14 Ways to Get Paid to Surf the Web

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When you are bored or have free time, you can earn some additional side hustle income by browsing the internet. Here are some of the best ways to get paid to surf the web.

14 Ways to Get Paid to Surf the Internet

Want To Earn Easy Money?

There are different ways to earn money, but what is better than to get paid to surf the web? Probably nothing. 

You might be wondering, it is even possible to make money online by just surfing the internet? Yes, it is. This is exactly why we are here – to provide you everything you need to know. 

Using the web is a common habit now. We not only surf the internet in our home and offices, but thanks to smart devices, on the go as well. 

It will not be a surprise that you spend most of your time on the internet.

Finding answers to daily life questions, using social media, playing games, all of them involve internet surfing, so why not earn some cash from it? 

Is It Possible to Get Paid for Surfing the Internet?

Surprisingly, several companies will pay you for surfing the internet, making it easy for you to make extra cash in your free time. Keep one thing in mind, these websites are not going to help you earn a lot of money for a livelihood or become rich.

However, they offer a way to get some additional cash without putting in too much hard work. 

The listed options need different types of skills to earn money. Some of them are simple, while others need a little experience. In most cases, you can make money with or without any prior involvement in this field. 

If you like to flip through the internet and spend most of your time on your laptop, you might find this article useful. We are sharing some smart ways to earn money for browsing the internet.

It’s a great way to make your free time productive. 

14 Legit Ways to Get Paid to Surf the Web

Here are some quick ways and tools that allow you to earn money on the internet while surfing. 


One of the most popular ways to get paid to surf the internet is Swagbucks. This website allows you to sign up for free, and then choose different options to earn points.

You can get points for simple tasks, like playing games or watching videos. 


Taking online surveys on the website is also a great way to earn points. Apart from this, online shopping from Swagbucks can help. They have partnered with different websites that will offer you cashback on every purchase you make. 

A great hack to maximize your earnings through SB is to make it your primary search engine. Everything that you will search here will end up increasing your points. The website works just like Google and you will get similar search results, so you can get profit just for surfing the internet.

This makes the company a great way to get paid to surf the web.

If you have a laptop and an active internet connection, you are good to go. The more active you are on the internet, the more money you make. Just browse the internet through Swagbucks and get your points.

Sign up for free and login to the site, perform tasks as simple as watching a video and earn points.

You can redeem the earned points in the form of gift cards that you can keep to yourself or giveaway to others. Read the complete Swagbucks review for more details.

Get a $5 bonus simply for signing up.



InboxDollars is a BBB A+ rated company. Since its foundation in 2000, it has paid out over $59 million to its’ members for everyday online activities.

InboxDollars logo

Thanks to expansions and mergers, the company is available in the US, the UK, and Canada.

Simply perform your everyday online activities using the InboxDollars search engine. In return, the company will reward you with cash.

For every four searches, InboxDollars will give you a penny. It’s not a ton of money, but if you need to use a search engine you may as well make some money from it.

Overall, it is a good way to earn some extra cash for those spending a lot of time online. InboxDollars offers a ton of other ways to make money such as games, videos, searches and so much more.  Read more about the site in our InboxDollars review.

They will even give you a $5 bonus simply by signing up.



Just like Swagbucks, myPoints allows you to earn money for manageable and easy tasks online. The same parent company owns both of these sites.

MyPoints Logo

All you need to do is watch some videos on the website or play video games. You can also print some coupons to get extra points. 

Online shopping is also an option as you can get a discount on your purchase. 

First, browse the website and sign-in using your email address. Log in and enjoy paid web surfing. You can redeem all the points that you earn in the form of gift cards that you can choose from a wide selection. Get a $5 bonus when you take 5 surveys.


Nielsen Digital Voice

Do you want to get paid for giving feedback to your favorite TV networks? 

All you need to do is download the Nielsen Digital Voice app on your mobile phone and share your views. Perform simple tasks like playing games and watching videos on the internet to earn money. 

Nielsen Digital Voice

The points that you get for these tasks can be used to enter the $10,000 monthly giveaway. Perform simple web surfing to get a chance to win 10,000 bucks. 

To earn extra bonuses, you can fill different surveys and take advantage of these side hustle ideas. Nielsen, a famous name in the world of TV ratings, backs up this company, so it is completely authentic. 

If you enjoy filling surveys, we have some great survey sites to make money for you. 



If you allow this company to access your browsing details on your mobile, they will perform research based on your activity. They will keep your data safe and only get the search history. 


What you have to do is install the application on your mobile phone, and you will get 5 points if the app is kept active for one week. 

After collecting 30 points in your account, you can redeem them in the form of $5 gift cards. If you wait to collect 50 points, you can get $10 gift cards or others according to your preference. 

It’s a great way to earn money for just keeping the app on your mobile phone. Open the app to claim your points every week and enjoy your gift cards. 

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Qmee is a web browser just like Google itself, but the good side of this search engine is that it can help you earn. Use Qmee to make money for surfing the internet, just like you normally do for free.

qmee earn money

There are several ads on the sides of your search results, you can click on them to get points. You will also get relevant ads with discounts and cashback offers. Clicking on each ad will pay you around 4-6 cents. 

That does not seem too much, but you can easily click on as many ads as you want and earn more money. Surfing the web is something that all of us do every day, but getting paid for it is something that most of us miss. 

The sign-up process is simple – just use your email address to create your account, and log in to the site. You can download the extension on your browser, do your normal internet surfing, and make money. 

The earning on Qmee depends on the number of searches you perform each day.

There is no minimum limit to get your rewards. Qmee points can be redeemed as gift cards or cash via Payal. These are some other top apps like Qmee


Another great way to get paid to surf the web is Clickworker. This site allows you to be your boss. You can work as much as you want. All you have to do is conveniently choose your timings and enjoy extra cash. 


Perform as many mini-tasks as you can, and earn a small reward for each of them. If you are an active web user, you will do more tasks and earn more money. The type of tasks can vary from survey filling to clicking ads. 

It might not be the most profitable side hustle, but it can help you a lot in making your free time productive. 

Ask Wonder

If you like to research several topics, you can make a good earning on AskWonder. It is a great platform for people who enjoy research to get paid for doing what they love to do. 

What web developers should know about graphic design

The website allows you to make up to $200 for researching several topics. They will provide you several questions that you can choose from to answer. It requires experience and skill to analyze the topic and present well-researched answers. 

Not everybody can earn from this site, but if you are good at research, it’s your chance to gain what you deserve.


Sign-up on the FusionCash website and get a $5 bonus. You can fill surveys, watch videos, and read emails to earn points. 


You can perform your search after installing the toolbar from the site. It doesn’t pay too much, but it’s better than nothing for your daily search.

This way, earning extra cash is easy and simple because it involves just your normal Google surfing. Try FusionCash to earn extra income.

Read more about the site in this full Fusion 

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The simplest way to get paid to surf the web is Cashcrate. No need to install the extension or the app on your mobile phone, all you need to do is search from their website.

Try to be as active as you can to earn more because each search will give you points. 


Every search pays $0.01, and you can earn for these searches, 10 times a day. It is not a high amount, but it’s a good idea to earn something from a simple search.

When your cash level reaches $20, CashCrate will send the check of your earnings.


UpVoice allows you to earn for visiting your favorite websites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Amazon. This platform is not going to make you rich, but it is the simplest way to get paid to surf the web. 

You can easily sign-up to the website using your Facebook account. Next, install the chrome extension that will track your performance. 


It allows you to get paid for surfing the web just the way you normally do. You’ll get points for visiting the popular sites that can be redeemed in the form of gift cards. 

Bing Rewards

Bing is an internet browser like Google, but not as popular. To lure people in, they offer some prizes that can help you get paid to surf the internet. 

There are different levels of rewards that can help you earn according to your activeness on the web. 

Bing Rewards

Instead of using another web browser, you have to use Bing to perform your daily searches and earn money. You can use it on your laptop, PC, or mobile phone and enjoy free earnings for using the browser. 

You earn your credits according to your level. Level 1 offers 5 points for one search, and you can perform 50 searches per day. Level 2 allows 250 searches per day, but you will have to earn 500 points monthly to reach there.

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Small Business Knowledge Center

Just share your junk mail and earn money with the Small Business Knowledge Center. You can sell all your emails to the SBK Center that you get daily. If you work for yourself or own a business, you can earn faster.

It allows you to make around $20 every 2 to 3 months. 

Small Business Knowledge Center 

The company will perform their research on different categories of your junk mail and pay you in return. 

After getting the emails from the consumers, the company will study the marketing strategies of different organizations.

You can share the emails in your inbox about insurance, mortgage, credit cards, and many other categories with SBK Center for further evaluation. 

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Search Engine Evaluator

Some companies want you to evaluate their search results. Unlike the other opportunities, the company will not pay you for browsing in this one. It is a real job that you can perform for companies like Lionbridge and Appen

If you want a more practical option than the ones mentioned above, this is it for you. All you need to do is surf the web, but your organization will pay you a proper salary for your evaluation. 

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How to Get Paid to Surf the Web

Conclusion on How to Get Paid to Surf the Web

Earning from home can be easy, depending on how much energy you put into it. Mentioned above are all the simple ways to get money with least or no effort. As we spend several hours on the internet daily to search for different things, it’s a great idea to earn profit from your normal internet surfing. 

Online searching has become an easy way to earn some extra cash. The Internet offers a lot of fun ways to earn money while following your schedule. 

As mentioned above, these opportunities will not help you make loads of money, but they are great for some additional bills. 

There are different other online jobs to make money from home that can help you earn without stepping out of your comfort zone.  Are you ready to get paid to surf the web?

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