Crowdtap Review 2021: Is It Worth It?

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Wondering about making some extra cash online in your free time? If yes, Crowdtrap may help, but is it a legit option? Does it make a financial sense for the efforts and time you invest? Find all answers in this Crowdtap review.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know that online survey sites are one of the best side income opportunities nowadays. The internet is full of platforms that pay you for giving out your viewpoints and opinions. 

The most popular of these include Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, and InboxDollars that offer lots of micro-tasks besides surveys to earn money. Even if you’re already using one of these sites, there are many legit platforms you can try out to maximize your income. 

Crowdtap is a well-known survey platform that lets you take a variety of opinion polls for incredible rewards. But, is it worth trying out? Go through our Crowdtap review to see for yourself. 

What is Crowdtap?

Crowdtap Review

Crowdtap is a popular short survey site founded back in 2009. With its headquarters in New York, the company extends its reach towards users all over the world. 

Its owner, Matt Britton, is an accomplished entrepreneur who sought out this market research solution for other brands and businesses while creating a passive income stream for users. 

The platform conducts market research for popular brands by offering short paid surveys to its users. It partners with major brands such as Kraft, eBay, and Sony. 

In 2018, Crowdtap went through a complete revamp, making earning points and money more accessible. It now has some additional perks, including referral programs and sign-up bonuses to attract traffic. 

Besides taking short surveys, you can also test products and create content for brands to get rewards on the site. 

Excited? Read along our Crowdtap review to find out how it works. 

How Crowdtap Works?

Crowdtap works in pretty much the same way as most survey sites do. They mainly partner with companies that need the information to enhance their sales and target specific audiences. 


Then, they formulate their surveys and opinion polls for their users, which helps the companies get the information they need. 

Want to earn rewards on Crwodtap? Simply sign up and get started! 

Unlike other popular survey sites, Crowdtap offers relatively short surveys that take you only a minute or two to complete. This way, you can optimize your time and earn good money. 

Furthermore, the platform provides other chances to earn rewards called “missions.” Users can choose from these missions according to their knowledge and preferences. 

For example: 

  • Some missions will ask you for information about your demographic location and spending habits.
  • Others require information regarding product development and consumer patterns.

Besides that, there are many other aspects you’ll need to know to find your way around Crowdtap and see how it works. Here’s a list of these essential aspects for you to check out. 

Signing Up for Crowdtap

Signing up for Crowdtap is relatively easy. The entire process will only take you five minutes to complete so you can start making money right away. The best part is, the sign-up process is free, so you don’t have to invest anything to get started. 

Crowdtap Website

All you have to do is visit their site and enter your email or Facebook account. You can choose from both of these accounts, depending on your preference. Remember, you will get all notifications and updates on the budget during sign-up. 

After that, the platform will ask for your contact number to send the verification code. Use the confirmation code you receive to verify your account, and that’s it; you’re a member. 

Now, you can access your personal dashboard on the site where you can select your missions and track your rewards. 

Crowdtap Payouts

Before you find out how to earn points on the platform, you’ll want to know how the payout system works. Well, frankly, working with Crowdtap, you won’t get rich overnight. However, it is a legit platform that offers timely rewards so you can cash your screentime effectively. 

For every 1000 points you earn, Crowdtap pays you $5, which you can redeem at any online partner store. Yes, you got it right. 


Crowdtap does not give you hard cash. Instead, you can only redeem your rewards in the form of gift cards and discounts from your favorite stores. 

Bear with us; even if the platform does not give out cash rewards, their gift card options are quite profitable. 

That’s because their partner list includes well-known names from top luxury brands to your everyday grocery stores. This means, if you regularly work on the site, you can get discounts on almost every item you buy. 

The most popular partner stores on Crowdtap are, 

  • Amazon
  • Adidas
  • Sephora
  • Target
  • Ulta
  • Walmart
  • Xbox
  • PlayStation

There’s another point that sets Crowdtap apart from other platforms. Once you reach the 800 points threshold, you will be required to verify your information again for security reasons.

Crowdtap states on its website that this method protects your identity and prevents malicious individuals from redeeming your rewards. 

Other than gift cards, you can donate your earnings to charity as well. They provide options for some well-known charitable organizations you can choose from. 

Crowdtap Mobile

Crowdtap does not have a mobile app to use on your smartphone. You can only access Crowdtap through their website. The good news is, their website is entirely mobile-friendly so that you can use it easily on your mobile phone. 

This way, you’ll be able to take surveys without having to zoom into your mobile screen now and then. Similarly, you can use your device to take surveys and any place you like and use your pockets of time effectively. 

Customer Support

Crowdtap provides excellent customer support as well, so you can find your way around easily, even if you’re a beginner. You can contact their support team at any time by submitting your inquiry on their support page. 

Besides that, they have a comprehensive FAQ page where they’ve answered all the queries regarding the website. 

Crowdtap Missions

This is the most important part of our Crowdtap review. Here, you will find out how to earn rewards on the platform. As we mentioned, Crowdtap offers various tasks called “missions” on their site. 

crowdtap mission

First of all, you’ll start by choosing an ideal mission for yourself. These missions include surveys, content creation, reviews, opinion polls, product testing, and online discussions. Below, we’ve listed down all these missions individually so that you can get some insight into the tasks available. 

Opinion Polls

Opinion polls are what you know as conventional online surveys. In these polls, you’ll have to answer simple questions that brands and businesses put up for you to enhance their customer service. 

While most of these short surveys consist of multiple-choice questions, sometimes you might be asked to provide an independent opinion upon a piece of the content supplied. 

The best part about Crowdtap surveys is that they are short. Even though these short surveys don’t pay a lot, you can complete lots of them in a day to redeem your favorite brands. 

Photography Missions

Photo missions are perhaps the most exciting tasks you can complete on Crowdtap. It takes no time and skill; all you have to do is take photos of stuff the brand wants to see. 

For instance, a brand might want to know how their product appears on supermarket shelves or how it looks after unboxing or using. You’ll have to read the instructions carefully so that you capture exactly what the brand wants. 

After taking the photo, you’ll have to post it on the site with a caption to earn points. 

Open-Ended Questions

Unlike surveys, open-ended questions provide more detailed information and feedback for the brands. On Crowdtap, you can answer such questions about a specific topic, product, or shopping experience put up by the brand. 

When completing this mission, you should keep in mind that the quality of your answer matters. The more value you provide for the brand, the more money you’ll earn. 

Content Related Missions

Through Crowdtap, you can give out your viewpoints on the content brands place with their products. You can view videos, ads, images, and written text created by brands and provide an insight into it from your perspective. 

You can open the content using external links provided on Crowdtap and earn points after writing an honest review. 

Online Discussions

Online discussions on Crowdtap are somewhat similar to surveys and open-ended questions. Only here, you’ll have to answer a bunch of interactive questions and lead a conversation with the brand’s representative. 

These interactions help brands improve their marketing strategies, and you get paid for your opinion. 

Product Sampling Missions

This mission is an excellent option for you if you like free stuff. When you sign up for a sampling mission, brands will send you their products. Then, you simply use the products and write a review. 

However, for these missions, there’s a whole application process on the site. You’ll have to apply, after which Crowdtap will decide if you’re eligible for the mission or not. 

Pros of Crowdtap

Now that you’ve been through most of our Crowdtap review, you probably know that it is a legit site that rewards you for your opinions and viewpoints. In a nutshell, here are a few benefits you’ll get on Crowdtap that make it stand out among other survey sites

  • Their tasks are relatively short and take less time to complete
  • They have a wide range of partner brands to choose from while redeeming gift cards.
  • You can easily make $10-$30 worth of rewards every month.
  • You can get free stuff from their partner brands.
  • Many earning opportunities available
  • Excellent referral program
  • Free sign-up
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Good customer support
  • A mobile-friendly website that you can operate on the go

Cons of Crowdtap

Even though there are many benefits of using Crowdtap, some downsides to the platform might be significant turn-offs for you. Here’s a list of the cons for using Crowdtap that’ll help you make a final decision. 

  • No cash payments
  • It takes time to reach the minimum payout threshold
  • Your account can be deactivated anytime without prior notice
  • Users face some operational glitches when using the site on their smartphones

Final Words

Concluding our Crowdtap review, it’s time to answer the ultimate question, is Crowdtap worth it? Well, according to us, Crowdtap is not a scam site.

It is a legit survey site that offers excellent online reward options for people who like regular discounts on their favorite products. 

However, if you’re looking to earn some hard cash through an online platform, Crowdtap is not the right option for you. 

  • Firstly, because it does not provide a cash payment option, you can only redeem your rewards through gift cards.
  • Secondly, Crowdtap missions do not award a lot of points. It’ll take you quite some time to accumulate 1000 points on the platform, which are only worth $5.

Bottom line, for someone who wants to use their screen time productively while earning some benefits on the side, Crowdtap is an excellent option. But, for someone who wants to become rich by taking surveys, they should continue searching for another lucrative survey platform.

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