17 Best Survey Sites [Take Paid Surveys for Money]

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Survey sites can be a decent means to make some extra cash online. Here is the most robust list of the best survey sites that are worth your time.

Do you see those posts on social media about making money doing online surveys? Do you wonder if it’s too good to be true? They indeed are true, and people do it to make some cash on the side all the time.

The best survey sites offer ordinary people an easy way to make cash, and it does not even take that much time or effort.

You probably will not be able to make a significant amount of money. There would probably not be many surveys that you qualify to take.

Nevertheless, the right survey service will provide ample opportunity and pay in terms of cash or gift cards.

The average American spends 23.6 hours a week on the internet. You might as well use some of that time to make money.

Paid Survey Picks

Site Payment Method Min To
Cash Out
Earnings Potential More Info
Survey Junkie PayPal & Gift Cards $10 &#x1F4B0&#x1F4B0&#x1F4B0&#x1F4B0 Read More
InboxDollars Cash & Gift Cards $30 &#x1F4B0&#x1F4B0&#x1F4B0 Read More
LifePoints PayPal $0 &#x1F4B0&#x1F4B0&#x1F4B0 Read More


List of the Top Paid Survey Sites

Here are the best survey sites to make money online:

Survey Junkie Most Well-Known 👑

Survey Junkie is perhaps the most popular site for paid surveys, and for all the right reasons. It’s pretty easy to use once you join the platform, so there is no learning curve involved.

You can join using an existing Facebook, Google account, or your email address.

The site has over three million registered members.

Earning is also easy. Survey Junkie pays based on the points you earn taking surveys. You start earning points just by creating an account. One thousand points are equal to $10.

Earn Per Activity Payment Method Min To
Cash Out
Next Steps
$1 – $50 PayPal & Gift Cards $10 Read Full Review

On average, you can make $1 to $3 per survey.

That’s the minimum amount you can cash out. The payment methods are PayPal and eGift cards. 


Survey Junkie

Up to $50 Per Survey

Survey Junkie is one of the leading survey sites. The site offers surveys paying up to $50 each survey. The site has over 10 million members. You can cash your earnings via gift card or PayPal. It’s very easy to join and start making money.

InboxDollars $5 Welcome Bonus 💰

Besides having a catchy name, InboxDollars makes it very straight-forward to make money taking online surveys. InboxDollars is an excellent alternative to Swagbucks or other large, reputable survey platforms.

The survey compensations vary and usually are very low. So you would have to take many surveys to make some decent cash.


It’s one of those survey websites that you can make good money off if you spend a considerable amount of time. You can squeeze the surveys during your commute and lunch breaks.

You may also be able to make money downloading coupons and playing games. 

Earn Per Activity Payment Method Min To
Cash Out
Next Steps
Up to $5 Cash & Gift Cards $30 Read Full Review

The minimum amount you can cash out is $30. You can get it through a check, prepaid Visa card, or gift cards.

You can read our InboxDollars review if you’d like to learn more about the site. 


LifePoints Personal Favorite ✔️

If you are looking for particularly interesting surveys to take and make money online, LifePoints (previously called MySurvey) might just be what you’re looking for.

They offer a wide range of surveys, so you might end up qualifying for something you have an interest in. It offers points for cash for the referral too. 


The points you earn depend on the survey length and time. It can be as low as 10 and as high as 500 points. Ten people are rewarded extra points each month for being active on the website.

You can earn up to 1000 points this way. The cash out options are PayPal and gift cards. 

Earn Per Activity Payment Method Min To
Cash Out
Next Steps
$0.6 – $1 Lifepoints pays in PayPal $20 Read Full Review

LifePoints qualification criteria are somewhat more relaxed. As a result, the odds of you qualifying for surveys are pretty high. However, the surveys usually do not pay more than a buck each.

Also, the payout minimum is $20, so it can take some time until you can get some cash in your hands.

Read more about the site in our LifePoints review.




Swagbucks is one of the most fun survey sites. It also follows a points-based reward system. It’s not just for making money taking surveys. You can also earn points by watching videos and shopping online. Each survey can pay you anywhere from 50 cents to $2. 

There are tens of thousands of surveys on Swagbucks, so the odds of making some good cash on the side are high. The points you earn can be cashed out via PayPal.

Earn Per Activity Payment Method Min To
Cash Out
Next Steps
$0.4 – $2 PayPal or Gift Cards $3 Read Full Review

Alternatively, you can turn them into gift cards and shop online.

You can also earn a $10 bonus by simply signing up.

Want to learn more about the site? Read more in our Swagbucks review for all you need to know. 


Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is, without a doubt, the most legit survey site online. However, it is not as easy to join as some of the other websites on this list. Their requirements are pretty strict based on the demographics they are targeting.

Also, these requirements keep changing based on their targets.

The surveys are invite-only, so it might take some time until you start taking surveys. 

Pinecone Research


Each survey pays at least $3. Some may even require to test a product, in which case you will get a free product to keep. They also send out qualification questions every month.

As soon as you qualify for a survey, you will be given the opportunity to take it. 

This is more sophisticated than most other websites, that sometimes disqualify you after you have taken the survey. You can cash out via PayPal, check, or gift card.

The minimum cash out is the same as the minimum survey pay. Read more about the site in our Pinecone Research review.


Vindale Research

At Vindale Research, you simply get paid to answer questions. There are no points involved. Each survey has a price, so you know exactly what you will earn.

Also, the surveys are pretty diverse. 

vindale research

Some of them can offer quite some money. Based on the demographics, questions, and time required to answer them, some surveys might even pay as high as $50. The signup bonus is $1.

You can also use other research opportunities on the platform to earn some more cash.

The minimum amount you can cash out is relatively higher. You have to earn at least $50 to be able to cash them out via PayPal. Learn more about the site in our Vindale Research review.



Toluna is another one of the best paid survey sites that have been around for years. It is very similar to other survey sites. It works based on points and offers cashback in terms of gift cards or cash via PayPal.

Tsites like swagbucks Toluna

However, users can also use the points to gamble on the platform to win stuff. That makes it a tad bit more exciting. 

You have to attain 60,000 points before you can cash out, which would be $12 for this amount of points.

You have to have a lot of patience when doing surveys on this website, as vouchers can take a while. Read more about the site in our Toluna review.



MyPoints Logo

As the name indicates, MyPoints lets you earn points by taking surveys. Not just surveys, there are a lot of other opportunities as well, like polls, watching videos, and shopping. You may even be able to earn points even if you do not qualify for a survey.

MyPoints is a bit more ad-driven, so you will probably see a lot of other third-party advertisements. Nevertheless, there are quite a lot of surveys that you can try taking.

The minimum cash out is only $3, which is only available in terms of gift cards. 

Want to learn more? Read about the site in this full MyPoints review


Opinion Outpost


opinion outpost logo

Unlike many other paid survey sites, Opinion Outpost’s minimum cash out is low. You can cash out a minimum of $5 as gift cards and $10 via PayPal. It offers a plethora of paid survey opportunities on any given day. You can make some decent side money if you dedicate some time every day. 

The surveys can pay you anywhere from 50 cents to five bucks. That’s not bad at all if you take several of these a day.

It will take some time, but you will eventually learn the ins and outs of this particular survey website.

Want to learn more? Read more about the site in our Opinion Outpost review


Prize Rebel

PrizeRebel is one of the oldest survey websites. They have surveys and cash opportunities every day. It is a legit website where people have made some decent money in the past.

It shows on the website how much money people made in the preceding day.

However, there is no way to confirm whether the figures are authentic.

Prize Rebel

It works on points as well, and 100 points equal to one dollar. You can cash out via PayPal, gift cards, and even Bitcoin. This is another one of those websites where you can strategize to make some good money. 

Read more about the site in this full PrizeRebel review.


Survey Club

Survey Club offers a variety of paid surveys, from simple consumer opinion surveys to higher paying product testing and clinical trials. Survey Club also connects users to paid surveys on other websites.

Once you are a member of Survey Club, they will send you email invitations to take surveys. So check your email regularly as they send new surveys every day.

Survey Club

The good thing is that you know that the survey is legit and will pay cash. The average earning per survey can range between $0.50 to hundreds of dollars. The minimum amount you can withdraw is $25.

In addition to PayPal and gift cards, you may use the cash earned as travel miles. Read more about the platform in our Survey Club review



OneOpinion is extremely easy to join. You’ll be asked to take surveys in minutes after you join. You can earn, on average, $1 to $5 per survey.

However, that’s based on the points you earn from the surveys. The higher the points associated with a survey, the more cash you make. 


Usually, the payout is in the form of gift cards, but you can also get cash via PayPal once you have earned 25,000 points or $25. 


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Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions is another sophisticated survey website that connects you to surveys based on your profile. For this reason, there are not as many surveys for you to take every week.

However, you do not have to go through the hassle of looking for qualifying surveys to take. You can just wait for them to appear on your dashboard. 

Valued Opinions

The surveys pay $1 to $5 and can take 10 minutes to half an hour. The minimum cashout amount is $20.

However, the downside is you can only receive it in the form of gift cards. 

Harris Poll Online

Harris Poll Online is another user-friendly website where you can get paid for surveys.

However, they could make it a tad bit simpler to join. It is also based on points, and you can cash out once you have made enough points equivalent to $10. 

Harris Poll Online

The average you can make is $1 per survey. The points you earn can be turned into vouchers or gift cards. You can also donate cash from your points to charities. 

VIP Voice

VIP Voice

VIP Voice is different from traditional online paid survey websites. Instead of earning points or cash by taking surveys, you earn VIP points that can be used to earn sweepstakes or take part in auctions.

The chances are not that great, but through auctions, you might just end up getting something valuable. Each survey gives you 50 to 200 points. 


Cashcrate offers a clean interface for filling out surveys. You fill out your profile and based on that information, can be selected for taking paid surveys.

Most users regularly receive emails for qualification questionnaires, so the chances are good. It is all cash on Cashcrate, so you earn money directly. 

cashcrate logo


Sometimes the opportunities are not even surveys. You just have to sign up at websites or try out their online service. This can be a quick way to make some cash.

The minimum you can withdraw is $20. The referral program can also help you make more money on this website. 


OnePoll Logo


OnePoll is another tried and tested website for surveys for cash. It is from the UK but is open for users in the US. What makes it one of the best survey sites is that it offers very short surveys that do not take a lot of your time.

Also, these short surveys can be quite engaging as well. 

You will have to look for surveys yourself. It does not match you or send you regular emails. However, the website is easy to use. The minimum cashout amount is quite ($50).

However, if you keep taking these short surveys, you can make that much fairly quickly. 

ClearVoice Surveys

ClearVoice Surveys logo

Your opinion about various products matters! And ClearVoice Surveys helps you earn money by simply sharing that opinion with manufacturers, companies, and brands.

Making a few bucks online has never been such easy! Although the platform doesn’t promise overnight riches, it certainly is an easy way to make some extra cash during your free time.

ClearVoice Surveys has been working with consumers since 2006. And, they offer short, easy-to-complete tasks that won’t waste much of your time.

Completing your profile makes it easy for the platform to match you with the right surveys. You’ll, however, note that the number of surveys you get varies based on the country or region.

The only drawback is that they have several limitations, unlike other paid survey sites, and some people say that the surveys are few. However, all this depends on where you are.

Besides surveys, ClearVoice Surveys allows you to make money via:

  • Sweepstakes
  • Polls
  • Friends invites
  • Product tests.

The minimum withdrawal here is $10.

National Consumer Panel

NCP logo

Formally Nielsen Homescan, NCP is a survey platform that collects opinions and shopping data from panel members to help companies improve their products. This platform is a product of two market research giants, Nielsen and IRI, making it one of those legit survey platforms we have around.

The NCP panel allows members to participate in surveys by scanning bar codes of various products and rewarding them for the same. However, it’s only available to US residents. This means that if you wish to make some easy extra bucks in the US, the platform offers that opportunity.

It gives members a chance to make money from every purchase they make. All you need to do is scan the barcode on the product (using their special barcode reader) and earn points. These points are later redeemable as gift cards or other merchandise.

You also earn bonus points for signing up and reporting your first purchases. Also, there are 250 points for a member’s birthday, 1,000 points after six months, and another 1,000 points after you hit one year.

Survey Savvy

Survey Savvy logo

If you are looking for some great survey sites to add to your list of side hustles, Survey Savvy is one of them. It is a legit paid surveys platform that has been in operation for more than 20 years.

The platform is quite popular among the top survey sites and boasts millions of users globally. Unlike the NCP, which is meant for US users only, you can make money with Survey Savvy from almost anywhere in the world.

Each completed survey earns you around 3 dollars. However, longer surveys will fetch you more than this, even up to $20 or more.

While most other paid survey sites reward your efforts via redeemable points, Survey Savvy pays you in US dollars. This makes it one of the best platforms to make PayPal money online.

Note:  How you complete your profile determines the number of surveys you receive. Properly completing the profile helps the platform to match you with relevant questions. 

Once you’ve accumulated enough dollars, you can withdraw through a check, which is sent to you via mail. And, you need only a dollar to make this request.

ACOP Research

ACOP logo

This is another incredible way of making some free cash during your free time. The American Consumer Opinion platform pays its members for sharing their opinions by completing simple surveys. It gives you a chance to earn money while influencing the future products that companies bring into the market.

Advantages of ACOP:

  • Membership is free
  • Rewards range between 100 and 5,000 points for longer surveys
  • Small surveys earn you between 5 and 50 points (screener questions)
  • It gives you an opportunity to evaluate new products

The platform is legit, with over 7 million users currently, having paid over $30 million to its users over the years.

Each point here equals $0.01, meaning that a survey worth 1000 points is $10. Now, this is much more than what many paid survey sites will offer. However, you have to hit the 1000 points withdrawal threshold before you can redeem your money.

If you have some free time and want to add some bucks to your wallet, ACOP Research offers an excellent opportunity. You can sign in here to start making some of those extra dollars.


Tellwut logo

This is another paid survey platform based in Canada. However, the platform indicates to have more than 200,000 users in North America. Tellwut offers surveys opportunities for both Canadian and US residents who are 18+ years.

The platform is a bit different from most other survey sites. Here, users can generate and submit their own surveys (approved by Tellwut) and get paid. There are also external surveys, which are generated by third parties.

So, you can earn money through completing surveys or creating and submitting some for approval. Tellwut also pays you when you refer a friend to the platform. Payment here is in the form of gift cards.

Earning points with Tellwut:

  • Completing member-generated surveys earns you between 5  and 15 points
  • Creating public surveys fetches 10 to 20 points
  • Answering external surveys garners around 25 to 2000 points

The platform is BBB accredited since 2013, meaning it’s legit and worth trying out.


SurveySoda logo

Marketing research companies are always searching for product information from consumers. This data helps their customers (manufactures and brands) to make informed decisions when offering products or services to the market.

SurveySoda is one platform that helps you make money by just sharing what you think about a product or service. However, the surveys and rewards in this platform are only available for US residents. You get paid for answering interestingly fun and simple surveys that take only a few minutes of your time.

The company is based in Lansing, Michigan, US, and has been operational for over 9 years. The only drawback is that the site doesn’t have many user reviews online. This means that you need to do more extensive research on your own before joining.

How to Make Money Taking Surveys

If you are looking for a way to pad your paycheck, then you may be able to make money taking surveys with our step-by-step guide. When you answer questions for money, you can get paid in cash, gift cards, or other rewards that you can convert into prizes down the road. 

When taking surveys to make money, you need to find legitimate paid survey sites.

There are plenty of online surveys and paid surveys out there; however, you need to find the best ones out there! If you are wondering how to make money taking surveys, check out the steps below!

Step 1: Become Eligible To Complete Online Surveys

If you are wondering, “are paid surveys worth it,” the answer is, only if you are eligible to complete them. If you end up completing surveys that you are not eligible for, you will not be compensated, making them a waste of your time.

Surveyors are looking to collect data that will provide them with information on a specific target market.

Therefore, if you are a healthy college student and they are looking for someone who is receiving AARP advertisements, you are simply not going to qualify. 

In the beginning, you may not receive a lot of surveys because you simply don’t meet the criteria. On the other hand, make sure that you take the time to fill out the screen or surveys first.

Then, they can send you more surveys down the road, increasing your take-home pay.

If you leave all of the screening information blank, you aren’t going to receive as many survey opportunities.

Take the time to fill out the screener surveys honestly. 

Step 2: Only Sign Up for Legitimate Surveys

If you are wondering how to make money taking surveys, you need to make sure that you only sign up with legitimate survey companies.

Yes, you want to start by conducting a Google search; however, there are unscrupulous people out there who are looking to steal some of your money without actually working for it. 

As a rule, do not pay any money upfront.

Some companies will ask you to pay a fee in the beginning in order to access survey lists. Given that you are already filling out their screener surveys without being compensated, this is completely unnecessary.

If you are unsure of exactly what you are doing, take a look at reviews of the survey company and see what people have to say. You should also read their Terms and Conditions. If you cannot find this page, this is a red flag. 

Finally, always make sure that you understand exactly how you are going to be paid. Ideally, you should be paid in cash. Some survey sites will offer you a gift card instead. You need to understand exactly how you are going to be compensated so you can hold the website accountable in the future.

Otherwise, you might end up wasting your time. Follow these steps to find legitimate survey sites.

Step 3: Sign Up with Multiple Companies

Paid Surveys | Take an Online Survey at Valued Opinions

If you want to make serious money taking paid surveys, then you need to sign up for as many sites as possible.

Yes, this entails filling out a lot of screening information surveys that may not compensate you at all; however, remember that some companies are only going to send you a few surveys per month.

Therefore, you want to sign up with as many companies as possible. That way, you can collect more surveys to complete.

You may also want to consider creating a rule in your email inbox. Any time an email contains a survey for you to complete, it should be flagged.

That way, it will stand out from the crowd, ensuring that you see it and complete it as quickly as possible. 

Step 4: Check the Minimum Payout Amount

Paying by bank transfer | TransferWise Help Centre

The vast majority of survey sites are going to have a minimum payout amount that you have to reach before you can cash out. This is fair because the company may have to pay a processing fee in order to send you your money.

On the other hand, you also have to make sure that the minimum payout amount is fair to you.

This should be listed under their FAQs, Terms and Conditions, or Privacy Policy.

If the website has a minimum threshold at $10 or $20 before you can cash out, this is perfectly fair. On the other hand, if the minimum payout of thousands of dollars and you may never reach it, then you should skip this website. 

Step 5: Be Selective and Pick the Survey Websites with the Best Ratings

Finally, if you are wondering how to make money taking surveys, then you should pick the websites that have the best ratings.

Eventually, you should be receiving surveys on a regular basis. Therefore, you can afford to be picky with which surveys you complete.

You only want to complete the surveys that provide you with their compensation for your time either in the form of cash or a gift card that you are actually going to use.

Keep in mind, if you are wondering how “do I need to pay tax on surveys,” the answer is, maybe.

For this type of specific tax advice, it might be helpful to consult with a professional accountant. Even though it is nice to make money on the side, the government may want its cut.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Some of the most common questions people ask include:

What paid survey sites are legitimate?

Make sure that you look at the terms and conditions of all survey sites to make sure they are legitimate; however, some of the most popular options include Swagbucks, InboxDollars, Survey Junkie, MyPoints, and LifePoints.

How much money can you make with paid surveys?

Of course, it depends on how many surveys you complete and how many you are eligible for. Most surveys will pay somewhere between $1 and $5 each; however, some surveys could pay as much as $20. The more surveys you complete, the better offers you will get.

Are paid surveys safe?

Yes, they are safe as long as you do your research ahead of time. Read the privacy policy of every survey site before you start and check out reviews of the organization. As long as you pick legitimate survey sites, you should be safe. 

Conclusion on Best Survey Sites

Now that you know what survey sites are legitimate, you can sign up on a few of them and start. If you believe one of them is better for you than the others, you can solely focus on that.

Do not expect it to be a part of your regular income, as it might not be a stable way to make a living. However, it can help you pass those last few days before the paycheck. 

The best survey sites are all legit and do pay. There are scams out there too.

Here is how to avoid falling for a scam survey site.

Anatomy of a Scam Survey Site

However, the above websites are authentic and have been around for some time now.

You can use the free time you have during the day to take paid surveys and make money

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