9 Best Paying Jobs in Real Estate Investment Trusts

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Are REIT jobs a great career choice? And are you looking for one? Here are some of the best-paying jobs in real estate investment trusts that promises a stable career.

As the real estate industry grows each day, opportunities to make money through REITs also grow significantly. Whether you want to invest or get a job with the REIT companies, chances are infinite. For instance, estimates by the ARELLO (Association of Real Estate License Law Officials) shows that there are approximately 2 million real estate licensees active in the US.

The industry offers numerous career opportunities, some of which many of us don’t even know exists. If you’ve been looking to start a career in the REITs, this article suits you perfectly. We will explore some of the best-paying jobs in real estate investment trusts, making it easy for you to not only find a job but to also find one that best fits you.

But before that, what does REITs mean? And, how do they work?

What is a Real Estate Investment Trust?

Popularly known as REITs, these are companies that own, and most often manage, income-generating real estates. REITs own various commercial properties ranging from apartments, office complexes, warehouses, shopping centers, commercial forests, hotels, etc. In total real estate investment trusts in the US owns approximately $3.5 trillion in assets.

The companies get income from these commercial real estate properties, which they, in return, pay to the investors. In some instances, you might also find some REITs financing real estate.

Just as you would invest in stocks, REITs, in the same way, allows you to invest in the real estate industry. Through REITs, investors can now invest in valued properties and get a chance to receive stable dividend-based income. This makes these companies an excellent way of diversifying your passive income streams and growing your income.

If you want high returns for your investment at lower risk and next-to-zero effort, real estate investment trusts (REITs) are the way to go. The industry is growing rapidly as more people search for ways to diversify their income and grow their wealth through stable investments.

Currently, over 145 million Americans have invested in REITs through various investment funds. So, if you are into real estate, platforms like Crowdstreet, M1Finanace, etc., are a great place to start your investments in REITs.

But how can you start a career in real estate? Well, if you are looking for a job in this industry, let’s see what choices you have.

Best Paying Jobs in Real Estate Investment Trusts

working in a REIT

If you want to learn how to start a career in real estate investment trusts, we have the right answers for you. We will not only show you how to find and start your real estate investing career path but also how to do it right.

Here are the various REIT jobs you can consider:

1. Real Estate Investor Jobs

Since we are looking for the best paying jobs in real estate trusts, being an investor takes the lead. This is among the most lucrative career opportunity in this field. A real estate investor’s job involves buying real estate assets, adding value to the property, and then selling them at higher prices. Sounds easy and lucrative, right!

Well, while this can be quite profitable, it’s also not all easy and rosy. For you to make reasonable profits, you have to know where and when to buy properties, as well as when to sell them. This means that you must be keen on doing extensive research regarding the market at all times.

If this sounds like what you are looking for, here are some primary requirements:

  • Funds to buy the property
  • Knowledge of various real estate investment strategies including rentals, fix-and-flip, buy-and-hold)
  • A heart to take risks
  • Ability to learn more about the real estate investment industry

Meeting these simple requirements means that you are good to kick start your real estate investment career. And as for how much you can earn through this job in the US, ZipRecruiter puts it at around $124k.

2. REIT Analyst Jobs

This is another category of jobs that fits well in our list of best-paying jobs in real estate investment trusts. A REIT analyst assists the real estate and finance departments in the acquisition, disposition, marketing, and financing of properties. They help to research, analyze, and monitor the real estate market trends, allowing the company to make informed property decisions.

As a REIT analyst, you will be required to run financial models on the company’s current assets and acquisitions, using various financial tools. For this reason, you must be well-versed in the financial field.

Some requirements for a REIT analyst job include:

  • Bachelor’s degree in economics, finance, real estate, or related field
  • Experience in managing huge workloads, programs, and reports
  • Extensive understanding of the local property markets, including micro and macro business trends
  • Research skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Analytical skills

A REIT analyst earns around $82k annually.

3. Real Estate Agent Jobs

real estate agent jobs

This is one of the most readily available jobs in the real estate investing field. The job description for real estate agents is to help people either buy or sell real estate properties.

Real estate agents’ jobs vary depending on where they work and what they do. For instance, you can be an agent helping buyers get properties or helping sellers get buyers. Also, you can specialize in residential properties or commercial ones.

Agents dealing with residential properties help connect buyers and sellers of residential real estate properties. These properties include single-family homes, luxury homes, condos, vacation homes, etc.

As for the commercial real estate agent careers, it includes connecting buyers and sellers of commercial properties. The properties in this section include shopping malls, warehouses, rental apartments, hotels, etc. Requirements here are a bit different as you need to have some background in business and finance.

As a commercial real estate agent, you will be dealing with finance-related data such as the internal rates of return, gross rent multipliers, and capitalization rates.

Salaries here are commission-based, meaning that the more business deals you close, the better your pay is. A platform like Flexjobs would be an excellent place to start your job search.


4. Real Estate Property Appraiser

A property appraiser is a professional trained to evaluate and determine the value of a property. This can either be commercial real estate or residential property. They determine what a real estate property is worth in the market based on various economic factors.

To get this job, you need to know how the real estate market works and how various factors such as location affect a property’s value. A property appraiser’s license is a requirement before working as an appraiser. This means that you must take the appraiser education course and pass.

Educational background in finance, economics, or other related fields is desired for this job category. And as for the annual salary, appraisers earn an average of $53k. So, if you are looking for real estate investment company jobs, this one fits the category.

Better still, it gives you a chance to work independently if you so wish.

5. Real Estate Attorney Jobs

This can be an excellent full-time or part-time job for attorneys. Real estate attorneys work to settle various disputes in property ownership and transfers. Whether it’s the issuance of titles, transfers, documentation, or any other legal issues pertaining to real estate properties, the attorneys act as mediators.

In addition, they offer legal guidance to both sellers and buyers of real estate properties. This ensures that both parties follow the necessary legal framework for the transactions, preventing various disputes.

The annual salary for a real estate attorney is around $119k annually, making it one of the best paying jobs in real estate investment trusts.

As for the requirements, you must have:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in law
  • Juris Doctorate degree
  • Pass the Bar Exam

If you are an attorney and wish to follow this career path, it certainly isn’t a bad choice.

6. Real Estate Broker Jobs

real estate broker

A real estate broker works in a similar manner to a real estate agent. They both help real estate property buyers to meet sellers, and vice versa.

The main difference between the two lies in their bosses. In essence, most real estate agents work for brokerage firms. However, a broker can work independently without joining any brokerage. As a broker, you can easily start your own brokerage firm.

These two REIT jobs are somewhat related or interconnected. For instance, while a real estate broker can work independently, they must first have prior experience as a real estate agent for around 1-3 years.

The good thing with a broker is that you have that chance of becoming your own boss. So, if you are tired of that 9-5 style of working, becoming a real estate broker is a great choice.

Being a real estate broker is thus one of the best paying jobs in real estate investment trusts, as you determine your own income. And, your hard work, knowledge, and skills determine your paycheck.

On average, real estate brokers in the US earn around $72.5K annually, based on Glassdoor’s estimates.

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7. Property Management Jobs

In REITs, people invest their money through these real estate firms and get paid in dividends. And, since REITs owns and manages properties, property manager jobs are quite common here.

The real estate investment manager job description includes ensuring that both the physical and financial states of these properties are attractive. The investors must get their dues as promised.

In addition, you’ll not only cater to the investors’ needs but also to the need of the property and the tenants. Satisfied tenants make your work easy and ensure that you hit the investors’ financial goals.  

Requirements for a real estate property manager include:

  • Managerial skills
  • Customer service
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Marketing skills
  • Background in finance

As for the income, property managers earn an average of $54 annually in the US. And you don’t need to worry about where to get these jobs. Just visit one of the various online job sites like Solid Gigs, for a chance to kickstart your career of choice.

8. Real Estate Developer Jobs

Unlike the real estate investor who buys existing real estate properties and resells them, a developer acquires land and builds the properties to sell. The properties here may range from single-family houses to large commercial buildings like warehouses and shopping malls.

Real estate developers handle the construction of the buildings from scratch, right from planning to financing and coordination. As a real estate developer, you will be working closely with various professionals to guarantee an uninterrupted process. These include architects, engineers, lawyers, contractors, leasing agencies, etc.

Requirements for becoming a real estate developer include:

  • A degree in fields like architecture, civil engineering, business, and urban planning
  • Extensive knowledge of the real estate market
  • Be good in finance
  • Be a good planner

For a real estate developer, you can be working for a real estate company or open your own company. And, the income here depends on several factors such as whether you are employed, independent, or the type of properties you construct.

9. Leasing Consultants

leasing consultants

Leasing Consultants are the public face of the real estate industry. They help people to find property and housing options within their budgets and preferences.

If you are looking for a career in real estate investment trusts, a leasing consultant wouldn’t be a bad choice. It is a great start for a progressive career, aiming for higher positions and roles such as becoming a marketing director.

Extensive knowledge of the local real estate market is a prerequisite in succeeding in this career path. The more knowledgeable you are in this field, the easier it will be for you to get your clients what they want.

You will also need to have good interpersonal skills, as well as marketing and promotion ones. Prior experience in the hospitality or retail industry might be an added advantage as you already know how to deal with people.

If you want to earn, you can try jobs in a real estate investment trust and acknowledge generating wealth through different passive income ideas that require minimal effort.

How to Get a Job at a REIT

While many people would say getting a job with a REIT is the toughest thing to do, the truth is quite the opposite. There are numerous real estate investment trust jobs out there that need to be filled. The industry is rapidly growing and thus the emergence of more job opportunities.

If you are looking for a job with REITs, you can visit the particular company’s website or apply through online job search platforms. For instance, if you don’t try your luck with Fundrise.com, numerous jobs are advertised daily on platforms like Indeed, Career Building Communities, AdventureSincre, Ziprecruiter, LinkedIn, etc.

But, which are the REITs you can get jobs with?

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If you’re eyeing a property but low in cash, there are real estates that only need a small amount of investment. Considering investment is one of the best decisions you will make for it will benefit you in the future.

Are you interested and wanting to step up your investment, there are financial platforms your platforms that can help you. One of these platforms is M1 Finance, and it is interesting to know how to use M1 Finance and how it focuses on automating investments.

Is a Real Estate Investment Trusts a Good Career Path?

REITs are certainly a great career path if you have a job that best fits your qualifications and passion. From the above job examples, it’s clear that real estate investment trusts offer numerous job opportunities, which also pay pretty well.

Most of the best-paying jobs in real estate investment trusts are easy to find, as long as you have the qualifications and know where to look. Follow the above links to choose your career path.


Q: Are there well-paying REIT jobs?

A: Yes, there are numerous jobs in real estate investment trusts that pay handsomely – some going up to $124k per year.

Q: How many jobs are available in real estate investment trusts?

A: The REITs job industry has numerous job opportunities right from analysts, property managers, engineers, etc. The list is infinite.

Q: How can I get REIT jobs? 

A: By applying through the companies websites or various online job search platforms like Ziprecruiter.

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