8 Epic Jobs That Pay $20+ Per Hour [Online & Offline]

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Are you looking to earn more? There are some unconventional ways and jobs that can help you earn more than the average per hour rate. Here is a quick list of jobs that pay $20 per hour or even more.

Who doesn’t love instant money? Still, most of us work grueling hours at work for a meager salary that barely makes ends meet.

If you’re willing to try some side hustles from the gig economy and make money online, you’re on the right page.

Do you know that most jobs in the US pay less than $20 per hour?

Believe it or not, there are many online platforms offering jobs that pay $20 per hour. Most of the time, the only thing they require is your time or some medium-level skills.

Also, you’ll find a plethora of choices that range from online to physical tasks.

How Much is Per Year is $20/Hour?

You are probably asking yourself, why $20 per hour? Well, it’s a common hourly rate as a threshold for maintaining a particular lifestyle.

The typical number of hours worked in a year is 2,080 hours. This is assuming weekends and some days off but you work full-time.

So, $20 per hour equates to $41,600 per year.

If you want to test what your hourly rate means in terms of yearly earnings, use this handy hourly rate calculator to test it out.

Best Jobs that Pay $20 or More per Hour

I bet you’re excited to get started already.

Here’s a list of jobs that pay $20 per hour or even more, so you can pick out the perfect part-time job for yourself.

Food Delivery

One of the best part-time jobs that pay $20 per hour is food delivery. Today, people can order and receive food from anywhere and anytime they like, thanks to food delivery apps.

Besides that, because these apps provide prompt delivery for multiple restaurants and operate in many areas at once, they always have a vacancy for people who’re willing to work for them.

The best part is, you can set your schedule according to your availability.

Our top pick is Doordash as the best delivery app to work for.



$10-$14 per hour

DoorDash is one of the best ways to make money delivery food. DoorDashers earn approximately $10 to $14 per hour and get to keep 100% of your tips. In some cities, you can earn on your bike or by walking. There are no dress codes required to be a DoorDasher.


For example, if you’ve only got time to complete one delivery on your way to work, you can easily do that and earn enough money to cover your commute.

Here are some popular delivery apps that let you earn about $20 per hour.


DoorDash is a fantastic platform that lets you work on your terms and pays you good money.

All you have to do is sign up and become a Dasher. According to the location details you provide, the app will show you any orders near you when you’re available to work.

DoorDash Logo

After you’ve completed the delivery, you can keep the delivery fee mandated by the app.

Moreover, you can also pocket any extra tips you receive from your customers, which can quickly add up to $20 for a single delivery run.

Hourly Pay Tip % Delivery Volume Next Steps
$10-$14/hour 100% Excellent Read Review


Postmates is another reliable delivery app that you can sign up for and make $20 per hour online. The app operates in more than 400 cities across the US, so you can easily find deliveries.

Postmates logo

What we love about Posmates is that it not only pays you the delivery fee for the order but also pays extra according to the miles you travel. Additionally, you can keep the tips you get from the clients to easily make $20 for an hour’s drive.

However, working for Postmates requires some personal investment too. You’ll have to pay for the fuel and repairs of your vehicle.

Hourly Pay Tip % Delivery Volume Next Steps
$9-$14/hour 100% Very Good Read Review

Take Surveys

If you work a typical 9-5 job, food delivery means extra driving, and that’s probably not for you.

In this case, many online apps offer jobs that pay $20 per hour or more.

You can complete the surveys available on these platforms in your free time to make some comfortable passive income.

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is one of the most popular survey sites out there. Here, you can spend your screen time productively and earn some money without any extra effort.

For every survey you complete, the app pays you in the form of points.

survey junkie logo

The only way to maximize your earning here and make $10-20 every hour is by getting high-paying surveys that take less time.

Also, you can only redeem your earnings when you reach at least $50 via gift cards or in cash.

Earn Per Activity Payment Method Min To
Cash Out
Next Steps
$1 – $50 PayPal & Gift Cards $10 Read Full Review

Pinecone Research

You can earn more than $20 per hour through Pinecone Research surveys. You will be asked to fill out surveys regarding your feedback and reviews of certain products.

Pinecone Research Logo

The best part is, you will get 300 points for every survey you complete on the site. This is equal to $3. Most of its surveys are short and take only 5-10 minutes to complete.

Also, high-paying surveys offer more money if you qualify for them.

This means you can easily earn around $20 and redeem it through cash or gift cards by just spending two hours.

Read more in this Pinecone Research review.

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is one of the most lucrative ways to make money online. You can write for other people as a ghostwriter or an anonymous guest writer.

Or, if you want to earn a steady income, you can create your blog.

However, this field requires some patience.

Once you start posting good content that generates organic traffic, you can monetize your blog through ads, affiliate links, and even sell your products.

This way, you can easily earn more than $20 for every hour you put into content creation.

There are many platforms where you can create your blog. But the most important thing is quality hosting for your blog.

One good option is Bluehost.

Bluehost Logo

No matter how hard you work on your content, your website will not attract viewers without a good hosting service

. Bluehost gives different marketing tools and strategies for a global reach.

Moreover, it helps you increase your hourly earnings through ads and affiliates.

The platform charges only a nominal fee of $2.75. For this price, you’ll get a legit SSL certificate, backups, and improved security.



Only $2.95/month

Bluehost is the ultimate hosting platform that will allow you to start a blog or website in a matter of minutes. You’ll get a FREE domain name when you sign up with my link It’s never been easier to build a brand.



Micro tasks are a great way to generate a legit passive income online. You can choose from easy online tasks that require minimum efforts or sign up for sites to get physical gigs you’re good at.

Here are some examples of micro-tasking sites having legit work for home jobs paying $20 per hour


Lifepoints is the ultimate microtask site for earning good money per hour. You can indulge in activities such as playing games, watching sponsored videos, and even taking surveys.

You will earn anywhere from 20-100 points for each task, depending on how long it takes.

LifePoints Logo

Mind you, LifePoints does not have an exact way to convert points. This means you might get more value for a certain amount of points in gift cards, but less in cash.

Also, you can use their product testing option to give out paid reviews and earn more than $20 per hour.

Earn Per Activity Payment Method Min To
Cash Out
Next Steps
$0.6 – $1 Lifepoints pays in PayPal $20 Read Full Review


TaskRabbit is an amazing platform that offers gig workers the jobs they’re good at.

Whether you’re good at plumbing, home improvement, cleaning, furniture assembling, or running errands, you can find a job here.

TaskRabbit logo

The platform connects you with people looking to hire workers.

You can easily earn $20 per hour, depending on your expertise and the difficulty of the task you take up.

These are some other TaskRabbit alternatives to help you earn more.

Book Flipping

Did you know that a stash of books sitting there in your attic can get you good money? Yes, book flipping is a profitable online side hustle where you can sell your old books to people at the price you like.

Apart from the books you own, you can acquire high-quality books from yard sales, college graduates, thrift shops, and many other places selling cheap books.

After you’ve created a collection of useful books, get ready to sell them on book flipping sites.


BookScouter is a web platform that connects buyers and sellers to make a deal. Depending on the genre of your books, you can sell them from anywhere to $20-$50 each.

The most profitable ones on the site are textbooks that are hard to find at cheap rates.


The website is easy to use and provides flawless transactions between you and the buyer.

Rent Your Assets

You don’t always need jobs that pay $20 per hour to earn more, some other tasks can also help. Another way to earn $20 without any effort is by renting out your assets.

You may have lots of income-generating assets just sitting around your home that can earn you a fortune. It can be your space room, empty attic space, large backyard, or even your car.

You just need to find a good platform to rent it out.


VRBO allows you to rent out your extra room to travelers and visitors. All you have to do is register your home on the site, and you can easily find people willing to pay for your room.

VRBO Website

Depending on the season and the location of your home, you can easily earn more than $20 per hour for the spare space.

See Related: VRBO vs Airbnb – What’s Better?


Next on our list of jobs that pay $20 per hour is Turo. With Turo, you can rent out your car to someone who needs it and earn money in return.

If you’re an office worker, your car mostly spends its time parked in your office or home garage.

Why not use that time to earn some extra money?

Turo Logo

Car rentals can easily pay more than $20 per hour, depending on the condition and mileage of your car. The app will locate people who’re near you, so you don’t have to go too far to drop and pick up your car.

Deliver Groceries

Delivering groceries is one of the easiest jobs you can find online that pay $20 or more. You can easily complete this task while you’re doing your own grocery and earn enough to spend on luxury items later.

These platforms below allow you to find customers who need personal grocery shoppers.


Shipt is a reliable grocery shopping app. Here, you can earn money by shopping for other people from your nearby grocery store.

Shipt Logo

They pay around $6 as basic shopping pay, and you get a percentage of how much the customer spends as well.

Besides that, you get to keep the tips, so you can easily make $20 per hour.

Hourly Pay Tip % Delivery Volume Next Steps
$10-$14/hour 100% Fair Read Full Review


Instacart is also among the jobs that pay $20+ per hour, and it also lets you choose your own work schedule and location. Their requirement is that you should have a driving license and can lift at least 30-40 lbs.

Instacart Logo

Instacart also claims that their shoppers can earn more than $20 every hour, along with the tips they get from their customers.

Hourly Pay Tip % Delivery Volume Next Steps
$10-$14/hour 100% (Check Policy) Decent

Learn a Valuable Skill & Monetize It

Investing in yourself is always a profitable venture. No matter which skills you learn, you can always use them to increase your earnings in the future.

There are many online platforms that offer free courses for learners.

If you want jobs that pay $20 per hour, you have to improve your skills as well. Particularly, in the field of high-income skills.

Right now, web development is a highly lucrative field, and learning coding can help you earn anywhere from $20 to $100 per hour.


You can learn coding for free on this site. CodeAcademy simplifies difficult concepts for beginners so they can grasp the technique easily.

CodeAcademy Logo

Besides that, you can choose whatever field you’re interested in. From website building to analysis, they’ll teach you everything you need to become a pro.

The best part is, you can write your own codes as soon as you get the hang of it and check it on the site. This way, you can see if you’re on the right track and get immediate feedback.

Also, once you’ve learned to code, the site helps you take your career further and start earning through your skill.



50% OFF Annual Plan

CodeAcademy is one of the top ways to improve and learn better coding. You learn from top professionals in the industry. Staying up-to date on the latest trends in code and programming means you can charge your clients more. Join for 50% off.


Final Words

That concludes our list of jobs that pay $20+ per hour. You can choose any of these jobs, depending on your expertise and the time you have at hand every day.

Remember, make sure to sign up for legit platforms before you begin your earning spree. Otherwise, you might end up falling into a scam and wasting your time altogether.

Also, make sure you read all the terms and conditions for the website before you join so that you get exactly what you sign up for.

Happy earning!

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