37 Best Apps to Make Money in 2021

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Do you want to use your phone to earn some money on the go? We all do. Fortunately, there are plenty of apps to make money out there. Keep reading to learn about 37 exciting apps that can help you earn some extra cash on the go.

Making money on the go from your smartphone sounds too good to be true, but in today’s age, it’s realistic. 

You may wonder how? The answer is the latest smart apps that allow you to make money while at home or traveling.

Mobile apps have become such an integral part of our lives, so you might as well use them to make some cash on the side

We spend hours and hours looking at our screens throughout the day. Some just scroll through social media, while others play games. 

You can use the same time to do something productive and make money.

It might not make you a millionaire, but it will help you save up for that vacation you wanted so badly. 

List of the Best Money Making Apps

Here are the best apps to make money on your mobile device. 


InboxDollars Logo

InboxDollars is an app available both on iOS and Android that offers different ways to make money. It’s basically a survey app, but you may also get other tasks that are not as boring.

You may play games or watch videos to earn money. 

This is very popular online as the interface is user-friendly, and the topics can be quite interesting. The minimum cash out is just $10 that you can take via PayPal. 

Earn Per Activity Payment Method Min To
Cash Out
Next Steps
Up to $5 Cash & Gift Cards $30 Read Full Review

Surveys usually take about 15 to 20 minutes. Another great thing about InboxDollars is that there are no points, you directly earn cash.

They will give you a $5 bonus for signing up so you’ll come out ahead on earning money online.



DoorDash Logo

DoorDash is an on-demand food delivery service that functions much like Uber Eats. Headquartered in San Francisco and founded in 2013, this popular food delivery service allows anyone to order food from a plethora of restaurants through the DoorDash mobile app.

Currently, DoorDash is only available in Canada, the United States, and Australia.

According to consumer analytics firm Second Measure, DoorDash is the most popular app-based food delivery service in America, way ahead of GrubHub and UberEats. It serves 35% of the food delivery market as of 2019.

Hourly Pay Tip % Delivery Volume Next Steps
$10-$14/hour 100% Excellent Read Review

In terms of pay, our findings are that it is around $10 – $14 per hour plus you get to keep 100% of your tips.

DoorDash referenced that the average DoorDash driver can earn around $18.50 per hour.


Survey Junkie

survey junkie logo

Survey Junkie is yet another great survey app to make money online by simply sharing your opinions. These surveys cover a wide range of industries, including entertainment, technology, sports, etc.

You will get a notification once a survey for which your demographics meet the requirements gets approved.

Earn Per Activity Payment Method Min To
Cash Out
Next Steps
$1 – $50 PayPal & Gift Cards $10 Read Full Review

The price for each survey varies but usually ranges from $1 to $3. Once you have earned enough points, you can cash them out via PayPal. It’s a simple, easy, and no-nonsense app to actually make some money on the side. 

The app is available for both iOS and Android platforms.  Read more about the site in our Survey Junkie review.



fundrise logo

Fundrise is a platform to invest in real estate, starting with small capital. You can invest right from your smartphone by downloading the Fundrise app, on both iOS or Android.

They have a variety of residential and commercial properties open for crowd investment. Real estate investing can be a great way to earn passive income. It’s one of my favorite passive income apps to use to make money on the go. 

Min To Invest Accredited Only? Fees Next Steps
$500 No 1%/year Read Full Review

The minimum amount you need to invest is $500. It’s not one of those quick money making apps, but you can make decent money in the long run. 

There are some fees associated with this app as well. Also, you have a 90-day money-back guarantee, so you can get your money back within this time.



Swagbucks Logo

Swagbucks may be popular for making money online using a computer, but it also has a mobile app. As soon as you join, you only have to provide some basic information about yourself. 

After that, you just wait for notification when you’re eligible to take a survey. To learn more, you can also read our in-depth Swagbucks review.

In addition to taking surveys, you can also make money watching videos, searching the web, voting in daily polls, or simply inviting friends on the platform.

You can download the app from both Google PlayStore or the Apple App Store. 

Earn Per Activity Payment Method Min To
Cash Out
Next Steps
$0.4 – $2 PayPal or Gift Cards $3 Read Full Review

The points you earn can be redeemed as gift cards for iTunes, Walmart, Amazon, and cash via PayPal.

100 Swagbucks are equal to $1, so it may take a while for you to have some decent money.  They will give you a $5 bonus simply by signing up. 



Rakuten app

Rakuten, formerly known as EBates, is a really effective way to get cashback on your online shopping. With more than 1,800 retailers on their list, you can make quite a bargain. You also get coupons, promo codes, and notifications about discount deals. 

Payout happens every three months via PayPal. Also, you can earn $50 right off the bat by referring to two friends. It does not get any easier than that to make shopping less expensive and more fun. 

Based in Japan, Rakuten is one of the best money making apps, especially if you shop a lot.

Cashback Payment Method Min To
Cash Out
Next Steps
Up to 40% PayPal or Gift Cards $5 Read Full Review

The app is also available for both iOS and Android users. Read more about the cashback app in our Rakuten review




Trim Logo

Trim is not so much a money-earning app as it’s a money-saving app. The AI algorithm of the app can find ways to save you the money you probably could not think of yourself.

You connect it with your checking account or credit card, and it scans your purchases and subscriptions.

Whenever the app detects something that could be canceled to save money, it will inform you. However, Trim also negotiates the bills you pay.

You have to provide a copy of the bill and leave it to them.

If they do bring your bill down, they charge a commission from the savings you make by that reduction.



ibotta logo

For those who shop online and in stores frequently, Ibotta can be a nice way to earn some cashback. You can also unlock rewards by completing simple tasks on the app.

You can get cashback by submitting the receipt of your purchases or linking a loyalty card. 

Every time you shop, just scan the barcode of the receipt and upload it on the app for verification. The reward you earn through Ibotta can be cashed via PayPal or Venmo.

Alternatively, you can redeem it in the form of gift certificates. 

Want to get it? It’s available in both Android and iOS versions. 


Postmates logo

Postmates is one of the most popular food delivery apps to make money. You can use the app on your own time, picking up orders from restaurants, and delivering them to customers.

It’s an easy way to make money on the side if you have a bicycle or a car. 

Postmates also offers weekly guarantees, so if you meet certain conditions, you will walk away with the money. Earnings are calculated instantly, letting you know how much you earn with each delivery.

Hourly Pay Tip % Delivery Volume Next Steps
$9-$14/hour 100% Very Good Read Review

If you live in a big city, you could make good money, especially during Blitz hours.

You can download from Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore.



Acorns is not so much an app to make money as it’s an app to save the money you already make and spend. The app has garnered a lot of buzz and has over four million users.

What it does is that it takes a little bit of your money and invests it, and grows that money over time. 

When you join Acorn from your iOS or Android device, you connect it to your bank account or credit card. With every purchase you make, the app keeps the spare change and moves it to an investment account. The micro-investment account starts at just $5.  

This is an efficient way to save a little bit on the side for a rainy day.

Acorns is also a money-advisor app, that can ultimately help you manage your finances a little bit better. 


Shipt logo

Shipt is a grocery and shopping delivery service that’s quickly growing. You can join the platform to shop for people in your local grocery stores and retailers. The Shipt app is available on PlayStore and Apple AppStore.

You have to put yourself on the schedule typically five days in advance. 

This is a decent-paying side hustle, as people have reported earning good hourly wages, especially with the tips.

Hourly Pay Tip % Delivery Volume Next Steps
$10-$14/hour 100% Fair Read Full Review

You have the freedom to work at your own convenience, but if you accept more orders, you can make more money. 

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Instacart logo

Instacart is an app that you can use to work part-time, or even full-time, delivering groceries. It works in a similar way to Uber, except you do not have to pick a passenger, but buy their groceries from a retailer. 

You can learn over time how to make money on this app, as the more you work, the more you will earn. If you have a car, you can make some good money on the side with Instacart. You can earn extra income with tips. Here is a guide on how Instacart tipping works

Tens of thousands of people are already using this app all over the country. 

Hourly Pay Tip % Delivery Volume Next Steps
$10-$14/hour 100% (Check Policy) Decent

You can download the app from Apple or Google Store.


Rover Logo

Rover is an app all about dogs. You can make cash on the side, walking, grooming, and house-sitting dogs of other people on the marketplace.

The app has a cute interface with everything you need to know about the dog you will tend to. 

The app makes it easy to communicate with the owner. If you love dogs and the app has an active user base in your area, you could be looking at decent side money on your off days.

You can download the Rover app from GooglePlay or AppleStore. 

Worthy Bonds

Worthy Bonds logo

Worthy Bonds app can pay you fixed interest on bonds that cost as low as $10. With a fixed return rate of 5%, you can make some extra cash using your savings.

The bonds can be cashed anytime, and there’s no penalty. The usual maturity term is 36 months. 

You can see the interest you are making on a weekly basis. Anyone can invest without going through checks or verifications.

Worthy Bonds loans money to small businesses, so your investment goes into these small businesses. 

You can download this app on Google Play and the App Store. 



Bookscouter is a great way to make money by selling used books. This app is available on both, App Store and Play Store. You can use your phone’s camera to scan the ISBN of the book to find its retail price online.

The app also lets you create shipping labels for the books you will send to Bookscouter. 

Depending on the book and its condition, you could get some decent money for your books. If you’re a college student, you can buy used textbooks for way cheaper.

After every semester, you can use this app to declutter and sell the books you no longer need. Or you can try flipping books for profit. 



MyPoints Logo

MyPoints is one of the most popular survey apps to make money and one of the oldest too. You can download its app now to your Android or iOS phone and start making money by taking surveys.

As you take surveys, you earn points that can be exchanged for gifts or cash. 

You can exchange points for a gift card for Amazon and some other popular retailers.

Earn Per Activity Payment Method Min To
Cash Out
Next Steps
$2.5 PayPal or Gift Cards $3 Read Full Review

Signing up via your phone is pretty quick and easy. Besides surveys, you may also get to watch videos, play games, read emails, and shop online. 



If you’re a gamer, Mistplay is one of the best apps to make money as it’s all about games. All you have to do is download and play games. It’s a loyalty program but for playing games.

Just like a loyalty program at a retailer, the more you play, the more you earn. 

The points that you earn through the app can be exchanged for prizes. This could be a Visa Card or a Stream Card. Mistplay is currently only available on the Google PlayStore, so those who have iPhones have to wait for an iOS release of the app. 

Nevertheless, it’s a great way to make some extra cash doing what you already love doing. See these other awesome ways to get paid playing games.

Read this Mistplay review if you’d like to learn more.



Getaround app logo

Getaround is a car-sharing service that lets you rent your car on an hourly or daily basis. If you have a car sitting in the garage, you could list it on Getaround. People who rent your car get screened beforehand to ensure safety. 

Everything is done through the app as the person renting the car can access the car through Getaround’s Connect System. With this system, you can stay connected with the car the whole time.

You get to set the price and schedule for your car.

Get this app from App Store or PlayStore.

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fiverr logo

Fiverr is a freelance platform where you can make some pretty decent money selling gigs. This could be anything from designing a logo to debugging code. You can even earn tips from your clients as an added bonus.

You can use your skills to make money through the Fiverr app, which is available for iOS and Android platforms, both.  

With the app, you can talk to potential buyers on the go. You can manage your orders and submit them too. The price of the gig depends on you, but it’s best to start small.

You can also send custom offers depending on the needs of the buyer. 

Fiverr pockets 20% of the order price. It provides both PayPal and Direct Deposit options. It can take some time for the money to be available to withdraw. 

These are some of the best selling Fiverr gigs


Airbnb Logo

If you have a property or even a spare room in your home, you could use Airbnb to make a lot of money. This is one of the most popular money making apps in the world.

All you have to do is create a listing for your property or room, and host the guests who book it. 

With the app, you can manage everything, including contacting the guests. You can set the price based on the market rates and change the availability as and when necessary. 

Since a lot of people are doing this already, you will have to offer something unique in order to attract guests. Use these Airbnb hosting tips to go from ordinary listing to superhost in no time. 

You can either use their website or download the app for both Android and iOS platforms.




Shopkick is a fun app for making some extra cash while shopping. Using your iOS or Android device, you can complete simple tasks like walking into a store or going to a certain aisle in the store.

You can use it when you’re doing your groceries at Walmart or Target.

Shopkick mobile app is available on PlayStore and App Store. 

You earn points or, as they say in the app, kicks.

For making purchases in these retailers, you can earn even more kicks. You can simply submit the receipts and earn the rewards right on your mobile. Most tasks reward 250 kicks on average, which equals $1.

The kicks or cash you earn from it can be used on Amazon and other big-box retailers. Here are some other apps like Shopkick if you want to double or triple stack your savings.


Paribus logo

If you’re not making money using apps, you can at least use Paribus to get refunds on your purchases. This iOS app monitors your inbox for receipts and confirmations to keep track on prices. If the price for something you bought drops, you can get a refund.

They track prices and get refunds from over 25 retailers, including Amazon, Macy’s, and Target.

Paribus is available on the App Store. 


TaskRabbit logo

With Taskrabbit, you can make money doing small tasks and running errands for people in your area. This could be a side gig on your free days from work.

If you have skills like fixing stuff around the house, assembling furniture, or electronics, you could make some decent money in a short amount of time. 

You will be surprised to see how many people need help with elementary stuff that you do not necessarily need a lot of skills for.

You can cash out the money you have earned through the app once you have completed the task. 

Taskrabbit is available on PlayStore as well as App Store.


S'More Logo

S’more is an Android app that lets you earn passive income by just unlocking your phone. Basically, it displays ads on your lock screen every time you have to unlock your phone.

You can swipe right to proceed to your home screen or swipe left to look into the ad.

However, you do not have to tap on the ads to earn money. 

S’more app works on a points-based system.

Also, the points you earn can be cashed out in the form of gift cards for some of the most popular retailers and e-commerce websites, including Amazon, Target, Dominos, and Best Buy.

By using S’more, you’ll generate points. For every 100 points on the app equals $1. 


YieldStreet provides crowd investment opportunities in projects backed by assets. The investment terms are short, typically starting at six months to up to five years.

The minimum investment requirement is also low, so it’s open to virtually everyone. 

If you want to invest your savings in alternative investments, YieldStreet could be a viable option. You can do so using the app on your iPhone or Android phone.

Once you have signed up and invested, you can easily keep track of your investments on the go. The ROI can be anywhere from 8% to 20%. 


Do you have a knack for mobile photography? If yes, then Foap can be the place for you to sell your images. With this app, amateur photographers can sell their pictures to brands and individuals.

These brands can be quite big, like Pepsico, Heineken, Nivea, and Bank of America.

You can cash out the money you make through PayPal. There are millions of users on this app, so competition is stiff.

However, there’s a lot of liberty as to the type of creative content you can create, post, and ultimately sell. Businesses usually provide a brief and select creative content that matches that brief.

So, get the Foap app for your iOS or Android device and start earning.


Mobee cashback app

A secret shopper is a real thing, at least if you do it through the Mobee app. You can select a retailer in your area and shop there to earn rewards.

It takes less than 10 minutes to answer the questions about the business, and within 24 hours, you will get credit points.

Want to have it? This secret shopping app is available on App Store and Play Store. 

You can make 150 to 3,000 points in one mission. Each point is equivalent to one cent, so you earn a dollar for every 100 points. The more missions you can complete, the more cash you can make. 


Mercari app logo

Mercari is an online marketplace to sell all your used stuff. This is the app to use in spring cleaning, as you can pretty much sell anything on this platform. It’s completely free to list stuff, but you have to pay a 10% fee when you make a sale.

What are you waiting for? download this app on your Android or iOS device and start selling.

You can also use the platform to buy used stuff for cheap. The app is easy to use and can help you declutter your house and make some extra cash on the side.  

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is one of the most common money making apps for Android. You just take surveys and earn rewards that you can use on the Google Play store.

With each survey, you can earn up to $1. If you play games and do not want to pay for the apps, this could be a way for you to download those apps. 

Once you download the app from the Play Store or App Store, you will have to answer a few questions about yourself. Then you will get notifications for the surveys you can take.

On average, you will receive one survey every week. The surveys are usually very small and cover different topics, so you will not get bored so easily. 


decluttr logo

Decluttr is the best way to declutter old DVDs, CDs, and games, as the app focuses on these types of items specifically. You can take and upload pictures of the item you have and receive an instant offer. Then you ship the item to Decluttr for free. 

The money comes into your account via Direct Deposit the very next day.

It’s a clean, simple, and quick way to sell old school stuff lying around in your house, gathering dust.

To download, you can either go to Apple or Google Play Store.

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Snapwire logo

Snapwire is another great app for selling photos from your phone. However, it works a little differently as it has levels that you can complete by selling a certain number of photos to the clients.

It doubles as a portfolio as you can share your photos with anyone you like. 

The app sends you notifications if there are any requests for you. As for the photography itself, you’re free to pursue whatever you’re passionate about. You can also focus on a certain theme to improve saleability. 

Snapwire is easy and free to join, which makes it ideal for budding photographers.

This is a viable way to start making money from your hobby.

Both iOS and Android users can use it. 

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Fluid Market

If you have a car or truck, just by sitting in the garage, you could rent it out using the Fluid Market app. This app allows users to rent out trucks, vans, cargo vans, and cars on an hourly, daily, and weekly basis.

You do not even have to be present to hand over the keys, you can just use a lockbox. 

Now, people are renting out even more stuff using the miscellaneous section. From drills to kayaks, anything can be rented out using the Fluid Market app.

The best part is that this platform offers insurance for your vehicle. You can make thousands of dollars just by renting out your car and other stuff. 

You can download both iOS and Android versions of the app.

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upwork logo

Upwork used to be Elance + odesk and is one of the most popular freelance gig websites. You can use it as an app too on your phone, both iPhone and Android.

It works similarly to how most freelance or gig websites work. 

Most of the work you do will be completely online. You can write articles, translate, design websites, make logos, and can do basic data entry jobs. With the app, it’s easier to talk with clients and manage work on the go. 

Depending on your skill and experience, you could make a lot of money.

Many people work full time on Upwork, making thousands of dollars. That said, finding work initially can be a tad bit challenging. 

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GigWalk logo

Unlike Upwork or Fiverr, Gigwalk is mostly designed for side work. If you want to make a few quick bucks, you could find a small gig on this app. It has a more local approach with local businesses using your skills. 

The app has a built-in map to find gigs near you. People often use this app for tasks like walking the dog, carrying a couch over the stairs, or any other basic task. 

The availability of gigs also depends on where you live, as some towns are more active and have more gigs up for grabs.

The app is available for both iOS and Android users.

Field Agent

Field Agent logo

Field Agent is an app with a list of potential missions you could complete. The missions, so to speak, are tasks posted by companies. It could be visiting a store, taking pictures, buying certain products, or answering a questionnaire. 

You earn cash directly as there are no points or credits involved. The cash you earn can be collected through Direct Deposit or Dwolla. 

The money depends on the missions and usually is not that high. However, you can make some decent cash if you keep doing the tasks regularly.

The app is available on Apple and Google app stores.

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Userfeel app logo

Userfeel app pays you to test the user interface of new websites, and give your feedback. It works in a very simple fashion, and you can earn $10 with each test. The test usually lasts for 10 to 20 minutes. 

The good news is that you get paid directly in cash via PayPal or Payoneer.

When you install the app (available on both iOS or Android) and join the platform, you go through a qualifications test, which is a small test to see whether the app is working correctly. 

Users also get a rating, and a better rating means you’ll have more test opportunities.

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DV Closet

DV Closet is one of the money-making apps for iOS only and is meant for stylists, fashion influencers, and designers.

You have to be pre-approved to work on this app. You basically help clients put together their looks and also help them find the right products when shopping. 

The virtual styling session can last for 10 to 15 minutes, but you walk away with $20 or more. As you do more sessions, your profile and client list grow.

This is a fantastic app for those who have a knack for styling and can prove that to get approval. 

Conclusion: Top Money Earning Apps

With a circular economy, it has become even easier to find side work. Let’s be honest, even those who get paid by the year can use a little extra cash.

But when you are using apps to make money, it gets even better because people are more comfortable.

You can pick a few of the apps to make money from this list and see where that gets you. Even if you’re making 50 to 100 bucks extra a month, it’s good enough.

You could put the money into your savings or pay down debt at a faster rate.

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