8 Passive Income Ideas For Creatives: Monetize Your Talents

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Making an income as a creative is hard work. But it’s completely possible to earn passive income. Here are some passive income ideas for creatives.

People outside of creative industries tend to see our work as just arts and crafts, but if you’re making a living as a creative you know that it means long hours and “only working for a bit” on the weekends

Passive Income Ideas

What if we told you that there was a way you could turn your work into a constant stream of income that you barely had to maintain? 

Passive incomes used to be reserved for people who started drop shipping companies or high-end investors, but things have changed for creatives. 

Today’s internet gives us plenty of ways to make the most out of our work. You can use the content you are already creating to build up a passive income.

No matter what creative field you find yourself in, there are ways to generate a new source of income. 

Let’s kick start the best passive income ideas for creatives.

The First Steps to Discovering Passive Income Ideas For Creatives

Before you sign up for FlexJobs or launch your career as a social media star, you need to take stock of what you already have and what you are already doing. 

Creating a passive income is all about generating assets that can continue to make money without you having to put in a lot of ongoing effort.

Ideally, you can create your passive income without needing to do much more than add new content or make updates. 

Don’t think about a passive income as a side job, think about it as making your current work generate a second income. 

Here are 7 ways you can start building up a passive income today. 


Earning a passive income on Canva is a great place for creatives to start for a few different reasons. 

One of the biggest reasons is also one of the most overlooked. Canva screens its applicants.

Before you can start earning on their site, you have to be accepted as a contributor. This means that the content that gets posted on Canva is known for having a higher quality than some other websites.

This lets you start building up your reputation before you even upload your first work. Businesses come to Canva because they know they can find something of a higher quality. 

Canva also lets you retain the rights to your work. It’s a non-exclusive environment. This is ideal for creatives.

When you upload graphic design work to Canva, it doesn’t get “stuck” there. You can take those same assets and images and upload them to other websites.

This gives you the greatest reach for your passive income. 

Remember, you want to make the art you create to earn the most it can. This means uploading the same images to several websites if you can.

So, who are these passive income ideas for creatives?

Canva is ideal for graphic designers, photographers, and videographers. If you’re making images, this is a great site for building a passive income. 




Being a creative is a bit of a puzzling line of work. On one hand, we get to fully enjoy being creative and using our time for our own goals and on the other hand, we are constantly searching for our next check. 

FlexJobs lets you start filling in those gaps.

How does it work? FlexJobs lets you find at-home employment that you can use to fill in gaps in your current work schedule.

This is an ideal solution for people who are just starting to build out their creative work and who need a little extra income to stabilize the first steps in this process. 

This lets you turn that downtime in your day into a passive income for designers.

Now, this isn’t about working more to earn more, it’s about working smarter. 

Building a passive income for artists is all about leveraging every asset you have. That includes your time. 

If you’re still struggling to pick up clients in between jobs or you are whittling away the hours while your waiting for jobs to be approved by clients, you can pick up some extra income with FlexJobs. 

This gives you a strong footing for building up your passive income sources. FlexJobs is here to help you fill in the gaps in your creative income.

If your passive income is still growing, this is a smart way to earn some extra cash in those empty moments.


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Merch by Amazon

merch by amazon

Among the easiest ways of creating passive income for creatives, is Merch by Amazon. Yes, you heard that right! Amazon is among the biggest online market places globally, for all sorts of items.

And, with a customer base of over 310 active members, there is no better place than this to showcase your talent.

Merch by Amazon allows you to submit a design, together with the product you intend to sell (t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, etc.). When a customer likes your design and orders the product, Amazon produces the product and delivers it to the customer.

You’ll then earn loyalty fees for your design. Sounds easy, right? It’s certainly is.

The best thing about this is that you don’t need to do much. Research and product design are all that’s required of you. If your design gets picked, Amazon does everything else for you – including the listing, production, and delivery.

Passive income can’t get any easier than this. And although it might not offer instant cash, it’s an excellent passive income stream.


SolidGigs logo

One of the hardest parts of building a passive income as a creative is finding work that works for you. 

This is more than just a witty saying, it’s a mindset that will allow you to maximize your growth. Solidgigs takes out the hunting and pecking and replaces it with a feast for freelancers. 

When you have a platform that brings work to you, you can start to put the bulk of your time to work. 

When we start to think of passive income ideas for creatives, we tend to forget that the time we spend looking for work is actually the time we are not getting paid to work.

Applying for gigs, posting content, and scouring the web for new leads is all work that doesn’t automatically send you a check. 

Cutting out all of that searching lets you sharpen how you use your time.

If you can find all of your work in one convenient place, then you can start using that extra time to put yourself ahead. 

Solidgigs also features classes and tools that let you develop the business skills that are hard to find in our industry.

If you got a college degree in a creative field, you probably spent a lot of time honing your craft and very little time learning how to find clients that will pay you for it. 

Solidgigs can help you to both grow your business skills and start bringing you more efficient work. 


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Passive Income Ideas For Creatives That Want To Monetize Talents

Creating a passive income on 99designs is very similar to Fiverr.

As the gig economy has continued to evolve, companies like 99designs have sought to grow and build on business ideas like those pioneered on Fiverr. You can use this to your advantage. 

Where Fiverr and Upwork are the wild west of freelancing, 99designs is the organized community you never knew you wanted.

99designs takes pride in being able to sort out the best jobs for the most talented clientele.

This gives you a chance to cut through the lowball offers and start earning more with the work you are doing. 

This is one of the most overlooked aspects about making a passive income. 

When you set out to create a passive income, you want it to be worth the work you put into it.

A passive income that brings in an extra ten dollars each month is likely costing you money when you consider the hours and resources put into earning it.

99designs gives you a chance to start earning more with the work you are doing which frees up your time.

If you start bringing in a greater income from your core work, you can maximize what your passive income is able to achieve.

Not only does 99designs give you the same opportunities as Fiverr, it lets you build your way up to a much higher income bracket. 


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Fiverr logo

You’re a creative. This means you are working with people to create a design they will love. Along the way, you’re bound to have some off-cuts. 

Whether they are designs that clients ultimately didn’t love or they are rough drafts that moved in different directions, you’ve got the seeds for a passive income for artists. 

Using Fiverr to generate a passive income involves a little bit more ingenuity on your part.

However, if you are ready to make the most of the work you already do, then this website is the ideal place to build up an income. 

Here’s how it works. 

To start building up your passive income for designers on Fiverr, you want to start saving your drafts. 

Fiverr works by allowing you to create what are known on the site as “gigs.” These are job listings that you post to pick up clients.

You can leverage the system to have an income that is steady and needs little input on your part. 

If you’re designing logos, for example, you can put up a Fiverr gig for “Three Professional Logo Designs in 24 Hours” utilizing your unused designs.

Now, this isn’t about handing a client a bunch of drafts, but it is about being able to make the most of the work you have already done. 

Remember what we said at the top of the article, building a passive income for artists is all about making the work you’ve already done earn you more money. 

Fiverr is a great place for this. Fiverr is known for having fast and efficient turnaround times. You will be able to make great use of the content you’ve already made. 


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Airbnb Experiences

airbnb logo

Airbnb isn’t just for landlords, it’s also a great place for creatives to start earning smarter.

You’re already working hard to create something interesting, letting people into the process can also let in some extra income.

Airbnb has a unique feature known as experiences. This is where creatives from every industry can offer something experiential for tourists and locals alike. 

Best of all, you don’t need a rental property to host these Airbnb experiences

This is a well of passive income ideas for creatives. Here are just a few examples of how you can transform your workflow into a passive income. 

If you’re a photographer, this is a great way to build on what you already do.

Let’s say you’re heading out to do some street photography and get some shots to upload for another passive income stream like Canva.

With Airbnb experiences, you can advertise a walking photography tour of your city or maybe a “Street Photography 101” course.

Now you’ve got people paying to join you on your next photography outing.

Studio photographers, product photographers, and even models can also use experiences for similar passive income strategies. 

If you’re a more creative artist, consider letting people into the process.

Let’s say you’re designing a logo for a client off of Fiverr and it’s going to earn you $50 for two hours of work.

Why not double up what you are getting out of that time and offer a logo design course on Airbnb. Now you’ve got two jobs going that are using the same time and the same effort. 

No matter how you’re making your creativity work for you, Airbnb experiences can offer you new ways to transform your work into passive income.

Scroll through your local Airbnb experiences to find gaps in the market as well as inspiration! 

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tiktok logo

Social media is a gold mine for creatives who are looking to grow a passive income stream. Best of all, you don’t have to become an influencer with a million followers to make this work. 

You’re already making content. 

Creating a passive income for designers is all about finding ways to transform your current work into more income.

TikTok and social media give you a new outlet for transforming your current work into more content. 

You can take a variety of approaches for using TikTok to earn an income

You might be surprised at how few followers you need to start creating promoted content. Brands are eager to find organic advertising with followers with even a modest social media presence.

You can start building yourself up today and quickly find yourself being able to make money from sponsored content. 

If that doesn’t sound like your thing, you can also earn money directly from your social media content.

As a creative, the work that you do is just as interesting as the final product you create. 

People love watching time lapse videos of artists at work, watching how to videos, and getting a window into the lives of their favorite creatives. 

TikTok lets you monetize this directly with donations during TikTok live events.

You can also connect your TikTok presence to your main website or other services like Patreon to transform your social media posts into a steady stream of passive income. 

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