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Living Room

Art Living Room Ideas

The pieces of art and some furniture design, make this room decor copper an interesting twist. Decorate any room in the house furnishings author or designer is a good idea to give it style and character.   In this case, a living room, decorated with interesting, as integrated pieces of art, specifically two tables, large, occupying much of… Read More »

Flooring Living Room Ideas

Living room is the largest room in the house or apartment. and then, the floor must be like the beautiful appearance and durability, ease of cleaning and, above all originality. Now, choice flooring for the living room are endless. Flooring, carpet or laminate. All have certain functional characteristics, but also great benefits and distinctive beauty. To order the… Read More »

Living Room Feng Shui Tips

The living room is the public area of ​​the home where the family gathers and guests are received. This stay is associated with the movement which encourages the flow of energy to the living room. Because of this feature, the living room should be located in the front of the house according to Feng Shui, preferably near the… Read More »

Living Room Naturally Ideas

Living Room Naturally Ideas – Sometimes it is necessary to remodel the entire room, at other times only need to add some accessories for the change. For living room that need only a small change, but that will be very important as it will distinguish itself quickly in the environment, requires a natural style, fresh and full of… Read More »

Basic Tips To Decorating The Living Room

Always advisable to make a preliminary draft of the decoration in the living room. This means not only to provide the appropriate combination of color, shape and placement of decorative elements, but also to determine the overall style of the room. This will greatly facilitate your work. Explore interesting designs in magazines or on the Internet. Whether the… Read More »

Romantic Living Room Design Ideas

To make a romantic living room design you can start from painting your living room. When you are thinking about romantic interior design for living room, surely you will look at color of wall. you can choose a color who can make your living room style look more romantic design, for example white color, grey, peach, pink or… Read More »

Living Room Interior Stylish And Cool

Stylish Living Room Interior – Some of people they’re trying to design or creating a relaxed and harmonious living room space, for this purpose they can chose Blues, blue grey, and whites as natural partners because they help to promote a sense of calm and airiness, and provide the cool scheme with strong definition and character. This Stylish… Read More »