Flexjobs Review 2021: Is It Worth It?

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Searching for the right job and pitching clients probably take up a huge chunk of a freelancer’s time. If you’re starting out as a freelancer yourself, here’s a site that will help you make these tasks easier and start working in no time. Learn more in my Flexjobs review. 

If you’ve landed on this page, you’ve probably decided to work as a freelancer or find the job of your dreams online. That’s a great idea. 

But let me take you in on the worst obstacle you’ll face on the way – finding a legit job option that fits your skillset. 

With the gig economy making up more than 34% of the US workforce, there are ample job options to choose from. However, not every job will match your needs, and some even turn out to be scams. 

So, should you ditch your idea of becoming a freelancer altogether? Not at all. I’ve brought you one of the best job search sites with all its details in this Flexjobs review for you to sign-up right away. 

Flexjobs review

Let’s get started. 

Flexjobs Review 

Flexjobs is an accessible online platform where you can find legit work opportunities to make money online. Their job lists include everything from remote work, part-time jobs, and project-based hirings. 


I know what you’re thinking; why should you sign up for a website when you can easily get these job lists on Google Search? That’s where you’re wrong. 

You see, Google Search results are full of scam job opportunities. Besides that, you’ll have to pitch around 50 potential clients to land some substantial work, which will waste your time. 

On the other hand, Flexjobs is known for thoroughly vetting its employers before posting their jobs on the site. It has even been featured in well-known publications like CNN, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, and NBC. 

Flexjobs awards

Does that entice you enough to get more information? I’ve got you covered. My Flexjobs review will answer the following questions for you. 

  • What is Flexjobs? 
  • How to use it 
  • What are the key features? 
  • Is Flexjobs free? Or Does Flexjobs pay? 
  • Does Flexjobs cost money? How much? 
  • Is Flexjobs worth it? 

If you’re interested in getting a first-hand overview of all these queries, read through my Flexjobs review to find out.

What is Flexjobs? 

Before I start with my detailed online Flexjobs review, here’s an introduction to the site for beginners in the industry. 

Flexjobs is an online job posting website founded back in 2007. It was created by Sara Sutton Fell, a staffing expert herself who was frustrated while finding remote work after dropping out from a job she loved. 

Through this site, she aimed to provide legit job opportunities for people like her looking to work on their terms. Today, Flexjobs has an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau and advertises jobs from more than 50 different categories. 

Besides that, the job options range from remote opportunities to freelance gigs, part-time jobs, project-based jobs, and even full-time opportunities. 

All you have to do is define your needs when you create a profile and search for your niche jobs. I’ve mapped out the details for how Flexjobs works in the next section. 

How Flexjobs Works? 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that more than 55 million employees are working from home in the US. Attributing to this growth in the gig economy, there is an increased demand for flexible workers. 

Small businesses and companies find this prospect attractive because it gives them an efficient and motivated workforce without bearing a full-time expense. 

But with the surplus of workers and job opportunities, the issue of quality arises for both parties. Flexjobs solves this problem on both sides by thoroughly vetting every job option and freelance worker who joins the site. 

The site has hundreds of legit partner brands who post jobs for evaluation. After that, their quality assurance team conducts detailed background checks on each job opportunity before making it to the job boards on the site. 

Flexjobs has trained researchers who use professionally-formulated criteria to screen every job and company on the site to ensure zero scam postings. 

Besides that, each job on the board comes with all the necessary details, including the company’s complete professional description. Furthermore, there’s a direct link to apply for the jobs provided beside each option so you can turn in your application immediately. 

However, Flexjobs does not provide these services for free. It charges a small premium depending on the payment plan you choose during the sign-up process. I’ve included all the pricing details later in this Flexjobs review. 

So, if you think signing up for a paid job posting site is worth it while looking for freelance work, here’s how to sign-up and become a member of Flexjobs. 

There are lots of jobs that you can apply for, jobs that suit your preference, and jobs that you will enjoy. If you’re interested in traveling and wanted to work, there are jobs that allow you to work and travel simultaneously.

How to Sign Up for Flexjobs?

One of the aspects I love about Flexjobs is its easy sign-up process. All you have to do is provide your name and email address, set your password, and you’re a member. 

However, once you sign up, the website will automatically direct you to their membership plan options. These include paid plans ranging from monthly to yearly payment options. 

There are opportunities that generate more money online that you can grab. These opportunities either be applying for online jobs or outsourcing for your business.

The plan you choose depends entirely on your needs. Suppose you’re looking for a full-time remote job, you can easily choose the one-month plan and find a suitable job during the period. 

Similarly, if you’re looking to establish yourself as a freelancer, you should go for the 3-month or year-long plan to develop yourself in the industry. After that, you can easily get regular work on your own. 

After you choose your payment plan and complete the online payment, you’ll get access to all the job posting resources on the site. You can type your profession or the nature of your preferred job in the search bar and scrounge through the vetted list for the ideal option. 

When you find a job that’s right for you, simply click on the list, apply, and start pitching your client to get selected. Most importantly, the website is engaging and has a highly-intuitive user interface so that beginners can navigate their way easily. 


Pros of Flexjobs

Now that you have the basic details about Flexjobs, you’re ready to make a final decision about signing up.

Flexjobs benefits

But, before you do, here are the main benefits of Flexjobs at a glance. After that, I’ll get to the detailed part of my Flexjobs review. 

Thoroughly-Vetted Companies

Flexjobs conducts a professional background check on every company it lets in. That’s why you’ll come across zero scam postings, which makes it worth the money. 

High-Quality Job Options

Apart from the companies, the job postings are also top-quality, ensuring high remuneration potential for you. Similarly, you can participate in prestigious projects that’ll look great on your resume and help you land more high-paying clients in the future. 

Useful Filters

With hundreds of partner companies posting their job opportunities, anyone can get confused. Flexjobs has useful filters and search options across the site to save your time and provide suitable options. 

You can streamline your job search by filtering the options according to your location, schedule, remuneration preference, and experience. 

Accommodates Multiple Niches

Regardless of your profession and training, you’ll easily find a job on Flexjobs. The platform has job offers from more than 50 different professional categories. All you have to do is put the right keywords in the search bar. 

High Growth Potential

You don’t necessarily need years of experience in your field to land a job through Flexjobs. The platform offers jobs for every career level, including beginners to executive positions. 

This means if you regularly work through Flexjobs, you can get lots of chances to grow in your respective profession. 

Employer Contact Facilities 

When you become a member on Flexjobs, you’re not restricted to the jobs you select from their job lists. The platform lets you complete your employee profile, so a potential employer can easily contact you if he finds your resume attractive. 

Precise Job Description

Besides every job in the list, you’ll see a concise description that will help you decide whether to click on the option or not. 

Refund Option

Another testimonial of the guaranteed service of Flexjobs. The platform offers you a complete refund within 30 days if you’re not satisfied with the job lists. 

No Irritating Ads

Usually, job search sites monetize their web pages using ads that diminish the user experience and make the site difficult to navigate. That’s not the case with Flexjobs. The site has zero irrelevant ads, so nothing will disturb you while you’re concentrating on your job search. 

Cons of Flexjobs

The long list of benefits of Flexjobs above probably makes you want to sign-up on the platform right away. But wait. There’s no need to rush. 

There are some downsides to Flexjobs that might be a turn-off for some users. I’ve included a list of these drawbacks in my Flexjobs review to give you an honest representation. 


Unfortunately, the Flexjobs services come at a price. While the charges are quite nominal, the site is still expensive, considering you can get free job lists on the internet. 

Limited On-Site Work Options

Most of the jobs on Flexjobs are complete work-from-home options. However, the platform also advertises partially remote jobs or require you to work full-time in-house. 

This can get quite confusing for people looking for entirely remote options. 

No Exclusive Job Postings

The jobs posted on Flexjobs are not exclusive. While you’ll save your time picking scam options from legit ones, you can find the same positions on other platforms as well. 

No Remuneration Details

While the site provides details for every job option regarding the company and the nature of the job, there are no salary details. That’s why you won’t know how much you’ll get paid until you apply for the job and connect with the client. 

Key Features 

After going through the comprehensive list of pros and cons of Flexjobs, you’ve probably made your decision. If you’re planning to join Flexjobs to streamline your job search and save your time, I am here to help. 

In the detailed section of my Flexjobs review, I’ve listed down all the critical features of Flexjobs so you can see what you’re signing up for before you dive in. 

Thorough Job Screening

How many times have you come across a job that seems too good to be true? I know what you’re thinking; most of the time, such jobs turn out to be scams. 

That’s why the job screening service on Flexjobs is the highlight feature of the website. Unlike other job platforms or online job searches, the high-paying job options you’ll see on Flexjobs are legit and real. 

The company has professionally-formulated criteria executed by trained executives on every company that posts a job on their site. They look into the background details of every company to see

  • Whether it accommodates flexible work conditions or not
  • Whether the job is still available
  • Is the recruiting department of the company suitable to connect with freelancers on Flexjobs?
  • Does it actually pay the amount it advertises for the job?
  • Is the company financially sound?
  • Does it provide growth opportunities for Flexjobs freelancers? 

These are a few queries out of the long list of scrutiny that a company needs to pass before its job makes it on the Flexjobs list. 

This means you don’t have to conduct all the due diligence required by yourself or through trial and error, which justifies the Flexjobs cost. 

Flexjobs Skills Test

If you’re planning to stay for good in the freelancing field, you’ll have to establish a credible position for yourself. Luckily, Flexjobs provides the opportunity to display your skills and experience to potential clients through its skill test feature. 

Once you purchase a membership plan on Flexjobs, you can choose from their list of more than 200 skill tests to take. The trial will evaluate your skills in your respective field. 

What more, if you score more than 70% on the skill test, you can advertise your profile results to attract prospective clients. Similarly, even if you’re not a member of Flexjobs, you can take the skills test from $10-$15 to see where you stand and sharpen your saw before joining.

Apart from professional skills, some Flexjobs skill tests also center on soft skills clients look for in their freelance workforce. These include tests regarding communication, personality traits, and people skills. 

The more skill tests you take on Flexjobs, they will work to strengthen your profile and increase your chances of landing high-paying jobs. 

Job Resources

You might be thinking that buying a membership isn’t worth it if job lists are all you get. Don’t worry; there’s more to your Flexjobs membership. 

Apart from thoroughly vetted job lists, you’ll also get access to useful resources on the Flexjobs platform. On their career articles page, you can get all the information you need about your respective career, including updates and advancements. 

flexjobs resources

Not to mention, the Flexjobs blog is a portal full of valuable content for beginning freelancers. Their posts are easy to understand and engaging. Along with that, they cover topics like choosing careers, pitching clients, and organizing your work and family life as a remote worker. 

Flexjobs help

The most important resource on Flexjobs is their resume evaluating service. If you’re a professional freelancer, reading your resume from three-four years back will probably make you cringe. 

That’s why resume consultation is one of the best services for beginning freelancers. All you have to do is create a resume on the website and have it tested by experts.

These experts will provide a critical evaluation to improve your resume before it is displayed to your clients. 

What’s more, you can go for one-on-one career coaching on the site for some extra fee and devise a proper strategy to establish yourself in your field.

Membership Perks

By signing up for Flexjobs, you will get amazing discounts from companies like Dell, Audible, WeWork, and Sittercity. This helps you improve your lifestyle and purchase equipment to work from home at a cheap price. 

Customer Support

Although Flexjobs does not provide a live chat option, it has an easy-to-use contact page where you can send your query through email. 

Flexjobs support

If you have an urgent query, you can check out their FAQ page to find a solution.

Flexjobs FAQs

The section has answers to multiple questions organized in categories, so you can reach the information you need in no time. 

Flexjobs Pricing

It all brews down to the ultimate question, how much does Flexjobs cost? Luckily, the Flexjobs pricing plan is relatively straightforward. 

Flexjobs pricing

There isn’t any free trial option, but you can get your money back if you’re not satisfied with the services. 

You can start by trying it out for a single week, but that’s the most expensive option that’ll cost you around $7. 

I recommend you go for their three-month plan, which costs around $30. This way, you’ll save about $5 every month because their monthly package is $15. 

Besides that, three months is enough time to evaluate the platform correctly and get the ultimate worth for your money. If you start getting good job leads, you can use your three months of paid membership to establish yourself as a credible freelancer or land a stable remote job. 

Overall Rating

Ease of Use – 4/5

Features – 4/5

Customer Support – 3/5

Value For Money – 3/5

Is Flexjobs Legit?

Flexjobs is legit. Although you’ll have to pay for the services, it saves your time so you can use it to work and earn more money. 

In the end, it all depends on your personal needs. If you find the prospect of having high-quality jobs at your fingertips, even if it comes at a price, Flexjobs is for you. 

However, if you don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on job listings or can’t afford the site altogether, it is not for you. 

Concluding my Flexjobs review, I’d say that according to my experience, the site is worth it for beginner freelancers. 

You can also use platforms to look for freelancing jobs aside from Flexjobs, and that is SolidGigs. To know  SolidGigs in-depth reviews like Flexjobs allow freelancers to check if the site suits their niche.

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