7 Ways for Teachers to Make Extra Money

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If you are a teacher and have enough free time after school hours, there are plenty of ways for teachers to make extra money. We have listed some of the easiest in this article.

Teachers are always busy. From classroom management, assignment criticism, creative training, and career counseling, they are superheroes who’re proficient at multiple tasks. 

After a long day of nurturing the new generation, no teacher should have to take up side hustles to make ends meet. Unfortunately, as much as we hate to admit, teachers are relatively underpaid compared to the work they do. 

If you’re a teacher facing the same situation, don’t worry. With the increasing popularity of online side hustles, you can find easy ways to make extra money in no time. 

ways for teachers to make extra money

Here’s our list of the best ways for teachers to make extra money after completing their day job. 

Ways for Teachers to Make Extra Money

Doing a part-time job is inconceivable for most teachers, attributing to their mercilessly packed routine. 

If you’re a teacher yourself, you’re probably shrugging the idea off as well. What if we told you that you could find easy ways to make extra money from home that fit right into your schedule? 

There is a plethora of high-paying, accessible, and flexible side hustles available online. Besides that, there are lots of easy ways for teachers to make extra money where they can use their current skillset. 

Sounds appealing? Here’s our list of the best ways for teachers to make extra money to help them pick the right option. 

1. Invest Your Paycheck On Stash

Teachers don’t earn enough to invest directly in the stock market or real estate. But, they can invest their monthly paycheck on Stash to get regular revenue without putting in any extra effort. 

Stash app

As a teacher, all you have to do is create an online account on Stash and deposit only $5 to get started. The app automatically invests your money into fractional shares so you can earn a passive income

Besides that, you’ll get your Stash debit card through which you can purchase stuff from your favorite brands at a discount. Most importantly, the platform does not charge any hidden fees from its users. 

Furthermore, you can create your retirement plan for $3 per month and upgrade that to a custodial account for $9 per month. 

What makes it one of the best ways for teachers to make extra money is its investment guidance. Here, teachers who’re newbies in the investment world can learn to invest their resources and earn maximum income. 

The platform also provides tailor-made investment options for their users according to their financial condition and offers a portfolio builder to help diversify their investments. 

 2. Do Freelance Jobs

Nowadays, small businesses prefer project-based employees over contract-based ones. That’s because it’s cheaper to hire a professional when the need arises, rather than pay a salary every month for a permanent employee. 

If you’re interested in working freelance jobs such as writing, proofreading, or editing, you can sign-up for online freelance platforms. These websites connect professionals with potential employers, so you can quickly become a member and generate some extra income. 

Here are some popular freelance websites with ways for teachers to make extra money. 


SolidGigs is a relatively new freelance site that works in a similar way as Fiverr and Upwork. If you want to take up freelance writing, editing, or proofreading while continuing your teaching job, you can easily do so with SolidGigs


What we love about this site is that it saves your time. The internet is full of freelance job offers, which means there are lots of scam sites and advertisements. 

For example, when you search for freelance writing jobs, you’ll get hundreds of search results. Going through each one and pitching each client individually can be a tedious job. 

SolidGigs makes this easier for you by shortlisting jobs that fit your needs. The platform displays only 10-20 freelance jobs in its weekly gig lists that are worth your attention. 

This way, you save time while selecting jobs and start earning money right away. Although you’ll have to pay a small commission for their services, SolidGigs makes your freelancing journey more productive. 


Fiverr is a go-to platform when it comes to freelancing. It has a catchy and user-friendly interface that lets you navigate the site easily and find the jobs that fit your skillset. 

Fiverr online platform

Unlike other freelance sites, you don’t have to bid for a long list of Fiverr jobs. 

Instead, the platform lets you post your gigs displaying your skills and work offers. You can set your rates and create your project packages to pitch clients on the platform. 

It’s hard to land your first client on Fiverr because of the abundance of professionals on the website. However, if you create an impressive portfolio and maintain a good rating, you can create a regular workflow for yourself. 

3. Create Informational Resources

As a teacher, you’re bound to have an area of expertise that you’re passionate about. It might be the subject you teach or other aspects of the teaching profession, including student psychology or classroom management. 

Did you know that you can turn your knowledge into informational resources and sell it for money? Believe it or not, people are willing to pay to learn from your skills and the experiences you have as a teacher. 

You can compile your content into a comprehensive course or an e-book and upload it online. What makes this one of the easiest ways for teachers to make extra money is its flexibility. 

Start by working on your course or book during your holidays or summer breaks and post it online. This way, you can continue earning through your resources without disturbing your routine when schools reopen.

Once you’ve created a catchy and engaging resource, you can promote it through social media or popular blogs from the genre. Here are some popular sites where you can post your educational courses and earn a passive income. 


Coursera is a well-known online educational platform with courses and resources from all subjects, including sciences, business, and health. 

Coursera logo

The site currently boasts more than 53000 courses, out of which more than a hundred offer degrees, while some of them are free as well. It also has a broad user base, so you can display your content to hundreds of interested buyers. 

Besides that, the site is known to collaborate with prestigious universities, so you can get professional exposure for your work as a teacher. You can also choose to keep your courses subscription-based and post fresh content regularly for your followers. 


Founded back in 2010, Udemy is one of the most popular e-learning platforms. It has millions of student subscribers and thousands of courses already uploaded by teachers like you. 

Udemy logo

To start out, you’ll have to create an instructor profile on the platform. After that, you can upload all the courses you like and display them to a vast audience of students and learners. 

Every time someone purchases your course, you will get paid through PayPal. However, Udemy charges a percentage from your income as commission. 

Unlike Coursera, Udemy isn’t restricted to university professors and credible teachers only. That’s why there are thousands of people posting courses out there, so you have to ensure yours stands out. 

This feature also makes the platform available for everyone. You don’t have to be part of an acclaimed organization or hold a degree in the skill you teach to post your course.

You can create a course about anything that provides value to your audience and put it up for sale. 

4. Share Your Data Package

If you don’t have time to work on freelance jobs, there are other ways for teachers to make extra money without making any effort at all. 

Believe it or not, Honeygain is a platform that pays you for merely downloading their app on your phone or computer. 

best passive income apps

Here’s how it works. By downloading the app, you share some of your unused data with the platform. Honeygain’s partner businesses use your web data for market research and data collection. 

As a teacher, you probably spend most of your day at school. This means your home network connection remains idle most of the time, and a bulk of it remains unused till the end of the month. 

Honeygain simply puts that data connection to use and pays you for it. The best part is, the site pays you in hard cash through PayPal. For every 10 GB you share with them, you’ll get $1.  

Once you reach their minimum payout threshold of $20, you can cash out your rewards. 

5. Sell Your Teaching Resources

Teachers spend most of their time preparing teaching resources, including PowerPoint presentations, videos, worksheets, and notes. That’s why one of the best ways for teachers to make extra money is by selling their teaching resources. 

While you might already share your resources for free with your peers, did you know that you could display them to teachers worldwide who’re willing to pay for your work? 

You can become a member of sites like Teachers Pay Teachers, an online community for teachers. Here, fellow teachers worldwide share their resources. All you have to do is upload your stuff on the site and wait for customers. 

It’s one of the easiest ways for teachers to make extra money because they’re always creating new teaching resources. Whenever you cover a new topic, remember to upload it online to earn a passive income along with your full-time job.  

6. Hold an Annual Summer Camp

The only time teachers can use for themselves is summertime. If you want to earn some extra money but you’re too busy to do it during the session, you can do it during the holidays by setting up a summer camp. 

Parents are always concerned about how their children spend the holidays. Most of them look for productive summer camps that can help their children learn something new while having fun at the same time. 

If you think you can teach your favorite subject or skill during summer and make it interesting enough to keep your students hooked, this is the ideal summer side hustle for you. 

You can charge a fee for every session of your summer camp or decide a fixed price for the entire course. Either way, you’ll earn enough to generate some extra savings for yourself. 

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7. Become a Remote Language Teacher 

If teaching is what you do best, you can teach language in your free time to students worldwide and earn some extra money. 

You’d be surprised at how many people worldwide are interested in learning English as a second language. Companies like VIPKid connect online teachers to students willing to learn English from countries like China and the Middle East. 

VIPKid logo

You can specify whether you want to teach children, teenagers, or adults, whatever suits your expertise. What we love about this side hustle is that it’s highly flexible. You pick the time you want to teach and design your own one-on-one sessions. 

Besides that, you don’t have to grade tests or hand out homework like you would in your full-time teaching job. 

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8. Drive for Ridesharing Companies

Driving is one of the easiest ways for teachers to make extra money. Most teachers drive through long commutes from their homes to the schools they teach at. 

If you face the same situation, you should register your car immediately for online ridesharing companies and earn money on your daily commute. For every ride you take, the apps pay you around $15-$25. 

Additionally, you can earn even more if you take customers through busy urban locations. If you sign-up for sites like Uber or Lyft, you can specify your work timings as you like. 

A great idea is to pick a passenger on your way to and from school. This way, you can complete at least two rides every day. 

Even if you make $15 per ride, you can easily earn around $50 every day in passive income, plus tips. 

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Final Words

That concludes our list of ways for teachers to make extra money along with their full day teaching job. 

While there are many online side hustles to make a passive income, there are very few of them that teachers can fit into their daily routine. They already have limited time to spare after school, usually taken up by grading tests and planning classes for the next day. 

That’s why the side hustles we’ve listed are ideal for busy teachers because they can fit them into their schedules or conduct them efficiently without extra effort. 

Just remember to beware of scam sites while working online, so you don’t end up wasting your precious time.

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