6 Best Books on Making Money

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Making money is easy when you have the right information and strategies. To achieve this, here are the best books on making money you should have on your shelf.

Are you struggling to make money, or do you just want to improve your knowledge and make even more money? The fact is learning the right tactics and strategies makes money making effortless. But how and where do you get this information.

Well, here is a list of the best books on making money, written by some of the renowned financial experts and investors of all time. Here, you not only get to learn how to make money but also how to avoid losing it.

The books contain crucial information to help you get out of debt, make money easily, and make sound financial investments.

Best Books on Making Money

If you want to change your financial situation for the best, here are the best books on how to make money.

1. The Total Money Makeover

The Total Money Makeover


  • Author: Dave Ramsey
  • Available in: Hardcover, Audio Book and Kindle
  • of Pages: 272


As you seek the best books on making money, get this classic edition by Dave Ramsey.

It teaches you how to take control of your finances and live on a budget. You can get tips to reduce unnecessary expenses and have money left over to save or invest.

The results will be a growing bank account that you’re pleased with. The steps in the book can lead to financial independence and health over a certain period. Learn about different ways to get out of debt and money myths that you need to steer clear.

This is among the best books on personal finance that you can use as a family to have sound financial footing. It has some ‘Dave Rants’ as a side note tackling college debt and marital issues about money.

2. Rich Dad Poor Dad

Rich dad poor dad


  • Author: Robert T. Kiyosaki
  • Available in: Paperback, Audio Book, and Kindle
  • of Pages: 336


Robert T Kiyosaki first made the financial news with his revolutionary book 25 years ago. Since then, he’s taught millions of people about money and how to build wealth.

In Rich Dad Poor Dad, he talks about his upbringing and how it shaped his view on making money. The book is an international bestseller and teaches many crucial lessons about wealth creation.

The book explains every strategy in the easiest way. And, although written in English, there are dozens of translations available to help readers understand the lessons it teaches.

3. Think and Grow Rich

Think and Grow Rich


  • Author: Napoleon Hill
  • Contributor: Arthur R. Pell
  • Available in: Paperback, Audio Book, and Kindle
  • of Pages: 320


Napoleon Hill is hailed as the father of ‘motivational speaking’ with his bestselling book ‘Think and Grow Rich.’ He was a great thinker who challenged the belief that you could only be born into wealth to be wealthy.

Napoleon tells a story about attracting wealth and money into your life by following certain principles. He wrote the book during the Great Depression, and it has since transformed the lives of millions of readers.

The book continues to change many readers’ lives and can be a good gift for any and every occasion. It’s one of the best books on making money that teaches writing your goals and reciting them every day to maintain your focus.

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4. The Psychology of Money

The Psychology of Money


  • Author: Morgan Housel
  • Available in: Hardcover, Audio Book and Kindle
  • of Pages: 242


Morgan Housel has authored one of the best books on making money that you need to read. For him, making money and keeping it is more about your behavior and not what you know.

Changing behavior is a tough endeavor, even when dealing with smart individuals. Most people understand money in terms of mathematical formulas taught in school. These cover areas like business, investing, and personal finance.

However, this book steers clear of looking at money through a spreadsheet. It’s more about the psychology of money and how it’s discussed in meetings, at the dinner table, and when out with friends.

This is one of the best books on building wealth that teaches using short stories. Inside are 19 stories uncovering how people think or talk about money and what needs to change.

5. Passive Income, Aggressive Retirement

Passive Income, Aggressive Retirement


  • Author: Rachel Richards
  • Available in: Paperback, Audio Book, and Kindle
  • of Pages: 258


Are you seeking different ways to make passive income and grow your finances? Rachel Richards had authored one of the best books on passive income.

Rachel is a financial expert whose main aim is to teach people about money and proper financial management. This book adds to her collection of texts written to help people of all backgrounds understand money.

Passive income is a great way for retired people or those planning to retire to earn an income. They put in little to no work but earn a sum at the end of a set period.

This book also teaches other people how to make passive income their number one hustle. It frees you from following a 9 to 5 life routine. It’s one of the best books on making money written in simple English.

6. The Simple Path to Wealth

The Simple Path to Wealth


  • Author: J. L. Collins
  • Forward: Mr. Money Moustache
  • Available in: Paperback, Audio Book, and Kindle


When seeking the simplest way to learn about making money, get this book by JL Collins. It’s among the best how-to make money books you can read with your family or friends.

It’s 286 pages long and contains letters written by the author to his daughter. The main topics it covers are money and investing. Here you get a simplified way to look at money since it’s one of the most powerful tools in the world.

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