Earny App Review 2021: Is It Safe to Use?

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Looking to save money by making sure you always avail sales timely? Want to get cashback benefits when the item you already own is listed on sale? Well, this is possible, but only if you have the right app. Keep reading our Earny App review to learn more.

Have you ever bought an expensive item online, only to find out some days later that it’s on sale now?

Yes, we’ve been there too. Spending more than you need to on essentials or luxuries must be a big no for you if you’re a frugal person who manages their finances well. 

Don’t you just wish you can get back all the extra money you spent on things that you could’ve bought at a better price? 

Well, now you can. 

Earny app Review

There are many cashback apps online that are affiliated with retail stores and brands. Using these platforms, you can make sure you always get the best deals on every shopping trip. 

Sounds good? Then Earny is just the app for you. 

We know the question that’s keeping you from hitting that download button is if Earny legit or a scam? 

We’ve rounded up all the details you need to know about Earny in this Earny app review. Read along before you decide whether to go for it or not. 

An Introduction to Earny

If you’ve been through other cashback apps or Earny app reviews, you probably have an idea about how the app works. However, if you’re a newbie, you’ll need to know what the Earny app actually is. 

Mainly, the Earny app provides price protection for consumers who shop from their partner retailers. You must’ve heard of price protection before if you’re a credit cardholder.

You see, most credit card companies pair up with major brands to give their customers a price protection guarantee. This means, if you shop through a specific credit card, you can claim the difference in price if it drops within a set amount of days. 

Earny App logo

For example, you bought a pair of jeans for $50 from Target, and you find out they went on sale for $30 a week after you made the purchase.

Now, if your credit card provides protection for that particular brand, you can claim it and save some money. 

But wait, it’s not that easy. 

Most of these price protection offers are subject to time thresholds, and you don’t usually know when the price drops to make your claim. Here is where apps like Earny come in. 

Using this app, you can get automated notifications if the price drops for any of the products you purchase on your credit card. 

This keeps you in the loop about sales and deals available and helps you get the ultimate value for your money. Let’s get into the details about the Earny app to see if it’s worth a try or not. 

Inside Earny App

Primarily, the Earny app works by connecting to your email inbox, where you get most of the receipts and notification emails about your purchases. 

Using that information, the app monitors all the purchases you made and for what price. This way, when the price drops within your price protection period, you can claim your money. 

The process is simple, and you don’t really have to do anything. Its convenient operation and easy saving feature helped Earny gain popularity amongst the masses. 

To date, Earny has more than 3 million users. Also, statistics show that Earny has located savings on more than 85 million purchases and has helped users save billions of dollars on protected purchases. 

All that is great, but does the app really live up to the hype? Let’s find out.

How Earny App Works

The app works by tracking the payments and purchases you make through your credit card. Now, if the price drops, Earny will automatically file a claim in your favor so that you can collect the difference. 

First of all, you’ll have to sign-up for Earny using the email account you use for online shopping. 

Earny App

This way, the app will have access to the record of all your digital receipts. If you don’t wish to disclose your crucial information directly, you can link through another account and forward your receipts and shopping details.  

After that, Earny will show you details of your ongoing claims.

Once your claim is approved, the details will be moved into the refund tab, where you can receive your savings. 

Earny Retail Partners

Earny works with lots of retail giants across the US. If you shop form these retailers, Earny will alert you if the price drops until 60 to 90 days of your purchase.

The time range depends on the credit card you hold. 


Some of the most popular names from Earny’s partner list are:

  • Amazon
  • Carter’s
  • Costco
  • Home Depot
  • The Gap
  • Bloomingdale’s
  • Best Buy
  • Target
  • Nike
  • Walmart
  • Banana Republic

Besides these, there are lots of other names like Kohl’s, Overstock, and Macy’s. Also, Earny keeps increasing its partners, allowing shoppers to save money on more items. 

Earny Price Protection Policy

How well Earny’s price protection policy works for you depends on your credit card company.

If your credit card company offers more than a hundred days of protection, Earny will file claims according to that. 

In a nutshell, Earny works with all kinds of Mastercards and Citibank cards. Apart from that, Earny offers price protection support for a wide range of banks across the US.

These include:

  • US Bank
  • Barclay’s
  • Bank of America
  • Wells Fargo
  • Visa

And many other famous names. Make sure your credit card company is listed on the Earny app to check whether you’re eligible for the service. 

Also, some credit card companies limit price protection claims for their client to about three or four a year.

That’s why you should go through your credit card policy as well before connecting your account with Earny. 

Earny Hotel Deals

Yes, Earny price protection is not only limited to tangible products. They also help you find the best deals on hotel experiences as well. 

The app monitors your hotel transactions and confirmation details. This way, they help their users get rebookings on lower rates whenever there’s a price drop. 

Earny Hotel Deals

Furthermore, Earny keeps an eye on major hotel booking sites for you. By this, it fishes out the best rates for you. 

However, the app also claims that it can help its users get exclusive prices all year round, which is quite shady as their hotel search engine is only powered by Priceline. 

Getting Cashback From Earny

Besides all that, Earny has recently added a cashback option on their portal as well. Using this feature, users can get some cash back whenever they shop on the Earny app or through the Earny browser extension.  

This way, it combines the features of a cashback app and price protection app all in one for the ultimate money-saving experience. 

How to Sign Up for Earny?

Signing up for Earny is pretty straightforward.

All you have to do is give in all your email credentials and credit card information. The app can only work if you connect it to your email and credit card operations. 

We know what you’re thinking. Isn’t it a lot of information to compromise in order to save some money. 

Well, Earny guarantees that your information is protected and safe. Once you’ve registered by adding in all the details, you can start saving money and view all your claims and refunds on your personal dashboard. 

Is Earny Safe to Use? 

When you’re dealing with such crucial information regarding your personal data and bank details, you need to trust the platform you’re working with. It’s essential that you make sure that the sites you choose are reliable enough to avoid scams. 

In the case of Earny, you can be sure that your information is safe and secure. They do not sell out your personal data for their benefit. 

Besides that, the payment you receive through Earny will be directly transacted from your bank itself. What does this mean? The app does not have access to deposits and other transactions from your bank account. 

However, they do sell your personal information to their partner retailers. This doesn’t really make your information subject to unauthorized use, but you will get lots of promotional emails and messages.

Apart from that, there are no security concerns. 

Is Earny Free?

Becoming an Earny member by creating an account is free. You can start with the Lite plan, which requires no monthly or annual fee. 

However, here’s the catch. In this plan, the app will only track your purchases. If you want to get alerts about price drops, you’ll need to subscribe to a paid plan. 

Nevertheless, the annual and monthly fees are both nominal. The site charges $3.99 per month and $47.99 yearly. If you’re a regular shopper and looking for some good saving deals, this investment might just pay off. 

Also, purchasing the paid plan will unlock lots of other benefits on the app. These include late delivery compensation by Amazon, ShopRunner membership, and complete price protection on affiliated brands and travel sites. 

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Earny Payouts

Your Earny payouts will be transacted to the bank account you select when you sign up. When you set up your profile, the app will ask you to provide customized payment details.

If you wish, you can also create a separate bank account only for Earny savings. 

Now that you have all the information about how Earny works, you’re ready to get started. But before you do, here’s a clear representation of the negative and positive aspects of the app to give you better insight. 

Pros of Earny

Earny is a legit money-saving platform for avid shoppers. It claims to give each customer about $300 yearly in the form of savings. Besides that, here’s a list of things we like about Earny. 

  • Big Refunds

Earny works with major retailers like Amazon. Why is that a good thing? 

That’s because Amazon does not have its own price protection system yet. Earny gives you the price protection you need when you link your Amazon account to Earny. After that, you can quickly get a refund on anything you purchase. 

  • High Coverage

If you rely on the price protection of one retailer, it usually lasts only three to thirty days after you make a purchase. 

However, if you sign up for Earny, you will get price protection for more than 35 leading retailers. This means you’re more likely to get a refund on lots of purchases throughout the year. 

  • Credit Card Price Protection Range

The usual credit card protection period ranges from bank to bank.

If you connect your account to Earny, you can get up to ten times more refunds than an average credit card protection user. 

Cons of Earny

Earny does have its benefits, but there are some downsides you should take a look at, to decide whether they’re deal-breakers for you or not. 

  • Subscription Payment

You’ll simply have to go for a paid subscription plan, or else the app won’t do anything beneficial for you. That’s a big negative because other saving apps like Paribus provide price protection and price drop alerts for free. 

  • Amount Deductions

Earny doesn’t really do what it does for free. Apart from the subscription fee, the app deducts 25% of all the refunds you get over the month. 

  • No Instant Deposits

Yes, the app does transact the payments to your account. However, you’ll receive your refund in the form of checks from your credit card company. They won’t be directly deposited into your account. 

Apps Similar to Earny

Here are some other apps that you can use in addition to Earny.

Fetch Rewards

Save money with Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards is a grocery cashback platform that earns grocery shoppers rewards just by taking photos of their receipt. The company is based in Madison, Wisconsin, with office locations in New York, Chicago, and San Francisco.

To date, it has more than 2.5 million active monthly users and has awarded around $40 million in Fetch Points.



Ibotta is one of the easiest apps to earn money from scanning receipts. It’s larger and more reputable than Fetch Rewards. You earn cashback simply by scanning your receipt on the app.

First, you need to add offers on products which you want to buy, then buy the products on the participating stores.

After you get the receipt, take a photo of the receipt and upload it to the Ibotta app. You will get your cashback in your account within 48 hours. It’s that easy.

Use my link and get $10 free that can be withdrawn right to your PayPal account.


Rakuten app

Rakuten is a large e-commerce and internet company based in Tokyo. Since its founding in 1997, it has shaped the way people shop online. It offers not only cashback but also various deals and rewards on a large selection of products and services.

Moreover, Rakuten is a browser extension and an app-based service. Their main goal is to help customers save money on the things they are already buying.

Final Verdict – Is Earny Legit or a Scam?

Wrapping up our Earny app review, it’s time to answer the ultimate question, is Earny legit or a scam? 

Well, after assessing all the features and benefits of the Earny app, we believe Earny isn’t a scam after all. It gives you hands-on information about the ways you spend unnecessary money on every purchase. 

Apps like Earny help us track price drops through their price protection feature automatically, a task which would be impossible for us to take up manually. 

Let’s face it; no one goes through the pain of tracking every purchase they made and filling price protection claim forms against their purchase for some bucks. But if someone does that for you, then why not? 

Although it’s a little costly compared to other money-saving apps and does share your information with retailers, Earny is not a scam. It’s a legit app and does exactly what it claims for you. 

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