16 Apps and Sites Like Thumbtack – Find Gig Jobs

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For many, Thumbtack is a perfect option for extra income. If you are looking for more such options, here is a complete list for some other sites like Thumbtack.

16 Sites and Apps Like Thumbtack – Find Gig Jobs

The gig economy is sprawling by leaps and bounds through platforms like Thumbtack. But that’s not your only option; there are dozens of sites like Thumbtack that can find you leads to make money with gigs.

It may take a while until you find a platform that’s really your true calling.

Thumbtack is active in all 50 states, and its user base is rapidly growing. That translates into some stiff competition, so finding work can be challenging.

It caters to a wide range of service providers, from pet groomers to photographers, and everything in between.

Top Sites and Apps Like Thumbtack

If you didn’t find your luck on this platform, don’t give up, as there are plenty of job sites like Thumbtack. Here are some of the best thumbtack alternatives:


DoorDash is quickly becoming a popular food delivery app. You can make money by delivering food from restaurants to people’s doors. It’s as simple as that, and you can make good money with tips.

DoorDash Logo

You work on your own schedule, but the more hours you put in, the more money you can make, especially during rush hours. While DoorDash isn’t active in the entire country, it’s present in all the major US and Canada cities.

All you really need is your own car or bike, and you make money driving around.

Unlike Thumbtack, you don’t have to try to find work. Instead, orders come to you.

Hourly Pay Tip % Delivery Volume Next Steps
$10-$14/hour 100% Excellent Read Review


Postmates is a food delivery app like DashDoor, UberEats, and Seamless. You need a bike or a car, and you can work at your discretion whenever you want.

Postmates logo

While some of the food delivery apps don’t pay well, Postmates can pay you at least $4 per delivery.

That said, you’ll make most of your money through tips, so don’t forget to put in some extra effort getting orders right and delivering them on time.

Hourly Pay Tip % Delivery Volume Next Steps
$9-$14/hour 100% Very Good Read Review


Available on both Google Play Store and the App Store, the Instacart app focuses on delivering groceries. After getting a list of groceries with an address, you have to visit that particular store, buy what’s on the list, and deliver to the customer.

Think of it as Uber for groceries, as instead of passengers, you simply carry grocery bags.

Instacart Logo

It’s one of those side hustles you can work your way around to make some decent money with tips. Some people even do it full-time, but that depends where you live and how much demand there is.

You do need a car for this, as you’ll be carrying all the groceries.

Hourly Pay Tip % Delivery Volume Next Steps
$10-$14/hour 100% (Check Policy) Decent


HyreCar is a unique platform that rents cars to gig workers who want to drive for services like Uber, Lyft, Juno, UberEats, and other delivery and ride-sharing platforms.

Cars are available on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. This platform has helped people who don’t own cars find work that essentially relies on a car.

HyreCar ridesharing process

If you have a car, then also you can make money using HyreCar. Simply rent out your car for  a day, week, or even a month.

The driver will pick up the keys and the car from you and deliver it back.

What makes this setup really good is that both parties are protected through insurance.

Read more about the site in our HyreCar review.


If you have an extra car or you don’t need it for the day, you can rent it out on Getaround for an hour or a day. It’s basically like your average car rental, except they don’t own the cars.

They simply connect car owners with people who want to rent the car.

Getaround app logo

Getaround is safe because the customers renting the cars are screened prior to their approval on the platform. Plus, it’s Connect System lets you track your car and see where it is at all times.

There are all sorts of cars on this platform, so no matter what make or model you have, you can rent it out there.

It’s active in all the major US cities and has even ventured in Europe.


Airbnb can make you quite a lot of money renting a room in your home or an entire place. This billion-dollar company has changed the world of hospitality forever.

Now, anyone can host travelers and make money using the app.

Airbnb Logo

You can list your place at competitive rates and welcome guests from around the world. Maintenance is minimal, as you just have to clean up after the guests and ensure all the amenities are working.

Depending on your place, location, and demand, you can even make thousands of dollars per month.


TaskRabbit hardly needs an introduction as it’s one of the pioneering gig websites/apps. Similar to Thumbtack, it connects service providers to people who need them.

You can make extra money doing basic stuff like handyman work, assembling furniture, and doing chores.

TaskRabbit logo

This platform also works on proximity like Thumbtack, so you’re able to find work within your town or metro area. You can do it on the weekends or any other days off your work.

Most of the work doesn’t really require any special skills, so anyone can take up the jobs.

The money you make depends on the job and time you spend. Once you complete the job, you can instantly cash out the money you made.

If you like what you hear, these are some sites like TaskRabbit.


Turo is yet another car-sharing platform connecting car owners with people looking to rent cars. It has become one of the largest such platforms in the world, with millions of active users.

It’s mainly because the process is pretty straightforward and secure for both owners and renters.

Turo Logo

With this app active in over 5,500 cities in the US, Canada, and the UK, you can make good money renting out your car daily or weekly.

The rental is backed by insurance, so you don’t have to worry about bearing the costs for any accidents. The insurance covers up to $750,000 in liability costs.

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VRBO is a platform for vacation rentals where you can list your property. It’s similar to Airbnb, but it’s focused more on truly tourist rentals like villas, cabins, cottages, and beach houses.

So it’s purely for tourists and tourist destinations.

VRBO Website

If you live in such a place or own such a property somewhere touristy, VRBO can make you seriously good money. It’s part of many such property rental platforms spread across the world and is owned by the Expedia group.

Also, it’s actually quite older than Airbnb.

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Dispatch Drivers

Dispatch Drivers is a platform that connects businesses that need to deliver packages with people who can deliver them in their vehicles. If you have a car, minivan, or truck, you can join the platform as a driver.

You’ll get orders for delivery, and you’ll pick the shipment and deliver it to the destination address.

Dispatch Driver

All the orders are fully tracked, so the businesses know when exactly their shipment will be delivered. It’s a great service for small businesses that may not want to get tied to a transport or shipping company. For drivers, it’s a good way to earn some extra money driving and doing a little bit of physical labor.

It’s different from driving for Uber and Lyft that represent a heavily saturated market nowadays. So on this platform, you can expect consistent work and pay.


Believe it or not, Craigslist still remains one of the tops sites to find gig jobs. It doesn’t enjoy the best reputation, compared with Thumbtack or TaskRabbit, but it still provides a lot of work opportunities.

You can find jobs such as mowing a lawn, painting a wall, or walking a dog.


Craigslist is pretty basic and simple to use, which explains why it’s still in use, even though there are so many other platforms in the market now. Also, it’s a good place to start if you want to earn cash. The payment doesn’t go through a third-party entity, you directly get paid by the person who ordered the service.

Angie’s List

Angie’s List is one of the lead sites like Thumbtack that has been providing service providers with leads for many years. It’s especially a big player in the home service industry, so you’ll find a lot of lead in that sector. From fixing plumbing to moving furniture, it caters to a lot of services.

Angie’s List logo

This platform works mainly on reviews, so you don’t get the job directly on the platform. However, it’s still a great way to promote your business or services. Members can leave a review for your service, once every six months.


If you’re looking for sites like thumbtack for photography, Foap is a great option. It’s based on photography but is a little different from Thumbtack. While on Thumbtack you find photography gigs, Foap lets you sell your images.

apps to make money foap

It’s quite a sophisticated platform, as it has some of the biggest brands and companies in the world looking to buy images from amateur, as well as professional photographers.

The good thing is you’re free to pursue the kind of photography you’re passionate about. Once you sell an image, you get paid through PayPal.

Businesses also provide brief as to what kind of pictures they are looking for. So you can also provide custom images.

Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages counts as one of the Thumbtack alternatives as it’s basically a lead generator. It’s that big yellow directory you would get at your home, except now it’s a website and an app. Many people look for services on Yellow Pages, as it has a more local approach.

Yellow Pages Logo

This website is particularly good for home service providers as most of the demand exists for such work. You may be competing with actual home service businesses, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find work as an individual. It may lead to some regular work as well for decent pay.


GenTask works exactly like Thumbtack, as customers list the service they need, and you can quote your offer. They can then interact with you and finalize on a service provider/vendor. It’s a marketplace that connects customers with service providers in their area.

GenTask logo

This Thumbtack alternative is available on both Google Play Store and Android. However, it’s not as popular as Thumbtack, so you might not find so much competition.


Handy is a marketplace for handymen, who they call their ‘pros.’ The platform instantly connects customers with a pro that provides that specific job in their area. What sets Handy apart is that the pay can be quite good.

Handy logo

You do have to register and get approved first. While you don’t need any technical training or certification, you do need to specify what you’re skilled at. For instance, you can register as a cleaner if you’re good at cleaning.

Handy also allows customers to leave reviews, so the more positive reviews you get, the more work you get.


Thumbtack is a great app that helps you find leads for services and a chance to make money. However, you can also try other sites like Thumbtack to find something that suits your skills and schedule. There are loads of opportunities available online to make extra money.

Thumbtack also has its limitations because even when you find leads, you have to work a lot to get those clients. Nevertheless, it’s a trusted platform that millions of people use all over the US. It does take time, but with the right strategy, you can set yourself apart and generate a continuous stream of income.

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