Avoiding Awkward: How to Ask for Money (The Right Way)

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You may have to ask for money for one reason or another. This could be for an urgent need, or for a new venture you are starting. Are you confused about how to ask for money or what is the right way? Here is a detailed guide!

Let’s face it, no matter how hard we try, all of us have difficulty managing our finances at some point in life. In such cases, the most apparent way is to earn money by asking. 

Whether it’s because you want to start your own business, fund your education, or simply indulge in a certain luxury, you’ll have to ask for money ultimately if you can’t afford it on your own. 

While asking for money is inevitable, you can avoid creating an awkward situation and ask for money without sounding desperate. 

Here’s my guide on how to ask for money to fulfill your urgent or important needs tactfully and keep your dignity intact in the process. So let’s get started. 

How to Ask for Money

Asking for money is always awkward. Whether it’s from your friends, family, co-workers, or financial institutions.

However, if you plan your strategy, you can make it a little less awkward than usual. 

Not to mention, asking for money involves other major questions like,

  • how much you want?
  • whether you’ll be able to pay it back?
  • who do you want to borrow from?

Keeping everything in mind, here are some steps you should follow if you’re wondering how to ask for money without getting awkward. 

Step 1 – Request Counseling First

Asking for money doesn’t mean you can go knocking on someone’s door and say, ‘give me money.’ 

Instead, you’ll have to follow a practical procedure to ensure a positive outcome.

In my experience, the best way to ask anyone for money is by seeking financial advice first. For example, if you need the money to pay your tuition fee, you should discuss how you can generate some income on your own. 

This way, you’ll establish that even if you work while studying, you cannot make ends meet without some financial assistance. 

Similarly, you can approach a financial institution or a co-worker with your business idea if you need an investment to launch your product. 

Seeking advice initially helps you start the conversation without making it awkward. Through this technique, you can check the waters before you leap in with your request for money. 

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Step 2 – Pick the Ideal Person 

Some people would think that family members are the safest people to ask for money. On the contrary, outsiders or strangers would be the ideal people for others. 

The right person to ask for money depends on your situation, your motive, the amount you need, and your personal preference. 

If you’re not comfortable with your family members, skip them altogether. Remember that bringing up money or any financial entities for that point may end up ruining your relationships in some cases. 

Besides that, you should give a thought to whether the person you’re contacting can facilitate your request. Make sure to assess their financial situation before asking them for money. 

At all costs, avoid someone who is already trying hard to make ends meet. This can get pretty awkward as refusing money is as difficult as asking for it. 

Step 3 – Avoid Persistence

If someone refuses your request for money upon asking, don’t take the conversation further. As we mentioned, it is as difficult for them to say no, as it is for you to ask. 

How to ask for money

Forcing your request upon an individual can never end well. If they don’t want to do it, they’ll try setting complicated payment terms or make excuses to get out of the situation. Try not to push anyone to that level. 

A good idea is to steer someone tactfully away from the topic is by requesting them to help you in some other way, if not financially. 

For example, if you were asking for money to start your business, tell them how they can help with their expertise instead. This way, the person won’t feel bad while turning your request down. 

Step 4 – Seal the Deal Professionally 

Whether you’re borrowing from family, friends, or strangers, you should legitimize the deal no matter how little the amount is. Make sure you’re on the same page as your lender in the following matters, 

  • The amount you’re asking for
  • Repayment terms 
  • Whether you’ll pay interest or not 

After you come to a decision, try to get the terms in writing. Especially if you’re borrowing large sums from a stranger, having a written note or signed document will avoid any future inconveniences and misunderstandings from both sides. 

Step 5 – Repay the Loan 

Whenever you ask someone for money, you should have a repayment plan ready. Discuss the plan with them while asking for money so that they know they’re investing in a safe place. 

Besides that, try to repay the money as soon as possible, even if the deadline is further away. This way, you can establish a good trust factor, which you can use if you want to ask for money again. 

Similarly, repayment is not always in material forms like cash or physical objects. 

For instance, if the amount you asked for was insignificant enough that you don’t need to pay it back, you should at least return the favor when the same person needs it. 

Additionally, conveying a gesture of gratitude may also help maintain cordial relationships after you’ve asked for the money you don’t intend to repay. 

How to Ask for Money the Right Way

That was a general take on how to request money when you need it. However, your situation may vary depending on your motive for requesting money and the person you’re asking. 

While following the above steps is a must for anyone who wants to make money by asking, here are the right ways to ask for money in diverse situations so you can make a customized approach. 

How to Ask for Money in a Job Offer

We’ve all been there. Not every job offer gives you the payscale you’re looking for. 

That doesn’t mean you should accept your fate and grind away for a job that doesn’t pay well. You can always request more money from your human resource department and increase your income

Remember, you’ll have to be very professional. Practice what you’re going to say with someone close, if possible. This way, you’ll be confident when you state your request in person. 

Furthermore, if you’re requesting a realistic amount, don’t be too apologetic while asking or too grateful when you receive the amount. You were entitled to the increased amount anyway. 

Similarly, timing is crucial for those wondering how to ask for money in a job offer.

Try to place your request around the time your company conducts pay reviews for their employees. This will increase your chances of getting a positive response. 

How to Ask for Money From Friends

In my opinion, avoiding awkwardness about money with friends and family is pretty difficult compared to strangers. The best way to ask for money from your friends is by building the deal upon mutual trust and responsibility. 

This means, if you agreed to pay the first installment of your amount within a month, don’t delay it till the next month. Doing so will create an awkward situation, as your friend isn’t likely to remind you of the loan. 

Similarly, repayment arrangements are usually informal when it comes to friends. For example, you’ve agreed to repay your loan for a night out, by paying for dinner the next time you meet. 

Make sure to respect the terms you make, however casual they might be. This will make it easy for you to ask for money if you need to once again. 

Asking for Money From Family

It is difficult to ask for money from family after you’ve started to live independently. But in some situations, you just have to suck it up and ask for it. 

The worst part about borrowing or asking for money from family is that most people tend to take it lightly. Doing that might lead to uncomfortable circumstances in the future. 

That’s why, if you think you’ll find it hard to repay your family, map out some accessible consequences in case you don’t repay your loan. 

You can offer to do chores around the house or run errands for the family, like grocery shopping or pet-sitting. This way, you won’t have to repay your borrowed money if you can’t without feeling awkward at every family gathering. 

How to Ask for More Scholarship Money

Educational funding is another reason to ask for money. Even if you have a scholarship, it gets challenging to make room for multiple expenses as a college student on a small budget. 

If you want to ask for more money on your scholarships from your college authority, the first thing you should do is list out your expenses. 

Remember, while asking for extra money, you’ll need to establish that you’re putting the money you already have to optimal use. 

Besides that, if you need the increment in your scholarship for specific reasons like projects or educational trips, make sure to get all the relevant signatures to prove your need. This way, you’ll surely get the money you ask for without any awkward proceedings. 

If you’re still refused, you can try to generate more money as a college student by taking online surveys, delivering goods, or driving people around. 

How to Ask for Money for a Wedding

Planning a Wedding Meme

If you’re asking for money to pay for a wedding, there are many people you can approach. These include your human resource department at work, your friends, or your family. 

Whoever you select, the right way to ask for money in case of a wedding is to present the minimum possible expenses. Weddings are known for getting too exaggerated and pretentious, so make sure you only ask for money to cover the essentials. 

That’s because unnecessary expenses may not be entertained by the people you approach, and you might end up creating a bad image for yourself. 

Similarly, even if you get someone to lend you enough to cater for an extravagant wedding, you might not be able to make timely repayments. 

Asking Money for a Business Start-Up

This is perhaps the most common cause for people wondering how to ask for money. If you’re asking for money to start your own business, you should develop an efficient strategy. 

For starters, make sure your business idea is realistic and has enough growth potential to help you pay back your loan. Present all the necessary statistics and facts appealingly to the person you’re asking for money. 

Apart from that, make sure to provide a professional repayment schedule. This will show your thorough integrity as a business and develop the trust factor you need to request money. 

Most importantly, while seeking funding for your business model, don’t make it sound as if you’re asking for money at all. 

For example, instead of saying, ‘I want a few hundred dollars to develop a skincare product,’ say, ‘Would you like to invest in my brand producing in-demand skincare products and earn some passive income’? 

The former is a simple question, while the latter is a profitable business proposition that might get the shrewdest of men to part with their money. 

How to Ask for Money Online

You’ve almost gone through our detailed guide for how to ask for money. So, you’re probably ready to fund your education, business idea, or even a prom dress easily. 

However, if you don’t want to approach people directly to request money, you can earn money by asking on the following sites. 


Kickstarter is the ultimate platform for those wondering how to ask for money to fund business startups. Instead of taking your proposal manually to wealthy individuals, you can post all the details online. 

The platform displays your ideas or inventions to its widespread audience. This way, you can easily reach people who’ll fund your project.

Believe it or not, the popular card game Exploding Kittens and The Veronica Mars Movie Project got their funding from Kickstarter. 

However, it doesn’t allow partial funding. That’s why state a nominal amount that you can expect a single person to give. The site keeps five percent of all the funds generated for you and another five percent as a processing fee. 


Indiegogo is another well-known platform where individuals can ask for money regardless of their motive. While Kickstarter only lets you post a legitimate project, you can post anything you need money for on Indiegogo. 

This includes everything from your wedding or your education. You can even start non-profit organizations and request money to help others. The best part is, you can withdraw cash from Indiegogo even if your cause is partially funded.  

The platform charges a five percent service fee from the donations you receive through the site. 

Begging Money

As the name suggests, Begging Money is the ideal online portal for individuals looking for financial assistance. Here, you can easily ask for money without any shame or awkwardness. 

We love this platform because it has no restrictions when it comes to asking for money. You can get cash for groceries, clothes, travel, and even medical needs. 

Another great aspect is that they don’t charge any fee for the donations made for you. All you have to do is create your personal PayPal link when you sign up to avoid malpractice. 

You’ll also have to explain why you need the money during the sign-up process. This helps them categorize your request accordingly. 

Final Words

That concludes my guide for how to ask for money without landing yourself in an awkward situation. In a nutshell, the right way to ask for money is to be confident, precise, and responsible when requesting money. 

By keeping these aspects in mind, you’ll earn the trust of your prospects and get the money you need without any hassle. 

Remember, it is tough to part with hard-earned money. That’s why anyone who lends or gives some of it to you deserves heartfelt gratitude. 

The best way to appreciate them is by respecting your repayment terms if there are any. In case you don’t have to return the money, make sure to show your admiration through your actions.

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