Auto Blogging Overview: Does It Actually Work?

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Blogging comes with many benefits for businesses as well as solo bloggers, but what about auto blogging? Is it really beneficial for bloggers or business websites? In this article, we will explore all the important answers.

Auto Blogging Overview: Does It Actually Work?

Let’s take you back to one of your high school essay assignments you didn’t want to do. You probably took some pieces of info from here and there, copied some parts from your classmates, and finished your work.

Auto blogging

That’s precisely how people blog automatically. If you want to make money online through your blog, but cannot invest enough time into it, you must’ve considered becoming an automatic blogger.

While auto blogging has a bad reputation in the blogging world, it does work to make money. However, you cannot just download an automatic blog posting software and expect it to work for you.

Even auto blogging takes some amount of work and dedication.

Confused? Don’t worry; we’ve compiled everything you need to know about auto blogging and whether it works. Read along to find out.

What is Auto Blogging?

Most people think that auto blogging is a holy grail for lazy people who want to cash on the blog economy’s success. That’s not the case. Instead, automatic blogging has been around since the early 2000s.

Back then, the technique was mainly known as content aggregation. Website admins would simply choose a blogging niche, sit back, and let content aggregation software do the work.

However, the more popular blogging became in the late 2000s, the more content quality began to matter. Search engine giants like Google began to recognize automated blog content as spam content and pushed them away to their SERPs’ far ends.

This way, auto blogging lost its initial credibility, but it still exists as an alternative to regular content creation.

Nowadays, auto-blogging is not a piece of cake, and if you take it that way, it won’t work for you.

The distinctive aspect of auto blogging is that creating almost any type of content becomes easy for you. The plugins you install can retrieve anything from written material, images, and videos to include in your blog. There are endless possibilities with auto blogging.

If you’ve been on the landing pages for any of these software websites, you’ll see all kinds of praises for the phenomena. It’s not until you get into the business that you can see how the process works.

Does Auto Blogging Actually Work?

We know what’s on your mind. Can auto blogging make money? Honestly, yes.

It does work to generate a steady passive income for you.

Nevertheless, you cannot expect to get your money presented on a golden plate. You’ll have to work on your blogging strategy and invest your time to make sure your auto blog works and makes money.

You can start automated blogging by signing up for Bluehost with our link. It’s only $2.95/month to join and get started.

You’ll even get a free domain name along the way.



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Here are some content-generating techniques you can implement on your auto blogging site to make it work.

Include Latest News Updates

No matter what your blogging niche is, there’s bound to be some sort of news regarding your topic regularly. It’s a good idea to include a news section in your blog and get some RSS links from reputable news sites to get such stories on your site.

news blogging

The reason news sections work is that they always provide something new for your audiences to read. This keeps them coming back, even if your original content isn’t appealing enough.

For example, if you’re running an auto blog based on a tech niche, you can provide a dedicated section informing your readers about the newest gadgets and outbreaks in the tech world. Besides that, you can provide your input in reviews or product analysis to attract organic traffic towards your auto blog.

Why is a news section highly beneficial for an auto blog? That’s because your content aggregation plugin will update your site every 24 hours, so if you post a news link, you’ll avoid repetitive content.

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Link YouTube Videos From Your Niche

Linking videos on an auto blogging website is an excellent way to:

  • Keep your audience entertained
  • Include some meaningful resources at the same time

Whether these links will work on your blog will depend on the plugin you’re using.

YouTube logo

Remember, YouTube videos will help you diversify your content, but only if your content is already interesting and informative. If you base your posts solely depending on videos that the aggregator places for you, your blog won’t work to engage your visitors.

For example, if you find a niche that attracts a good user base on YouTube, you can publish that niche’s videos with your commentary or analysis.

This way, you can give a personal touch to those automatically placed videos on your blog and provide some value to your users.

YouTube videos can also help you improve your SEO and give your site a good ranking on search engine results. While your auto blogging plugin simply eases your manual effort, you can work on your content to make your blog stand out.

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Reach Out To Fellow Niche Bloggers

Apart from the automated blogs integrated with your content on your website, you can recommend a few posts from fellow bloggers. You can do this by:

  • Creating backlinks on your posts
  • Making a recommended blog list on your page

This will not only help you create a positive image for your brand but also build beneficial relationships with your peers.

Remember, communication is the key. While conducting this strategy, you should inform the blog owner before you place the links on your posts to avoid any inconvenience.

Create a Blog Directory

Instead of restricting your automated blog to a repetitive content-generating site, you can turn it into a go-to site for your niche. How? The process is similar to the technique we mentioned above, but you can take it a level higher.

Build an entire blog directory on your site according to your niche. This step will be easy because the auto blogging plugin does most of the work for you. All you have to do is:

  • Neatly organize the links and features
  • Highlight some of the posts with your personal views and insights

This will turn your auto blog into an exciting hub where people can discover interesting content for their favorite niche.

Get Yourself a Quality Hosting Service

You see, there are many ways like these through which you can make your auto blog work.

You’ll have to invest your time and money to purchase a high-quality hosting service such as Bluehost and post creative content.

What’s Wrong With Automated Blogs?

The prospect of automated blogs may seem exciting at first until you look at it this way. Think about how blogs make money. Content creators develop high-quality websites using platforms like Bluehost and put up content that their visitors love.



Only $2.95/month

Bluehost is the ultimate hosting platform that will allow you to start a blog or website in a matter of minutes. You’ll get a FREE domain name when you sign up with my link It’s never been easier to build a brand.

The blogger gradually starts to earn from regular traffic through ad revenue, sponsorships, or personal product placements. The main point is that visitors value the content you produce; therefore, they keep coming back.

You can learn many ways to increase the organic audience on your blog and build a profitable email list. Check out this free email-list growing course to learn how to get organic traffic on your website.

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Things to Avoid While Auto Blogging

Auto blogs only work when you don’t depend entirely on auto-generated content. If you do, you might have to face some issues. Here are some examples of how you can go wrong with your auto blogging site.

If none of your users return after one visit, you cannot make money through your blog. Auto blogging can potentially put you in such a situation and lead you towards a dead end.

Posting spun content is not only unethical but is illegible at times.

Let’s face it; no computer can beat the creativity of a human mind. Besides that, there are other ways you can go wrong when you’re auto blogging.

Increasing Spam Content

The internet has become a hub of repeated, irrelevant content these days. It’s so common to find repeated, invaluable posts that it’s considered normal.

Stop Spam Content

In a time where we need to be responsible when posting content on our websites, some auto bloggers are simply creating duplicate content.

This way, when a user searches for a specific topic, he’ll be bombarded with useless or repeated information.

If this continues, online content will simply become unreliable.

Auto Blogging Has Poor SEO

If you’re planning to create a legit website through Bluehost, free from auto-blogging, you’ll be happy to hear this. Google is onto the duplicate content farms producing synthetic content.



Only $2.95/month

Bluehost is the ultimate hosting platform that will allow you to start a blog or website in a matter of minutes. You’ll get a FREE domain name when you sign up with my link It’s never been easier to build a brand.


Since 2010, Google makes sure that websites based entirely on auto content do not rank high on search engines.

Once Google picks up a pattern in your auto blogging site, you’ll stop ranking high on their search results. This will eventually lead your website into oblivion.

It’s Hard to Build a Credible Image

The final goal for every online blogger is to create a positive brand image for himself. If you depend entirely on auto-blogging, this prospect is impossible.

You see, by putting up only spun content on your website, without any input or effort of your own, you’re not connecting to your audience.

So while you might get the profits you want, you’re not gaining any credibility or authority in your blog niche in the long run.

You Won’t Earn Much

We know, most of you are asking; Can automated blogs make money? Well, yes, and no.

Meaning, the blogs will bring you good income, considering you’re not investing much of your time or intellect. However, it’s maintenance might be expensive for you.

For example, a legit blog generating organic traffic usually earns more through ad revenue. An automated blog will only earn about $10-$50 per month. You’ll have to set up more than one of these auto blogs to earn some real passive income.

If you buy good-quality hosting for your website from Bluehost or any other platform, you’ll have to spend on your website regularly.

This means, without any real subscriber base, you won’t earn much from auto blogs.

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Can Automatic Blogs Infringe Copyright?

Furthermore, auto blogs can also infringe copyrights and propagate plagiarism if you don’t do it right. Here are all how auto blogging promotes content manipulation.

Reposting Content Without Permission

Nowadays, online blogs have strict copyright policies, as well. You cannot merely pick out content from a website and use it as your own, that’s downright stealing.

Most websites include DMCA notices and disclaimers that clearly state that no one has the right to their content without permission.

While you can post the content you need by taking the owner’s permission, this is not possible when you’re auto blogging.

The plugin will take what it needs on its own accord, disregarding the original creator’s stance, and that’s just wrong.

Stripping Deserving Content Off Their Regular Traffic

When making money through auto blogging, you should be aware that while your site is ranking high, the actual creator loses traffic on his website. Here’s how this works.

Once a creator posts an excellent high-quality post, it gets lots of organic traffic that the owner can make money from. After a post starts ranking high on search engines, they become noticeable for auto blogging software.

Now, when an auto blogging software uses its content, however minimal, the original website will stop receiving the traffic it used to get.

Sometimes, duplicate posts end up getting ranked higher than the original posts, which is unfair.

You’re Practically Stealing

Apart from the original writer’s intellect and creativity, there are many other things that auto blogging snatches unethically. As we mentioned, this includes images and videos.

For example, if a blogger buys photos and images they put into their content, and your auto blogging plugin just picks it up from their post, you’re stealing it.

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Wrapping this up, it all brews down to one question, can auto blogging make money?

Yes, with auto blogging, you can generate a steady income online, but only if you’re responsible for the content you post.

Not all auto blogs need to be subject to copyright infringement or harm the content market.

If you aim for quality and create your original content alongside your auto-generated posts and invest time and money to boost your posts online, you can earn an honest day’s income from your auto blog.

Still, if you think auto blogging is too risky for you or goes against your vision for your blog, you can always start the traditional way.

Take this free course to grow your email list before starting your blog. You’ll find out how you can build an audience and viewer base for your platform.

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