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Decorating Ideas With Old Doors And Windows

The recycling of different objects, antiques intervention allows us to take advantage of these elements, sometimes, we see the potential of certain objects, which at first glance seem destined for oblivion, but with ideas for decorating, old doors may transform into pieces that include a different interior. Old doors, windows, shutters, friars, and all types of carpentry are… Read More »

Christmas Interior Ideas To Create A Unique And Personal In Our House

Christmas arrives, houses, shops and streets are stained new colors, shapes and joy, and one of the best features of the environments Christmas is the Christmas tree is a classic decorative accessory that integrates into almost any space a home for this celebration. Some people choose artificial Christmas trees, but many prefer the option to decorate their homes… Read More »

Home Shabby Chic Style Decorating Ideas

The Shabby Chic decor, is an invitation to create spaces full of charm in a house with soft touches of color and textures, plus the fascinating combination of modern elements with vintage pieces. The Shabby Chic is a decorating style that evokes the past with their shapes and colors, use incorporating furniture and antique accessories, some operated for… Read More »

Minimalist Decorating Ideas For Bathroom

“Minimalist decorating ideas for bathroom” – When decorating a room in the house, anything goes. The combination of contrasting colors, textures, materials, fabrics and ornaments help us project our ideas. Here we present you some tips to consider for decorating a bathroom with minimalist style. The simple, straight lines, geometric designs and elegance are the main characteristics of… Read More »

Color Styles To Decorate A Rooms

The color to used that’s given to the living room or main room in the home will determine the form and style in decorating it. That place is usually associated with social gatherings or a peaceful rest in the house, so you must be comfortable and elegant looks. To achieve this effect is necessary to create a appropriate… Read More »