17 Best Part-Time Jobs 2021 [High-Paying Extra Cash]

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Which are the best part-time jobs near me? Looking for a part-time job to supplement your monthly income? Here are some of the best paying and most flexible jobs that can sort you out.

Sometimes, the income from our regular jobs just isn’t enough. Many of us look for an extra job to help cover the numerous bills that knock on our doors every month.

But which are the best paying part-time jobs that can fill that gap?

Currently, there are numerous jobs, both offline and online, that you can take during your free time.

However, finding one that pays well, and that favors your schedule can sometimes become tricky. When you search for the best part-time jobs near me on the internet, you will be bombarded by so many options that might sometimes confuse you more.

For this reason, I have prepared this list to help ease your search.

If you are in the process of searching for a part-time job to help some make extra money, then you have just landed on the right page.

What are part-time jobs?

Part-time jobs are a great way to earn extra income even if you work full-time or not at all. You can earn money a variety of ways to help you save faster, pay down debt or invest.

With the gig economy and availability of freelance business opportunities, anyone can work where they want and when they want.

I’ll break down these top part-time jobs to consider to help you earn more money that will help you better your financial future.

I’ll break down both online and offline part-time jobs.

Offline part-time jobs are jobs that require you to physically be in person. These jobs often are manual labor or service-based businesses.

These are some of the best, legitimate paying part-time jobs you’ll find in the market. Let’s get into it.

Best Part-Time Online Jobs to Earn Money from Home

The internet offers a myriad of job opportunities that can make you a good supplementary income. With almost every business going online, the availability of online jobs has grown enormously.

You can find both part-time and full-time jobs that also pay well.

First, let’s have a look at online part-time jobs to help you brainstorm. Some of the best paying online part-time jobs include:

  1. Online Writers

This is the first job that comes in mind, whenever someone talks of online jobs. Typically, this is because online writing offers a wide range of opportunities, can be done by anyone and offers lucrative pay rates.

There are numerous platforms that you can use to work as a freelance writer and make some really awesome cash. These are some of the best you should check out:

  • People Per Hour
  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Writer Access
  • Contently

These platforms are ideal for those writers who don’t want to bother starting their own blogs but want to earn from writing. Freelance writing is a source of income for a vast number of individuals who take it either as a fulltime or a part-time job.

Some writers are even earning as much as $200,000 in a year from these platforms. This means that if done right, it can earn you quite good money.

The best thing is that most of these platforms are free to join. And, apart from writing gigs, these platforms also offer numerous other job opportunities you can check out.

  1. Blogging

WordPress page

Blogging is not only a source of extra income but also an excellent source of passive income. Blogging is one of the best online gigs that can really make you a lot of money. In fact, with blogging, the amount you can earn is limitless.

Another reason, you are the CEO, Founder and Owner instantly. You run the show and will never really need to have clients. It’s a great way to unlock your entrepreneurial spirit.

This is my favorite mode of making money online, and that enabled me to transform my financial situation. With blogging, you earn through affiliate marketing, numerous ads, or through selling your products or other services.

When your blog has enough traffic, it means that brands can pay you to place their ads on your page, which guarantees them huge viewing.  If you want more than just extra money, creating a blog is a possible way to lead you to financial freedom.

Here is a guide on how to come up with a blog name.

Bloggers are killing it online, with some earning as much as $100,000 every month. Don’t be among those people who just keep whining about the deteriorating state of the economy or poor pay that can’t sustain them.

Start blogging as a part-time gig and see the difference.

You can start a blog with Bluehost for only $3.95/month by using my link (normally $7.99/month). You will also get a free domain name along the way.



Only $2.95/month

Bluehost is the ultimate hosting platform that will allow you to start a blog or website in a matter of minutes. You’ll get a FREE domain name when you sign up with my link It’s never been easier to build a brand.


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  1. Transcription Jobs

For those who don’t have much experience in online jobs or just want something simple, this is a great job for you. Being a transcriber has very few requirements.

  • A computer
  • Have stable internet access
  • And have good listening skills.

You need zero experience to transcribe. As long as you can listen to audio files and write what is being said correctly, you are good to start making money.

Most sites pay an average of $7 to $21 per hour, with other paying even more.

Some great transcription sites include:

  • Gotranscript
  • SpeakWrite
  • TranscribeMe
  • Rev
  • Scribie
  • Casting Words

This is an awesome, work-at-home part-time job. These are some of the best transcription jobs to consider.

  1. Sell Items on eBay or Craigslist

eBay homepage

These are sites that provide you with a platform to showcase and sell items online. If you have some items that you no longer use but still in good shape, you can easily list them on eBay or Craigslist and sell them.

This way, if you were in a fix and needed some money, you can be sorted. Also, if you want to make it a side hustle, you can be collecting items from other people and friends, sell them and get a commission for sales.

All that is needed is a clear, quality photo of the item, plus a little description. These are some of the easiest items to sell for profit.

  1. Proofreader

Are you among those people who always spot grammar and spelling errors in a text? Then, proofreading can be a great part-time job for you. Proofreaders are always on demand due to the various articles being written daily, and that requires someone to recheck them.

But does it pay? Of course, it does. In fact, some proofreaders are making up to $43,000 every year doing part-time jobs online. If you know you are good at it, just work on it.

Earn by just correcting what other writers have already written.

  1. Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant is another job category that can earn you quite good amounts and that can be done remotely. If you have some hours to spare in your schedule and need extra money, you can try being a virtual assistant.

However, this one needs some skills. You must have good communication skills, organized and at least know what is required of an assistant. You should also be conversant with some areas like:

  • Email management
  • Bookkeeping
  • Social media
  • Content creation
  • Graphic design

Virtual assistance is among the top part-time jobs you can find online, and that pays well. You can easily make between $25 and $100 in an hour, which is quite good money.

  1. Social Media Management

If you are one of those people who can’t spend a few hours without social media, you can also make it a money generating activity. You can become a social media manager for different businesses or brands.

Various businesses and individuals are looking for experienced people to manage their social media platforms, chat with clients, or respond to questions from the site’s visitors.

One main advantage of this is that you can work for multiple clients and increase your income. If you just want a part-time gig to supplement your income, you can work as a social media manager during your free hours or after your regular job.

These opportunities are available in various online freelance platforms like Upwork and Fiverr.

  1. Graphic Designer

Various companies are in search of experienced graphic designers. This is as a result of the realization that people tend to respond better to graphics than plain text.

Various sites like Instagram and Pinterest have exponentially grown because of this.

If you have a talent in graphic design, both part-time and full-time jobs are available online. With graphic designs, you will be hired to produce various items right from simple brochures to eBook covers or a Pinterest pin.

And, even if you have a regular job, you can plan your schedule to save some hours to do this. Fiverr is a great place to join for graphic design as you can sell small gigs repeatedly for cash.

  1. Become an Online Tutor

Best part-time jobs near me

With more and more people desiring to access education without attending a physical class, online education and courses have seen a steep rise.

If you are good at any particular subject, you can find interested students online and offer online lessons.

All you need is to create a course outline and prepare lessons for your students. And, you can teach virtually anything including:

  • Instruments
  • Languages
  • Music
  • Health tips

For example, the English language is a subject that has quite a high demand as people want to be able to communicate globally in a language that others understand.

For this reason, English tutors are in demand to fill the broad market.

If you are good at it, you can give it a try and make some money. According to Glassdoor, on average, an online tutor can make $18 per hour. And in some websites, you are already provided with course materials, lesson plans and can plan your own schedule.

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  1. Selling Online Courses

If you are not a fan of live online lessons, it doesn’t mean you can’t earn through your expertise. As long as you have something that people really need or find valuable, you can still earn. Just create some online courses of what you are good at, make them interesting and informative, and then sell them.

And unlike in the past when you had to grow your audience from scratch, now there are platforms like Udemy, which already have the audience. They offer a platform already with an audience where you can sell your work.

You can create courses about any subject including:

  • Dancing
  • Photography
  • Music
  • Travel
  • Video games, or even
  • Banking

It all depends on your area of expertise. If you have a skill (which I believe everyone has), you can monetize it with an online course.

The options for making money with online courses is endless.

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Best Offline Part-Time Jobs

Apart from online job opportunities, there are also numerous offline part-time job opportunities that can earn you good money.

Some time back, I was searching for offline jobs near me, and these were the best I came across in my research.

  1. Fitness Instructor

Being a gym or fitness instructor is one of the well-paying offline part-time jobs you can easily start. Instead of just going for a gym for your fitness, make it a part-time job that earns you extra money. And, the job comes with some advantages.

For example, apart from being a source of extra income, some gyms will offer you free membership if you become an instructor. On average, a gym instructor can earn around $18 per hour, which is even above the minimum wage.

And, since most gym lessons are offered during morning hours, you can schedule your time to instruct for a few hours and then head for your regular job.

A site like Indeed is an excellent place to search for these kinds of jobs.

  1. Bookkeeping and Preparation of Tax

Although bookkeeping and tax preparation aren’t one of those flashy jobs, they can really boost your regular income. And, there is always a shortage for these services at any time of the year.

Since companies need accountants all year round, it means that you have a steady supply of jobs and thus stable extra income.

Bookkeepers have also seen growth in job opportunities due to the growth of big data and analytics.

This has seen the average income per hour for these jobs rising to around $60 even for beginners.

  1. Food Delivery


Food delivery is a booming business, and that requires only a car or a bike, and your time. Since people are increasingly ordering food to be delivered either to their offices or homes, more and more food delivery apps have come up.

You can deliver food from either restaurants or grocery stores/convenience stores. Out of all the top delivery apps, we recommend DoorDash due to their awesome benefits and treatment of employees.



$10-$14 per hour

DoorDash is one of the best ways to make money delivery food. DoorDashers earn approximately $10 to $14 per hour and get to keep 100% of your tips. In some cities, you can earn on your bike or by walking. There are no dress codes required to be a DoorDasher.


Examples of these grocery store and convenience store apps include:

If you need help deciding between those two, read our Shipt vs Instacart review for more information on these platforms.

Here is a guide to Instacart tipping to help you understand how you make money.

Examples of these food delivery apps from restaurants include:

These apps allow you to offer delivery services at your convenience. You plan your schedule on when to work and when not to.

You can even deliver one order and log off your app.

  1. Rent Your Car

Rent your can on Turo

Might you be having a car that lies there idle most of the time? Well, you can make extra money renting it out. This can be your side hustle and a source of supplementary income.

Research shows that most cars stay idle about 95% of their useful life. This is enough time that can be turned into money by renting that car out.

Some sites like Turo or GetAround offer a good market place for you to rent out your car and at good rates. If you need several extra bucks in your wallet, you should consider this opportunity.

Also, besides taking it online, you can rent it to your friends, family, and people around your neighborhood.




Let your car earn for itself. You can make $1,000 of extra money by renting your car to others. Listing your car is completely free and Getaround will manage your listing for optimal profits.

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  1. Uber Driver

If you wouldn’t mind a few extra hours on steering, operating as an Uber driver can earn you several additional bucks. The good thing with this one is that you don’t have a set schedule. You can work at any time and for the number of hours you want.

If you are not comfortable renting out your car to strangers, then you can drive it yourself and still earn. Its flexibility is a big plus, especially if you want it as a part-time job.

And how much you earn depends entirely on the hours you input.

  1. Dog Walker or Pet Sitter

This is one of the easy ways you can make good extra money. If especially you love pets, you can earn as you enjoy walking them or looking after them.

With this type of part-time job, you don’t even require much. Just have some extra hours you can walk other peoples’ pets and earn.

Dog walking is the easiest to start with. And, if you are not walking your neighbors’ dogs, there are sites that provide a link to other clients. For example, a site like Rover helps to connect you with dog owners where you can offer your services.

With most of these sites, however, you must undergo a background check to ensure that clients can trust you. If you live in cities like New York or Chicago, you are probably living in some of the highest paying cities for dog walking.

If you can manage to look after pets, pet sitting is also an option. Here, you will do more than just walk the pet. You will be required to feed them and play with them.

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  1. Become an Airbnb Host

Becoming an Airbnb host is like a part-time job. You essentially need to view yourself as a part-time bed and breakfast or hotel owner. I’ve been an Airbnb host and used it to rent an empty room in my house.

Joining Airbnb was a huge win for me. I was able to generate over $100 per day in passive income. I viewed it simply as a business and a way to make some extra money on a part-time basis.

I’m a huge fan of making money with assets that you already own like renting your car or renting a room in your house. It requires no upfront cost and you earn money right away.

See how much you can earn as an Airbnb host now. 

Pro Tip: Your end goal is to get favorable reviews from your customers. That will help the appeal of your listing and help book more customers. This means more money!

Conclusion on Best Part Time Jobs Near Me

Part-time job opportunities are limitless. If you need something that can help you add some money to your account, all you need is to figure out which best suits you.

And, with this list of the best part-time jobs near me, you are sure to find one that compensates you well.

Go ahead and try some of these options and clear some of those frustrating bills or simply save for a vacation.

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