6 Ways to Run Errands and Make Money

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If you are unemployed, underemployed or simply looking to increase your earnings, it is time to run errands and make money.

For some, running errands as a side gig becomes lucrative to the point that it turns into a full-time job. It is possible to earn tens of thousands of dollars in a year’s time running errands for money.

As is often said, if you have the will, there is a way.

Let’s take a look at how you can make a bundle of money by running errands for other people.

Run Errands and Make Money by Shopping for Others

People have become busy to the point that many prefer to avoid the grocery store to focus on work, family, their social life and having fun.

You can take advantage of the hectic nature of modern living by grocery shopping and running errands for others.

There are several ways to launch a side gig as a grocery shopper and errand-runner. Embrace this opportunity and you might even become a full-time grocery shopper.

Take the DIY (do it yourself) route and start your own grocery shopping business.

You can advertise your services to find new clients by posting ads on internet sites such as Craigslist, making your own personal shopper website and/or posting flyers around town.

run errands for money

However, it is much easier to sign up for an errand running service with a proven reputation.

If you don’t want to bear the burden of advertising your personal grocery shopping service on your own and bringing new clients into the fold, don’t fret.

Instacart, Rover and other established errand service websites are here to do that work for you, liberating you to square your focus on actual grocery shopping and errand running for others.

Instacart is a grocery shopping and delivering service that connects you, the shopper, with clients throughout your local area.

The bottom line is everyone needs food, home cleaning supplies and other sundries yet some people do not have the time, energy or desire to shop.

Furthermore, some people have mobility challenges or simply lack the transportation necessary to shop at grocery stores.

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Earn Money Through Instacart


Become an Instacart shopper and you will make good money while shopping for others and delivering their selected items to their door. Full-service Instacart shoppers work in a contractor position that requires delivering groceries to clients’ homes.

In-store Instacart shoppers are employees of the company as opposed to independent contractors. These employees restrict their services to strictly shopping rather than shopping plus delivery.

Don’t worry if the items your clients select are unavailable at the local store.

If an item is unavailable at the store, all you have to do is communicate it to the client by way of the app and determine if there is an acceptable replacement.

Aside from your flat rate, you can also earn money through tips. The commission paid for completed orders depends on the size of those orders.

As long as you are 18 years of age, can pass a background check, have a smartphone, hold an unexpired driver’s license, own/lease a vehicle and have insurance for that vehicle, you can work as an Instacart shopper.

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If you enjoy driving and want to make some extra money, look no further than Postmates. This service operates in more than 700 locations.

Postmates empowers delivery drivers who have signed up for its Fleet app to provide errand service, picking up all sorts of different items and delivering them to customers.

Postmates delivery drivers deliver everything from restaurant meals to dry cleaning, groceries, prescription medication, office supplies and alcohol.

Sign up to be a Postmates delivery driver and you will find there are plenty of tasks to choose from. If you don’t own or lease a car, you can run errands for money through Postmate by using a scooter or motorcycle.

In terms of financial compensation, Postmates pays a base rate to each contractor. Thankfully, Postmates payment accounts for the time spent at customers’ locations where you wait to pick up items.

In fact, Postmates also includes payment for your drive time.

Those who work in a timely manner have the potential to earn significantly more than other Postmates delivery drivers who do not show up on time or deliver on time.

This employee-friendly company also allows drivers to keep 100% of their tips.

Postmates provides drivers with payment on a weekly basis. However, if you are in desperate need of money, you can trigger an immediate payout through the app’s instant cash option.

As long as you are 18 years-old, have a smartphone, can pass a background check, hold an unexpired driver’s license, have automobile insurance and can pass a DMV check, you can work for Postmates.

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Think back to all those times you were hungry but didn’t have the ingredients, time or energy necessary to whip up a meal in the kitchen. DoorDash comes in handy in such situations.

Become a DoorDash driver and you will pick up and deliver food to people in your town or city.

DoorDash errand runners, affectionately referred to as “Dashers”, pick up food at local restaurants and transport them to customers.

DoorDash meal delivery can be completed while driving an automobile or riding a motorcycle or bike.

Similar to Postmates, DoorDash allows delivery drivers to keep 100% of the tips they earn. DoorDash delivery personnel are paid on a weekly basis.

Furthermore, DoorDash also provides an instant cash option for those short on cash and facing mounting bills.

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Shipt Shopper

Shipt Shopper

Shipt Shopper is fairly similar to other errand-oriented services such as Instacart Shopper. The user-friendly Shipt app is used by contractors to select orders, buy groceries and transmit them to customers.

It is particularly interesting to note Target owns Shipt.

The only downside to Shipt is it is not as ubiquitous as Instacart.

However, if you have the opportunity to work for Shipt Shopper in your town or city, you have a fantastic opportunity to run errands for money.

Shipt Shopper is particularly appealing as this unique platform recommends the closest store to the customer, ultimately saving plenty of time while simultaneously increasing errand runners’ earning potential.

Run errands for others on Shipt Shopper and you will earn base pay for each order along with 7.5% of the entire bill.

Add in the fact that you are likely to earn tips on your orders and you have even more reason to run errands with Shipt Shopper.

Successfully make 100 deliveries and you will be provided with a bump in pay.

Shipt Shopper pays its errand runners on a weekly basis.

Similar to most other errand-runner businesses, Shipt Shopper requires that its delivery drivers be 18 years of age, prove capable of lifting 40 pounds, have access to an automobile, own a current smartphone, pass a background check and hold a valid driver’s license along with auto insurance.

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When it comes to running errands to make money, few opportunities are as unique as TaskRabbit.

This idiosyncratic service provides you with the opportunity to pick up and deliver just about anything to those who live and work in your local area.

TaskRabbit errand runners pick up, transport and drop off everything from restaurant meals consisting of several courses to cups of joe from local coffee shops.

Part of what makes TaskRabbit’s Taskers so unique is the fact that they make money through the service in ways other than driving.

Taskers are liberated to do all different types of jobs ranging from running errands unrelated to food pickup/delivery to performing yardwork, assisting others move, completing household chores and beyond.

As long as the errand or task is legal, you can do it for money through the TaskRabbit platform as a Tasker. This is the perfect opportunity for those who want to exert control over the type of work they do.

Another part of what makes TaskRabbit different from other errand running business opportunities is the fact that it does not force employees to work at a set rate.

Rather, you have the power to determine your own rate on the platform. The going rate for services provided through TaskRabbit hinges on the location as well as the unique services offered.

There is no need to worry about collecting cash from customers and keeping it on your person as you work the remainder of the day as a Tasker.

Rather, this intuitive platform relies on an app dubbed “Odd Jobs” to facilitate payment transmission, reception and storage. Payment through the app is provided on a weekly basis.

Taskers keep the entirety of their earnings as well as tips.

As long as you are 18 years of age, provide a legitimate United States Social Security number, have a current smartphone, give your consent for an ID check and have an active checking account at a bank, you can work for Task Rabbit as a Tasker.


Run Errands for Money With Roadie


Wouldn’t it be nice to run errands and make money while driving around town?

Roadie makes it possible. If you are willing to pick up and drop off items at homes throughout your town or city, you can make some serious cash while running errands for Roadie.

Roadie’s package delivery service is different from other package delivery providers as there is no need to box up the items in question.

As an example, if someone wants a video game delivered, the sender simply hands it off to the Roadie worker who transports it to the recipient’s address.

If you would like to run errands for money, all you have to do is establish an account with Roadie and start a gig, meaning request a delivery.

Once you start a gig, the sender provides detailed information regarding the location where the driver will collect the item(s), identify the individual who will provide the item(s) and the drop-off location.

Items can be picked up from the sender’s home or another location.

Don’t fret about the payment for each errand you run on Roadie as all gig prices are determined before the project begins.

Furthermore, Roadie makes it easy to sort through gigs based on size, distance, price and location, ensuring you reserve only the specific gigs that you are interested in.

Roadie drivers are free to accept or decline gigs after they are posted to its run errands for money app. After enough time has passed for Roadie drivers to accept/decline gigs, the sender selects the Roadie for the job.

Roadie is secure in that it requires drivers to take pictures of the item(s) at the point of pickup and also when delivered to the destination, ensuring the item was delivered in exactly the same condition as it was in when picked up.

If you are willing to drive well beyond the local area, opt for Roadie’s long-distance gigs that pay significantly more than other gigs.

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Run Errands for Others on Your Own

There is nothing stopping you from starting your own errand service business and competing with the industry’s established companies.

As an example, you have the opportunity to specialize in an errand service for seniors.

You are perfectly free to launch your own business, charge your own unique rates for running errands for others in your community and earn good money while moonlighting from your 9 to 5.

Continue to build your errand running business and you just might be able to become a well-paid, full-time errand running specialist.

Continue to expand your company and you have the potential to reach the stage where you can take on some of the companies listed above, possibly stealing some of their market share or even hiring your own errand running team.

The key to succeeding with your own errand running business is connecting with those who buy and sell items in your local community.

Seize the opportunity to “press the flesh” by introducing yourself to local business owners and managers as well as other members of the community.

Make it clear that you run errands for money and pass out your business card at every opportunity.

Advertise locally through a variety of mediums, launch your own website, create social media platforms for your errand running service and provide competitive rates.

Embrace the opportunity to meet with the owners and managers of local stores ranging from grocery stores to home improvement stores, drug stores, office supply stores and liquor stores.

Some of these business owners and managers might be willing to pay you good money to deliver items to local customers.

Furthermore, those customers are likely willing to pay a flat fee per delivery and possibly even tack on a tip to boot.

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