30 Fun, Profitable Hobbies That Make Money

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Healthy hobbies are rewarding for your physical and psychological well-being. However, if you are so inclined, some hobbies can make money and become an extra source of income. Here is a list of hobbies that you can also turn into a source of revenue.

30 Fun, Profitable Hobbies That Make Money

You know how they say “do what you love, and you won’t work a single day in your life”? That’s very much possible with certain hobbies that make money. You could turn what you love doing into something profitable and sustainable.

Most people don’t like what they do for a living, but they continue to do it because somebody has to pay the bills. You can turn that around by slowly working on your hobbies and making them profitable. It takes time, but you can very well turn it into a full-time career as well.

Now, what you do depends on the hobbies you like and, more importantly, what you’re good at. But if you’re looking for some inspiration and some guidelines, this post is for you.

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30 Hobbies That Make Money

This list of hobbies is quite exhaustive but in no way represents your only options. If I’ve learned anything from the circular and gig economies it’s that even the most ordinary of tasks can be a moneymaker.

Online Hobbies That Make Money

Here is the list of some money-making hobbies.


Blogging is such a vague term nowadays, as it has many subtypes. People are blogging full-time, making even six figures a year. That’s not bad for something that seems like a side hobby?

Starting a blog is easy, but don’t think the journey to becoming a successful blogger is easy, too. Every blogger goes through a lot of hard work to reach their audience – the right audience, to be exact.

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The first thing to decide is what your blog is going to be about.

What are you most passionate about? It should be something that gets you excited and comes naturally to you.

Here are some examples:

  • Travel blogs
  • Real estate blogs
  • DIY house project blogs
  • Fashion blogs
  • Gardening blogs
  • Outdoor sports blogs
  • Sports blogs
  • Automated blogs

The above are general examples only. You can go further in to detail and find your niche. Do it as a side thing, and pursue it full-time once it starts generating money.

Want to spur your brainstorming? Here is a list of over 35 different niche blog topics.

You also need to decide which blogging platform you will use for your particular blog.

And yes, also a good hosting platform like a Bluehost and domain provided, like GoDaddy.



Only $2.95/month

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Vlogging is basically blogging but with video content. It’s all the more fun, but inherently taxing. It takes a lot more time to shoot footage and edit it than jotting down a post.

Creating online

Again, you have to find your niche, which should be something you’re passionate about. YouTube is the best platform for sharing videos, as you can make decent revenue just from advertisements.

A lot of vloggers also get brand sponsorships, but that won’t kick in until you’ve made your mark. If you love creating videos, this is one of the best hobbies that can make money online.

It does require a bit of an investment, as you’ll have to get some decent camera equipment. If you’re not good at editing, you may have to hire a freelance editor.

However, it should pay for itself in no time if your content is actually good.

Graphic Designing

Do you love graphic design but never got to pursue it? Don’t worry, there are so many opportunities for graphic designers online. You can find work on the side as a freelance graphic designer.

Graphic designing

If you are not already an expert at graphic design, you can take an online course or watch free tutorials. This hobby can be quite fun, especially if you’re working as an independent designer. You get to play with your ideas and show the world your creative mind.

How can you turn your graphic designing hobby into a moneymaker? It’s simple!

Join the many freelance platforms that have jobs for graphic designers. From logos to billboards, brands are looking for out-of-the-world designs all the time and willing to pay top money for it.


Podcasts are everywhere! Do you see commuters with their headphones in, smiling or rolling their eyes, and sometimes even bursting into laughter?

Well, they’re listening to podcasts, and yours could be next.


This is especially great for people who are good at speaking. Words come to you naturally, and you’re able to articulate your thoughts assertively. If that describes you, podcasting should be the next thing on your agenda.

Similar to blogging and vlogging, it’s going to take some time until it’s profitable. Work on your art and content quality to stand out from the crowd.

Talk about the issues or subjects that are the closest to your heart.

Meme Page

Are you a funny person? Do you love memes? You could do that as a hobby on your favorite social media platform.

Meme pages get millions of followers, after which follow paid sponsorships and affiliations. But the catch is, you have to be funny and topical. The latter is really important because you have to be quick to tell jokes about what’s trending.

Even within the memes category, there are variations. You could share memes around a specific genre or subject.

For instance, memes about relationships are classic.

You have to be quite active with the page to get more followers, at least in the beginning. However, it will only take a couple of hours of your day at most.

Here’s a guide on how to start a blog on Instagram.

Play Video Games

All those times our parents said we were wasting time playing video games? Well, they were kind of wrong. With Twitch, gaming has become a profitable hobby.


The platform allows you to stream video games and make money as people follow you and watch you play games. How cool is that?

Some players on Twitch have thousands of followers and are making decent money. So you could get on the platform as well and finally prove your parents wrong.

Moreover, gamers also participate in online championships (eSports), where the prizes can be worth thousands of dollars. Obviously, you have to be crazy good at the game you play.

However, it doesn’t hurt to try.


Could retail be a hobby? Thanks to technology and ever-improving logistics networks, selling stuff online has very well become a hobby.

Drop-shipping basically involves manufacturers and shippers carrying out orders for you. In other words, you create a website and design stuff, but other companies take care of all the logistics.

Your job is designing and marketing the stuff.

It started with simple graphic t-shirts but is gradually growing more sophisticated. You can find something you like, it doesn’t have to be t-shirts.

This sounds more like a full-fledged business plan, but the minimal effort it requires sort of makes it a hobby too.


Those who love cooking can use social media to their advantage. If you’re good at cooking or baking and own a phone with a decent camera, you’re pretty much ready to start your food blog.


As a hobby, you could start off with social media. You can use both Facebook and Instagram, or just one of them. Also, YouTube is a great place for sharing cooking videos and turning up a profit.

It’s all about how you present your work and what market you’re catering to. It’s good to have a particular style of cooking, as it helps your audience connect with you.

You’ll be surprised to see how quickly your following grows.


Online tutoring has been growing for a while now, but given the recent coronavirus pandemic, its reach is only going to grow further. If you have a skill to teach or knowledge to share, you could start tutoring online.


Having sound knowledge about a particular subject will be helpful. You could teach kids basic mathematics, English, science, or history.

How to make money from tutoring? There are multiple ways to do it online:

  • Create YouTube videos
  • Create videos for tutoring platforms like Udemy or Skillshare
  • Start your own website
  • Teach on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)


A lot of successful bloggers and businesses alike need writers and editors to write for their websites. Those who enjoy writing could turn this hobby into a full-time thing.

There are scads of websites for freelance writers, so finding your first project shouldn’t take long.

Again, stick to what you do best in terms of writing style and subject. Even if you just do it as a hobby and write one or two articles a week, you could really supplement your income.

Similarly, there are writing competitions as well that you can take part in. Usually, these competitions focus on creative writing. Here are some proven ways to write and get paid instantly.

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Craft Hobbies That Make Money

Making Art

Gone are the days when the artist used to starve. Thanks to the internet, it’s become easier to sell artwork to interested clients.


Those with a knack for art, any kind of art, should think about selling their artwork online. Social media gives you a wider reach, so there’s more potential for your artwork to find buyers.

As for the art, it could be any medium. That’s the beauty of it: you’re free to create whatever you like. You can also sell your art on the many arts and crafts platforms, with Etsy being the most prominent.


Jewelry, especially hand-made jewelry, is pretty sought-after these days. You can turn this fun hobby into a profitable one, simply by creating a website or even a social media account.

You can photograph the jewelry on yourself or a friend and post pictures.

As this hobby grows and you start getting more orders, you can work with a shipping company to ship your orders. The exclusivity of hand-made jewelry makes it all the more popular.

The supplies for jewelry-making are easily available at any local crafts store. However, if you really want to make some decent money, try thinking outside the box.

Here is how to make money selling jewelry online.


Knitting isn’t for grandmas anymore; more and more millennials are taking up knitting as a relaxing hobby. Well, if you can relax from it, perhaps you can make money off it as well.


Knit cute dog sweaters, cup holders, mittens, and scarves, and sell them online. You can literally knit anywhere you like. You can knit on the bus, on the train, at the doctor’s while waiting for your appointment.

Similarly, embroidery can be a great pastime. It does take a while to learn, but once you master it, it gets really fun.


If you’re a good baker, you’re letting an extremely lucrative skill just sit around. Baking can pay really good money. People often prefer fresh homemade baked cookies over store-bought ones.

You can simply use word of mouth to advertise your baking services. You should be able to sell your cookies and desserts just within your community.

However, social media will give you an even bigger audience.

Do try to find your unique style in baking because this field can be saturated as well.

There are dozens of bakeries, home bakers, cafes, and big-box retailers, all vying for the customer’s wallets and taste buds.

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Fun Hobbies to Make Money


Photography is a full-time job for some, but many photographers start as hobbyists. It isn’t for everyone, but some people are exceptionally good at it. It’s all about aesthetics and capturing the moment.


There are so many avenues to make money off photography, even if you do it as a hobby. Here are some ideas:

  • Wedding photography
  • Stock photos
  • Social media
  • Selling photographs online
  • Travel photography

This isn’t a cheap hobby, as you do need a high-quality camera, which can cost hundreds of dollars.

If it’s your favorite hobby, the price is worth it, especially considering you could make that money back selling photographs.


Makeup is a highly valuable skill and shouldn’t go to waste. The great thing about makeup is that you don’t have to have a salon or do people’s makeup to make money. There are other avenues to turn this hobby into a steady revenue stream.

Lots of makeup artists have social media pages where they do tutorials for different looks. The revenue from those videos alone can supplement your monthly income.

If you make it big, you can even release your own makeup line, just how many social media makeup stars have.

You don’t necessarily need to go big either. You can simply stick to videos while enjoying something you truly love doing.

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Metal Detection

Metal detection is a fun hobby you can have, especially if you live near a beach. How can it be profitable? Well, it entirely depends on what you find buried in the earth.

You do need a metal detector for this hobby, which you can buy used for less money. Some places you can go to ‘treasure hunting’ include beaches, parks, and your very own backyard.

Be mindful of the laws regarding metal detectors, as some public places are strictly off-limits.

Pet Grooming

Pet grooming is actually a business, but you could see it as a hobby as well. You can offer to sit or groom pets for a small fee. You get to have a good time with pets while also making money, a win-win situation.

If you’re really passionate about it, take it up a notch. Get a website or create social media pages to advertise your services. You’ll find many pet owners willing to pay for your services.

It’s one of those cheap hobbies that make money, especially if you’re simply petsitting. You don’t have to buy anything.

However, for grooming, you do need supplies, but they aren’t expensive.

City Tours

Travelers love meeting locals and getting an authentic experience. You don’t even have to be a certified tour guide to do this. If you look online or advertise, you can find interested travelers willing to pay for city tours.

A map for tour

Tour guides often offer a very routine and rather boring tour of the city. Travel bloggers and adventure travelers prefer locals. You should know your city inside out, though.

This is one of the most fun hobbies as you get to explore your own city and culture with foreigners. The conversations and experiences can be so rewarding.

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Creating Music

Video makers are always looking for royalty-free music. If you’re good with music, you can create beats and sell them online. Websites like AudioJungle allow producers to sell their music on their platform.


If you’re a musician, you can record your songs at home and post them on YouTube. It’s hard to get on streaming services like Spotify or Tidal in the beginning, but who’s to say you can’t make it there?

Even if you don’t sell the music directly or make a lot of revenue from YouTube, posting music online may lead to potential live gigs. You can even get paid to listen to music.


Of course, how can we not talk about DJing? One of the most common side hobbies in the world, DJing can be a full-time career too. However, a lot of people simply do it for fun.

DJing is easier than producing music because you don’t necessarily have to make original music. That said, you should invest in a decent mixer, or at least some good mixing software.

The only demanding task here is coming up with a cool DJ name because, believe it or not, a lot of them are taken.


Fitness/training could be three things at once: your passion, your moneymaker, and your key to staying in the best shape.

Fitness equipment

Fitness and training can be a hobby for someone with a full-time job. You can create your online presence based on fitness. You could also give online or in-person classes to people in your community, or anywhere really.

Nutrition is also a part of fitness, so if that’s something up your alley, focus on that. Answer questions about health and diet on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram. You should be able to make good money soon enough.

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Are you the funniest person at Thanksgiving dinner? If yes, it could very well make you some decent money, and not to mention, make you popular.

There are comedy clubs in almost every major city. You can simply sign up as a standup comedian and tell your jokes to the public. If you’re actually hilarious, this might lead to paid gigs as well.

Comedy is a serious business, though, so you want to sharpen your skills and come up with a persona. Don’t think your audience at the club would be anything like your family on Thanksgiving.

Retirement Hobbies That Make Money


Are you good at something that you can teach to the world? Well, you could be a coach – a coach for sports, a coach for different career paths, or simply a life coach.


Your experience will be your marketing strategy. You’re probably already giving advice to your children and grandchildren for free, so might as well make money off it.

Plus, it helps you keep busy and spreads positivity in the world.

You can use the internet to coach online. There are platforms that offer such services. Alternatively, you could look for part-time opportunities in your community.


Urban gardening isn’t a fad, it’s the necessity of the hour. Food shortages are inevitable if you listen to scientists. And let’s just agree, the vegetables we buy from the market aren’t exactly organic.

If you know a thing or two about growing tomatoes or parsley, why not sell your stuff? It can be a great way to keep busy while also supplying more organic food to the local community.

As for the costs, it depends on how small or big you’re starting out. Besides, can you even put a price on something you enjoy?

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Do you have a bit of Marie Kondo hidden inside you? Well, let her out and make some money. Organization is a skill many people simply don’t have, so this could be your thing.


You can list your services online on community groups on Facebook. Craigslist also has listings for such work. You could be asked to organize something as simple as a closet to a whole office.

It’s a good way to stay active after retirement and make a little extra money doing something you’re good at.


If you’re looking for cheap hobbies that make money, babysitting could be one. Well, babysitting is not exactly a hobby, but it’s something you can do on the side.

If you’re a grandparent and already babysit your grandchildren, why not expand it to other people’s kids and make some decent money too? You can look around your neighborhood to see if anyone is in need of a babysitter.

There are online platforms to list these services on as well. Also, you could look at online advertisements for babysitting jobs. It’s manageable and takes only a few hours of your day.

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Those who are avid anglers can turn their hobbies into a profitable side hustle. The fish you catch can be sold in the local fish market. Also, you can take part in fishing tournaments that pay cash prizes.

This is for those who actually like to fish and live near a lake or the sea. If you’re an angler, you probably already have all the fishing equipment, so it’s not like you have to invest any money into it.

You can even get more adventurous with fishing and go look for rare fishes. Some fish can be worth hundreds of dollars.


You may be inclined to think of driving is a job, but you can also see it as one of those hobbies that make money. It’s true that some people really enjoy driving around town or outside the city.

If you want to spend more time outside the house, this could be one way to do it while also making money.

You can sign up for one of the many ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft. It’s usually tough work if you’re doing it full-time, but as a part-time thing, it can be pretty manageable. You really just have to drive people around.

If you love talking to people, you also have the chance to talk to your customers. Just make sure they want to talk too!

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Buying and Selling Vintage Cars

Be the cool retiree that you are and get into buying and selling vintage cars. You get to drive these around as well, which in itself is the biggest attraction of this trade.

It’s pretty simple: you buy vintage cars, fix them up, make them pretty, and sell them for a profit. This is for someone who is truly passionate about cars, especially all the classic and vintage cars.

You need some capital to begin, so you can buy your first car and maintain it. However, you can start small with just one car that’s in your budget.

When you’re not doing it as a living, it’s easy to make do with even a small budget.

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Wrap Up

This exhaustive list should help you understand some different ways to make money from your hobbies. It could be anything that you’re passionate about.

You might make money off it, but it’s more enjoyable if your goal is to just have a good time and keep busy. Then again, no one’s stopping you from turning a hefty profit.

Money is the ultimate luxury and reward, so if you can make your hobbies profitable, why not?

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