the platform is for you or not. Before you make a final decision, check out this list of benefits at a glance. 

Work on Your Terms

GoTranscript data entry jobs do not restrict you to a specific time frame every day. Instead, you can work at any time you like, which is an excellent option if you’re looking for lucrative side hustles

Beginner-Friendly Platform

Since the website does not require any previous experience, beginners can quickly join and learn while making money. 

Re-Check Your Files

To get consistent work on GoTranscript, you will have to maintain a good rating. I’ll go into the details later in my GoTranscript review, but the preview option helps you minimize mistakes and keep your ratings up. 

It’s an Internation Platform

If you want to establish yourself as a professional transcriptionist, GoTranscript can help you get the international exposure you need. 

Besides that, you can work on the website regardless of your demographic location as long as you have the language skills and payment integration. 

No Equipment Required

Although extra equipment will make life easier for you as a professional transcriptionist, it is unnecessary to purchase them. Unlike other transcription sites, you can join GoTrancript with only your computer and your talent. 

Easy Sign-Up Process

The sign-up process takes only a few minutes to complete and is entirely free. If you read the guidelines properly, the assessment won’t take much of your time, either. 

Timely Payments

The platform is known to make timely payments every Friday through PayPal and Payoneer. 

Cons of GoTranscript

Looking at the long list of benefits, you’re probably ready to sign-up right away. However, to give you an honest representation, I’ve listed the aspects I didn’t like about the platform. 

Transcription Can Be Challenging

Although it is relatively easy than other freelance jobs, transcription is not a piece of cake. When you face issues like poor audio quality and non-English accents, the job can get quite challenging. 


I will share the details of the rating criteria later in this GoTranscript review. In a nutshell, you will have to maintain a rating of at least 3.5 stars to get consistent work on the site. 

Relatively Low Pay Rate

The pay rate on GoTranscript is not what it seems. While the website advertises an earning of $0.60 per minute, it will take you longer than a minute to transcribe an audio minute. 

This means you will have to work long hours to generate a steady income through the site. 

Key Features

If you’ve finally decided to join the platform, go through this detailed section of my GoTranscript review to get all the information you need. 

GoTranscript Practice Test

After you become a member, the website will direct you to a practice test. The test has ten multiple-choice questions that assess your knowledge of the transcription process. 

GT entrance questionaire

If you’re a beginner in the field, you should go through the guidelines page provided on the website to learn the ropes. The guidelines page includes everything from the website’s working process, timestamping techniques, text formatting, and other basic rules. 

GoTranscript guidelines

Once you get all the ten questions right, you’ll move forward to the transcription test. Here, you will get an audio file ranging from two to three minutes to transcribe. 

After you finish the transcribing test, your work will be evaluated by professionals on the site. This will determine whether you’re eligible for paid tasks on the website or you need to try again. 


According to the on-going rate for transcription services, the pay rate on GoTranscript is quite market competitive. But, the work involved in transcribing a single audio file makes you wonder whether the payment is worth it or not. 

GoTranscript pay

However, the platform advertises a $150 per month average earning for beginners, while seasoned professionals make around $1,215 per month. 

Besides that, the site offers $0.60 per audio minute, but that entirely depends on your expertise and turnaround time. If you manage to transcribe a 3-minute audio file in less than 10 minutes, this rate is realistic. 

But, that’s not possible; as a beginner, it will take you around 50-60 minutes to create a transcription file from a 3-minute audio file that can pass the website’s scrutiny test.

Still, that’s no reason to back out. As you learn the ropes, your turnaround time gets shorter, and you can maximize your earnings quickly. 

Payment Method

GoTrancript pays its employees every week on Fridays through PayPal and Payoneer. So before you join, make sure you create an account with these payment companies. 

Most importantly, GoTranscript pays for the processing fees on these platforms. This way, you’ll get to keep the entire amount you earn on the website. 

Rating System

The rating system is perhaps the most critical aspect you’ll have to understand if you plan to work on GoTranscript permanently. 

To get consistent high-paying transcription jobs, you will have to maintain a rating of 3.5. 

If you deliver repeated low-quality work, the website will cancel your account permanently. Besides that, you won’t receive any pending payments when your account is canceled. 

You can meet the required rating if your transcribed file is accurate between 96%-83%. Anything below that is unacceptable. 

The rating is based on grammatical errors, adhering to the guidelines, and proper formatting. 

Job Opportunities

As a transcriptionist, there are many ways to increase your earnings on GoTranscript. The website offers many professional categories that pay better than regular transcription jobs. 

These include academic, medical, legal, and research transcription jobs. Once you start getting the hang of the work, you can try out these options to get high remuneration. 

User Support

GoTrancript offers excellent user support for both employers and employees on their websites. You can reach them on the contact number provided on the landing page or drop an email through the contact page. 

GoTranscript contact

The website lets you specify your concern on the contact page to reach the right representative and receive prompt replies. 

GoTranscript FAQ

Similarly, you can look for answers to basic queries on the detailed FAQ page as well. 

Overall Rating

Job Availability – 5/5

Rates – 3/5

Support – 4/5

Ease of Use – 5/5 

Is GoTranscript Worth it?

If you’re looking to work from home without any specific qualifications, GoTranscript is definitely worth your time. The website has been in the business for more than 12 years, which means it is a reliable and legit option for newbies. 

Additionally, it offers all the necessary guidelines, a decent pay rate, and ample growth opportunities to establish yourself in the field. Just maintain your ratings to generate a steady transcription income. 

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