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Is there an ideal Etsy keyword tool for Etsy SEO? The answer is yes! Read on to discover the best way how to optimize your listings on Etsy.

With the stiff competition that online sellers on Etsy face, the need for re-strategizing is mandatory if you wish to stay ahead and survive. It’s not always easy to make potential buyers notice your products in online marketplaces. However, if you manage to do it, the hustle is always worth it.

When I say stiff competition, I mean exactly that! A report from Etsy by the fourth quarter of 2020 showed that the platform has over 4.3 million sellers. And, all these sellers are trying to get a piece of the over 80-million-strong customer base that Etsy enjoys. 

So, how do you get around this enormous competition? Can you even do it?

Certainly YES! With the right Etsy keyword tool, you can optimize your products to make them stand out and outrank the competition.

One such crucial tool that can completely change the course of your Etsy SEO strategy is Sale Samurai. Yes, you just heard that right! But before we get into how this tool fits in, let’s first understand Etsy SEO a bit better.

Etsy SEO: Best Etsy Keyword Tool

etsy keyword tool

First, Etsy is an online marketplace connecting sellers and buyers. It provides a platform where sellers of different items can showcase their products to the buyers, hoping to make a sale. There is a wide variety of items sold on Etsy, including:

  • Arts
  • Artisan foods
  • Crafts and crafting supplies
  • Handmade personal care products
  • Jewelry
  • Clothing
  • Accessories
  • Housewares
  • Paper goods
  • Small-batch cosmetics

Artists will also sell downloaded items, including various designs, art prints, planners, and other printable documents. However, for vintage items such as clothing, accessories, costumes, photos, or jewelry to qualify on Etsy, they should not be less than 20 years old.

With such a huge variety of things being displayed on the platform, SEO (search engine optimization) becomes vital if you are to make any sale.

Etsy SEO simply refers to the strategies used to put your products in front of the buyers’ eyes. When a buyer searches for a product, let’s say art or jewelry, do they see your product? Or is your product too far down the list that it’s nowhere to be featured?

SaleSamurai Etsy Keyword Tool

Sale Samurai


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Two Main Steps of Etsy SEO

etsy shop optimization

Once a buyer types the name of a certain product on Etsy, two things happen – first, query matching and then ranking.

Query Matching

This simply means the process used by Etsy to match the typed word with the most relevant product on the sellers’ list. The process runs in the background and looks for various details to ensure the most relevant results.

The information that Etsy uses to sort through the long list of items include: 

  • Titles
  • Categories
  • Tags
  • Attributes

This means that when you list your product or item, you should be keen to get all these things right. This way, your product is noticeable by the search engine.

Once Etsy searches through listings and identifies various products consistent with the query, it goes a step further – ranking the results.  


This enables Etsy to display only the products that it deems most related to the search. This means that even after your product is identified by the search engine in the matching stage, it might not display in the results. The products that the buyer is more likely to buy (based on their search) will appear at the top positions of the first page, with less relevant items coming later on the list.

Just like in matching, the ranking will depend on various factors such as:

  • Relevance of the listed item
  • Age of the product’s listing
  • Quality score
  • Reviews by customers (customer experience)
  • Shipping charge
  • Language
  • Previous buyers behavior

All this determines which product appears at the top and which one comes last.

Now, how do you achieve this? Using the best Etsy keyword tool to find out what buyers search for exactly. That’s where Sale Samurai comes in.

What is Sale Samurai, and how does it Work?

Sale Samurai is a keyword research tool specifically designed for Etsy SEO. It enables sellers to find the high volume and actionable keywords to use for their Etsy listings.

When we talked about matching earlier, it is mostly about keywords. These are the words that buyers will use to search for specific products in Etsy.  For instance, if they are searching for jewelry or accessories, what words will they type on Google?

Keywords give the search engine direction on what to look for in the sellers listing. Understanding how buyers behave and what words they are most likely to use gives you an edge over your competitors.

Through Sale Samurai, a seller can mine actionable keywords on Etsy to easily stay ahead of the competition. And that’s not all. This Etsy SEO tool has a browser plugin that also helps you to identify the best keywords for your titles, tags, and descriptions for your items.

This means that it’s an all-rounder tool that ensures your listings are optimized. For instance, when you log into your account and activate the shop icon, the Sale Samurai brings back data from Etsy for you to analyze. Here, you can look at the different products in your listing and identify various problems making your product, not rank.

While you’ll still need some other tools to complete the optimization process, Sale Samurai is the ultimate Etsy keyword tool.

Best Etsy Keyword Tool: How to Optimize Etsy Listings with Sale Samurai

sale samurai keywords

If you want to grow your sales and even surpass your expectations, these Etsy SEO tips will take you there.

1. Use the Right Keywords

Keyword research is crucial in search engine optimization. Things are not any different in Etsy. If you want to make your products visible, you must have the right keywords. Etsy keyword research tool, Sale Samurai, makes the whole process effortless.

Simply log into your Sale Samurai account, connect your Etsy shop and start improving your listing. The tool allows you to get keywords that even your competition isn’t aware exist. Keywords are the first step towards SEO optimization.

2. Include High-Quality Images

Even simple things like images can deal a great blow to your rankings if not done right. With Sale Samurai, you can determine whether you’ve used the right images, as well as the required number. If not, this Etsy SEO tool will prompt you to add the necessary images.

For any purchase, buyers first choose their preferred products through their eyes. If what they see is appealing, they can take the next step to browse through the product’s features and its unique selling points.

With Etsy, visuals are significantly important. That’s why the platform allows you to include 10 images for each of your listed items. Use this opportunity well to provide the best images that can appeal to your potential buyers.

Make sure that the buyer can see the item from all angles and use different sceneries. This gives the buyer a comprehensive idea of how your offering looks like, the size, color, and even its use.

3. Optimize other Components of Your Listing

Besides researching for keywords and optimizing images, there are more aspects of your listing that you must take care of with Sale Samurai. These include:

  • The Title

Your product’s title is the next thing a buyer notices after the images. So, how appealing are the titles?

When it comes to Etsy titles, knowing what keywords the shoppers are searching for is crucial. First, the title must not be more than 140 characters. Second, the keyword ought to appear on the first 40 characters.

You should ensure that your title contains the longest keywords that would cover most of what customers search for.  Sale Samurai works well to help you identify keyword issues on your titles, allowing you to optimize them for better visibility.

With Sale Samurai you can format your titles to match the various search terms that shoppers use.

  • Descriptions

While Etsy’s search algorithm doesn’t concentrate on descriptions, they are still quite important to sell on Etsy. The descriptions are meant to convince the shopper that your product is worth their money and time.

It’s through descriptions that you tell your item’s story, answering specific questions the potential buyer may have. Using the right keywords here is still paramount, and the Sale Samurai, Etsy keyword tool, will help you with this.

For your descriptions to meet Etsy’s criterion, they must be short and quick to read, as well as include a link back to your Etsy shop’s home page. The link to the homepage ensures that even if they don’t buy that product, they can browse for others.  

  • Etsy Tags

When it comes to tags in Etsy, it still stems down to the right keywords. Tags help shoppers to find more items, similar to what was in their search. The tags are also important in the query matching process, as the search engine tries to offer search results to the shopper.

Long-tail keywords are ideal to use in Etsy tags. This is because they are more specific and narrowed down to a certain niche. When a shopper searches for a product using that specific keyword, your product is sure to appear on the first page of the search results.

The best thing is there are 13 slots to insert long-tail keyword tags for each listing on Etsy. This gives you a wider scope to try and include various search words that the shopper might use.  

For example, if you are selling jewelry, using just the term “jewelry” as the keyword is not helpful. This will be too broad and common and won’t lead anyone to your product. However, if you are more specific and use a term like “Men’s Silver Jewelry” or “Handmade Gold Pendant for Men,” this now will bring traffic to your item.

So, as you choose those tags, make sure that the 20 characters limit for Etsy tags is well utilized. Sale Samurai helps you identify if you have included all the tags so that you can optimize your listing better.

The tool not only allows you to see how well your tags are optimized, but it’s also a perfect Etsy tag generator. It removes the guesswork from the equation, giving you what actually works.

sale samurai competitor tracker

4. Attributes

While mostly forgotten when optimizing products, attributes are a crucial part of the Etsy SEO process. They are extra aspects that help to describe your product more. Generally, attributes describe the product’s quality, features, and how it looks.

These may include things like:

  • Color
  • Design
  • Size
  • Taste
  • Content
  • Weight
  • Smell
  • Feel

Attributes enable buyers to narrow down their search results, to provide almost exactly what they are searching for.

Etsy Keyword Tool: Pros and Cons of Sale Samurai

What makes Sale Samurai unique and efficient? Also, what are its drawbacks?


  • This Etsy keyword tool is specifically designed for Etsy keyword research. It helps to ensure that what you include in your listing is what customers are searching for. Works in the same way as Merch Informer, which helps sellers optimize their designs on Merch by Amazon.
  • Easy and straightforward to use – the Chrome extension allows you to easily search for the best keywords for your listings.
  • It’s the best tool to start growing your Etsy business. If you want to scale more and sell even more products, Sale Samurai is the tool.


  • While keywords are key drivers of success in Etsy, they are not the only ones. You’ll need several other tools and actions to make an all-around listing that sells.

Is Sale Samurai Worth It?

Certainly yes! When it comes to keyword research, nothing works better than this Etsy keyword tool. And if you thought the tool only helps you to generate the selling keywords, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Sale Samurai extracts the necessary data from your Etsy shop, helping you to analyze it fully and make adjustments to your listing. In addition, it gives you a peek at the competition. Through the tool, you can come up with the best product ideas to ensure more sales in Etsy.

So, since the goal is to optimize your product listing for more sales, and the tool helps you achieve that, it’s then worth every effort.   It is the best tool to offer the necessary insights and analytics for exponential growth in Etsy sales.

SaleSamurai Etsy Keyword Tool

Sale Samurai


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Sale Samurai SEO tool will help you to optimize your listings with powerful keywords, and to match your products with most searched terms.
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