FlexOffers Review: A Diverse, Flexible Affiliate Network

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FlexOffers is one of the largest, diversified affiliate networks out there. You can use the platform in a variety of ways, including to monetize your blog or newsletter. You can use the network for nearly any niche. We will highlight everything you need to know in our full FlexOffers review.

FlexOffers Review: A Diverse, Flexible Affiliate Network

As a blogger, my biggest gripe is the overwhelming nature of finding and choosing affiliate partners. It seems as though there are too many to choose from all on varying platforms. There are a few juggernauts in the affiliate network game and FlexOffers is one of them.

If monetization is my biggest con of blogging, I’m going to be okay.

I wanted to provide a review of the platform since I use it nearly every single day and it’s been the one network that I feel like I can have everything under one umbrella. Monetizing your site is okay.

It’s important.

If you are going to become an independent publisher and put in the hard work, you should get compensated for it. Use Personal Capital to monitor your cash flow from passive income or content sites.

With limited downside costs and a vast network, FlexOffers should be at the top of your list for monetizing your site. It’s a great option for niche websites, blogging and vlogging.

With limited downside costs and a vast network, FlexOffers should be at the top of your list for monetizing your site. Click To Tweet

What is FlexOffers?

FlexOffers Logo

FlexOffers is a large affiliate network that connects affiliate marketers with businesses who are willing to pay them to help them generate leads and sales.

FlexOffers has a wide variety of benefits for both affiliate marketers and for merchants who are looking to increase their sales.

Here is a complete FlexOffers review that can help you to understand whether or not this affiliate network is ideal for you to use as a strategy for making money online.

How to Use FlexOffers

For starters, the first thing that you have to do is decide whether you are going to sign up as a content publisher, or as an advertiser.

You should sign up as a content publisher if you have a website, blog, or social media channel with a lot of followers that you publish content to regularly, and that you are looking to monetize.

You should sign up as an advertiser if you are selling a product or service online and are looking to pay someone to generate leads and sales for you.

Whether you choose to use FlexOffers as a publisher or as an advertiser, the signup process is very simple. If you choose to sign up as a publisher, then you just have to provide an email address and password and answer some questions about your traffic sources.

If you choose to use FlexOffers as an advertiser, then you will also have to provide an email address and a password.

However, you will have to answer a number of questions about your business. These questions include:

  • “Where is your business located?”
  • “How did you hear about us?”
  • “Is your company a third party working on behalf of an advertiser?”, etc.

Once you complete the signup process, you will be able to start using FlexOffers. There are a number of different benefits for both publishers and for advertisers.

Both publishers and advertisers can enjoy many favorable features of FlexOffers, such as customer support, real-time reports for traffic data, and a host of others.

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Is FlexOffers Legit or a Scam?

Affiliate marketing and affiliate networks, in general, get a bad rap for some reason. I really don’t know why. FlexOffer is fully legitimate. They have excellent customer service and great real-time reporting.

FlexOffers has some of the most legitimate brands out there in their network, including Target, Airbnb, Uber and more. Ensure you follow the right payment steps to setup your account.

Pros of FlexOffers for Publishers

If you are a blogger or content creator, these are some of the advantages of signing up for FlexOffers to monetize your blog.

  • Access to over 12,000 Advertisers

Advertisers from all around the world use FlexOffers to find affiliate marketers to help them generate leads. Hundreds of advertisers are added every single week to the list.

So, there is never a shortage of companies whose products and/or services you can market.

  • Over 25 Different Advertiser Categories

As a publisher, you will be able to advertise the goods and services from companies that fall into 25 different categories. These categories include automotive, consumer electronics, clothing and accessories, education, digital products, energy, and more.

So, regardless of what the main focus of your website, blog, or social media channel is, there is likely to be a perfect match for you in terms of an advertiser to work with.

  • Excellent Reports

If you can’t access your campaign data in a reliable and easy way, then it is extremely difficult for you to run your affiliate marketing services effectively.

FlexOffers has excellent reports that provide you with all of the critical information that you need quickly and conveniently.

  • Links

FlexOffers allows publishers to search millions of links in order to find the newest products and promotions at lightning speeds. Cache technology is used to assist with this process.

  • FlexRev-$hare

The FlexRev-$hare program is a program that lets existing publishers refer new publishers to the platform. You can make some serious money with this program.

In fact, it is possible to earn up to 50% of all of the revenue that your referred publishers generate. The more money that you are making as a publisher, the more that you will make when you refer someone.

FlexOffers Referral Overviews

  • News

FlexOffers publishes news reports which contain key information that can help you. For example, in these reports, you can learn the newest activity taking place on the FlexOffers network, new release notes on top tech upgrades, and other critical announcements.

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  • Support

FlexOffers has a thorough FAQ section that can answer most questions that publishers have. However, the platform also has a user-friendly support ticket customer service system that can help you to get any questions answered in a reasonable amount of time.

There is also an extremely high-quality phone support line that provides customer support in the English language.

Any questions that are not answered in the FAQ section or through the support ticket system can be answered on the phone by the customer service rep.

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  • User-friendly layout

Unlike many other affiliate marketing networks and software programs, FlexOffers has a very user-friendly layout that makes it very easy to use for beginners, people who are not tech-savvy, and people who simply do not want to deal with a complicated layout.

If you are just getting started with affiliate marketing, then you will find FlexOffers to be very user-friendly and not daunting to learn.

  • It’s 100% free

Publishers can access the platform without having to pay a cent. This makes it extremely easy for you to get up and running as an affiliate marketer on FlexOffers.

All that you have to do is sign up and you can start generating income.

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Cons of FlexOffers for Publishers

Here are some disadvantages of using FlexOffers as a blogger or a content creator.

  • Not Available for iOS and Android

If you are someone who likes to run a lot of your business through your phone, then you might find yourself disappointed by the FlexOffers software. Currently, it is only available in a web-based capacity.

There are not many cons to joining FlexOffers as a publisher.

When you join the platform and start working as an affiliate marketer you will see exactly how beneficial FlexOffers is, and why so many people use it on an ongoing basis.

It is definitely worth your time to check out.

Pros of FlexOffers for Advertisers

Here are some of the advantages of using FlexOffers as an advertiser.

Business Signup - FlexOffers

  • Access to all the publishers

Advertisers can choose from an incredibly wide range of publishers to advertise with. No matter what category or niche the product falls under, there is a publisher to match it.

  • Simple paying

FlexOffers makes it extremely simple to pay the publishers.

FlexOffers handles payment processing, payee payment method, currency selection, tax, and regulatory compliance, payment reconciliation, reporting, and more.

  • Content management

If you need any assistance with creating content for your campaigns, FlexOffers can provide this assistance to you.

  • Reporting

You can get real-time traffic reporting from FlexOffers handy reports.

  • Compliance monitoring

FlexOffers has a team of highly experienced professionals that monitors for compliance 24.7.

  • Program management

FlexOffers helps manage your marketing program. Every single program is unique and the company makes sure that you have all of your needs me.

  • As low as a 1% network fee

This means that after you pay your affiliate marketers their 5% cut, you will only have to pay FlexOffers 1% in many circumstances.

Cons for FlexOffers for Advertisers

Here are some of the cons of using FlexOffers as an advertiser.

  • Lack of payment options

Currently, FlexOffers only allows payment with checks and direct deposits if you are located in the United States. This means that you will not be able to use PayPal and wire transfer payments. This can be a major inconvenience for certain companies.

However, if you are located outside of the United States, then you are allowed to use PayPal and wire transfers for payments.

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FlexOffers Affiliate Programs Review Conclusion – Join FlexOffers!

FlexOffers is an outstanding affiliate marketing program with an overwhelming abundance of options for both publishers and for advertisers. It is not the cheapest option that you can find on the internet, but it is arguably the best.

If you are serious about affiliate marketing and if you are looking to either find extremely high-quality advertisers or publishers, then it is one of the best options. This is why the company is able to charge the fees that it does.

People who master the FlexOffers affiliate program can make a substantial amount of money on the platform. This is especially true considering that referrals through the FlexRev-$hare program can boost income significantly.

Many publishers work referrals into their business models and are able to boost their earnings significantly as a result. If you know people who are interested in affiliate marketing, or if you can come up with a strategy for effectively referring people to the platform, then you can make a lot of money doing this.

Due to the many pros and the limited cons of FlexOffers, we recommend the platform for anyone who is interested in either doing affiliate marketing or hiring publishers to do affiliate marketing for you.

If you are not currently having any success with affiliate marketing, or if you are having limited success and want to reach the next level, then you should strongly consider trying out FlexOffers to see what it can do for you.

The platform has helped countless other people and that is why over 50 advertisers sign up for the FlexOffers per day.

From an advertiser’s standpoint, the price to use FlexOffers could rise, which is why we recommend signing up sooner rather than later in order to take advantage of the current prices.

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