6 Best Fiverr Gigs – Top Selling Options

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Regardless if you’re a freelancer or a business looking to use Fiverr, the platform offers great opportunities. However, there are specific gigs that are the most rewarding. Here are some of the best Fiverr gigs for both businesses and freelancers.

6 Best Fiverr Gigs – Top Selling Options

When Fiverr was launched in 2010 as a freelance gig marketplace, nobody knew its popularity would increase by 600% in just 2 to 3 years. What started as a simple website displaying $5 gigs has now morphed into one of the world’s largest freelance platforms.

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Whether you’re looking to profit from your expertise or outsource talent for your own business, Fiverr is the place to look.

Currently, people are making their careers and getting excellent services through the platform. You can target your niche and set your rates as a seller, while as a buyer, you can get work done without any binding commitment.

Despite the plethora of gigs from every niche and profession listed on the site, I can’t help but notice that some gigs perform better than others.

If you want to get started on the site, you’ll need to know what’s trending to make a profitable choice.

Don’t worry; I’ve compiled a list of the best Fiverr gigs right here to give you some insight before you set out.

1. Graphic Design

Graphic design is a niche with endless potential. It’s one of the most successful Fiverr gigs. Believe it or not, people are making thousands of dollars a month from a single designing gig on Fiverr.

Make money on Fiverr

Here are some of the most popular designing gigs:

Logo Designing

Nowadays, companies are becoming wary of hiring in-house designers. Instead, most of them choose to outsource their designing jobs using freelance sites. On Fiverr, you can find logo designing services for your company ranging from as little as $10 to as much as $100.

If you know how to conjure up a good illustration using software like Photoshop or Illustrator, you can sell on Fiverr and turn your talent into quick cash.

Besides that, you can charge your clients extra for perks. These include providing AI or PSD files or delivering high-resolution pictures.

One great idea is to look at the packages created by other sellers before you post your own.

This way, you can figure out how much to charge for your service, and what value you can provide to attract clients.

Business Card Design

This is another top-selling gig on Fiverr. Most business start-ups don’t have the resources to afford a professional designer but need to create a brand identity.

If you’re a small business owner, you can get your business card designed on Fiverr, starting from $5.

Whenever you buy on Fiverr, look out for the list of services the package offers. For example, when getting a business card design, check whether the designer provides a two-sided or single-sided design.

Some designers charge an additional fee for a two-sided design.

Designing Brochures and Flyers

This is something that companies and businesses need all the time.

If you’ve got the knack for creating a catchy design and creatively incorporate the brand’s information, you can earn about $25 to $50 for a single brochure design.

I went on Fiverr and purchased a lead magnet design for $25. Here is what I got.

Producing Infographics

Nowadays, there’s nothing more profitable for a business than creating a brand identity that people can relate to.

Infographics help in this regard by conveying detailed pieces of information through attractive imagery and creative placement.

If you think you can create such designs, you can generate a steady income online by posting an infographics gig on Fiverr.

2. Video Animation

Video animation is one of the most popular gigs on Fiverr. 2d and 3d video animators can earn good money completing a handful of orders in a month.

Find a freelance job on Fiverr

If you know how to operate basic video creation software like Adobe After Effects, you can earn considerably on the platform.

However, video animation is a vast field, and some niches work particularly well on the site.

If you need some videos for your brand or small business, here are some options you can find on Fiverr:

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation is an engaging video format that has high demand. If you’re planning to sell on Fiverr, you can create whiteboard animations using simple animation tools.

It’s easy to learn, and you can earn $5–$10 for a 30-second animation.

Besides, you can charge extra for additional features like HD quality, voiceover synchronization, and embedding the client’s brand name as a watermark.

Social Media Video Content

This is one of the top Fiverr gigs for video animation. Companies and brands frequently release short visuals and are willing to pay good money for advertisement videos. In this way, they can keep their social media followers engaged, which is good for their branding.

If you’re a brand and need to get traffic on your social media page, you can hire video animators to market your brand on social media. You can easily find designers who animate videos tailored to generate traffic on YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook, specifically.

Since 2018, the search rate for this niche by buyers has increased by 124% on Fiverr. At the same time, searches for Facebook videos and Instagram videos reached a staggering 177 and 239 percent increase.

3. SEO Support

If you’re building your personal blog, a business website, or an eCommerce website, you can use Fiverr services like SEO support to help you gain traffic — the more the traffic, the better the earnings.

Similarly, SEO is a relatively new marketing tool, so if you know how to integrate it into web content, you can earn quite a lot through Fiverr gigs.

SEO Keyword Research

There are many businesses and start-ups that want to generate organic traffic on their websites. To create content that brings in traffic and keeps readers engaged, you have to conduct proper keyword research.

If you know the basics of keyword research and can provide productive keyword reports for your clients, you can earn about $500-$1000 a month from this gig.

You can also advertise SEO services, including domain name ideas and content writing, to generate a steady income online.

Rent Out SEO Tools

SEO tools like Jungle Scout or Ahrefs provide valuable keyword reports but charge an expensive subscription fee as well. For someone who rarely uses the platform, paying the price every month is pointless.

Addressing this problem, some people have started renting out their SEO tools as gigs on Fiverr. This way, people who already have monthly subscriptions can earn extra money to cover their costs, while people who only need to use these tools occasionally can get their work done at cheap rates.

However, as a buyer, renting out these tools will only help if you know how to interpret the data provided in the reports. Sellers might consider charging extra for data interpretation.

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4. Content Writing

Content writing is one of the best Fiverr gigs you can go for. It has a good learning curve and pays well on the site. You can get cheap writing services on Fiverr if you’re a buyer, but in this case, be aware that you get exactly what you pay for.

Content writing

When buying writing services, you should look for credible writers with a good work portfolio, or else you’ll have to waste your time and effort editing the piece you pay for.

For professional writers, there are many top-selling writing gigs on Fiverr you can choose from.


If you’re creating an informative video, film, or documentary, and want to get the narration written by a professional, you can find lots of scriptwriters on Fiverr.

Make sure you go through the job description properly to ensure your order covers your needs and fits your budget.


People who’ve already prepared a draft for their book or script can connect with expert editors on Fiverr. You can look for both copy editors and developmental editors to provide feedback on your manuscript according to your needs.

If you want to become an editor on Fiverr, the job pays well, but it’s time-sensitive, unlike many other top gigs on Fiverr.

The faster you complete the editing job, the higher you can charge your clients. The top-rated proofreaders and editors on Fiverr are ones who complete assignments within 24 hours.

Legal Writing

Writing is not always about creativity. Legal professionals charge hefty amounts on Fiverr for drafting documents and contracts for their clients.

If you’re creating an eCommerce website, you can outsource your legal documents using Fiverr. This can include the terms and conditions and privacy policies.

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5. Coding and Website Building

Any Fiverr gigs list is not complete without the mention of website building. It’s easily one of the highest-paid gigs on the platform. Website builders charge anywhere from $100–$5000 for a single project.

The best part about outsourcing website developers from a platform like Fiverr is diversity. You can get developers for WordPress, CMS, SquareSpace, or Wix; you name it.

This way, you can get more productivity by using multiple sellers on Fiverr than from an in-house developer.

If you’re a developer, you can offer the complete package on Fiverr. That usually includes creating, customizing, installing plug-ins, testing, and fixing the site. You can charge up to $3000 for complete services on a two-page website.

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If you only want to sell part-time gigs on the platform, you can post bug-fixing and customization gigs. Most blog owners do not have much technical knowledge, so they need a professional developer to fix issues with their websites.

You can charge $20 for 10 minutes of work on your client’s websites.

You can also prove your credibility by providing the details for the problem and how you fixed it, and charge a little extra for your transparency and effort.

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6. Business Planning

Launching your dream start-up is not easy. You have to carefully plan every aspect of your business strategy to make your endeavor successful.

Business plan

You can easily find business planning professionals on Fiverr who can help you build a plan from your idea.

Market Analysis

Before you invest in your own business, you’ll need to see if your niche market is worth your investment. You can find a ton of market research gigs on Fiverr.

These professionals can figure out an effective marketing strategy, your competitors, industry trends, and target customers.  This type of analysis is a high-income skill that usually costs more if you want the job done right.

Create a Business Plan

If you have an idea but need to present it as a full-proof plan to your investors, a professional business plan is what you need.

Marketing experts offer lots of gigs with a combination of planning services. The complete business plan should include a basic strategy, its implementation, an executive summary, and a market plan.

As a business researcher or market analyst, you can charge your client as much as $1000 for a single complete business plan order.

Naming a Business

Usually, people planning a start-up have so much on their minds; they have no choice but to outsource the creative aspects somewhere else. Believe it or not, you can find gigs on Fiverr from people willing to name your business according to your requirements for $5-$10.

If you’re not an analyst but can think creatively, you can post a gig of business planning.

You can charge your clients for creating a name, tagline, or motto for their company.



That wraps up my list of the best Fiverr gigs for buyers and sellers. Fiverr is an ever-growing platform, and I can confidently say that there’s no end to the talent and skillsets on the site.

The best way to succeed on Fiverr is by providing value to your clients. I’ve noticed that a satisfied client takes a seller a long way on the platform.

Similarly, a dissatisfied one can ruin your chances of success.

Check out this helpful email course to learn how to successfully make money online.

For buyers, it’s necessary to complete payment before hiring anyone on the site. If you receive a quotation that’s too good to be true, it probably is. Remember, you’ll get what you pay for, so don’t fall for attractive cheap rates.

Whether you want to earn some extra bucks or outsource affordable and high-quality services, these are the top-selling gigs on Fiverr you should look out for.

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