9 Simple Ways to Earn Money from Your Lockscreen

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How about I show you how to turn your phone’s lockscreen into a money lockscreen?  Read through this article and see just how to earn some extra dollars through unlocking your phone.

Did you know that you can make money daily by merely swiping your lockscreen? Yes, I mean just that. There are some links online that are affiliated to merchants and can pay when you sign-up and agree to share your lockscreen with the developers.

Your phone is always with you everywhere; whether you are using it or not, it is mostly in your hands. Well, you can accumulate and earn some passive income every time you open your lockscreen.

It is commonly known as lockscreen advertising.

In this post, I will enlighten you on how to use lockscreen ad apps to make money from your phone. You definitely won’t make full-time earnings from it, but, you’ll surely make some passive income.

Lockscreen advertising is the new money-making model for mobile users who accept advertisements on their lockscreens.

Besides making money, you should learn to manage the money you already have if you intend to grow your net worth.

Using an app like Personal Capital will greatly help you properly manage your assets. It’s completely free to use and will help you manage your money smarter.

You can read more about it in our Personal Capital review.

Managing your personal finances will take you a long way in achieving your financial freedom.

How to Earn Money With Your Lockscreen

Whenever you swipe your phone to open, you will get a card with news or a promo on your lockscreen. Make a move to see more stories by swiping to the right to unlock your phone and go to your home screen. Make a left screen swipe to get more details on the content.

This post is a guide on how you can make money online genuinely. And, it is not a must for you to slide left, take a survey, tap for money, download an app, or do anything.

All that is required of you is to make use of your phone just as you usually do every day.

Lockscreen apps transform your lockscreen into an advertisement platform. And, although these apps have some level of intrusiveness and user interaction requirements, they typically work as easy as follows:

  • A user must download a lockscreen app first, and then permit it to run advertisements. To unlock the ad, the user should first watch a video that unlocks their phone. The user can also opt to skip or exit the advertisement.
  • Download your favorite the money rewards lockscreen app for your cell phone, and sign up with the necessary to begin earning almost instantly. You will make money genuinely by having trending news ads appear on your lockscreen daily. The more you unlock your lockscreen, you accumulate points.

These points are redeemable as cash benefits, gift card benefits to your favorite retailers or brands. If you so desire, you can also donate the money you make or rewards to charity!

Learn how to make money online by downloading free lockscreen apps that pay today!

List of the Highest Paying Lockscreen Apps

Most Lockscreen apps occasionally run surveys that earn users credit. The apps mostly use the same methods.

You will sometimes be required to view some ads when you unlock your phone or promotion content, but again, you get to enjoy some free extra income.

To get more ideas on how to make easy money, you might consider reading one of my blogs on realistic ways to earn free money.

  1. S’Mores Lockscreen

S'more Logo

It tops the list of the highest paying lockscreen apps. And, although many apps pay very little for every screen unlock, you can still make some money through various activities. It’s a decent option as a mobile app to earn extra income.

This means that you have to unlock your phone several or a dozen times in a day to watch the advertisements.

S’More is somewhat different because you are sure to make around $0.10 each day provided your phone is unlocked.

Install the S’ More app on your smartphone and receive around $36.50 in a year.

The minimum threshold for a payout is $1 in a day, and the rewards can be redeemed from Amazon.

Unfortunately, the app is only available for people living in the US.

  2. Adme


Adme is another lockscreen app that allows you to earn points and rewards for unlocking your lockscreen. The app is also available only to people living in the US. Also, it only offers three different modes which include:

  • Fullscreen Ad
  • Content feed
  • Double screen Feed+Ad.

The three modes are typically designed to achieve similar results. You are required to simply view some ads (or text feeds and ads), then unlock your phone to earn.

The “double screen feed+Ad” is known to offers the best rewards, although it also requires more interaction than in the other modes. On the other hand, content feed and Fullscreen Ad earn you fewer rewards.

You will get balance updates every 24hrs, and most users make from $0.10 to 0.20 per day.

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  3. Fronto

fronto logo

Fronto is an awesome app that also pays you to unlock your phone’s lockscreen. The app is known for paying its users and the fact that its intrusiveness is not much.

All they require from you is to create an account with them, swipe your screen left to engage with their material and swipe to the right to earn points.

Unlocking your phone on Fronto earns you 30 points.

Every 3,250 points are equivalent to $1. The app also offers bonuses of 100, 500, or 1000 points each day.

For instance, points earned in each swipe depend entirely on your activities. These include:

  • Downloading an app
  • Reading through an article
  • Unlock your smartphone
  • Follow someone on social networks or a company.

  4. SlideJoy

SlideJoy Logo

It is a simplified lockscreen app to earn money passively, which is better than several apps, including Fronto.

The app lets you to do right or left swipes to view the ads or learn more.

You should, however, note that your earnings are not dependent on the direction you swipe your screen.

After you earn the points, it will take around 24 hrs for them to reflect or sync with your previously accumulated points.

Your earnings will vary depending on your activities.

For example, you will earn $0.20 for just signing up, plus a 20% bonus for every referral you bring onboard. Also, each screen-swipe earns you $0.02.

You are able to cash out the money when you accumulate as low as a dollar.

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lockscreen money apps

  5. Screen Lift Rewards App

screen lift logo

It is among the most current lockscreen apps, and it has good reviews so far. By simply installing this app, and enabling it on the phone’s lockscreen, you qualify to earn rewards every time you unlock your phone.

The app is not intrusive, and you don’t need to read the articles to make your rewards. The app also earns slowly as compared to the S’Mores app, but it has one advantage.

Unlike in S’More, you can redeem your rewards through PayPal, as well as through gift cards from Amazon.

The cash processing takes just several working days, and you are ready to get your money.  Just like in S’More, this lockscreen app is also available only to US residents.

  6. SurveyCow Lockscreen Rewards

SurveyCow is different from other screen apps as it offers the user with a question survey prior to unlocking their smartphone screen. Your only role is to answer that one question and you are rewarded with beef points. These points are redeemable through PayPal.

The reviews are simple questions which you quickly answer from your lockscreen without much hassle. SurveyCow earning depends entirely on how frequently you unlock your smartphone, and it pays better than the S’Mores app.

The app has a higher payout threshold of $10 minimum, which can be a great drawback.

  7. Whaff Locker

whaff logo

Whaff Locker is a peculiar lockscreen app with some exciting rewards and cash payment schedules.

Installing the Whaff Locker transforms your phone’s lockscreen, just like in most other apps and it willcomprise of the following parts:

  • Premium Picks ( for app downloads)
  • Earnings from lockscreen
  • Whaff Picks
  • Other picks (for more downloads)
  • Payouts

You earn from Whaff Locker by:

  • Downloading apps,
  • Keeping the downloaded apps on your phone,
  • Using these apps
  • Going through the lockscreen.

Whaff locker is an excellent way to earn more passive income. You should note though that, their download section is not very useful, and their payments are not very straightforward, especially that lockscreen section.

When you start, Whaff Locker pays you $0.01 per swipe, but the amount decreases with time.

You can begin with Whaff Locker and ditch it after the first payment for another lockscreen that pays more.

  8. BillsBoard Lockscreen App

BillsBoard lockscreen app uses the same concept as with other various money lockscreen apps. Install this app on your phone, sign up, and allow it to take control over your phone’s lockscreen.

Before you unlock your phone, it presents news stories and ads that you will opt to see or skip. The good thing is that it’s not a must to read stories or watch ads, to earn with this app.

And, although Billboard is not an easy way to get rich, it can guarantee you a few extra bucks each month which you earn passively.

You can easily redeem your money through the following modes:

  • Amazon gift cards,
  • Direct withdrawal from PayPal
  • Google play store credits, or
  • Transfer credits to your zap surveys account.

This app is among several lockscreen apps that pay you cash through direct withdrawal using your PayPal.

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  9. Sleep Money App

Sleep Money earns you money for just allowing them to put material on your phone’s lockscreen. The app acts as a money rewards platform allowing you to receive cash, rewards and points, which you can redeem for gift cards.

One excellent trait about this app is that it’s totally free. Just make your download and begin making money!

Earning real, passive income is simply a step away! By using this app, you get rewards in the form of “Sleep Money Coins,” which you can later redeem for gift cards, including Amazon gift cards.

The process of earning with this app is as easy as it sounds.

Simply install their lockscreen app, then just relax and earn. You can redeem your coins for gift cards, as soon as you make 20,000 of them. For every 10,000 coins you accumulate, you have $1 worth of gift card.

Why wait while you can make money doing absolutely nothing? Just enable your lockscreen with the Sleep Money app and earn even while sleeping.

Make the easiest cash with this app’s lockscreen, while on the go. Receive bonuses, generate income, and make free money online.

How to Make More Cash with Sleep Money App

  • You get more rewards and cash when you join future features and activities such as:
  • Participating in paid surveys
  • When you watch amusing videos
  • Trying various apps

It is the easiest way to generate extra income.

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Conclusion On Money Lockscreen Apps

Economic times are tough, and everyone can use several extra bucks for their vacations or clearing some bills. Technology has come to save you with the above-listed apps that let you make money from your smartphone device.

And, although it is not easy to determine how much you can make with these lockscreen ad apps, however small it might be, it’s still extra money.

Sign up for some of these money lockscreen apps and see how awesome they can be. They offer some of the best ways to earn online, even without owning a blog.

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